DC Unchained

I’m pleased to unveil one of my “secret projects.” I was the writer and localizer for the newest mobile game, DC Unchained, available for your mobile devices now.

Update to the Videogame Portfolio – Sorta

This website serves two functions: to update folks on what I’ve got going on, and to act as a big ol’ resume. The problem with a resume, though, is it’s only as strong as its content, and I’ve been sitting on some jobs that have been completed (or are nearly complete) for a while now. Since they aren’t formally announced, I can’t claim credit for the work done – but I can’t really market myself either, now can I?

So I’ve settled on a middle ground. I won’t say who these projects are for, or when they’ll come out, or what platforms they’re on. The secrecy will remain! But I can at least show you all what I’ve done and give you a taste of what you can expect in the future.

Nintendo Switch – Game Previews on Patreon

Thanks to the fine folks at Nyteworks, I got advanced hands-on experience with the upcoming Nintendo Switch and many of its games. I’ll be covering my game experiences this week, ordered alphabetically for the sake of simplicity, and will be covering my hardware experiences on Episode 36 of the BumbleKast (scheduled Monday, Feb. 6th).

I’ll be publishing the daily previews on the Patreon Page, but they will be free for everyone to read. I’ll be posting the summation of it all here at a later date.