The Nine Lives of Klaws McGee #2!

The Nine Lives of Klaws McGee #2 is now live! Head over to the BumbleKomics Shop to purchase a digital copy now!

With the first two issues down, I’ll be shifting funds and focus to getting the first book of Drogune out the door. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can return to the (mis)adventures of Mr. McGee.

(You can help grease those wheels with your purchases and supporting the patreons. Hint. Nudge.)

Website Updates

I’ve gone through and updated every single* page. Links are updated, fixed or pruned. The format is now more WordPress compliant and share a universal look. They’ll also be easier for me to update as new projects are announced.

The biggest content change was to the Archie Comics page, which now has an up-to-date listing of my digest work. Look for more this December, and then again in March.

*(Lost Hedgehog Tales is still as-is. I’m working on a larger update for that page, but I’ll need more time on that one.)