Amy’s Fortune Cards!

This is a #KnowingSmile I’ve been especially eager to talk about for a while now! I’m super excited to confirm Insight Editions will be producing Amy’s Fortune Deck, and I had a large part to play in the project.

Note: this isn’t just a tarot deck that’s themed to the franchise. No-no-no, this is the Fortune Deck. Amy’s actual, custom cards. The ones she used in Sonic Origins. The ones she used in the IDW comics. Cosplayers, this will be the ultimate accessory for you!

It’s going to be hard being patient, but good things come to those who wait.

New BumbleKast Event & Store Discount

First up, we have a new patron-sponsored “guest character” episode coming to the BumbleKast. If you want your question answered by Orbot, send them to between February 1st and February 8th.

Please note: not every question will be answered, and this is not official in any capacity. This is me goofing around.

In other news, most of the BumbleKomics Shop has been greatly discounted. I need to get rid of stock, so if you’re looking to load up on some $1 comics or $5 books, now’s the time.

BumbleKast – Guest Starring Dr. Starline (Again!)

A while back, a patron sponsored two episodes guest starring Dr. Starline. They specified the second only come after Sonic the Hedgehog #50 – with no idea how that issue would turn out!

We’re gearing up for that second episode, and we’ll be setting it just before the events of that issue. If you’d like to submit a question for that show:

  • Email us at
  • Use the subject like “Starline Q&A”
  • Submission period is Aug. 8th to Aug. 12th.
  • ONLY email submissions will be accepted

We’ll select from the submitted questions and have “Dr. Starline” answer them on his final performance later this month.

Thanks for listening, and please look forward to the silliness!

UPDATE 8/13/22 – Thank you everyone for your submissions! We can’t get through them all, but we appreciate your participation.

Upcoming Books & Updates

There’s been a flurry of updates, so let’s cover them, shall we?

First up, I’m a contributing writer to this year’s Archie Halloween Spectacular #1. I get to introduce the world to the new prankster spirits Trick and Treat! You can read up about the whole thing here.

Second, I’m writing a new Classic Era Sonic story! I’m writing the lead story for the Tails 30th Anniversary Special, which will star the twin-tailed fox and see the return of his enemies from long ago: Witchcart and her minions. There’s a lovely write-up about it and other up-coming projects here,

Thirdly, has been completely overhauled to better present everything you need to know about about the show. It also showcases the new incentive tiers we’ll be rolling out in August 2022.

Aaaaand finally, a reminder that my personal Patreon is still going. I have managed to update once a month since launch! No, seriously, with all the plates I’ve got spinning I’m rather proud I’ve been able to keep up with that much. You can get access to everything with any donation amount. Thanks for your support!

Celebrations in May!

Let’s start off with some deals! I’m turning forty this month, and to celebrate, I’m giving you the gift of 40% off your total order from the BumbleKomics Shop! If you’re a patron of the BumbleKast, this stacks with your 10% discount code. Use the code birthday2022 at checkout and give me the gift of less inventory stacked up in my place!

May 2nd Update: All issues have been claimed! Thank you very much!

As a bonus, the first ten orders will receive a copy of IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day issue. If you can’t get to your local comic shop on May 7th, this is your next best shot!

FCBD’22 features an original story written by me. It’s fun in its own right, but it also…well, let’s just go with a #KnowingSmile for now.

Supplies are limited, and these will be added to orders on a first come, first served basis. Please note the free digital comics do not qualify.

Finally, if you’ll pardon the self-indulgence, I’m launching a personal Patreon account.

There I will be posting an assortment of written material: poems, design docs, drafts and the occasional bit of fan-fic. (I mean, if I’m being self-indulgent, why show restraint, right?)

Any amount of patronage will get access to everything that gets uploaded. And if nobody wants to? That’s cool too – I need to break myself of the habit of brainstorming without committing something to the page.