Lost Hedgehog Tales

My time writing for Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe can be divided into two distinct periods: “Volume One,” running from Sonic the Hedgehog #160-247 and Sonic Universe #1-50, and “Volume 2,” running from Sonic the Hedgehog #248-290 and Sonic Universe #51-94. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to drop all of the plotlines I was working on during Volume One and start over. Then Volume Two abruptly ended when the license changed hands from Archie Comics to IDW Comics. “Lost Hedgehog Tales” is an effort to give fans of my work some closure.

Please note: this will be completed as time (and other factors) allows. There is no set time-table for release. For further details on why this is, please read this post. To see how long this has been going on, you can check this one too.


Why were you forced to reboot?
There was a disagreement between Archie Comics and one of their former creators over the ownership of characters created for the comic. This dispute went to court and ended in a settlement. I don’t know what those settlement terms were, but I was instructed that the characters/materials were no longer available for use.

Why didn’t you fight the change?
Because I had/have neither the legal or “political” power to do so. I’ve enjoyed a very long tenure on the Sonic comics, but that only gets me some authority over where I’d like the story to go. All business and legal decisions belong to the publisher and the license holders. I am not an employee of Archie Comics or SEGA. I am a freelance writer. My authority only lasts from script to script.

I heard [insert character name] wasn’t owned by [inserts person’s name]. Can’t they be brought back?
While the trial was between Archie Comics and one creator, it had larger ranging implications. And while that one creator has been very vocal about their version of events, they do not speak for everyone – that goes for other previous creators and Archie Comics. I can’t get into all the details or reasoning, but suffice it to say, all of the previous original content is inaccessible.

Will the old characters/elements ever come back?
It’s incredibly unlikely, which is why I’ll be providing closure with “Lost Hedgehog Tales.” For now I’m focused on the new direction.