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Postby Zero Hour » Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:41 pm

(to Mogul) How did Naugus gain Shawdowmeld? That is, did he unknwoingly get when Agunus, Suguna and Nusgau fused, or did he actually aquire it as a result of his, er, situation with intellegence? For obvious resons I'm asking you rather than him.
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Postby Guest » Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:22 pm

To Ian: Zonic the Zone Cop seems to go to Sonic Prime whenever there seems to be a Universal Biggie. But what do the other Zone cops do? I just can't picture Zector summoning Vector to save the day in a far away dimension. =p

Postby Faded-Myth » Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:23 pm

To Toby: How do you maintain such a dashing figure, and how can I subscribe to your magazine?
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Postby Aurora_Redwinters » Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:10 pm

Tails: When you were younger, you seemed like you felt the need to prove yourself to everyone else. Do you still feel that way now or do you think you have gained the respect of the other Freedom Fighters and your peers?

Sonic: How do you keep your eyes open when you're going as fast as you do?

Eggman: Are you currently on any medication?
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Postby Promethean0416 » Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:11 pm

(EDIT: My bad. Thought I clicked on the thread speculation topic)

To Shadow:

Where did you go during the year Sonic was in space?
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Postby Mik9 » Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:17 pm

My 3rd question.

To Ian: Will we see an "Sonic and Tails" type of adventure soon?
(Like we seen in the Enerjak: Reborn)
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Postby EthanEmerald » Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:56 pm

Tails: Do you still have a workshop in the Mystic Ruins?

Tails: Have you ever heard of Cocoa Island? There are several other islands around its coral reef, too. It would make a nice place for vacationing and has plenty of space for testing out new inventions!

Blaze: How did you find the Cosmic Interstate and manage your way to Mobius? (i.e., were there portals involved, or did it have something to do with the jeweled scepter?)
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Postby Doc Eggman » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:03 am

It's Sunday again! So I get three more questions.

1. Dr. Eggmans (StH and SX), what do the two of you think about a grand team-up between the both of you?

2. Eggman Nega, what are your thoughts on the original Dr. Eggman? He obviously seems to have inspired you somewhat.

3. Dr. Eggman(Sonic X version), you seem to be quite the ladies' man, seeing that both Scarlett Garcia and Ella were blushing and swooning over you(At least while you were disguised as the heroic El Gran Gordo). What's your secret? I wanna be as manly and cool as you are!
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Postby Autoburstfire » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:07 am

Hey...I'm kinda new here and this here would be my first post on the forum. So yeah 'hello' and all that, I'm going to get down to business here.

Ok, first question goes to the Eggman as he is my favorite character period, no questions asked.

1. What do you think of Eggmanland, created by your SegaSonic counterpart? If not for Ian being pinned down by the powers that be(Its a real shame they do that to you guys by the by), would you find it sufficient to recreate said metropolis with your own person touch should Megaopolis become fully compromised to the vermin?

(Don't know if this counts as two questions or not, but I'll end it with my next one just in case.)

This one is for Ian.

If you can, could you tell me wether or not the road to 200 will make a die hard Eggman enthusiast like myself a happy fan or will I enter a state of mourning parallel to his declining mental stability after the inevitable fisticuffs between him and the rodent?

...That sentence had far too much run on for my liking, but I can't figure out a better way of saying, er asking my question.
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Postby 2tailed » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:11 am

1. (For Ian) Please, do we get to find what happened to Hope soon? It's been almost twenty whole issues!
2. Sonic, it's hard enough to find time for your parents--do you ever find time for your dog?
3. Jules, do you and Sonic still have those pet Chao?
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Postby shigamado » Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:23 am

These three questions are for my main man, Vector! (Sonic X)

1.) Have you and the Chaotix had many clients? I've only seen Vanilla as a client. Although, you've helped Sonic out quite a few times, I don't know if he's ever paid you for any of those services.

2.) Are you raising Charmy like a son, or is he just an employee and friend to you?

3.) As we've seen in the third season of Sonic X, you have quite an overactive imagination. How do you imagine your future with Vanilla hmmmm? :wink: (P.S. I've seen the Japanese subbed episodes.)
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Postby Ian Flynn » Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:13 am

Week 2, Round 4.

Question #114 wrote:Bean, how is Ian treating you? Enough water and food and bombs?

Oh. Yes. I. am. well. taken. care. of. I. really. like. it. here. Do. not. alert. the. author. itites. Flip. cue. card. AHH NOT THE BOX!

Question #115 wrote:Question for Eggman. What is your opinion of your Sonic X counterpart?

I didn't have the pleasure of meeting the man, but if he tried half as hard to kill his rodent as I do mine, then he's okay in my book. Why, I might've even let him rule on in my stead after I violently conquered his world!

Question #116 wrote:Another one for Eggman. Which name do you prefer? Robotnik? Eggman? Morbidly Obese Dictator?

My genius cannot be defined by a single name. You may use the archaic Julian Kintobor, or my preferred Ivo Robotnik. You can even use "Eggman" - I've adopted the name and it is no longer a slur. That's because I made it mine, you see. So you're free to call me whatever you like so far as it shows the proper respect. Or if I happen to don't like it that day it's an acid bath for you.

Question #117 wrote:Sonic -- Since the relationships you have with your friends is very important to you, what was going through your head after the destruction of Knothole? By this, I mean were you confident you would get them back, even though the confidence was kind of just beat out of you? Did the thought ever seriously cross your mind that you might have lost them?

