Tales of Aether – Exclusively on Kindle

Amazon is ending the creator submission options for ComiXology, meaning all comic are now through Kindle as eBooks. Tales of Aether has made that move, and with it comes an exclusivity deal. Therefore series is no longer available on the BumbleKomics Shop.

You can purchase Tales of Aether #1-4 digitally via Amazon/Kindle here. We’re working on ways of getting physical copies available as well, so stay tuned.

Store Update

All three cover version for Sonic the Hedgehog #43 are now available, as well as the Spanish language edition of Sonic the Hedgehog vol. 2.

Reminder: the current promo code applies to all titles for sale, and signatures are free!

Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps!

EDIT: Part Two is available! – Aug. 26th,2021

#KnowingSmile revealed! I got the opportunity to contribute (in a small way) to the two-part animation supporting the remaster of Sonic Colors. As such, the Portfolio tab has been updated to be more accurate. (And because the “Television” tab was really anemic looking.)

You can watch Part One on YouTube, with Part Two coming out later this year.

Tales of Aether #3 & New Discount Code

A bit behind because I took my first vacation since…since…um…

Anyway, as I catch up on things, here’s a few brief bits of news!

Tales of Aether #3 is available on ComiXology. The mini-series is drawing to a close, so don’t miss out!

I also hit 15,000+ followers on Twitter! I’m pretty sure most them aren’t bots! To celebrate, use the code “FOLLOW” on the BumbleKomics Shop and get 15% off your total order through the rest of July!