Mighty Crusaders & AcademX Space Crew

First off the fine folks at CBR have solicits for a number of Archie Comics this December, including my debut in Mighty Crusaders.

Secondly, I’m unhappy to say that the KickStarter to help fund AcademX failed to produce results. The full statement by the AcademX Team can be found here.

Announcing AcademX!

I’m proud and excited to announce the pre-launch of an all-new property: AcademX Space Crew. It’s an action-adventure sci-fi series where you are the customizable hero!

Please consider helping the AcademX crew get off the ground by contributing to our KickStater. Join us on the BumbleKast next Monday, Aug. 7th, where we’ll have I & T Publishing Company Inc.’s president on as a guest!