Alright, I'll be straight with you - I was a little freaked. I've taken a pounding from Eggy in my time, but this . . . this was different. I didn't really think I'd fail, but I wasn't really sure I'd save everyone, y'know? Heck, I don't think I was really "thinking" during a lot of it. Bad guy there, victims there, make the hero thing happen - that's just the way I am.

Question #118 wrote:Sonic -- Sorry to keep harboring on the emotional stuff, but... How have you been there for Knuckles since his dad passed? Do you mostly avoid him?

When he wants to talk, sure. I'm ain't exactly the close emotional type, but hey, I do what I can. ...that sounded too much like Shadow - gah! - no, listen - I mean I don't really dwell on the highs and lows, right? I just take things as they come and I know that sometimes - sometimes - I kind of miss the point with others. Got me in real trouble with Tails that one time. But if somebody needs me, I do whatever it takes. But you know how Rad Red is. He keeps to himself mostly.

Question #119 wrote:Finitevus -- Considering that you call yourself "enlightened" rather than evil, how do you feel about the fact that your acts resulted in the death of someone's father and that they will never get to see them again? Technically that is your fault, and murder is and act of evil.

My acts? That's a rather skewed viewpoint. It was my hex upon the Master Emerald, that I will grant you. And I will grant that it required a life to break it. It was Locke's decision to end his own life, not mine. If you will recall there was a veritable line-up of would-be martyrs. But we're arguing semantics. The root of your argument is that tired mantra: "All life is sacred." Life is fleeting. It is an event in the grand natural scheme. People die - some now, some later, some as planned, some seeming at random. With a world this sick and run by fools so ignorant, you expect me to work against nature to provide utopia? A ridiculous notion.

Question #120 wrote:To Sonic: How come you never really seem to use any Chaos Control-type powers after the Ark incident with Shadow?

Meh, who needs it? That's Shadow's schtick, and he needs all the help he can get to quit being a faker. If I need to whip out the old C.C., I will, but I don't see that happenin'.

Question #121 wrote:To Shadow: You mentioned earlier that you have no need to eat, but can if you desire, so I was curious if you actually have taken the time to try anything, and if so, what's your favorite?

I . . . well . . .

Go on! Tell 'em!

I've . . . developed a fondness for ice cream. Vanilla ice cream.

Question #122 wrote:To Eggman: When you first downloaded yourself into a new body beneath the now-ruined Robotropolis, it seems there were quite a number of different bodies you could have inhabited. Now that you seem to be stuck, at least for the moment (never count a genius out) in an organic form of this body, do you wish you might have picked a different form, such as the muscular Hulk Hogan-ish one, or been able to retake a form akin to your original body?

Not at all. This was my prime choice for a new form. It's svelte while retaining my healthy figure from before. It has a lean, predatory design wrapped in an elegant uniform. I do miss the mechanical arm, but I believe that would throw things off at this point.

Question #123 wrote:Sally:Bunnie and you have been like sisters for years. How has her being married affected your "girlfriends' time"? Do you two talk about Antoine a lot?

You know, things really haven't changed all that much. I think we're all still accepting this idea of "Mr. and Mrs. D'Coolette." We're all so close, we're friends first, married friends second.

Question #124 wrote:Amy:You used the Ring of Acorns in order to age from eight years old to sixteen years old and are now seventeen years old. If you had to make a choice, what other age would you like to experience besides the one you are now?

Aw, I'll get around to those later. I wanted to be old enough to join the adventures. And now I'm both old enough and suitably young and perky for my Sonic! No need to mess with perfection now! <3

Question #125 wrote:Nicole:
Code: Select all
         48  6F 77 20 69  73 20 69 74  20 74 68 61
74 20 79 6F  75 20 77 65  72 65 20 61  62 6C 65 20
74 6F 20 64  65 74 65 63  74 20 4D 69  6C 65 73 20
77 65 6C 6C  20 62 65 66  6F 72 65 20  68 65 20 72
65 61 63 68  65 64 20 74  68 65 20 70  65 72 69 6D
65 74 65 72  20 6F 66 20  4E 65 77 20  4D 6F 62 6F
74 72 6F 70  6F 6C 69 73  20 62 75 74  20 77 65 72
65 20 75 6E  61 62 6C 65  20 74 6F 20  64 65 74 65
63 74 20 53  63 6F 75 72  67 65 20 65  76 65 6E 20
61 66 74 65  72 20 68 65  20 77 61 73  20 77 65 6C
6C 20 69 6E  74 6F 20 74  68 65 20 68  65 61 72 74
20 6F 66 20  79 6F 75 72  20 63 69 74  79 20 61 6E
64 20 69 6E  73 69 64 65  20 61 20 72  65 73 69 64
65 6E 63 65  3F

Or, as so many were kind enough to decode for me:
"How is it that you were able to detect Miles well before he reached the perimeter of New Mobotropolis but were unable to detect Scourge even after he was well into the heart of your city and inside a residence?"

Please keep in mind Miles wanted to be detected. He made sure I would alert the others so that he would be able to meet with them concerning his plot to betray Scourge. I must admit, however, it was also in part because . . . well . . . Scourge was too fast. I do not monitor the homes of the citizens. I believe that would be immoral. Scourge managed to enter the city and the Hedgehog household before I could properly identify him. It is . . . not something I'm proud to admit.

I do not want to sound like I am making excuses, but please understand my attention can only extend so far. I am no longer a single hand-held unit; I now monitor both Freedom HQ and keep New Mobotropolis intact. Even I have my limitations.

