How to Ask!

Do you want your question answered on the show? You can submit it a variety of ways! Standard Q&A | Priority Q&A | Live Q&A

Before you ask anything, please be sure to check these resources first:

Standard Q&A

Standard Q&A is free to submit. We tackle the Standard Q&A queue when time allows, but priority must go to those who support the show monetarily.

Priority Q&A

Option #1 – Buy Priority Questions
Supporters via Patreon, Ko-Fi or YouTube can buy up to four Priority Questions per month:

  • $5.00 USD – 1 Question
  • $10.00 USD – 2 Questions
  • $15.00 USD – 3 Questions
  • $20.00 USD – 4 Questions

If you are one of our supporters, you can submit your Priority Question a number of ways. Please be sure to include your username/handle and platform to help us identify you and add you to the queue:

Option #2 – BumbleKast Mini
For $25.00 USD you can buy a dedicated mini-episode all to yourself with a maximum of 10 questions. You will receive the MP3 once completed and not have to wait for the episode to be scheduled publicly.

Option #3 – Guest Spot
For $100.00 USD you can buy a guest spot on the show or sponsor a character voiced episode.

Guest spots run one hour. Guests must have a microphone, a stable internet connection, and access to voice-chat software (Discord preferred)

BumbleKast Live
Our monthly live show on YouTube, usually on the last Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM EST. You can submit your question via the live chat.

  • Please limit yourself to one question at a time, asking the next one once you’ve been answered
  • Superchats of any value get priority
  • Unasnwered regular questions will be added to the Standard Q&A queue
  • Unanswered Superchat questions will be added to the next Priority Q&A recording sessions