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BumbleKast – 50th Episode Celebration!

Kyle and I would like to thank everyone for listening and watching the BumbleKast all the way to our benchmark fiftieth episode!

In celebration we’ve named five winners for the BumbleRaffle, done an extra-long Q&A session, an interview with head of marketing Aaron Webber, and debuted the TeeLopes remix of the BumbleKast theme! Patrons will have exclusive access to the MP3.

Additionally we’ve announced the launching of our Twitch channel, expanding BumbleKast Gaming! To celebrate that, we’ve updated with five new episodes to the YouTube channel.

Again, thank you to all our fans, and especially to the patrons who have supported us all this time.

The Mighty Crusaders & Cosmo

I’m happy to announce two Archie properties I’ve been connected to for a while now are getting another shot!

First off we’ve got the return of the Mighty Crusaders! You can read the write-up here.

Next up is Cosmo! It’s too early to say much about the mighty, merry Martian but you can read about it, and a number of other up-coming Archie projects, here.

Announcing AcademX!

I’m proud and excited to announce the pre-launch of an all-new property: AcademX Space Crew. It’s an action-adventure sci-fi series where you are the customizable hero!

Please consider helping the AcademX crew get off the ground by contributing to our KickStater. Join us on the BumbleKast next Monday, Aug. 7th, where we’ll have I & T Publishing Company Inc.’s president on as a guest!