BumbleKast + Con Schedule

First the good news! Coming October 5th is a brand new podcast starring me and my co-host Kyle “JCrb” Crouse of KNGI

If you’d like a chance at having your questions answered on the show, you have one of three avenues:
1) In the comments section on YouTube
2) On Twitter to @IanFlynnBKC or @KyleJCrb with #bumblekast
3) On the BumbleKing Forum

Secondly, a bit of bad news. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending New York Comic Con this year. It was a decision I was putting off, but I simply can’t afford to make the trip this year. I’m very sorry to those of you who wanted a chance to say “Hi,” or the fans I’ve gotten to know regularly over the years. Maybe 2016 will be kinder to my budget. Perhaps a certain podcast will become a lucrative endeavor? We’ll see!