Question #126 wrote:To Sally: You´re unpopular (to put it lightly) with younger girls, that never watched the old cartoon and comics, and tend to root for AmyXSonic. Does this affect you? What do you´ll say to them to know you better?

That's a little disappointing . . .

Not to mention inaccurate, but whatever.

I can handle myself, thank you. The debate over who should have Sonic's heart is moot to me. We're simply friends now, and if he and Amy find something more than their current friendship, then good for them. And if it is to the pleasure of the crowds, then good for them as well.

Question #127 wrote:To Rouge: Are you in love with Knuckles, or it´s just one more of your "business flirting"?

Ah-ha-ha-ha! Oh my! "Love." Honey, I'm too smart to fall "in love." I just see a prize worth having, so I'm going after it. Don't get any romantic notions confused with what I'm after.

Question #128 wrote:To Fiona Fox: Why you´re so traitious? you´re giving a bad reputation to foxes....

Oh boo hoo. I'm reflecting poorly upon my society and my species, wah wah wah. Everyone's out to step on everybody else whether they realize it or not. I just see the forest for the trees and I'm taking the initiative. I'm tired of being walked all over by everyone else.

Question #129 wrote:Bean, if I were to give you a bag of sugar and something shiny, would you then annoy Shadow for a whole day for me? mean I've been doing it for free?!

Question #130 wrote:Mr. Mogul, where do you get those handsome suits you're always wearing? I’d like to find one for myself.

I am in frequent communication with a marvelous tailor located among the bistros of Spagona. I remain their premiere proprietor, most recently when I had to reinstate my entire wardrobe during that most unfortunate Master Emerald incident.

Question #131 wrote:Again for Mr. Mogul, we have seen you attempt grasps at power however you don't always seem overtly threatening to the average individual, apart from when you were destroying zones. Also, there have been glimpses of you being almost friendly; specifically, my mind is drawn to when you held the young Mighty in your arms and the look on your face. Is your periodical kindness a ruse to get what you want or is there a compassionate side to you?

I should be insulted at your allegations portraying my generosity - indeed, my inherent magnanimous disposition - is not genuine; in short, a facade. It was my enterprising conquest that led to the first multicultural conglomeration - a feat often erroneously attributed to the founder of the Acorn line. My continued campaign for world domination is not out of egotism but rather benevolence. My omniscience, my omnipotence, is a boon that would lead the people of the world to a golden age of prosperity. That I am continually met with violence is disheartening, and I have contented myself to forgo further altercations until the present generation has shuffled off this mortal coil, thus paving the way for my triumphant salvation of Mobius.

Question #132 wrote:Since Sonic X is dead, WHO WAS THE ORGAINIZER?! And what was his motive?

I took the liberty of combining these just to keep the thought together.

Sorry to say that info's staying in the vault fro now. As for a motive, the Organizer believed Sonic to be a threat and a personal problem like the rest of S.O.N.I.C.X.

Question #133 wrote:Tails, did fate smile on you when it gave you, Chaos powers, (or the natural apitude) mechanical genius, and two tails!

I would say so! I got a destiny-prophecy and everything! Without all that I can do, I don't know if I'd ever have been able to keep up with Sonic.

Question #134 wrote:Bunnie: what do you have to say to Scourge's reply to his "top 5" question?

Nothin' Ah can repeat in polite company.

Question #135 wrote:Mighty: Whatever happened to your little sister?

I have no idea. Mercia fell to Robotonik not too long after my folks were arrested, so I guess there's a good chance she was roboticized. But the robians were shipped all over the world to where ever he needed the labor at the time. He didn't exactly take care of his workers, either. So she's either gone forever or lost among the crowds all over Mobius. Y'know . . . I don't think I can even remember her name, it was so long ago . ..

Question #136 wrote:Sonic: Are you aware that your dad has been out-angsting Shadow?

Well, can you blame him? He's getting some harsh questions. "Dear Jules, what's it like to live through so much terrible stuff with no hope of it getting better but probably worse?" I mean - c'mon people! At least my old man has a reason. Shadow's all "wah wah wah Maria wah wah wah purpose wah idenity wah" oh hey, Faker.

Don't push your luck, Blue Hedgehog.


Question #137 wrote:Nic the Weasel: Willing to give us any clues as to what caused the big rift between you and your brother?

Eh, competition. We're usually after the same gig, and neither of us really like to share. I tried to patch things up during that Albion gig, but it just didn't stick. That, and he's a colossal jerk!

Question #138 wrote:Drago: What do you bring to the Destructix to keep your place?

Yo! Fuzz-face! I'm white.

And your shirt-thing is purple. Deal with it.

Tch, whatever. But, yeah, your question? What do I bring? Are you kidding me? I keep that team together, man! I'm like Sleuth, Simian and Lightning all rolled into one! I'm, uh, what's the word? Cunning! Yeah! And look at these guns, ah? I'm built like a E-100 series over here! And I'm as quick on my feet as I am on my feet! I mean . . . wait. Quick on my . . .on my . . . feet as I am on my wits! So, yeah, there ain't no Destructix without ol' Drago!

Question #139 wrote:To Shadow: How do you and the rest of the cast get along when it's not actually the story? We all know that you aren't really being ruled over by a're just acting!

I am a social butterfly. I am the life of the party. A laugh riot, as they say.

Question #140 wrote:To Silver: Do you think your powers would be a match for Syler of the Heroes TV series?

