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Postby nz17 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 1:11 pm

Which television shows do you enjoy on Mobian TV?

From an outsider's perspective, the season appears to chronically be summer on Mobius, though this obviously is not the case as we have occasionally seen other weather. What are the seasons like on Mobius in number, duration, type, et cetera?

How do your favorite stories from the One Thousand and One Arabian Nights go?
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Postby Nadia » Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:35 pm

To Mina:

I have two questions for you.

1) Do you ever miss freedom fighting(will you ever give it another shot when your not busy with your singing)?

2) Do you consider yourself fashionable?

To Sally:

Out of all of your friends(or family members), who do you respect/look up to the most?
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Postby Para » Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:52 pm

Ian: You seem to place a fair amount of importance on authorial intent. After all, you have this board, and go out of your way to clarify events when you see there's confusion. How important to you was getting the upcoming Sonic Encyclopedia green lit to spread your version of the Sonic canon to those who don't have access to your board?

Mighty: Why did you stay behind in New Mobotropolis when the rest of the Chaotix went back to Angel Island with Knuckles?

Bokkun: What are you? Besides destructive and adorable, I mean.
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Postby Mr Saxon » Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:40 am

Quick 3rd and final question-

Doctor Eggman: What do you say to these whisperings of late that your shall I say...stark raving bonkers?
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Postby The King of Shadows » Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:06 pm

Eggman: Are you capable of doing bio-engineering?
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Postby megabeatman » Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:58 pm

Nicole - Have you ever considered altering your holographic appearance akin to how we change clothes or hairstyle every once in a while?

Whichever Sonic applies - Since you wield a sword in your upcoming video game, ever consider a friendly duel with your Super Smash Bros. Brawl costar Link?

Bean - How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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Postby Zero Hour » Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:37 pm

Rob O' the Hedge: Do you know what happened to Mighty the Armadillo's parents and sister? For reference, they where some thieves that lived in Mercia.
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Postby Aurora_Redwinters » Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:45 pm

Barby: Do you have any feelings towards Tails?

Shadow: If you had a pet Chao, what would you name it?

Kneecaps: What do you REALLY think of your name?
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Postby Mik9 » Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:50 pm

My 3rd question.

To Blaze and Marine: Would you both say that your relationship with each other is similar to that of Sonic and Tails'?
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Postby Dub » Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:15 am

To Ian: What would you say have been your greatest accomplishments and failures thus far as a writer on Sonic and do you have any specific thoughts about where you feel you can improve and grow in reference to the book and your career as a writer as a whole?

To Sonic: What do you fear? (IE what is the one thing in this world that keeps you awake at night and sits in the back of your mind like a festering wound)

To Ian: Aren't you shocked I'm actually asking serious questions for once? :D
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Postby Doc Eggman » Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:44 am

It looks like the month's almost over. And with a new week, I'll ask my three questions now! I've chosen my last three to be of the more deep philosophical flavor for our favorite mad scientist.

1. Dr. Eggman, given that your ultimate plan appears to be the roboticization of everything but your illustrious self, I admit I(lacking your foresight) can't grasp your motives. In the most simplistic, fundamental sense, why do you want to be effectively the last sentient being in existence, with none other to appreciate your triumph?

2. On another note, Doctor, what are your thoughts on your grandfather, the late Professor Gerald?

And I can't close out the month without questioning my favorite incarnation of Eggman...

3. Eggman(SX), could you describe what your ultimate vision for how the world will be once you've taken over, and how individual citizens like me would be treated under your rule? You talk about wanting to conquer a lot, but I'm curious as to what you desire to do with the planet and its people once you successfully take it over(As I'm sure you will).
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Postby Ian Flynn » Sun Feb 22, 2009 5:05 am

Week 3 - Round 1. HOI! This week was much slower paced, hence the one update.

EDIT: Okay then! It's way too early in the morning and my nerves are shot with this post showing up not even half-way when I try to post it. So I'm going to post it in pieces, and everyone can love that it is in pieces. Yes? YES! ONWARD!

Question #1 wrote:Eggman: What do you think of your game counterpart?

He gets points for style, but he's too reliant on outside sources. If he's going to crush that hedgehog, he needs to do it with his own two hands! ....that control a giant robot.

Question #2 wrote:flying and lightning: are you two buddies or something? cause i always see you side by side when your in a fight (most of the time).

HEE hee hee! Are we buddies Lightning ol' buddy ol' pal ol' buddy o' mine?

Hmph. There is a . . . tenuous commradery to the Destructix. Flying's speed and agility compliment my own. It makes attacking the target faster; more efficient.

HA HEE HOO! That seals it! Best buds forever!


Question #3 wrote:Locke: How exactly were you supposed to use that weapon against Enerjak?

It . . . it was a compact Chaos Syphon with an entropy-inducing feedback variable. It would essentially pull out Enerjak's power, destabalize it, and feed it right back into him nearly instantaenously. In non-technical terms, it would atomize him with his own energy. It . . . wasn't built with Knuckles in mind.

Question #4 wrote:Dr. Eggmans (StH and SX), what do the two of you think about a grand team-up between the both of you?

Prime-Doc, you go first.


I-I-I'll let him play by himself, thank you.

Question #5 wrote:Eggman Nega, what are your thoughts on the original Dr. Eggman? He obviously seems to have inspired you somewhat.

Only in so much as thirst inspires you to drink or hunger inspires you to kill the nearest source of meat. For you vegetarians and with weak constitutions, replace "kill" and "meat" with "rip the nearest edible plant-life from the life-giving earth!" He failed. He failed spectacularly. He failed to such a degree that, two hundred years down the line, the name is ridiculed. He was inept and he has paid the appropriate price.

Question #6 wrote:Dr. Eggman(Sonic X version), you seem to be quite the ladies' man, seeing that both Scarlett Garcia and Ella were blushing and swooning over you(At least while you were disguised as the heroic El Gran Gordo). What's your secret? I wanna be as manly and cool as you are!

Is the loud, scary-me gone? Yes? Okay. *ahem* I'm sorry, little man, but you simply cannot create the natural studliness I was born with! Devoting yourself to the sciences and three square cakes a day might get you close.

Question #7 wrote:(for Eggman) What do you think of Eggmanland, created by your SegaSonic counterpart? If not for Ian being pinned down by the powers that be(Its a real shame they do that to you guys by the by), would you find it sufficient to recreate said metropolis with your own person touch should Megaopolis become fully compromised to the vermin?

It's quaint. A bit much, but definitely my style of fun. I suppose I could devote a continent to that kind of amusement, while another part of my world-city would be much like New Megaopolis - industrious and devoted to creation.

Question #8 wrote:If you can, could you tell me wether or not the road to 200 will make a die hard Eggman enthusiast like myself a happy fan or will I enter a state of mourning parallel to his declining mental stability after the inevitable fisticuffs between him and the rodent?

You want me to give away the big surprise . . . well, one of the big surprises of the big anniversary issue? Really? Really?

Question #9 wrote:Please, do we get to find what happened to Hope soon? It's been almost twenty whole issues!

I promise you'll see her gravestone this year. I mean - her. Alive. Or dead. Or whichever she is. This year for sure!

Question #10 wrote:Sonic, it's hard enough to find time for your parents--do you ever find time for your dog?

Hey man, Muttski is family. When I'm chilling out at home he's with me.

Question #11 wrote:(to SX-Vector) Have you and the Chaotix had many clients? I've only seen Vanilla as a client. Although, you've helped Sonic out quite a few times, I don't know if he's ever paid you for any of those services.

O-Of course we have! I mean . . . we have . . . there was . . . PFFFT! Of course we have! *ahem* You just haven't seen them.

Question #12 wrote:(to SX-Vector) Are you raising Charmy like a son, or is he just an employee and friend to you?

SON!? I'm too young to be a dad! He's just a kid that hangs out and helps out on occasion. Well, I do tuck him in at night. With a story. And I did eat the monster under his bed. And I make him brush after every I'M NOT ACTING LIKE A DAD!

Question #13 wrote:(to SX-Vector) As we've seen in the third season of Sonic X, you have quite an overactive imagination. How do you imagine your future with Vanilla hmmmm?

Aheh-heh-heh . . . hee-hee! Mmmm . . . hmm . . . OH! Um . . . Ms. Vanilla? Um, er, we have a, er, strict . . . policy, yeah, about dating clients. . . . . Why? Do you think she'd go for me? Really?

