The BumbleKrew

The Main Guys

Ian Flynn, the BumbleKing
The host of the show and the main target of the Q&A. He happily and readily does bad character voices, singing requests, and puts his foot in his mouth.

Kyle “KyleJCRB” Crouse
The BumbleKo-Host who manages the Q&A, reads out most of the questions, edits the shows, coordinates scheduling and leads the Discord moderation team. He basically makes the show work.

The Heavy Lifters

Jennifer R.
One of the volunteers who manages the rapid influx of questions during the BumbleKast Live! sessions.

Professor Ry
One of the volunteers who manages the BumbleKast Live! questions, helps schedule and edit the show, and helps moderate the BumbleKast Discord. He’s our special little guy.

Manages the multiple social media channels and helps moderate the Discord. Malicious meme-er. You can find their Twitter here.

They’re the artist for many of the thumbnail art pieces on YouTube. They’re also a volunteer who helps keep the BumbleKast Discord neat n’ tidy. (Tumblr)

J.R. Unbound
A volunteer who manages time-stamps for the YouTube videos.

Long-term patron and assistant editor for the show. They also help moderate the Discord. You can find them on Twitter here.

Puppy the Scholar
Another volunteer who keeps those rowdy rascals on the BumbleKast Discord from causing too much of a fuss. (Website)