I . . . don't know? Is he powerful?

No idea. I gave up cable TV years ago.

Didn't this comic used to thrive on pop-culture references?

Look, I'll say you've got an Aunt Cleo or something. Gimme a break.

Question #141 wrote:Do you suppose it's taboo for a Mobian to touch the tail of someone they're not intimately acquainted with? Like how it's frowned on for a human to walk up to someone they don't know and goose them?

I suppose so, sure. Different tails might mean different things to different species. Something with a stronger tail - like a crocodile or a fossa - might not mind as much as someone with next nothing, like a hedgehog.

Question #142 wrote:Tails, what were some things that you wanted to talk (and possibly did talk) about with Sonic after your fight?

A lot of stuff. Like what my role is on the team, and who I am in our partnership. I'm not the little cub that needs to be lugged around in a backpack anymore. I've grown up a lot and I wanted him to recognize that. Something we talked about is that he has, it's just he's not really the type of guy to point that all out. I guess I got a little egotistical myself. I should've noticed that he was treating me more like an equal and that he was just being protective. It's like dad and King Elias - both sides needed to calm down and look at the other side's point of view.

Question #143 wrote:Vector, my main man, what's with the lack of slang lately?

What are you talkin' about? I . . . er . . . never stopped. Holmes! Hommie? Crud, I'm out of practice. Er . . . a good detective can mimic lots of dialects. I'm working on a new one for now. Thoroughly. *ahem*

Question #144 wrote:Sgt. Scales: What else is totally in your nature?

He's dead, but in his stead, I'll answer: the ability to rumba.

Question #145 wrote:Shadow, I heard rumors that the only way to kill and Ultimate Lifeform is to decapitate them with a katana and proclaim: "There can only be one!". Is this true, or am I confusing you with a different set of immortals?

Beheading would be enough. Enough physical trauma would also suffice, but it would require much more to destroy me than your average mobian.

Question #146 wrote:Bean, did you leave that "surprise" on my lawn this last smarch?

.....yeeeeeeeeah. I'm sorry. I'm house-trained now.

Question #147 wrote:Platypus Bill, is it true that god has a sense of humor?

Oh hardy-har-har. As if I haven't heard that one a million time. And this comin' from the tailless, hairless wonder! Tell ya what, mate, we'll all find out one day together, roight?

Question #148 wrote:To Sliver: Is there a reason you don't go back in time and prevent Robotnik, well at least the first one, from taking over Mobius?

My master says that I can only do so much to disrupt the flow of time. He said that he'd seen others trying to rework time drastically and it led to serious problems. A major move like Robotnik's take-over is just too much. Preventing the Freedom Fighters from being betrayed is a small change that will, hopefully, bring big results. It's . . . complicated. And I don't know if I get it all, honestly.

Question #149 wrote:To Bean: Are you "da bomb"?

No, he is.

Ping ping!

Question #150 wrote:To any one of the characters: Do you think any one of you has a chance in a fight with the tail end of Tracy's pencil?

A collective shudder of fear went through the crowd. You do not defy the Gods of the Sonic Comic.

Question #151 wrote:Sonic: Is it true your top speed in regular form is around 780MPH? If you like, I can set up a speed trap for you.

Uncle Chuck tried to figure that out and I kept burning out whatever gizmo he was using. I don't keep track of it, myself. I just go!

Question #152 wrote:Harry: How's the cab buisness going?

Kind of hard to have cabs in the desert. Without cabs.

Question #153 wrote:To Jules: Because I'm afraid this whole QnA is depressing you, how's Omachao? Pestering the populace with information they already knew?

I haven't seen him since Knothole was burned to the ground. But I think he's okay. The chao are surprisingly resourceful little guys. I'm sure he's with the others somewhere, safe and sound.

Oh don't look so surprised. I can be optimistic from time to time.

Question #154 wrote:To Shadow: I've always wondered, do your fancy shoes increase your running speed? I find it hard to imagine you could keep up with Sonic otherwise...

I am the ultimate lifeform. I can move faster than any other - -

Oh drop the act already!

...the shoes help considerably, yes.

Question #155 wrote:To Sonic: We all know you're pretty dang cool, but can you do that Fonzie thing where you hit the jukebox and it turns on? That's really the ultimate test. Could you run over to Chuck's restaurant and try that out?

Dude, I can do it from here. BAM! Y'here that? That's folks rockin' out down the block. Ay!

Question #156 wrote:To Ray the Squirrel: I can identify being the shy person always overlooked and often forgotten. You have my sympathies. Being a fan, how has life been treating you since you came back to the normal world, and how has it effected your outlook?

I'm tired of blue. You're getting yellow and they can highlight it.

O-Okay. Um . . .h-hi! I'd s-s-say life is g-good now. I r-really like living on Angel Island and in N-New Mobotrop-mobo-tropolis. I-It can be a l-little scary f-fighting the E-Eggman Empire, b-b-but I've g-got to d-do my part. M-Maybe one day I'll b-be as big a hero as T-Tails a-and m-m-me and M-M-M-M-Mighty c-c-c-can have our own adventures!

Question #157 wrote:To Ray: How close are you really with Mighty, as well as how your relationship has been since he saved you from the power gem?

H-He's l-l-l=like the b-big b-b-brother I never h-had. I r-r-really look up t-to him. H-He doeson't think of himself as m-much of a hero, but that's j-just because h-he's too modest.