Question #14 wrote:Sonic, what was the longest time you went without eating a chilidog?

Hmm . . . I was in space for a few weeks . . . except that was really a year! A YEAR?! 'Scuse me, I've got some catching up to do!

Question #15 wrote:Bathog, who was the last villain you fought in your dimension?

Killer Vec.

Question #16 wrote:Ian and Marine, if you both were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours together, what would you do to pass the time?

See Dr. Nega's answer a few questions up.

Oi! I didn't see that! What'd he say?!

Question #17 wrote:Sleuth and the rest of the Destructix, who do/did you guys prefer working for, Mammoth Mogul, Dr. Finitevus or Snively?

I'll field the questions for the team, thanks. Finitevus was direct, which was nice. He said what he wanted, he paid up-front, and that was it. On the other hand, the jobs I've gotten from Mogul haven't risked the planet, so it's a trade-off. The old Fearsome Foursome guys don't talk about him. They get real quiet and don't meet anyone's gaze. I don't know if that's respect, or fear, or regret. And as long as they keep their stuff together and bring in their share of the cash, I don't care. As for Snively, he's a twerp. I knew he was faking it from the beginning, but hey, it was working out for me then so I didn't say anything. We'll work for him if he can pay - and I can be sure we'll keep our heads.

Question #18 wrote:Mogul, does Naugus ever scare any of the patrons at your casino?

Naugus is not allowed among the pretegious patrons of my lucrative entrepenureal venture. He is kept either in my office or in the back room with the kitchen and my . . . special clientel.

Question #19 wrote:Snively, have you ever considered working with or hiring the Destructix again?

I did not "work with" that violent roaming zoo - I commanded them. I, er, just let Kodos think he had full command. *ahem* I would utilize them if I needed to, I suppose.

Question #20 wrote:Question for Bunnie: Just curious about your surname, Rabbot; was that always your last name, or something adopted after the Roboticization?

Ian's asked me not to comment on this'un. Apparently that's gonna be part of some project or somethin'.

I've got the answer, but I've got to get it editorially approved first.

Question #21 wrote:Been watching the old SatAM toon lately, and got to wondering whether or not Nichole, at least when you're writing her, might still have the same sort of electronic computer voice she had then, or if it's something which sounds a little more... organic now, for lack of a better term.

When speaking from the hand-held unit or Freedom HQ's computer, she definitely does. When she's walking about New Mobotropolis that "filter" over her voice is almost gone. There's still a slight "buzz" to her voice, but anyone not acquainted with her would just think they're hearing things.

Question #22 wrote:Knuckles: You seem unwilling/unable to face the echidnas in Albion right now, following your actions under Finitevus' influence. I was just wondering what it might take for you to feel you've atoned for what has transpired (not that I, or most of us hold it against you, but that's your prerogative).

That said, I hope Ian doesn't mind me adding on here, but I can relate to losing someone and not having had one last chance to see them. I do recommend that as soon as you can, you at least see your mother one time-- because you never know if there will be a next time. Try to make sure what may be your last memory together is a good one; you still have a chance and a means that most others don't get. Don't let it slip by.

You can't atone for . . . all that. I can't. I . . . don't know what I'm going to do about mom or the others. I've got Archimedes looking into something, but . . . nevermind. Don't want to talk about it.

Question #23 wrote:To Finitevus: Was Locke ever considered for the Enerjak role or necessary for experimentation towards it (like the Brotherhood and Moritori?) I have to wonder why you let him wander free since he ruined your whole Enerjak plot.

Hahaha-aaah . . . Locke. He was paradoxically my greatest enabler and my largest hurdle. It was his brilliantly adventurous meddling in his son's genetics that prepared him for my own, and yet he was perpetually in my way ever-after. He was not present when the rest of the Brotherhood fell to Dr. Robotnik's forces. He was far too formidable to confront at full strength. I had plenty of test subjects at the time, and he was under the watchful eye of the dingoes for a fair bit of time. He was quarantined and unavailable.

Afterwards, with the Dingo Regime angered and my own efforts having weakened the Legion, I needed a safe-guard for the Master Emerald. If not for him, I would've lost the Master Emerald to that strange incident on the mainland. From there he was easy enough to send away and I had done all the research I needed. I thought he could be placated easier than disposed of, but we all saw how that went. But science is a never-ending process. Locke saw to the end of one venture. I have others.

Question #24 wrote:To Lupe: Will you and the Wolf Pack ever join up with the Freedom Fighters again? We haven't seen you for a while and this is one fan that misses you.

I wish I could join them in their fight, but I am afraid the needs of my own people come first. For the first time since Dr. Robotnik took power every one of my people is free. We must reclaim our homeland in the Great Canyon, although there is a strong cry for the old ancestral homeland. Either way we must rebuild our community, our nation, and from there we will wage our own war on the empire. We may not fight by the Freedom Fighters' sides, but we will fight on with them in spirit and in our own way.

Question #25 wrote:To Knuckles: On a level battle field, all things equal, who would win in a fight between you and Sonic? My bet's on you Rad Red.


Show of hands - who's surprised by that answer?

You need a running start to smash through 'bots. I can do it with my fists.

Ah, valid counter-point-except-NOT. I get up to top "running speed" before you flex those noodley arms of yours.


And that was back when you were alone on your island and stupid. Well . . . more stupid. My skills have grown, man. Or were you snoozin' while I was homing-attacking all your friends in the funky pajamas?

I! You! But! GRRRR-listen! Look back in the book. I've beaten you more times than you've beaten me.

In your dreams, cone-nose.

I took you and Tails out the first time we met!

Home-field advantage, plus you had all those traps set-up. Lame.

Yeah, well . . . Triple Trouble!

Called on account of Eggman.

Um . . . second time you were on the island!

Same as Triple Trouble.

Well, when I was Hyper . . . no, that was more of a draw. Um . . .AH! Mecha Me smashed Mecha You!

I'd already fended off you and Bunnie and I took the brunt of the nukes for ya, pal.

That sure is a lot of excuses. Comin' pretty fast, too.

I don't have time for - -

OH! Free Comic Book Day! 2007! You had that thing in your ear, and I totally got you!

. . . that was canon?


. . .I was distracted.


And I was holding back! I was fighting Eggman's control! And-and-and I'd fought off both the teams - -!

HAHAHA! Yes! Knuckles - one! Hedgehog - zero!

Alright, Flynn - rematch! Make it happen!

B-But I've already got you doing . . .


Who's the new "porcupine" on the block with the buff chest? Outta the wilderness with the ruggedness? KNOCK KNOCK! It's Knuckles!

Oh go choke on a grape.

Question #26 wrote:Does Maginary World (with its Precious Stone) count as another world like Blaze's (with her Sol Emeralds) or a local neighbor zone like the Special Zone/Void?

Good question. Being the hub for all dreams for the entire multiverse seems like a rather tall order. Maybe it is just a pocket Zone like the Special Zone? Or maybe it's its own thing entirely. I guess you could make a good case for either. Since we're not ever going back there (as far as I know) you can take it however you like.

Question #27 wrote:Mrs. Quack: How are you and the kids doing? (I assume they have names)

[quote=orange]We're all doing just fine, thank you. Horatio is working himself far too much, as usual, but then again perhaps it's to get some peace and quiet? Running the hospital has to be quieter than our kids![/color]

Question #28 wrote:Sleuth: What the heck happened to Sir Kicksalot? WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Heh. Well, Robotnik wanted proof I was willing to switch sides. He was my partner and a knight. Hard to beat that, right?

Question #29 wrote:Mammoth Mogul: At what point in your life did you become so danged wordy? I somehow doubt that you had a personal lexicon that would make a dictionary go green with envy during the days when you ruled over prehistoric Mobius.

It was during those halcyon days after my unfortunate and pitifully swift dethroning and before my full ascension to Ixis Lord of the Order. It was then that I discovered the linguistic advances of my echidna predecessors and dutifully subscribed to command not only the elements, not only this spheroid tumbling through the ether, but language as well.

Question #30 wrote:Tails: What do you see yourself doing with your life after RObotnik is finally defeated once and for all?

