Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps!

EDIT: Part Two is available! – Aug. 26th,2021

#KnowingSmile revealed! I got the opportunity to contribute (in a small way) to the two-part animation supporting the remaster of Sonic Colors. As such, the Portfolio tab has been updated to be more accurate. (And because the “Television” tab was really anemic looking.)

You can watch Part One on YouTube, with Part Two coming out later this year.

BumbleKomics Shop Update!

First off, it’s a new month and with it comes a new discount! It’s Archie August on the BumbleKomics Shop, and you can get a whopping 50% off all Archie-related titles, including Cosmo and Mighty Crusaders! Just use the promo code “ARCHIE” at check-out.

Secondly, the stock has been updated with multiple flavors of Sonic the Hedgehog #42, the 30th Anniversary Special, and My Little Pony x Transformers 2 #4.

Sonic #42 & My Little Pony x Transformers 2 #4

Sonic the Hedgehog #42 is out today and continues with Part 2 of “Zeti Hunt.” It’s been a delight to see my script handled by Tracy Yardley! again.

My Little Pony x Transformers 2 wraps up with its fourth issue and I am one of the contributing writers. Spike and Grimlock are reunited and I get to have fun with dragons and robo-dinosaurs. If that doesn’t sell you on the idea, I don’t know what could.

Everything can be grabbed via the IDW Publishing Store if you can’t find it at your local comic shop.