Site Maintenance

I went through and spruced things up around the website. Nothing too earth-shattering: fixed some broken links and brought the FAQs up to date. Otherwise things are churning along behind the scenes. No news, in this case, is good news.

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Tales of Aether – Exclusively on Kindle

Amazon is ending the creator submission options for ComiXology, meaning all comic are now through Kindle as eBooks. Tales of Aether has made that move, and with it comes an exclusivity deal. Therefore series is no longer available on the BumbleKomics Shop.

You can purchase Tales of Aether #1-4 digitally via Amazon/Kindle here. We’re working on ways of getting physical copies available as well, so stay tuned.

Store Update

All three cover version for Sonic the Hedgehog #43 are now available, as well as the Spanish language edition of Sonic the Hedgehog vol. 2.

Reminder: the current promo code applies to all titles for sale, and signatures are free!