Sabrina 3-Part Adventure!

I’m returning to Glendale for a three-part adventure spanning three different specials this year. It will pit Sabrina against a new and powerful foe named Mother Striga.

Part One will be found in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Annual Spectacular #1, on sale this September.

You can find more details on the story arc and Mother Striga in this news article by Games Radar.

BumbleKomics Shop Hiatus

I’m not sure what I did wrong or where, but the BumbleKomics Shop is closed for the foreseeable future as it was bringing down BumbleKing, and The outstanding orders will be fulfilled ASAP, but I can’t accept new orders until I rebuild the shop.

Until then, you can still access the merchandise shop and KoFi Shop if you really need to spend money.

Thank you for your patience and support!