Celebrations in May!

Let’s start off with some deals! I’m turning forty this month, and to celebrate, I’m giving you the gift of 40% off your total order from the BumbleKomics Shop! If you’re a patron of the BumbleKast, this stacks with your 10% discount code. Use the code birthday2022 at checkout and give me the gift of less inventory stacked up in my place!

May 2nd Update: All issues have been claimed! Thank you very much!

As a bonus, the first ten orders will receive a copy of IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day issue. If you can’t get to your local comic shop on May 7th, this is your next best shot!

FCBD’22 features an original story written by me. It’s fun in its own right, but it also…well, let’s just go with a #KnowingSmile for now.

Supplies are limited, and these will be added to orders on a first come, first served basis. Please note the free digital comics do not qualify.

Finally, if you’ll pardon the self-indulgence, I’m launching a personal Patreon account.

There I will be posting an assortment of written material: poems, design docs, drafts and the occasional bit of fan-fic. (I mean, if I’m being self-indulgent, why show restraint, right?)

Any amount of patronage will get access to everything that gets uploaded. And if nobody wants to? That’s cool too – I need to break myself of the habit of brainstorming without committing something to the page.

Where I Am

News has been slow, hasn’t it? That’s because most of what I have going on is still in development and/or in a position I can’t talk about yet. Just to give y’all a hint of what’s coming, here’s what I can say about what I’m working on:

• I’m still working on IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Imposter Syndrome is entering its second half, and I have more work coming in 2022.
• I wrote a tie-in graphic novel for another game property. Nothing has been announced yet, so stay tuned!
• I’ve written a few more superhero entries for Archie Comics. Look for World of Archie #118-119,

• The cat was let out of a particular bag a bit ago, but I can’t talk about it officially for now. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

• As announced, I’m contributing to the script for Sonic Frontiers. That’s all I can say for now!
• I’m writing Dungeons of Aether for Aether Studios. This dungeon-crawling RPG is shooting for a 2022 release.
• I just signed on for writing another game. This one is an established IP, but that’s all I can say for now. Suffice to say I’m excited!

Aside from that, the BumbleKast has gone into overdrive with two episodes a week, frequent guest episodes, monthly live sessions and other bonuses. You can find out how to watch, listen and support here.

Thanks for your patience with all the waiting and vague-posting, and I hope you enjoy everything I’ve been working on once it’s out!

Site Maintenance

I went through and spruced things up around the website. Nothing too earth-shattering: fixed some broken links and brought the FAQs up to date. Otherwise things are churning along behind the scenes. No news, in this case, is good news.

For the newest content, check out the BumbleKast!

Tales of Aether – Exclusively on Kindle

Amazon is ending the creator submission options for ComiXology, meaning all comic are now through Kindle as eBooks. Tales of Aether has made that move, and with it comes an exclusivity deal. Therefore series is no longer available on the BumbleKomics Shop.

You can purchase Tales of Aether #1-4 digitally via Amazon/Kindle here. We’re working on ways of getting physical copies available as well, so stay tuned.