Gee . . . I dunno! Maybe I'll become so great an inventor everyone will forget about Robotnik! Or maybe I'll explore more of Mobius . . . or even space and beyond! There's a whole bunch of possibilities.

Question #31 wrote:General Von Stryker: How are you and the rest of the Dingo holding out?

We endure. We endure as we always have and always will. The oasis proves plentiful, and the sand-worm hunting is good. Their spirits are broken and I'm grinding them in the coarse sands of the desert. What will come out of it is a stronger, harder, better Dingo Army. Then we will retake the island as we have always meant to.

Question #32 wrote:To Mina: How did the world tour go in terms of inspiring help?

Eh . . . now I know how the old king felt. Folks are afraid. Really afraid. Attendance was low sometimes, but people snatched up albums like crazy. I think what I did was give them hope and a little bit of an escape from reality. But I found out that the victories over here are almost like fairy tales everywhere else. BUT! The one thing I heard most were people being amazed we could pull off the concert at all. Maybe if I do another one we can get more people out there, more people thinking about bein' brave, and get this planet one step closer to freedom!

Question #33 wrote:To Nack: Why do you still take missions when Freedom Fighters are involved?

Professional pride, man. My record was spotless until I got to those guys. And while they've . . . and a run of really good luck yeah, that's it! I still get rep for bein' crazy enough to take 'em on. It's all about how you publicize yourself, see?

Question #34 wrote:To Rouge: Could you steal a Chaos Emerald from Shadow without him noticing?

I wish. Anybody else? Piece of cake. But he feels them. It's like there's an invisible string tied to his ear or something. Now, you get him distracted, and I've got a better chance. Half a world away? It'd be all mine.

Question #35 wrote:Shadow, being an alien, do you ever worry that your children will be born as Black Arm larvae?

. . . that is a ridiculous question. I am not purely Black Arms. I am part mobian and part biomechanical construct. I do not believe I can breed. Nevermind that, you're assuming I'd find anyone on this planet attractive.

Question #36 wrote:Omega, don't you think your reason for wanting revenge on Eggman is a little harsh?


[quote"Question #37"]Omega, are you the 123rd of Eggman's E-Series or the 24th? I think you're the 123rd of all the E-Series but the 24th of the E-100 Series.[/quote]


Question #38 wrote:To Metal Sonic and E-123 Omega: Who do you think would win in a fight between you?


Evaluation using extrapolated data: The E-100 series has met with 99% failure over the course of 123 models. The Metal Sonic series has seen less models with near-identical performance. Conclusion: the big red thing is just blowing smoke.


Question #39 wrote:To Eggman: Which of the following would you consider to be the national anthem of the Eggman Empire?

Music?! You're trying to sum up my genius, my glorious holdings, in such a simple and limited equation? The only anthem of the Eggman Empire is the clang of metal, the hiss of electrodes, and the cries of my enemies! Punctuated by the delightful timpani of my boyish laughter.

Question #40 wrote:To Snively: Could you please play the following song over the intercom in New Megaopolis? It's a quick and easy way to take a potshot at Eggman while being able to blame it on the hedgehog.
(link to "They Call Me Sonic")

UGH! I may detest my uncle, but even I'm not that cruel.

Question #41 wrote:To any Girl of Mobius.... which one for you is the cuttest and the mightiest?

Me! Amy Rose! AND I'VE GOT THE MALLET TO PROVE IT, RIGHT LADIES?! See? They all agree! Tee-hee!

Question #42 wrote:Snively, how do you feel about having killed your uncle?

I'm just embarrassed it didn't stick.

Question #43 wrote:Scourge, how did your eyes turn green as anti-sonic

I dunno. One day I had a killed head-ache and it felt like I lost a few hours of the day. Then - boom - longer spines and green eyes. Go figure.

Question #44 wrote:any and all characters, what do you think and feel about Ian?

Y'all really like making this hard for me, don't you?

Ah, quit your whining. Yeah, he's pretty cool. Seems to think I like pain, though

Nice guy if not for the homicidal streak.

A incorigiable rube whose skills as a scribe are commendable, though average.

He's magically delicious!


Question #45 wrote:To Sally: Do you think you and Sonic will ever get back together?(As I said to you before I hope so, I admit I would be disappointed if you two are unable to work things out).

And as I said before, we're through. I'm not sure if I want to risk going through all that turmoil again - for both our sakes. We're back on speaking terms, friendly speaking terms, and that gives me the peace of mind I need. Right now we're all committed to finishing the fight with Dr. Robotnik. Then, maybe, we all can think a little more about our personal lives.

Question #46 wrote:(continued from previous) I know you have been trying to put on a front that you don't mind what happens, but I also get the sense that a part of you does miss Sonic, right?

. . . I do miss it, yes. The love, the warmth, the security. But I also don't miss the arguments and the constant worry. As cold as it may sound, there's a certain detachment there now that helps me function as a leader. For the good of Mobius, I think I should maintain that for now. Besides, if Sonic was really that interested, he would've said something now. He's not the subtle type.

Question #47 wrote: Just so we're completely clear, Charmy is mentally retarded now?

Unfortunately it's looking like I was a little over-zealous in my intentions and am now in a position where I must be unclear.

Question #48 wrote:Lien-Da, Do you and the Legion have any plans to help increase the Echidna population? I can see it ether being by conventional means, Meaning you let things go some what naturally or unconventional means as in something all super sciencely and sci-fi, just maybe a little bit wrong.

"It's the end of our species. We have to do our part to ensure we survive!" Yeah, being stranded in another Zone, how many times do you think I heard that line? For now I've got to figure out how to get us out from under Eggman's thumb. Then we'll need to find the echidnas Enerjak left behind, and then was can assess and decide how to proceed.

Question #49 wrote:Buns and DR. Kintobor, Buns is basically living in the Omega suit. How hard is it for you to keep the Omaga Suit clean? Buns has to shed fur everywhere in there. That I would imagine balls up and get stuck in every nook and crevice in Omega. That can’t be good for the suit.

Huh. You scum-suckers really do seem to think of every li'l thing.

Oh come now Buns, don't be rude. The Omega-Unit is designed to be perfectly clean within and without. All waste materials - -


- - are collected and processed - -


- - and incinerated as a back-up fuel supply!

DOC! Ah'm not keen on them knowin' where all my sheddin's and such go!

Nevermind that Kintobor said it was a sterile environment. If this is the kind of questions that are going to be asked, I won't bother doing this again.

Alright! Alright! Please put me down now.

Question #50 wrote:Amy, Do you have lucky underwear? Like as in wearing a pair of underwear of a color and pattern can improve your fortune in luck and love. You seem to be the type of girl that would be in that kind of stuff. I suppose you'll try anything that helps bind the fate between you and Sonic.

Amy, put the hammer down.

NO! First he's talking about echidnas jumping all over each other, then he's asking about Buns's gross stuff, AND NOW HE'S ASKING ABOUT MY UNDERWEAR?!

You're a fictional character for pity's sake! It's just trivia to them!

Yeah?! Well let's just see how "fictional" and "trivial" my mallet is!

Question #51 wrote:So, I hear you are quite the social butterfly offscreen. I imagine that you have the Mobian ladies all over you. So, tell me, I'm DYING to know... how did you spend your Valentines day?

Reading. Training. Resting.

Question #52 wrote:are you enjoying doing the Q&A this way i.e. any plans on continuing it like this for a while?

It's been a fun writing exercise, but it's also murder on my schedule. This session will end with the month, and I'll bring it back on occasion.

Question #53 wrote:Dimitri/Lien-da: except for a certain flashback we've never really seen any side of the Dark Legion's lifestyle other than warfare. Given that we've never really seen any children among the legion at any time and it's since tough to discern between male and female female troops with the hoods up, its made me wonder just what family life, if any, is like for your standard legionairre?

My time as Grandmaster has been brief, and exclusively within the Prime Zone. I believe you would be better suited to answer this one.

Among other things. There isn't much time for family life. Everyone has their work schedule and within that is times for cleaning and eating. There is about an hour's recreation time a day, in shifts, which allows for fraternizing. Well . . . it's fifteen minutes now under Eggman. Anyway, any kids that result from that time are mostly raised by a department within the Legion so that the parents are free to continue their duties.

But what about the Grandmasters? Surely they had the benefit of more family time?

I'm not getting into that.

