Toronto Comic Con – Cancellation

I am extremely disappointed to announce that Aleah Baker and I have to cancel our appearance at TCC this year.

I’ve been dealing with a respiratory issue for two months now that is stubbornly defying diagnosis and treatment. Aleah is immune-compromised and isn’t always well. In the past I’ve managed to run both our tables, but right now neither of us are in a condition to work an hour, let alone the weekend. Add to that the concerns of the corona virus and I just don’t think I can risk our already iffy health.

We are both upset we won’t get see y’all and are very sorry to disappoint anyone looking forward to meeting us. We still plan on tabling at Fan Expo later this year (provided we get in), and other shows might pop up down the line.

Take care and be well, everyone

Super Duck & Young Salem

The first new project for 2020 is already announced! I’ll be co-writing Super Duck with Frank Tieri for Archie Comics, debuting in March.

I’m also excited to announce Young Salem will return in two digest stories, starting in March. I’ll be reuniting with Chad Thomas to bring brand new adventures to Salem’s early years.

You can find all the details via Newsarama.

Website Updates

I’ve gone through and updated every single* page. Links are updated, fixed or pruned. The format is now more WordPress compliant and share a universal look. They’ll also be easier for me to update as new projects are announced.

The biggest content change was to the Archie Comics page, which now has an up-to-date listing of my digest work. Look for more this December, and then again in March.

*(Lost Hedgehog Tales is still as-is. I’m working on a larger update for that page, but I’ll need more time on that one.)