Question #158 wrote:To Ray: Any plans for the future, considering you've seemed to fade from the limelight, like your time as a chaotix member, or is there any hobby or interest you peruse, perhaps a special someone you have your eye on? I'm rooting for you little guy. Keep on trucking.

I-I'm s-s-still just a Junior C-Chaotic, b-but I'm working m-my way up. M-Mr. F-F-F-Flynn s-says I've got a b-big role in a s-story this year. W-Which m-makes me n-n-n-nervous, b-but I'm e-excited t-too!

Question #159 wrote:(to Robotnik) How much are you sure you're next plan will defeat Sonic forever?

Oh-ho-ho-ho! I'm quite sure! There won't be much more than ash left this time around!

Question #160 wrote:(to Robotnik) Is Sonic something more or less than a rival to you?

HE IS NOTHING! He is a but a mote in my eye! I just HATE him is all! HE IS NOTHING COMPARED TO MY GENIUS! NOTHING!

Question #161 wrote:To Sonic: Why didn't you and your friends captured Eggman and sent him to the prison after he was defeated during his "Eggman Empire" scheme?

That probably would've been a good idea. But y'know what? I think we were all just way too tired. We just escaped near-death, all of us, a couple of times over. Yeah, I probably should've juiced on over and pulled him in by his whiskers, but I was sapped. Oh well.

Question #162 wrote:King Elias: as a student of weapons in all forms and types, can you give a slight dissertation of your stirrup-blades in regards to how they came to be as weapons, when did you learn to wield them, and the primary focus in the use and adaption of them? They seem as a great defensive weapon against the tried-and-true swords--with this in mind, how could you fair against the Niten Ichi-ryu, the School of Two Heavens (swords)?

Actually, the stirrup-blades came from necessity as I explored Angel Island. They were meant primarily for climbing and I designed them myself. I ran into a rather large gorilla who took issue with me for some reason and the stirrup-blades turned out to be pretty effective at . . .heh, deterring him. I never saw him again after that.

I never thought too hard about how they work as weapons, honestly. I've just used them in what felt like a natural way. Since they're hooked it's easy to use them to snag, throw or disarm someone and their unusual shape makes defending against them tricky. I don't know if they'd do much against dual weapons - they seem to work better in tandem against a single weapon.

Question #163 wrote:Hey Bean! Noogie for Don Potto! *Takes cover in the fetal position behind Shadow*

Get away from me.

That wasn't even a - - (BOOM)

I love this fandom!

Question #164 wrote:Bunnie or Antione (whoever is available for to answer): Who does the cooking in your home?

Actually, my Sugar-Twan is quite the cook.

Aw, eet is nothink. I am passer-by.

Yer more than passable, hon. You're a delight!

Aw ha ha, non, non! . . . go on?

Ah mean it! You've got a richness to yer cookin' that'd put Aunt Lulumae to shame.

Ze secret, mon cher, is ze use of real margarine.

Question #165 wrote:(to Nicole) First, I would be surprised if New Mobotropolis uses the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (or Unicode). Exactly who/what is your technological standards organization?

Unfortunately, Dr. Robotnik has seemed to have set the standard for the world. His standards seem to align with the old ones still used by the human establishments within the United Federation. Whether he adapted his code to be compatible with theirs or if his is simply that pervasive I cannot say.

Question #166 wrote:(to Nicole) ]Second, did you let Scourge break in, knowing that Jules could take care of himself (and/or that you could just create a wall like you did with Amadeus and Elias, or teleport him to prison like you did with Mogul, et. al. if he tried anything)?

As I said previously, I did not know Scourge had entered the city until he was already gone. Had I known I would not have allowed him to possibly harm Jules or anyone else.

As I have said previously, there is only so much I can monitor at a given time. I . . . I'm sorry.

Question #167 wrote:For Fiona: Who do you think is most evenly matched with you in a fight?

Nobody. Heh, really, it depends on the situation. If I know who I'm up against and I get a chance to prep, maybe get the jump on them, I can usually take 'em. Just in general, I'd say I've got the advantage on everyone who isn't in the freakishly-over-powered crowd.

Question #168 wrote:For Sonic: Who's the one person you would never want to fight against?

Any of my friends. Yeah, that ain't one and I've already done that a few times - I know, I know. ButI feel dirty doing it. When I'm taking on the bad guys, it's fun. I can push myself and see what I can do and it's for the greater good. When I've got to go up against my friends . . . what's the point? I'm hurting them - which is never cool - and for what? One of the doc's plans? Because I stomped over somebody's feelings? No, I don't want to have to come against my friends - OR family! - ever again.

Question #169 wrote:To Sonic, you're acting like you're surprised you're in video games, did you forget about your adventures with a couple of human kids, named Stephen and Jessica, where you found out your adventures were being tuned into and adapted into games? (Sonic Live)

Oh yeeeeeeeah! And the multiple Robotniks and that uber-mecha-thingie and all that jazz. Nice couple of kids. I hope they're doin' alright these days.

Question #170 wrote:To Sonic again, you use to answer the letters in the comics, except for a certain period, which I'm sure you want to forget, do you know why they stopped letting you do that?

It's a nightmare scheduling that kind of thing, man. When you're saving the world from evil on a daily basis, it plays havoc with your ability to meet deadlines. I move fast, but editors always need you to be quicker. Maybe I'll get back around to it one day.

Question #171 wrote:Ian, in regards to that, have you and Mike ever thought about letting the characters answer the emails again?