Question #54 wrote:Gen Stryker: It would appear that you and Harry were the 2 lone dingoes opposed to attacking the echidnas on Angel Island while Dr. Robotnik was there and the rest of your people went with Kage to become Robotnik's occupation force, but why? From what we've seen, your people have been at war with the echidnas for generations and the last time anyone saw you, you were leading an open rebellion in the streets of Echidnaopolis when the Dark Legion fired their Quantum Beam.

It's a matter of semantics. I'm all for conquering the island and pushing the echidnas out, but not with Robotnik. The fight between us and the echidnas is personal. They've treated us like lower species, denied us technological advancement, and treated any progress on our part as hostile. My military actions before the Quantum Beam were to liberate my people. They were suffering in sub-standard housing while working as slaves to the echidna oppressors.

The fight against the echidnas is a necessary one, but not to the degree where we should lose ourselves and join forces with evil. Gen. Kage von Stryker lost sight of that and took the easy route to power and has paid for his crimes. My people did as they always have and followed the leader they thought was stronger. Part of their current re-education is to show them why ditching me was a mistake.

Question #55 wrote:Dr Finitevus: Looking back, what do you think of your previous self before your glorious 'rebirth'?

Mmm . . . naive? Terribly limited in my vision of the world. To use a colloquialism, I was "fat, dumb and happy." Brilliant, yet, but in dire need of awakening.

Question #56 wrote:Are the free comic book day issues considered canon?

FCBD2007 is canon, yes.
FCBD2008, being a reprint of STH#001, is canon.
FCBD2009 is a series of Data Files, which is about as canon as you can get.

Question #57 wrote:Bunnie- Which brings me a question since your one of the few girls that can answer this. who's the better kisser? Scourge or Sonic?

Ah . . . well . . . y'know what? Ya'll are gettin' too nosey. Ah'm not answerin' any more questions.

Question #58 wrote:Sonic- You do know that technically your Shadow's "Faker"? Seeing that he's been around for over 50 Mobius years, and you about 17-19 years.

Nah-ah-ah! Shadow was modeled after hedgehogs, so technically my species came first. Second, he's synthetic. I'm 100% Grade-A awesome'hog. You can't get any more real than that.

Question #59 wrote:Bernie- What would you have said/done to Scourge if you were awake during his little conversation with Jules?

. . . I'm sorry, what?

Um . . .yeah, you slept through a small - er - confrontation.

We'll discuss this later. If Scourge was in our house and distracted by Jules, I would alert the authorities first. Then I would find the heaviest blunt object I could manage and try to take the creep down.


Jules, I blew up Overlanders to protect my people. I'm more than ready to bludgeon some punk who wants to hurt our boy.

Question #60 wrote:Shadow - As the ultimate Life form, you appear to have quite the mature persona. This begs the question: Doesn't using skates seem a bit childish?


Ask an Olympic skater if they feel childish. See how they respond.

Question #61 wrote:Sonic - what do you personally think of the way you look in super mode?

Glittering, shiny gold? Are you kidding me? I look AWES- -

Like a pocket watch.

Quiet, Pinky!

Question #62 wrote:Julie-Su - we've seen that you don't fancy wearing dresses. Are there any pieces of bottom clothing you're fine with wearing?

Eh, shorts I guess.

Question #63 wrote:Sonic: How did it feel to run as fast as you did when you were charging toward the Egg Beater's shield?

Iiiiiiiiiiiiii . . . wasn't really paying attention, honestly. I was just doin' what came natural. I wasn't thinking about "wheee-fun" so much as "kick Eggman in the face."

Question #64 wrote:Rotor: How did you feel about Hamlin trying to put Sally away for treason?

I loved it. Made me giggle inside like a little girl.

HA HA! Rotor!

Well! Ask a silly question, get a silly answer. They're asking how I felt when one of my closest friends was in deep trouble. How do you expect me to feel??

Question #65 wrote:Nicole: Ever considered upgrading your system to Windows Vista?

Not to be rude, but I believe I'm far, far beyond your current operating systems.

Question #66 wrote:To Marine and the Glorious Mammoth Mogul: Between the two of you, which of you could kill Ian first through the power of speech? Feel free to talk about it at length, in fact I encourage it.

OI! How come I don't get a fancy title of me own, mate? How about "The Brilliant Captain Marine!" or "The Awesome Captain Marine!" or "The Bonzer-Awesome-Fantastic Marine!" only you plug a "captain" in there somewhere, by dinkum, and then we'd be ready to roll, wouldn't we Mr. Biggy Pants?

I believe the argument has been decided already. The girl would be victorious.

Too right I would! What's it I'm winning again?

Question #67 wrote:Bean: What if I where to tell you that you.....Are nothing more then a myth, a fake, NOT REAL? WHAT IF I WHERE TO TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE, IN FACT....( ... -franchise)....A DOLL!

Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! I remember that photoshoot! They had some nice digs there. Very plush. WOO-HOO-HOO-HA-HA-HA-EEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-yeah I'm done.

Question #68 wrote:Shadow: Gerald Robotnik told you that you were the protector of Mobius, but he didn't tell you specifically to join GUN. Why did you decide to work for GUN instead of the Freedom Fighters, or any other anti-terrorism group on Mobius? In a parallel universe (I'm not sure if it's like yours, though) I'm pretty sure the leader of GUN wanted you dead >.>

Because . . . what?

Read this. Aloud.

I will be detailing such information in SU#003. Don't miss it.


Question #69 wrote:Vector: What are you usually listening to on your headphones? If you say Mina's "Starlight, Starbright", you will be shunned forever.

Hey now! Real men listen to girly pop-rock and own up to it! And I'm a real man! . . . but she's not the only thing I listen to. I've got just about one of every type of song. Gotta enjoy all the flavors of sound, man! And I certainly don't use it to tap into emergency broadcast channels from around the world to keep tabs on the criminal element. *cough*

Question #70 wrote:Shadow: Do you ever wonder about what happened to Hope?


Question #71 wrote:Sally: Now that Nicole can sustain a holographic image, has your relationship with her changed from how it was before as her as just a simple handheld device? Do you confide in her more, or less?

Hmm . . . I suppose it's easier to relate to her when I can see her. I've always trusted in her, but it's so much nicer to actually laugh with her than at a screen. I suppose there's an . . . "easier" feeling to it all? That's a really tough one to explain.

Question #72 wrote:To Team Dark: Kid sidekicks seem to be becoming common these days. Sonic has one, Blaze has one, Mighty has one and in some continuities Amy has one, would any of you ever consider getting a kid sidekick?

"Kid sidekick" doesn't really fit what we do.

Question #73 wrote:Rouge: Do you think you would like to get the tools/weapons Treasure Scope and Iron Boots like in the other continuities?

Nah, I can rely on - -

Read this. Aloud.

I will be sporting one of those in SU#004. Don't miss it. And you call yourself a writer?

Gotta pitch what I can when I can.

Question #74 wrote:Tails: I hear from Ian that you still attend school, being a genius that probably made you the odd man out at times. What was it like having another child prodigy when it comes to mechanics in the school besides you, meaning Hope of course?

Now hold on! Just because I'm good at math and building things doesn't mean I'm perfect in everything. There's a lot of subjects to study, y'know. But it was nice when Hope was here. We could sit down and compare schematics that nobody else could keep up with.

Question #75 wrote:Shadow: Whenever we see you, you're all business. There must be SOMETHING (NOT work related) that you do for fun when you have the time. What might that be, hmm?


Question #76 wrote:To clarify something said by Zonic, is Scourge in jail at the No Zone or did he get sent back to Moebius with that collar on him?

Scourge is in prison in the No Zone.

Question #77 wrote:To Knuckles: So How do you keep in shape? I mean, you're always protecting the master emerald, so how do you have time to train?

There's plenty of aerobics and exercises to be done in place. I've also got to patrol the island. That's a lot of running and climbing.

Question #78 wrote:To Werehog Sonic: ...If I had a chilidog... And I said you couldn't have it...especially in that form...*hides a chilidog behind them*... Would you clobber me...?

Nah. I'd reach around you without movin' my feet. Now, if you ran, then you'd be in trouble.

Question #79 wrote:To Amy: Where do you keep that hammer of yours when you aren't using it?

I dunno! When I want it, it's there! When I don't, it vanishes. It's really handy that way!

