BumbleKast & Lost Hedgehog Tales Update

The holiday season is upon us like a wild animal, savaging us with good cheer. And awkward similes.

I’ve traveled down to the States for Thanksgiving to visit family and friends; some of whom I’ve not seen in over a year. It’s a two day trip in either direction, and my internet access is a little spotty. You know what that means? That’s right – delays!

BumbleKast, Episode 5 won’t be out on time. We mentioned this as a possibility last time, but I’m confirming it now. Once I’m back home, I’ll be recording with Kyle as soon as possible. We’ll get it edited and up hopefully within the proper week. We’ll keep on the regular schedule afterwards so, if anything, you’ll be getting more BumbleKast faster than usual!

Lost Hedgehog Tales, Chapter 2 has been drafted, but between paying work and travel I haven’t had time to revise and polish it. I’ll try to get it turned around before Christmas closes in and delivers the time-killing yule-bite. I know folks are eager to get into the meat of the project. I’m working on it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and Happy Holidays!