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BumbleKomics Shop Update!

First off, it’s a new month and with it comes a new discount! It’s Archie August on the BumbleKomics Shop, and you can get a whopping 50% off all Archie-related titles, including Cosmo and Mighty Crusaders! Just use the promo code “ARCHIE” at check-out.

Secondly, the stock has been updated with multiple flavors of Sonic the Hedgehog #42, the 30th Anniversary Special, and My Little Pony x Transformers 2 #4.

Sonic #42 & My Little Pony x Transformers 2 #4

Sonic the Hedgehog #42 is out today and continues with Part 2 of “Zeti Hunt.” It’s been a delight to see my script handled by Tracy Yardley! again.

My Little Pony x Transformers 2 wraps up with its fourth issue and I am one of the contributing writers. Spike and Grimlock are reunited and I get to have fun with dragons and robo-dinosaurs. If that doesn’t sell you on the idea, I don’t know what could.

Everything can be grabbed via the IDW Publishing Store if you can’t find it at your local comic shop.

Tales of Aether #3 & New Discount Code

A bit behind because I took my first vacation since…since…um…

Anyway, as I catch up on things, here’s a few brief bits of news!

Tales of Aether #3 is available on ComiXology. The mini-series is drawing to a close, so don’t miss out!

I also hit 15,000+ followers on Twitter! I’m pretty sure most them aren’t bots! To celebrate, use the code “FOLLOW” on the BumbleKomics Shop and get 15% off your total order through the rest of July!