Star Wars Adventures

Adding another title to my resume, filed under “Things My Eight-Year-Old-Self Would be Losing His Mind Over,” I’m contributing to IDW’s Star Wars Adventures. SWA#24 is due out sometime July 2019. I’ll be updating the BumbleKalendar when I’ve got a more solid date.

New Convention News!

A boatload of new con appearance news is dropping today!

First, I’ve been invited to table at Anime North in May! Secondly, I’ve been confirmed for returning to FanExpo in August!

Third, and on a less happy note, I have to confirm I will not be attending Heroes Con this year. Family and financial concerns mean even a trip to my home town is off the table. I’ve been doing Heroes Con since my career began, and I’m upset I’ll be missing out this year. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend the show: great for family and kids, and it’s very low-key despite the size. Maybe next year, Heroes Con.

As always keep a weather eye on the welcome page and BumbleKalendar for updates on table locations, panels, and specific show times.