I hadn't until we started doing this feature just now. We've got a lot going on at the moment, but when things settle down a little, I'll bring it up. It might prove popular.

Question #172 wrote:Knuckles, does it bother you that in the comics, your Super State is pink?

It . . .it's not pink.

Dude, you're pink.

No I'm not! As Hyper Knuckles I'm lightish-red!

They've already got a name for that. Y'know what it is? Pink.

(with apologies to Red vs. Blue)

Question #173 wrote:Eggman (StH): I was quite fond of the Metal Knuckles model you used in the Chaos Emerald grand Prix a while ago. Any chance you'd be willing to use it again?

You're confusing your continuities, but it is forgivable. Once I've killed the (horribly hated) hedgehog, perhaps I'll turn my attentions to the aggravating echidna.

Question #174 wrote:Rouge: have you ever paid for any self enhancements?

In the beginning when I couldn't barter or out-right steal the materials I needed, sure. Now I've got G.U.N. footing the bill . . . wait. Oh-ho-ha-ha. I see what you mean now. All my talents are natural, honey - not that you'll ever get to see.

Question #175 wrote:Nicole - Considering that you were originally a handheld device, how would you feel if you played a video game on a handheld device (Gameboy, Nintendo DS, etc.) using only your simulated body's hands to press the buttons just like us flesh and blood types. And no cheating by sticking your hand into the device to directly influence the game.

I still retain my portable form so I can continue to aid in the field, but I understand what you mean. I suppose that would be rather delightful, actually. I would be able to experience such interaction from the other point of view.

Question #176 wrote:Eggman's the global threat, the Xorda/Black Arms are the interplanetary threat, and now Eggman Nega's the interdimensional threat. Does this mean Nega is the largest-scale villain right now?

Technically I suppose so. In terms of our main cast, we're going to see Eggman as the most active and directly threatening though. The aliens and Dr. Nega are primarily stuck in plot-limbo.

Question #177 wrote:Lien-Da: When you found out about your brother Kragok's (bless his loyal spirit) death, how did you take it emotionally?

. . . relief? He was my Grandmaster and my comrade in many things, but that's about it. He was in my way in my own rise to power, and he was unstable. Ranting, raving, violent at one moment and then frighteningly calculating the next. He was a good Grandmaster for the Legion, but I won't miss him.

Question #178 wrote:Lien-Da: You and Gae-Na seemed to have a back-up plan in case the High Council decided not to accept Dimitr's reunification proposal. I realize both situations never came to fruition due to the Dingo betrayal and invasion by the Eggman Empire, but had neither of those happened, what was your plan to deal with the High Council had reunification been rejected?

That would be telling, now wouldn't it? . . . I suppose it's moot, though, given there isn't an Echidnaopolis to lay claim to anymore. *sigh* We had a systematic replacement plan that would've bribed, bullied or out-right replaced most of the High Council. Something a little more proactive than our Benedict scheme. We would've had time, too, given that Dimitri would've played the wounded-and-wrong card. Ah well - the fools are dead and their society lost. If only.

Question #179 wrote:To the spirit-world (deceased) Brotherhood (whoever feels best to answer the question, though I'd love to hear from Harlan): I didn't notice Mathias with the rest of you during your conversation with Knuckles when he was deceased for a time. Is he (and now Locke) with you all or did Mathias evolve to a higher plane of existence similar to Athair?

Since you have requested, I - Harlan - am here. We are concerned that Brother Mathias was displaced by the effects of the Quantum Beam the Dark Legion used on the island. The nature of its energies and its interaction with the Chaos Force is unclear to us. Hopefully Brother Mathais is well and will find his way back to us.

Question #180 wrote:For Mighty: Do you ever miss your little sister or your family? What happened to them that caused you to seek Mogul's help. I'm sorry if this brings forth any traumatic memories (as you are one of my all time favorite characters) but inquiring minds need to know. If that seems like a double question, just answer what you can.

I . . . honestly don't remember them too clearly. I was really little at the time, and I think Mogul's hex-spell-thing messed things up more. I think my folks were on the wrong side of the law. That seems right. I don't remember much else, sorry.

Question #181 wrote: For Knuckles: How are you and Sonic getting along these days? I know you are friends, but it always seems like you are more than willing to try to lay a smack down on him.

Sonic's just a loud-mouth who needs to be shut up from time to time, and I've got just the fists to do it. Heh heh. But otherwise, we're good friends. I trust him as much as any of the Chaotix. We've had our rough patches . . . and it isn't hard to remember those . . . but we're fine. We're cool.

Question #182 wrote:For Finitivus: Are you actively seeking an answer to how Sonic broke through your Hex? I mean, that essentially destroyed your entire plan by keeping Enerjak distracted. I would think you would be obsessed over it to the point of dissecting him.

The boy's ability to . . . bypass my hex remains a mystery. Given his nature, however, I am content to attribute it to a fluke - for now. Further investigation of the Master Emerald and its properties must be conducted. I am looking into that.

Question #183 wrote:Nerb King: Are you ever going to pop up out of your tunnels and help (or at least have your people help) the Mobians who are risking their lives to protect your cowardly souls?

No. How did you get this number, anyway?

Question #184 wrote:Robotnik: Have any extremely elaborate plans that blew up in your face before they got to Sonic?

Well . . . there was that little matter of being convicted of irresponsible scietific pursuit when I proposed an early prototype of the Ultimate Annihilator by experimenting on my fellow Overlanders. That didn't go over well.

