BumbleKast – Guest Starring Dr. Starline (Again!)

A while back, a patron sponsored two episodes guest starring Dr. Starline. They specified the second only come after Sonic the Hedgehog #50 – with no idea how that issue would turn out!

We’re gearing up for that second episode, and we’ll be setting it just before the events of that issue. If you’d like to submit a question for that show:

  • Email us at bumblekast@yahoo.com
  • Use the subject like “Starline Q&A”
  • Submission period is Aug. 8th to Aug. 12th.
  • ONLY email submissions will be accepted

We’ll select from the submitted questions and have “Dr. Starline” answer them on his final performance later this month.

Thanks for listening, and please look forward to the silliness!

UPDATE 8/13/22 – Thank you everyone for your submissions! We can’t get through them all, but we appreciate your participation.

Sonic the Hedgehog #50 on the BumbleStore!

A whole bunch of versions of STH#50 are now available on the BumbleStore! Some things of note since this is a special occasion:

• Stock is extremely limited on the variant covers and are first come, first served.
• Signatures will be on the back cover to preserve the art.
• There are no Cover Ds. Sorry!
• The foil SDCC convention exclusive variant will go on sale after the show. Orders will open on July 25th at 10AM EST.