Tails 30th Anniversary Special in Stock!

The BumbleKomics Shop has a few new items including the “Imposter Syndrome” trade and a few of the Tails’ 30th Anniversary cover variants.

Among those are the regular and logo-free version of the Stan Sakai cover. Yes – Stan Sakai. Him. No, I had absolutely nothing to do with that, but it’s still freakin’ cool, isn’t it?

More news later this week. It’s already out there in the wild, but I’ve gotta abide by official release dates. Stay tuned!

Games, Animation & New Stock!

So the biggest, newest news is the release of “Sonic Frontiers: Divergence,” a prologue animation for Sonic Frontiers. I wrote the script for this and couldn’t be prouder of the final product. Tremendous kudos to Tyson Hesse, Evan Stanely, Tee Lopes and everyone at Powerhouse Animation for a job spectacularly done. You can watch it here.

Next up is the announcement of two games I worked on. The first is the formal acknowledgement of my writing for Sonic Frontiers, due out Nov. 8th. Check out the official website here.

I’m listing myself as “primary writer” for a few reasons, one of which being Director Kishimoto-san worked hard to adapt the English script for Japanese audiences.

The other game is an unusual one for me: Lover Pretend. I was part of the localization team for this visual novel. This will be released on the Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games on Dec. 1st. You can check out the pre-order options here.

Finally, if you missed out on Michelangelo: Macro #1 way back, you can now get it reprinted with a slew of other great TMNT stories. You can find it and more goodies at the BumbleKomics Shop!

New Archie Store Link!

I’ve entered into a new partnership program with Archie Comics where business coming from my side earns me a small dividend. Think of it as like all the Raycon, Boxu and VPN ads you see on YouTube.

So if you’d like to add to your Archie collection and help me out a little, visit their store via this link, or from the Publisher Links page. As of this post they have a Halloween sale going on, so now would be the perfect time to pick up Archie Halloween Spectacular #1 that debuts Trick and Treat! Thanks, and enjoy!

New Projects, New Stock!

First off, the biggest news – I’m writing the prequel comic to Sonic Frontiers. Check out the Sonic Series social media channels this month to see the adventure before the adventure.

Second up, I’m the writer for Eternal Quest, an original fantasy-adventure series by Andrew DeCrescenzo. You can support future installments via his Patreon.

And finally, in addition to some site maintenance, I’ve updated the store with Sonic the Hedgehog 2022 Annual copies. I have a limited selection of each cover, so act fast!

BumbleKast – Guest Starring Dr. Starline (Again!)

A while back, a patron sponsored two episodes guest starring Dr. Starline. They specified the second only come after Sonic the Hedgehog #50 – with no idea how that issue would turn out!

We’re gearing up for that second episode, and we’ll be setting it just before the events of that issue. If you’d like to submit a question for that show:

  • Email us at bumblekast@yahoo.com
  • Use the subject like “Starline Q&A”
  • Submission period is Aug. 8th to Aug. 12th.
  • ONLY email submissions will be accepted

We’ll select from the submitted questions and have “Dr. Starline” answer them on his final performance later this month.

Thanks for listening, and please look forward to the silliness!

UPDATE 8/13/22 – Thank you everyone for your submissions! We can’t get through them all, but we appreciate your participation.