Question #80 wrote:To the Mobian Ruling Council: how is your government organized and does it possess any means of trias politica (Separation of Powers)? Given it often takes many months for a working document to be drafted, I understand if your answers are limited in scope or detail.

Rosemary, I'll let you field this one.

Thank you. Given that I was one of the principle writers of our current governing contract I can give you a more "inside" look at the governing structure. Unfortunately, there's not much there at the moment. With the Eggman Empire looming over us we opted for the quickest route available to us. This was adopting the original code of laws that governed the Kingdom of Acorn but with the proviso that executive power was now divested in the Council rather than the lone monarch. It's not a pretty piece of political writing, but it's functioning at the moment.

Where the Freedom Fighters fit into all this is still very much a grey area. From my understanding they were already somewhat nebulous in their duties. Short of being sanctioned by King Maximillian under the "Kingdom of Knothole," their direct relationship to the government is largely unclear. Hopefully the big push they are planning will topple Dr. Robotnik and we will have some down-time to work out all the details. I stress the emphasis on "we."

Question #81 wrote:To Miles “Tails” Prower: It has been some hundred and seventy issues (to us anyway – I assume a less discrete amount of time has passed for you) since you left the Fiona Facsimile on the uncharted island where you first encountered her. At that time, you made a vow to see her repaired and the two of you re-united. Do you still plan to follow through with that promise? If not in the name of “love,” then in the name of science; for comparison, the game version of you had little difficulty salvaging Emerl, who is likely far more complex and esoteric an automaton.

I . . . don't know if I can. I know I made that promise to her, but she was an Auto-Automation. I've know the real Fiona now, and I know that . . .erm . . . Auto-Fiona? was a complete fake. Her . . . feelings for me would have been fake. Sonic says I should move on. Not just to blow it off, but to pick up and grow from it. So maybe it's better to leave her . . . it . . . where . . . it . . . is. That said, I could never disassemble her! IT! I . . . let's all just leave it alone, okay?

Question #82 wrote:To Doctor Robotnik (“the Eggman”): You have my sympathy, sir. Your planet seems infested by an assortment of wretched little superpowered vermin. Thankfully they are as stupid as they are numerous. Have you considered a more vigorous application of nuclear, biological or chemical agents? Most of your enemies seem to enjoy engaging the robotic minions you create in melee, after all. A coat or two of viral hemorrhagic fever along with some gamma irradiating radioisotopes on your next giant mecha may help alleviate the problem. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, though I fear your chosen profession is a thankless and frustrating one.

Note to self: put 100 word cap on questions next time around. Doctor, you're up.

Can they see me dismissively waving my hand around? No? WELL I AM!

You're just like Snively and all the other nay-sayers I've had. Of course I could disease them or irradiate them. Any simpleton can come up with such mindlessly, fleshy means of destruction. My creations, my robots, are a symbol of the better tomorrow! I will infect them, but with nanites. I will fire high-powered energy weapons at them, but through my robots. Disease and radiation kill things all the time. That's boring, that's natural. My robots are superior! They transcend living concerns! And I'll prove it by grinding that hated hedgehog into hamburger!

Question #83 wrote:Shadow: Since even the Big Evil Doctor himself has been shown to have an opinion on it, what do you think of Mina Mongoose's singing?

I like it. . . . what? It's pleasant and energetic and enjoyable. Is there a problem with me enjoying her music?

Question #84 wrote:Rouge: What's it like working for GUN?

Heh - one of the perks is watching the other tough-guys on base react to Shadow listening to Mina's latest single in the Rec Room.

Why is everyone so perplexed by this?

But it has its highs and lows. Regulation and orders and paperwork and down-time are all bo-o-o-o-ring. The missions themselves and the monetary support are entertaining and rewarding, though. It's a nice change of pace from the treasure hunting for now.

Question #85 wrote:Big: Hey, what’s your name?


Question #86 wrote:Big: Yeah, I can see that, but what’s your name?


Question #87 wrote:Big: I KNOW. It’s OBVIOUS But what’s your NAME?!

I'm confused now.

Question #88 wrote:Sally: What is it like to be a role for gals for so many years (both past and curent)?

Role-model, you mean? I - oh, I don't know if I feel comfortable with that. Especially how I've been behaving up until recently. I guess a strong leadership role is important for girls to aspire to. I've just done what I thought was my duty and what was right. I never thought of it as inspirational like that.

Question #89 wrote:M:25/30YL Queen Sally: What was it like for you when Sonic told you about your life before the time change (especially your kids)?

Heartbreaking. Not so much for myself, but for the years of happiness he had lost and the lives erased from time. He was so hard on himself . . .

I didn't really act very kingly then. Or adutly. Or . . . well.

And you have more than made up for it now. The hardest part now is, should we have children again, we can't impose past ideals or impressions upon them.

We're naming them Sonia and Manik, though. That's a given.

We'll discuss it.

Question #90 wrote:Sally: Who would win in a fight between you and Amy?

I like to think we could work out whatever was - -

I'd totally take her.

W-w-aheh, now, Amy, let's not get ahead of - -

I mean no disrespect! You're awesome in the field! But I'd have you flatted in no time.

That's assuming you can hit me. At all.

Yeah - it's kinda a foregone conclusion.

Oh! I . . . mmph! Nevermind.

Question #91 wrote:Sally: If GUN somehow captured you flowing orders from an unknown commander and were transporting you on a helicopter like to one in Sonic Adventure 2, What would you do?

I would await our arrival at whatever penal institution they were delivering me to and refuse to otherwise cooperate until I spoke with the hypothetical commander and diffuse whatever hostile situation was going on. Why? Did you expect me to do something crazy like, I dunno, jump out of the helicopter mid-flight?

Question #92 wrote:Metal Sonic: Aside from having the old Metal Sonic on record, do you also have the Silver sonic, Psudo Sonic and time Sonic himself on record?

This unit possess all relevant data from previous robots concerning the destruction of Target: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Question #93 wrote:Rotor: Have you heard at all from your family? Last we saw of them was that trip to the north you took in your (now scudded) submarine.

Yep! The entire herd is doing just fine up north. Nice and peaceful at long last.

Question #94 wrote:Mammoth Mogul: You said something before about having Grounder fix you a pie. Knowing Grounder's levels of competence, well... Are you okay? No food poisoning? Kitchen still intact?

Given the little mechanation's penchant for disasterous mishaps, I can understand your concern. Despite his litany of failings, cooking is not one of them. Indeed his culinary countenance is a conclave of exquisite delicacies. The kitchen, however, is oft in need of major repair.

Question #95 wrote:Also Mammoth Mogul: How do you feel about the term, "hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian"? Should it be considered a word, given that it is in both meaning and morphology little more than "sesquipidalian" with a bunch of extra syllables prepended to it to make it seem more impressive?

Ah "hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian" . . . those who would do away with this marvelous verbal construction and appease their verbal pallets with "sesquipedalian" are the same social degenerates who would pass on filet mignon with a bold Cabernet Sauvignon and instead take a peanut butter sandwich.

Question #96 wrote:Question for Eggman(Again): How do you keep that stunning mustache of yours in the brilliant shape that it is? In short, whats your secret?

It's one-hundred-percent natural! No soap, no thought, just raw mustachioed power!

Question #97 wrote:Just for the giggles, if Sega were to give you the ol to use Dr. Eggman Nega, in what manner whould you portray him as a character?

I'd follow what's been set in the games: a well-spoken, gentlemanly fellow who's as cold as ice. Once plans fall apart, he flies to the other end of the spectrum in a murderous rage. A little like how Kragok was before his untimely passing. He's like an extreme Eggman - as debonair as Eggy wishes he was, and even more ruthless.

Question #98 wrote:Another for Eggman(woot): In issue...175? *sifts through collection of issues* No wait 174, we saw you zap Espio with a gauntlet attached to you arm like the pair outfitted onto the 'Egg Beater'. Do you plan on wearing any mechanical enhancers similar to this in the future, should you be cornered by one of your hated enemies with no brilliantly designed mech close by? It'd be a great way to compensate for the lack of the ole robotic arm.

There will be massive mechanical contraptions in the future. Of that you can be sure! But seldom do I wear pieces of the whole. It just throws the whole balance of my dashing phsyique off. The poetic justice of blasting the lizard was too good to pass up then, however.