Question #185 wrote:Sonic the Werehog: Why do you howl if you have complete control over your mind? Feel out of character if you don't?

Gotta do what comes naturally, bub. I mean . . . buddy.

Question #186 wrote:How do you feel about the loss of the SuperSpecials/ How likely do you think it would be that they could return?

I'd love to have an extra 48 pages to play around with, but I came onto the book not expecting them. The Specials had been cold in the ground by that point too. As things stand right now (and this is considering a ton of factors), the prospects for any Specials (one-shot or quarterly) are slim to none. I'm holding out hope for things to one day shift, but for now it looks like we're stuck with two on-going monthlies. (Gee. Darn.)

Question #187 wrote:Jules: Do you often find yourself wanting to go out and help your son and the other kids? IE: Do you find it hard to imagine the current generation of kids fighting a war, while you yourself are a veteran?

It's definitely hard to think of the kids today being our front line against the empire. Bernie and I were fairly young when we fought in the Great War, but not like this. Part of me feels like I should be outraged that the adults aren't taking up more of the fight, but . . . look at those kids! My boy does more alone in a day than my unit did throughout the Great War. The Freedom Fighters have fought harder, done more damage, and taken less casualties than we did and for a longer period of time. I do worry - what parent wouldn't? - but they also have my utmost confidence.

Question #188 wrote:Short of waiting for the Sonic Archives to get there, what's the best way to get any issues that came before issue #142?

You can always try your local comic shop, but part of the reason we got the Archives series up and running is single back-issues are notoriously hard to come by. You can try eBay, and the order form in your comic still has the 1999 collection which has a few older issues to it.

Question #189 wrote:To Knuckles: For generations, the guardians protected the echidnas secretly living on Angel Island. Now that the echidnas aren't on Angel Island anymore, what's the point in continuing to protect Angel Island?

The Guardian's duty is to protect everyone and everything on Angel Island. Sure, it started out simpler, but the scope has changed and it's what I was brought up to do. Angel Island is still a unique resource for Mobius, and the Master Emerald needs protecting. The echidnas are safe now. One less thing for me to worry about up here.

Question #190 wrote:To Marine: I'm thinking about starting my own pirate crew. Do you have any tips?

Oi, sure I do: DON'T MESS WITH ME! I'm a respectable captain with a respectable ship, mate! I don't take kindly to no pirates or their pillaging and scurviness! You want a tip? STAY OUT OF RANGE OF MY CANNONS! I'll -PEW!- here and -KA-POW!- there and then -KER-SPLOOSH- and you'll be all "Aaaaugh why did we mess with the Great Captain Marine? We were such fools!" and I'll be all "WAH HA HA! That's right ya ninnies!" well maybe not "ninnies" but I'll think of something AND THEN you'll be all "blargle-fragle-blegh!" 'cause you'll be drowning and I'll win.

So there!

Question #191 wrote: to Sonic: I am so envious of your carefree lifestyle. What's your secret?

There's no secret to it - that's the secret! Life is always coming at you a mile a minute, so you either try to fight it and get run over, or you just run along with it. What'll be will be. Just enjoy the ride.

Question #192 wrote:to Knuckles: How have you been doing lately? I understand you've been through a lot.

I'm . . . okay. Things have been rough lately, yeah, but I'm working through it. I've got my friends to support me, and that'll be enough for now.

Question #193 wrote:to Shadow: Soooo... What have you been up to?


Question #194 wrote:Any idea when we'll be seeing the Knuckles reprints on shelves?

No idea, sorry. I think we're going to go through the Specials first. Then I think the minis, which would lead in to KTE. I could be wrong, though.

Question #195 wrote:Scourge: What would you have done to Miles if Silver hadn't stopped you?

Lemme put it this way - if I ever got tired of the crown, I'd have a nice new hat.

Question #196 wrote:Miles: Have you ever got jealous of Sonic-Prime and Tails-Prime friendship?

Peh. That nauseating level of commradery may serve them well on Mobius, but that kind of trust will only get you killed here.

Question #197 wrote:Jules: If Tails's parents hadn't returned, would you have adopted Tails?

Of course! Bernie had discussed it a fair bit - y'know, during the handful of quiet times - and only held back because we didn't want to dash his hopes. Frankly, I consider him my son anyway. The boy had a huge family in the Freedom Fighters before hand, and now he has two sets of parents he can turn to. Heck, uncles too for that matter. HA HA the kid's loaded with family!

Question #198 wrote:Metal Sonic: How do you get along with Eggman's other robots?

Clarify specific point: "get along." Define: "to maintain an enjoyable social experience with." Badniks are not social. Badniks do not feel joy. Query is irrelevant.

Question #199 wrote:Shadow: How do you deside where Metal Sonic's engine warps you too when you use Chaos Control?

I didn't. That my Chaos Control could interface with the robot's engine was a fluke itself.

Question #200 wrote:(to Sally) Who would win in a fight between you and Sonic?

Well . . . given time to prepare, I suppose I might be able to incapacitate him. Even if not, I'd like to think I could hold my own for a little while. But, honestly, I wouldn't be able to keep up. That's why I'm glad he's on our side.

Question #201 wrote:(to Sally) Who would win in a fight between you and Julie-Su?

I think we'd be on much more equal footing, but I'm going to have to give it to her. I'm not so sure my training could match up to that of the Dark Legion.

Don't sell yourself short, girl. You're as good a marksman as me and, frankly, have you seen how the Legion fights? I mean - c'mon - Vector can take them down now problem.

