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Who are You?

I’m Ian Flynn, a freelance writer for multiple forms of media. I’m also “that Sonic guy” as my portfolio will make abundantly clear. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and I’m currently based out of Toronto, ON with easy business ties to both sides of the border. In addition to writing I’m host of a Q&A podact: the BumbleKast.

What is BumbleKing?

This website is an information hub for the work and career of me, Ian Flynn. Here you’ll find my resume, body of work, and social media outlets.

That’s nice – but I meant that critter in your logo. What’s a “BumbleKing?”

Choose your answer:
A) A beloved alligator monarch that rules over all bee-kind
B) High school nonsense turned into a brand

Where can I access your work?

The Publisher Links tab will take you to both online and mail-order options. Some of my individual past works also have links with them.

Why kind of services do you supply?

I write and creatively conceptualize. This can be summed up as, but is not limited to:

  • Ad Copy: selling your product in short, punchy blips or longer, compelling commercials
  • Creative Consultation: You have the start of an idea, but it needs work. That’s what I’m here for: to expand and nurture your idea into a complete vision.
  • Localization: Polishing foreign-language-to-English material into something that’s engaging and natural sounding.
  • Manuscripts: the written “blueprints” fit for comics, radio ads, screenplays, videogames, etc.
  • Narrative Direction: writing the material is one thing, managing the narrative and lore for your project is something else. I can help you build the framework needed to tie together all the elements of your project for a stronger story and presentation.

I would like to hire your services. Are you available? What are your rates?

I am always available with prompt responses and fast turn-arounds on production and revision. Rates will vary with project size and time table, so please contact me for a quote.