Question #99 wrote:Tails: I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!! now that I've gotten that out of my system, with Mobius 25 Years later being unreliable and Fiona being evil do you have ANY love inetrests? ( I remeber Posey Possum from Sonic In Your Face's Tails' Tallest Tale {it can be found in sonic select #! if you don't have it} [shamelessly plugging since Pellerito ain't here]) I SAY AGAIN I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I . . . whoa. It's almost like Sand Blast City again, but I'm on the receiving end. Um . . . thanks? Just . . . be cool, okay? Um . . . I'm not seeing anyone right now, and I don't think I want to. Momma says I was rushing things anyway, and I think she might be right. I'd like to meet with Posey again, but Ian said we're not doing blatant homages anymore.

Seriously. Posey was Pogo in drag.

Question #100 wrote:King Miles Prower: I'm pretty sure you have the hots for Alicia/Anti-Sally (I don't want to confuse her with Sally's mother). Am I right? (It's not a way of insulting you I think she likes you! C'mon her giving you control of the Supression Squad and Moebius might have well have been her way of saying " I really like you")

King Miles Prower? Oh-ho-ho-no, my friend, you're mistaken. I am but a loyal servant to Princess Alicia and the Suppression Squad. They certainly do turn to my genius advice frequently, but I'm certainly not important enough to warrant - say - an assassination? Do we have an understanding? I hope we do. For your sake.

But more to the point, no, I have no attraction to the woman at all. My heart belongs to someone who I trust implicitly and who is my mental equal. And since I don't trust anyone on Moebius and everyone on this mudball is a mouth-breathing idiot, I'm quite contentedly single.
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Question #101 wrote:Fiona: do you realize your relationship with Scourge is like that between the Joker and Harley Quinn?

I did a little digging to get what you were talking about, and you're way off base. Scourge might be a little - well - "out there" with his plans sometimes but he's got a clearer head than most people I've had to deal with. And I'm not some ditzy knock-off "oh-does-he-love-me?!" groupie like Quinn. I'm my own woman. And I can keep up with Scourge because I want to. Don't give me that. Please.

Question #102 wrote:Ian, you wrote both sides of the argument in issue 197, so I wonder: if you had been in the freedom fighter's shoes and had been told by the council to focus on Eggy, what would you have done? Gone after the Suppression Squad or followed orders?

The problem with writing a solid argument for both sides is I have to accept and support both to make them believable - which makes it really hard to choose how'd I go. I think I'd follow the authorities on this one. I wouldn't like it, I wouldn't entirely trust it to work, but you've got to support the system if it's going to work at all. If it completely blew up in everyone's face, you get the pleasure of saying "I told you so!" and you've got the grounds to remake the system.

So I guess that makes me compliant but wary.

Question #103 wrote:Tails, if your super form were different (say you didn't have the sweet superhero cape and you drastically changed color like the others), which color would you want to turn into?

But . . . that's what I wanted? I mean, I was Super Captain Fox-Man - but for real! I think that maybe the Super Forms are based off of what we want. Sonic wants to be seen by everyone, so he turns all gold and shiny. Knuckles, I don't think, would really care one way or the other so he just morphs slightly. That's just my guess, though.

Question #104 wrote:Ian, you said that Merlin wasn't as powerful as the other Neo Walkers, if that the case, then why did the Ancient ones choose him as the 3rd Walker surely one of the other dead Brotherhood or someone else would have been more powerful?

Yeah, and Mogul would've been ahead of the whole lot of them. Power isn't the defining trait here. Merlin has something that the Ancient Walkers saw and respected enough to appear to him and start him on the path of ascension. The power comes from being a Walker - not having it before-hand.

Question #105 wrote:Mogul, you pompous pachyderm you, you have been noted as desiring to abscond from fighting the current generation until their inevitable demise, but have you ever pondered, you long-winded wizard, that the coming generation will be just as filled with super-powered annoyances especially if the incumbent pains were to procreate? I mean surely with your nigh "omniscience" you are acutely cognizant of the psychokinetic and time-traveling Silver the Hedgehog, and also considering the impressive longevity of your average member of the Brotherhood and that he is, in essence, a Chaos Emerald personified, Knuckles will no doubt live quite long if not be immortal. Not to mention that Sonic and Tails specific destinies and powers they too may be quite long-lived themselves, you may never truly have a chance to take control.

It is an . . . eventually I have considered. However, I am not overly concerned for I have unraveled the central conceit to the cosmic riddle that was our stalemate. For centuries I marshaled my elemental magical mastery and built my Order of Ixis. Only when I sought global domination overtly did I fail. I spent lifetimes again studying and preparing, waiting and watching until the world was thrown into chaos by the First Robotnik War and the traditions of the Brotherhood brought about their most ignorant and inexperienced prodigy yet. My power was absolute! And I was defeated. I clawed my way back from the ether, manifesting flesh and physical form from nothing and ascended to a pan-dimensional god! And was defeated. The pattern, with immense chagrin I now admit, was obvious.

I will meet with no more ruin so long as I leave Mobius to fumble about in is usual indifferent ineptitude. I shall find no obstacle in my minor excursions and entertainments. One of such, I'm sure, will be insuring my hated enemies never breed - or at least enjoy parenthood for long. Small, minor victories will weave the tapestry of my greater triumph. Let them relish their (dubiously dubbed) "peace." I have time on my side.

Question #106 wrote:Bunnie, you said Ant does most of the cooking, but c'mon, girl, you're Southern, and so am I, surely to goodness you can fix a mean dish of gravy and biscuits or maybe some fried chicken,, I mean right?

Oh, Ah can provide some good ol' fashioned vittles sho'nuff! But that's about the extent of mah abilities. And while it's good comfort food, Ah do declare, Ah've been spoiled by mah hubby.

Question #107 wrote:To Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts: How did you all feel about being back in the comics after so long?

We love it! We knew our legions of fans would bring us back one day! It's all because YOU demanded it! BWAKAH-HA-HA!

Yeah! And now I get to wear a hat!

Like I said before, it beats cleaning toilets.

Question #108 wrote:To "Da Bomb": Why are you so heavy?

Ping ping ping?

Agreed. He is "Bomb." I am "Heavy."

I'm still confused!

Question #109 wrote:Since it appears we can expect the next Script Bits shortly after the Second Coming of Christ Wink, I guess I'll just ask you here: Why did you decide to kill off Locke in Enerjak: Reborn?

Ha-ha! Yeah . . . I think I need to formally retire that. It was fun, it was well-received, but I just can't keep up with it anymore.

Locke's death was many things. In one way, it was symbolic. He had devoted his life to the creation of Knuckles and instead laid the groundwork for the complete misuse of his power and his identity. (There's a better term for it, but it'll get eaten by the word censor.) So Locke's life, his destiny, came full circle and he once again devoted his life to the "rebirth" of Knuckles.

Another aspect of it was to redeem him. If you step back (waaaaay back) and only look at his good intentions, Locke seemed like a great guy. But when you scrutinize what he did, he comes across as downright creepy. Fiddling with his own genetics to make a “better” son? Separating him from his mother, family and society without the mother’s consent? Training him for wilderness survival and a world he knew could be very dangerous, but leaving him to fend for himself at eight? And don’t get me started on the seemingly ritualistic suicide performance. All of Locke’s love and good intentions were so warped by his methods that he nearly became a villain. And when his own view of the world shattered, he fell apart. His self-sacrifice was his atonement. He saw - at least in part - how blind he’d made himself and fought bravely and strongly against it.

And on a completely technical stand-point, it was to bring back Archimedes as Knuckles’s mentor. “Older, bearded Knuckles” is just not as interesting as “much smaller, fire-breathing ant.”

Question #110 wrote:I know you've stated you have very specific ideas for Super forms, but this question regards the use of chaos energy by comparatively "average" Mobians*: Are there any drawbacks/limitations to it in terms of the amount they can summon/wield or the time they can use it before, say, negative consequences ensue? (I'd speak more specifically, but I don't want to border on fan-submitted-idea, so...)

All of that falls under my greater plans for explaining the Chaos Force, Chaos Energy, and all that. I don’t want to get into it until it’s set in stone.

Question #111 wrote:Knuckles: Why, as Enerjak, did you decide to send the remnants of your people to the ruins of Albion?

