New Drogune! (It’s Old Drogune)

As Adam and I diligently hammer away at the new direction of Drogune, we don’t want to forget where we started. The original 60+ page run, which started back in 2016, is now available as a free digital trade.

Why free? Well the webcomic was free. Wouldn’t seem fair to take it all down and charge for it, now does it?

However, if you feel inclined to help Drogune with your mighty dollar, head over to the Patreon and support the new direction!

Archie Digests Update

I’ve been neglecting updates to the Archie Comics part of the portfolio. Been busy! But if you fancy yourself a collector the listing for the digests has been updated with new and upcoming releases, organized by title.

I’ve been having a lot of fun mixing the superhero elements into everyday Riverdale, with the occasional dip into other older properties. They’re sold in just about every newsstand and drug store, so you can’t miss ’em. Happy hunting!