Progress! Of sorts.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of work for me as we moved from 2014 to 2015.  I’ve done a few things around the site and it only makes sense to update everyone on what’s going on at the same time.  Shall we?

  1. Updated the Website!  All of the pages under the Comic Books tab have been updated with my latest work, most notably “Worlds Unite.”
  2. Ditched Disqus!  There were two or three feedback comments over the past year or two, and those were appreciated.  The 3,000-4,000 spam comments were not.  And since Disqus’s answer to spam seems to be manually creating and updating a list yourself, I felt it better to just ditch the feature entirely.  Between the forum, Facebook and Twitter, if you want to let me know how you feel about something, you’ve got an avenue.
  3. Progress Report: User-Voted Project!  That is still a thing.  I had intended for it to launch at the start of the year, but “Worlds Unite” devoured all of January and February.  I have a fair bit of material prepared to launch that project, but I want to wait until I know what my schedule is for the spring and summer.  I will not allow myself to miss the monthly update schedule straight out of the gate.  I do have a shred of personal pride.
  4. Progress Report: Lost Hedgehog Tales!  The fans have been very patient (and others not-so-much, but it’s understandable).  The project is not dead, just taking a back seat while I sort out everything else.  The “here and now” have to take priority to the “what might have been.”  When it is completed and uploaded, it will be to much fanfare.  You won’t miss it.
  5. Convention Schedule!  For now, I’m planning on attending Heroes Con this summer and NYCC this fall.  I would love to do FanExpo and SDCC as well, but that will hinge on finances, time and work.
  6. New Forum!  It needs to be a thing.  I don’t know when I’ll have the time to get it set up.  The prototype is uploaded and lightly tested, but I haven’t had the time to really look into the new system.  Additionally, the move to the new forum will require the complete take down of the old one.  So the move will require all of my attention, and that’s a very fractured thing right now.  For the interim, the old, buggy forum will just have to limp along.  If you run into any technical troubles, send and email to [email protected].

The year is already off to a wild start.  Here’s hoping it’s been treating you well so far!

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