100th Issue Milestone

Sonic the Hedgehog #259 is out now for digital subscribers, and will be out soon in physical copies.  This marks my one hundredth consecutive issue as the lead writer.  Honestly, I don’t know where the time went!

Over the past nine years, it’s been my pleasure to work with a staggering number of talented people.  I’ve gotten to see my stories penciled by the very men who drew the stories I grew up with.  I’ve been there for the debut of many others – a shout-out to my Debut Brother, Tracy Yardley!  I’ve worked with my artistic idols, both old and new. I’ve gotten to take the characters I grew up with and tell their stories – a rare opportunity that I’ll always cherish.  I’ve gotten to write the unprecedented Sonic/Mega Man crossover.  Through the ups and downs, the edits and restrictions, the deadlines and surprises – I’ve been living my dream, and you can’t ask for more than that.

This issues is part two of “The Chase,” the story that has started us off into the Shattered World Crisis saga.  I have so many new stories to tell, so many new characters to introduce everyone to, that I can hardly contain myself.  There’s another hundred issues at my fingertips, easily, and I hope I can continue to share them all with you.

On that note, “Lost Hedgehog Tales” is slowly coming along.  I appreciate everyone’s interest and patience as I pick away at this little side project and I’ll try to have it ready by the summer.  Failing that, it should be out by the holidays – haha!

So what’s next?  What other milestones am I aiming for?

  • Sonic Universe #54 marked my 50th issue on that series.  Whoops!  I let that one slip by…
  • Mega Man #50, due out in the summer of 2015, will mark my 50th consecutive issue on that series.
  • March 2015 (which will have Sonic the Hedgehog #271, I think) will mark ten years straight of writing Sonic the Hedgehog.*

But that’s not all!  Slowly but surely, I’m developing my own original projects.  It’s considerably harder when you don’t have an entire production company provided for you and other deadlines loom, but I’m determined to have more to my name than the adventures of blue videogame heroes.  I’m counting on the BumbleKommunity’s support when I’m ready to move forward.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support over the years.  I hate I’m going to miss out on meeting so many of you since I can’t do the convention circuit this year.  I will do my best to keep writing the stories so many of you have come to love.

Ever in your service,
Your BumbleKing

*EDIT: Actually, March 2016 marks my 100th issue, which should be around STH#282. Basic math was never my strong suit.