I . . . really wasn’t thinking clearly then. I mean really wasn’t. I think part of it was whatever mumbo-jumbo Finitevus hit me with to make me change to begin with. I think his idea of “right” was kinda smashed up with mine, and I knew Albion was our homeland, so I guess I figured all echidnas belonged there. Or something. I also thought it was a good idea to attack New Mobotropolis because it was made of nanites, which makes no sense to me now. I was messed up then.

Question #112 wrote:Eggman: Are you sure that Snively isn't plotting behind you? What would you do if he did that?

Oh, I know he is. He always is. But he won’t try anything until I’ve gained complete control and CRUSHED THAT HEDGEHOG! He can plot and think all he wants. Acting gets him vaporized.

Question #113 wrote:Eggman: Do you build personally your devastating machines?

Of course! Machines can pump out carbon copies by the hundreds. It takes my genius to make those works of deadly art.

Question #114 wrote:Eggman: Any plan for a future Egg-fleet?

Perhaps I’ll darken the skies with an armada of flying death-dealers . . . but first: MUST. KILL. SONIC.

Question #115 wrote:To Max: Has Sonic's backing out of being Sally's consort hurt your opinion of him greatly or do you understand his reasoning?

A man has his duty to fulfill. He accepted the title of consort and therefore was obligated to remove himself from harm's way. And as one of the strongest fighters of the realm, his obligation was to fight and protect us. So yes, he did what was required of him. . . . I mean . . . no . . . I . . . I'm sorry, I'm needed elsewhere.

Question #116 wrote:To Penelope: Have there been council sessions that you've particularly been passionate about?

Passionate? No. I see a number of very strong opinions and I try to be the voice of moderation when nobody is willing to meet in the middle.

Question #117 wrote:Sir Charles: Did Dimitri's story bring back painful memories of the Roboticizer? That too was an experiment gone wrong;granted yours wasn't due to an error on your part.

It did make me think a little harder on what I was really trying to achieve. What if Julian, sorry, Robotnik, hadn't futzed with the roboticizer? What if I was the one who discovered its evil potential? I'd like to think I would do the right thing and fix such a mistake, but when presented with that kind of power, how can I be sure I wouldn't be like Dimitri and abuse the power of my invention? It's a chilling thought, and I'm thankful the option isn't available to me.

Question #118 wrote:What is the state of Soleanna in the war against Eggman?

They're part of the United Federation. They're just as much at war with the empire as anyone else.

Question #119 wrote:Bean, I've got a spoon! Do you want it?

A spoon? Why would I want a spoon? Weirdo.

Question #120 wrote:Bean and Marine, who would win in a fight between you two?

I'LL GO FIRST! I have booms. Many booms. If elected, I think I would win. Thank you.

Aw now I don't think we have much to discuss on that, do we? Sure he has the booms n' all, but I've got me a ship! And it's loaded with plenty o' boom-power itself! And then I'd be all like "FIRE ALL CANNONS AT THE DUCKY!" and it'd go "BOOM!" and "KRAKA-BOOM!" and "PSHOOOO-BLAMO!" and and and there you have it.

...what's it, mate? You look a li'l funny.

I . . . I think I love you.

Question #121 wrote:Silver: You mentioned that the Metal Sonic design was familiar to you. Does that mean that there are Metals in the future, or did you just recognize it from another source?

I'm not really sure where Metal Sonic came from. The one I know, I mean. I just know that's what my master called it in my time and I was able to use it as a point of reference in the past.

Question #122 wrote: Bean, do you have any fears? I think at least 2 and a half of those fears might be right behind you.

Balloons. I hate balloons. So many things wrong with them. So round . . . so reflective of light . . . and that make those horrible, sudden loud noises when popped! HOW CAN ANY SANE PERSON ENJOY THEM?! I'll take my safe, spherical, shiny boom-booms any day, thank you.

Question #123 wrote:Bean, what do you think is the perfect gift for that special someone?

Something personal, and something that takes time to acquire. Obviously, you present them with a sample of their own shower mold!

Question #124 wrote:Shadow, does it hurt when you smile? Last week, I offered to pay Bean to visit you, has he done so yet? Maybe that’d cheer you up some.

No. And I dealt with the duck.

Question #125 wrote:Sonic. What do you think abou your current voice actor Jason Griffith?

He sounds a fair bit like me. Just about everyone who's voiced me has come close. But nobody can perfectly mimic this hedgehog.

Question #126 wrote:I was just curious if you're still sticking to the idea of having Shadow possibly use a gun at some point, or if you've completely abandoned it in favor of his Chaos powers?

I wouldn't rule out fire arms for Shadow. I see him as the type to use whatever he needs at the time, and if a blaster who finish the job efficiently, he'd use it. Same goes for a sword, manhole cover, pylon, truck, tree, or random passer-by. But the character has a certain public stigma against him using weapons, so I'll probably look for alternatives first.

EDIT: Kureejii Lea reminded me that Sonic Battle implied he disliked weapons and thought his Chaos Powers was enough. Which fits what I'm thinking for him.

Question #127 wrote:Doc Fin: Have you got any personal grudge against Knuckles really, or is it "just business?"

My relationship to the boy is and intricate one; a labyrinth I'm not sure I've fully explored myself. It was his actions that led to my transformation. It is he who helped open my eyes, but also destroyed my life. He is the embodiment of everything I despise and all that I wish to achieve. To clarify: he fights tirelessly for this corrupted world, and yet he is most at home in a natural setting devoid of the trappings I seek to eliminate. I am bound to this paradox, and I am both fascinated and repelled by him.

Question #128 wrote:To Sonic and Shadow: Have the two of you ever watched the Flash animation series Super Mario Bros. Z? If so, what do you think of it?

Not bad, not bad. I'd never get beaten by a 'bot like that, though.

I'm not that impatient or ill tempered.

. . . you're kidding, right?

You made an obviously inaccurate statement, so I followed suit.

Real cute, Faker.

Learned it from you, Blue Hedgehog.

Question #129 wrote:To Nicole: What exactly are your system specifications and operating system?

I'm afraid divulging that kind of information is against my protocol.

Question #130 wrote:To Bean: I hear Eggman's got some super-ultra-mega shineys hidden in the Egg Dome! Wanna go get them?

What is it with you people and shiny things? It's like you're obsessed or something. Sheesh.

Question #131 wrote:Is there any chance we might get to see Universe visit "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog"? I mean, a story with your ZANY humor and Dubs's CRAZY art would, like, TOTALLY be the best thing ever.

I'd say slim to none to never. I think its world is too old to dredge up, and it doesn't set itself up easily for new readers. I'd rather spend the time actually doing something with the new series rather than spinning my wheels in such slap-stick nonsense.

Question #132 wrote:Dimitri - When you saw someone else as Enerjak, how did that make you feel about the devestation you caused as him?

Devastation? What devastation? My reign was short-lived. My tower was toppled upon me within hours of my metamorphosis. The invasion of Echidnaopolis was briefer still. I believe the civil servants had the sidewalks patched within the week. Even Knuckles returned from his disintegration. No, my efforts as Enerjak were blessedly limited in their impact.

Question #133 wrote:Locke, why were you smooching with an 18-year-old in StH #151? I mean, I realize that since she was 18 you technically didn't break any laws, but still... ew.

She initiated, and by surprise. I did not reciprocate.

Question #134 wrote:Hamlin, you'll have to pardon me but what in Aurora's name makes you think that you can make sure the FFs fight for the people correctly when your own military experience is dubious at best? (along with 66% of the council) Also, let it be said that determining military strategy by committee sounds like a poor way to fight a war.

Who said anything about military prowess? My experience may have been limited, but I had the training. I was put in a position to act and almost never used. The lack of experience isn't for lack of trying or desire. And I'm not telling the princess how to do her job in the field. The Freedom Fighters have proven they can handle themselves in the heat of battle. What they've also proven, time and again, is they can't work under any kind of controlled environment. They rebelled against King Acorn, against the princess herself, and now the Council of Acorn. How are they supposed to be our rallying beacon - our symbols of a better future - when they can't even follow the simple directives of the very governing body they helped to elect? I'm thinking maybe they've gotten so used to "fighting the power" they don't know how to obey it when they're supposed to. They're being irresponsible, and I'll do my part to rein them in.

