Site News & Forum Archives (and its associate site, were hosted on a particular server for a long while. Unfortunately that server’s administrator has ghosted us for years now, and the server was no longer secure or stable.

KyleJCrb” of BumbleKast and Nitro Game Injection fame has moved mountains to ensure the sites and their content remain, but time has taken its toll. The database for the old forum archives is no longer accessible. For now a temporary mirror via Wayback Machine is up, but there’s no telling how long that will last.

We’ll do what we can to salvage the archives, but this is most likely the death knell for them.

Narrative Director for the Aether Series

I’m incredibly excited to announce I’ve joined the team behind Rivals of Aether as both a writer and their new Narrative Director. I’ll be supervising the story content for a number of upcoming projects, all of which I have stay mum on for now. You can view the official press release here.

BumbleKast Gaming – Scheduling Change!

BumbleKast Gaming is getting a major overhaul! Starting today you can enjoy BKG six times a week!

Archived episodes will now go live on YouTube every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Live streams will be on Twitch even Sunday, Wednesday and Friday – schedules permitting.

With this shift we’re abandoning the seasonal and episode numbering for the updates. We’ll be organizing the videos in other ways for your convenience as they come out, though.

A big thank you to our patrons who continue to support the channel so we can keep bringing you more and more content!

Toronto Comic Con – Cancellation

I am extremely disappointed to announce that Aleah Baker and I have to cancel our appearance at TCC this year.

I’ve been dealing with a respiratory issue for two months now that is stubbornly defying diagnosis and treatment. Aleah is immune-compromised and isn’t always well. In the past I’ve managed to run both our tables, but right now neither of us are in a condition to work an hour, let alone the weekend. Add to that the concerns of the corona virus and I just don’t think I can risk our already iffy health.

We are both upset we won’t get see y’all and are very sorry to disappoint anyone looking forward to meeting us. We still plan on tabling at Fan Expo later this year (provided we get in), and other shows might pop up down the line.

Take care and be well, everyone