BumbleKast Changes are Coming!

The BumbleKast has been going strong for three seasons now, and BumbleKast Gaming has just started to get rolling. Kyle and I are committed to bringing you content, and we especially want to reward the phenomenal support from our patrons.

First, let’s talk numbers. My personal Twitter is currently dancing around 4,000 followers, and my YouTube channel has surpassed 250 subscribers. If every one of those Twitter followers became patrons at just a dollar per update, Kyle and I would be able to turn the BumbleKast into our full-time jobs. That is nuts. If just half of those followers were to become $1 patrons, same thing, we could do BumbleKast full-time. Just one thousand? We’d still be good.

We don’t expect to get that many overnight, but to entice y’all, we’re restructuring things and offering up some goodies!

#1 – New Theme Remix by Tee Lopes! – If our Patreon page can reach 50 patrons, the musical mastermind behind Sonic Mania will be commissioned to put his personal flair on the BumbleKast theme! And those fifty patrons might just find a certain MP3 of a certain theme available for exclusive download!

#2 – BumbleKast Gaming Live! – Starting this Friday, patrons will get exclusive access to the new, live BumbleKast Gaming. (Links and times will be distributed via Patreon) Everyone else will still get their biweekly episodes, but patrons will get the fun of watching and interacting with us live!

#3 – BumbleKast Interviews! – Once a month, patrons will get exclusive special BumbleKast episodes where we’ll be interviewing and chatting it up with special guests! Who will they be? We’ll keep it a surprise for now, but I do know a fair number of comic and game-related professionals…

#4 – BumbleKast Meet-Ups! – We’re just $33.00 away from our Patreon benchmark where Kyle and I will host special, patron-exclusive live chat sessions! It’ll be just like the BumbleKast, only live, and with all of you!

So to round it up:
• Tee Lopes BumbleKast theme at 50 patrons!
• BumbleKast every other Monday!
• BumbleKast Interviews once a month, only for patrons!
• BumbleKast Meet-Ups, only for patrons, at the $150/mo. goal!
• BumbleKast Gaming every other Monday!
• BumbleKast Gaming Live every Friday, and only for patrons!

We hope you’re excited as you are, and thank you all in advance for making BumbleKast a success!