Question #135 wrote:Scourge, now that you color is now the inverse of Sonic, you realize you're the poor man's Reverse-Flash right?

Next person who implies I'm a "recolor" gets a shiv spin-dashed right up their - -!

Moving on!

Question #136 wrote:Dr. Eggman, it is true that all the video game villains convene at a secret island in the tropics every summer to relax and trade stories? Rumor has it that Bowser can't hold his liquor.

He can't, but he still tries. He's the heaviest lightweight of all - BWA HA HA! I usually only go out of social obligation. Albert I can usually tolerate until he rolls out his new "Big Eight" list. The man's in a rut. If I get there after K. Rool the buffet is empty. HAHAHA - oh! There was one time though he and Dedede went after the last pig-in-a-blanket at the same time! We lost three Robot Masters and Sigma blew up just trying to pry the kremling out of the penguin's craw! WAH HA HA HA!

Question #137 wrote:Sonic, how do you feel about the Fleetway universe, evil Super Sonic and all?

There were some cool folks over there. Too bad I never got over there before its off-ramp got closed off on the Cosmic Interstate.

Question #138 wrote:Amy - Which television shows do you enjoy on Mobian TV?

I don't watch too much TV, honestly. I spend most of my time outdoors. I can tell you what I can't stand, though - those mushy daytime soaps where the girls are always pining over the guys, and the guys keep giving the cold shoulder, and the girls don't seem to get it and - UGH! I hate stories like that.

Question #139 wrote:Rotor - From an outsider's perspective, the season appears to chronically be summer on Mobius, though this obviously is not the case as we have occasionally seen other weather. What are the seasons like on Mobius in number, duration, type, et cetera?

Summers around here are usually pretty long and mild, which is fine by me.

Question #140 wrote:Marine - How do your favorite stories from the One Thousand and One Arabian Nights go?

It's all about Sinbad the pirate, roight? He's sailin' around and bein' so dashing and daring and . . . oooooh! I swoon just at the thought, I do!

At captaining the ship and sailing around, I mean. Sinbad? Naw, he can walk the plank for all I care.

Question #141 wrote:(Mina) Do you ever miss freedom fighting(will you ever give it another shot when your not busy with your singing)?

Honestly, I didn't really do that much freedom fighting. I spent more time training to be one and thinking about being one than actually doing. I'm really happy with my signing career, and I can use that to help the Freedom Fighters relax after a hard day's fight.

Question #142 wrote:(Mina) Do you consider yourself fashionable?

You better believe it! In fact, I make things fashionable.

Question #142 wrote:(Sally) Out of all of your friends(or family members), who do you respect/look up to the most?

Wow. That's . . . a really difficult question. All of my friends have been so brave and supportive to me and each other all our lives, it's hard to pick one. And my family has each struggled with their own personal disaster that it's hard to put one above the other. Which do you say is more worthy of respect? A girl who's half-robian who uses her differences to fight for a better tomorrow? A boy who uses his incredible gifts almost exclusively to help others? A father who has given his entire life, his health, his . . . well-being for his people and his family. A brother who sacrificed his own desires, his own future, just to save his sister from a terrible fate?

No, I can't choose among all of them. They all have my deepest respect.

Question #143 wrote: You seem to place a fair amount of importance on authorial intent. After all, you have this board, and go out of your way to clarify events when you see there's confusion. How important to you was getting the upcoming Sonic Encyclopedia green lit to spread your version of the Sonic canon to those who don't have access to your board?

Lemme put it this way: the encyclopedia will be a solid financial boon for me. With that in mind: I would do this book for free if it were the only to get it out there. I want this to happen just about more than anything else. Thankfully it was more-or-less dropped in my lap and it's moving along smoothly.

Question #144 wrote:Mighty: Why did you stay behind in New Mobotropolis when the rest of the Chaotix went back to Angel Island with Knuckles?

. . . what? OH! You mean during that Mogul-thing? I was just sticking around to help rebuild Freedom HQ. Now that we've got the Warp Ring, we can come and go just about as we please. HA! You make it sound like I left the team or something.

Question #145 wrote:Bokkun: What are you? Besides destructive and adorable, I mean.


That's not what they meant.



Question #146 wrote:Doctor Eggman: What do you say to these whisperings of late that your shall I say...stark raving bonkers?

Lies, libel and slander! Let anyone who thinks so step forward so I may use my re-education ray on them. You may think it reads "atomizer," but that just goes to show how re-educated you need to be.

Question #147 wrote:Eggman: Are you capable of doing bio-engineering?

A construct comprised of carbon-based molecular structures? OF COURSE I COULD! But who would want to?

Question #148 wrote:Nicole - Have you ever considered altering your holographic appearance akin to how we change clothes or hairstyle every once in a while?

No, I had not. Mobians do not typical alter their attire very much; not within the culture I am most experienced with, anyway.

Question #150 wrote:Whichever Sonic applies - Since you wield a sword in your upcoming video game, ever consider a friendly duel with your Super Smash Bros. Brawl costar Link?

Don't forget, there was the Beam Sword in there. Even with a sword made out of light, no-ho-hohoho thank you! That dude's more than hardcore.

Question #151 wrote:Bean - How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Question #152 wrote:Rob O' the Hedge: Do you know what happened to Mighty the Armadillo's parents and sister? For reference, they where some thieves that lived in Mercia.

Alack, I know not their fate. Tis a sad truth to attest to, but Mercia has had many the tumultuous year even before I took the title. Many the record - and soul - was lost in the anarchy.

Question #153 wrote:Barby: Do you have any feelings towards Tails?

I'll take my cue from Finitevus on this one if that's alright with you?

If you're comfortable with such an association.

Eh, no biggie. I think Tails is a sweet kid. A good kid. He's got the heart of a hero in him and amazing courage. A kid like that needs encouragement or he's going to bottle it up and never get his full potential. I might have been a little . . . too encouraging? the last time we met. But he's a smart kid. He'll figure it out.

Question #154 wrote:Shadow: If you had a pet Chao, what would you name it?

I do not need to name such a thing. I would call it by saying "chao" or "you" or "thing."

Question #155 wrote:Kneecaps: What do you REALLY think of your name?


Question #156 wrote:To Blaze and Marine: Would you both say that your relationship with each other is similar to that of Sonic and Tails'?

No, I wouldn't say so.

Steady on, Blazey. What exactly is the deal with those blokes?

They are kindred spirits. They share a deep friendship, a unique comradery, and a sense of family - each unique, but tied to each other. They are warriors and playmates in the same breath.

Ahhh, I see. This is all yer sly way of askin' to be "first mate," ain't it? Eh? Eh? Who can read you like a book?


And with that we end the week. Next week we start with some really insightful questions from . . . DUBS?!
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Postby FairFieldFinder » Sun Feb 22, 2009 5:41 am

Bean, did you know Ian likes nothing better than a nice roast duck? If you're being kept in the oven, get out of there quick!

Omega and NICOLE, who would win in a fight between you? I know Omega has lots of weaponry, but that wouldn't work on a hologram.

Rouge and Julie-Su, who would win in a fight between you. :twisted:
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Postby LBD_Nytetrayn » Sun Feb 22, 2009 6:04 am

Eggman Nega: Going by your last answer, you seem rather bothered by your predecessor tarnishing the name "Eggman." Given that the name was intended as mockery to begin with, why are you so upset over its prestige? Wouldn't "Robotnik" or even "Kintobor" still hold a similar bloodline significance to you, without the ridicule?

Come to think of it, if anything, it would seem that Ivo/Julian wound up honoring his mock-namesake by the ineptitude you claim, though not exactly in a way that would be flattering. In any case, how did his nickname become your burden 200 years hence?

tl;dr simplification: As a part of the Robotnik/Kintobor bloodline, why would you take on a mocking nickname of an ancestor if it bothers you so much (and assuming you aren't blood-- why care at all?)?

(To Ian: Sorry if I went overboard trying to make sure my question is clear.)


To Sonic/Uncle Chuck (or Ian, if he so desires): Just curious what exactly chili dogs are made from in that time. The hot dogs and meat in the chili, that is. I've seen some pigs serving them in the cartoon, and that just seems like a conflict of interest, so to speak.

Seems to me someone like Hamlin would be a touch bothered by the concept... among others, unless something other than pork and beef were used.


(I'll think of a third question later.)

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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