Heh - yeah! . . . wait.

Question #203 wrote:(to Sally) Who would win in a fight between you and Rouge?

Are we taking bets now? Rouge is definitely talented and I think she's a bit more cut-throat than me, but that's mostly based on second-hand accounts. I really don't know.

You'd lose, honey. Trust me

Perhaps. Maybe we'll see some day.

Question #204 wrote:Bean, oh wise sage of all ages, impart your wisdom unto me. Which was the better movie: Iron-man or The Dark Knight?

Psssht, neither. This is what you do: to blast the whole theater and then glue the pieces back together. Then you get The Dark Iron Knight-Man! Strucie Bark flies around in his red-and-gold-and-black armor (and is mistaken as German for some reason) to save his beloved publicist/DWI-erasing lawyer Rachel Potts from the nefarious Iron Joker! I laughed, I cried, I was arrest for arson!

Question #205 wrote:Bean, oh wise sage of all ages: How many hedges would a hedgehog hog if a hedgehog could hog hedges?


Question #206 wrote:Sonic: Hey man! I gotta’ say, I’ve been a major fan for a long time… but I’m wondering… You love adventure, you love fighting, being the hero, so if Robotnik was defeated, and all the bad guys went down, and there was no one left to fight… what would you do? How would you get your kicks? Would you go crazy? (Not that that’s gonna’ happen anytime soon…)

I dunno, man. I did get a little stir-crazy after we took down Butt-nik the first time around. There's a lot of the world I haven't that didn't have laser or explosions or something going on. I guess I'd travel Mobius and see the sights. And if that got boring, I've got a bajillion Zones to check out.

Question #207 wrote:(to Mogul) How did Naugus gain Shawdowmeld? That is, did he unknwoingly get when Agunus, Suguna and Nusgau fused, or did he actually aquire it as a result of his, er, situation with intellegence? For obvious resons I'm asking you rather than him.

A most mysterious mutation to befall my menacing amalgamation of a monstrosity indeed. Much to my chagrin, but not to discredit my wealth of magical knowledge, I do not know how he acquired his "shadow-melding" whilst losing his mastery of the other elements. Perhaps they are the result of elemental mismanagement? Or perhaps it is yet another mutation in an already misbegotten - if unique - individual. Should he ever grow stale in the form of my amusement, perhaps I shall dissect him to learn more.

Question #208 wrote:Zonic the Zone Cop seems to go to Sonic Prime whenever there seems to be a Universal Biggie. But what do the other Zone cops do? I just can't picture Zector summoning Vector to save the day in a far away dimension. =p

Sonic is unique in that he's destined to save the entire multiverse. The rest of the Zone Cop Corps. are devoted to policing the smaller Zone breaches. Well, they were, and now they're in all-out war against Dr. Nega.

Question #209 wrote:Tails: When you were younger, you seemed like you felt the need to prove yourself to everyone else. Do you still feel that way now or do you think you have gained the respect of the other Freedom Fighters and your peers?

I know I've earned the trust and respect of my friends in the Freedom Fighters, but anyone who doesn't know me still sees just a kid. Until I've grown to look like I'm capable, I'm always going to be proving myself to people. But that's okay, because I know deep-down that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Question #210 wrote:Sonic: How do you keep your eyes open when you're going as fast as you do?

Why, can't you? Hey Uncle Chuck! You did some studies on me and my awesomeness. Do you have any idea?

Not especially. I thought you might have some kind of second transparent eyelid, or some kind of especially thick-n-harder ocular mucus . . .


. . . but it may just fall under the same reason you're so fast.

Which is . . .?

I have no idea.

Question #211 wrote:Eggman: Are you currently on any medication?

No! hate that hedgehog Why do you hate that hedgehog ask?

Question #212 wrote:To Shadow: Where did you go during the year Sonic was in space?

Around. That is none of your concern. Or business.

Question #213 wrote:Will we see an "Sonic and Tails" type of adventure soon?

Nothing immediately springs to mind, but I haven't finished writing this year yet. And, honestly, I may be forgetting - lots going on right now, so I'm going to err on the side of not spoiling anything.

Question #214 wrote:Tails: Do you still have a workshop in the Mystic Ruins?

In the games? I guess I do. I don't know why I wouldn't. I never had one in the comic. It'd be a bit of a commute!

Question #215 wrote:Tails: Have you ever heard of Cocoa Island? There are several other islands around its coral reef, too. It would make a nice place for vacationing and has plenty of space for testing out new inventions!

No, I hadn't. I'll take it under consideration! Thanks!

Question #216 wrote:Blaze: How did you find the Cosmic Interstate and manage your way to Mobius? (i.e., were there portals involved, or did it have something to do with the jeweled scepter?)

I'm not entirely sure myself. The power of the Sol Emeralds called to me and I followed. At some point I was on the Cosmic Interstate, and at another I was on Mobius. My memory is fuzzy in between.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's the end of the week. Everyone else will just have to chill out til the next update!
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Postby Spin » Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:15 am

Sonic, what was the longest time you went without eating a chilidog?

Bathog, who was the last villain you fought in your dimension?

Ian and Marine, if you both were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours together, what would you do to pass the time?
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uh... where did my answers go? what do i have to re-rwite my questions or somethin?
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The King of Shadows wrote:uh... where did my answers go? what do i have to re-rwite my questions or somethin?

Totally overlooked them - SORRY! They'll be first up next session.
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