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Postby JakeDaReaver » Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:29 pm

1. What's your opinion of Chip from Sonic Unleashed?
2. Was Crocbot a roboticized Mobian or just a Badnik resembling a Crocodile?
3. Can Boomer replace his armor, because his robotic parts changed from silver to gold in the span of the Bold New Moebius arc *cough*sarcastic remark*cough*
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Postby jazzyjin » Fri Nov 27, 2009 11:33 pm

Is it possible you could post a few pages of the script from the Enerjak reborn arc? No need for any of the behind the scenes features your previous script bits had, I just want to have a go at pencilling some of those pages.
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Postby mynameisofnoimportance » Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:20 pm

1. Can we expect chaos to show up any time down the road?

2. Is the Iron King nigh invulnerable even without the armor?

3. Where does Bean get all of his bombs from? He seemingly pulls them out of thin air while he's fighting.
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Postby The KKM » Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:20 pm

Anti-Sonic changed name to Scourge. Anti Tails to Miles. Anti Rotor to Boomer. And even Anti Amy to Rosy.

All the Anti characters that were introduced, you have renamed them and reformulated them.

Except for Anti Knuckles.

Could you tell us what's his new name? :3
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Postby theJcfreak » Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:02 pm

#1) Someone else asked about Chaos, but what about Tikal? Any chance of seeing where she is or how she's been? Or if she's alive?

#2) What is your most difficult character to write and why?
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Postby bsonic10 » Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:21 pm

3) I'm not sure this is something you're willing to share at this point (or at all), but what were some of the other concepts for post #200 you came up with (mentioned in Question 3, session 1 of this month) before you guys ultimately decided to go with the Iron Dominion?
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Postby Aurora_Redwinters » Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:52 pm

1. Will the Chao that occupied the original Lake of Rings be seen again sometime soon?

2. It's also been ages since Muttski has been seen in any capacity. Any plans to have him show up also, even in a cameo role?

3. So far in Sonic Universe's run, the characters that have been featured predominantly have been the SegaSonic franchise characters. (Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles) Will any non-SegaSonic franchise character have their own personal arc in Sonic Universe in 2010? (Like Bunnie, Sally, Snively, etc.)
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Postby Excelhedge » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:10 pm

1) Not really Sonic related but Do you know if Archie is going to keep reprinting the TMNT:A comics?

2) Again not really Sonic Related but have you seen Turtles Forever yet? and if so was was your impression of it?

3)Where exactly is the entryway to Cosmic Interstate located? It's never been really clear how close the entrance is located by Knothole/Robotropolis or New Mobotrpolis/New Megaopolis.
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Postby nuckles87 » Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:39 pm

1. Plan on updating Bumbleking anytime soon?

2. Seems to encyclopedia's been delayed a year. Could you tell us why? Maybe because it's original launch date was in the middle of a big arc?
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Postby EthanEmerald » Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:13 pm

1. What does "SZ" on the front of Fort Acorn stand for?

2. Is the silver thing, concealed by the text box in the first panel of Sonic #207, New Mobotropolis' power plant / generator?

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Postby Ian Flynn » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:50 am

Happy (American) Thanksgiving, folks. How about a heapin' helpin' of answers?

Question #1 wrote:Does Moebius have a Master Emerald?

No, nor does it have seven colored emeralds. Moebius is peppered by small, green Anarchy Beryl gems. The Sunken Island survives under a dome powered by six pieces of Anarchy Beryl.

Question #2 wrote:How do warp rings work, in terms of setting a destination? Do they just go wherever the holder feels like going, or does setting a destination require chaos powers/magic/whatever? What I mean is, Finitevus seems to be able to open them to wherever he wants, whenever he wants. Is this something that anybody could do, or does someone like Ray have to rely on preset destinations?

The finer points of Warp Ring travel is fuzzy right now, but generally speaking anyone can pick one up and - if they have a clear idea of where they're going - can zip to just about anywhere. You can also do this if you've got a clear idea of the person you're looking for, but that's not garunteed to work and much riskier. Dr. Finitevus is their creator and knows all their inner workings, so he can do much, much more with them.

Question #3 wrote:Has Sega ever explained a mandate; Nega, Sonic X, Cream, etc.; at all; or is every mandate a "Because we said so!!" and nothing more?

The latter, at least as far as I know.

Question #4 wrote:Is Monkey Khan immortal along the same lines as Shadow? I ask cuz' it doesn't seem like time had to much of an effect on him considering he was locked away for ten or so years.

I don't think he's immortal, but he probably has some longevity on him. We don't know what exactly that vault he was in was designed to do, so it might also have worked as a time capsule.

Question #5 wrote:Did Anti-Locke do experiments on Anti-Knuckles when he was still in his egg like Locke-Prime did?

We don't know yet. It's conceivable that what Prime-Locke did in love and concern Anti-Locke did in cold hopes for domination . . . but that's just on-the-spot speculation.

Question #6 wrote:Who do you think is stronger, Sonic or Shadow?

In terms of basic, bench-pressing power? Shadow by a mile. He can flip buses with one hand! In terms of general ability against an enemy? About even, depending on the situation.

Question #7 wrote:At the end of "Return to Angel Island" Knuckles said that he got his Chaos powers back, how come he never uses them?

He can fly with his hair, climb with his knuckles, and shatter steel with his fists = he has his powers back. Remember: when he first came back to life, he couldn't do any of those things and only resumed those moves when he became reconnected with the Master Emerald.

Question #8 wrote:What were the names of the knights, the sorceress and the king from StH: #197?

All names should be considered the same as in the game.

Question #9 wrote:With Thanksgiving coming up, and past by the time you post your answers, I was wondering if you had any idea as to what holidays the people of Mobius celebrate?

Given their down-to-nature style (generally), I'd guess some celebrations would revolve around the seasons and events linked to them - the summer/winter solstice, the harvest, first day of spring, etc. I'd also think that certain days would be celebrated, like perhaps King Alexander Acorn's birthday, the end of the Great War, etc. Many of our celebrations would've survived within the United Federation to boot, like Christmas, Ramadan, Easter, Hanaka, etc.

Question #10 wrote:When compared to the other Magic users of Mobius how would Merlin compare in terms of magical might?

At this point, probably only Mogul or Naugus on a good day. He's had direct training from Athair and the Ancient Walkers. The man knows his stuff.

Question #11 wrote:Is the Space Colony Ark still in orbit around Mobius or did the events of SA2 play out differently with regards to the Ark in the book then it did in the game?

Yup, it's still floating around up there.

Question #12 wrote:Do people ever flame your writing and claim your ruining the comic?

Oh, all the time. But that comes with the territory, and I take both the good and the bad feedback together.

Question #13 wrote:If Finitevus' Enerjak plan had succeeded, would the immortals like Mogul survive or would their immortality be stripped from them because of it?

Well, during Enerjaknuckles's time, Mogul was without his emerald, without his immortality and without a chance.

Question #14 wrote: Can you give any explanation as to why Evil Sonic and Zonic turned to the "Sonic Adventure" look, even though Sonic Prime had looked different much longer than they have?

Nope! Or to be more direct: I don't want to tackle that question, even speculatively, without giving some serious thought to it. That's one of the trickier plot holes out there, and for once, I don't know if I can handle it.

Question #15 wrote:You mentioned that you would like to do more when you "know" that Sega has forgotten Nack. Can you let us know if there are any characters that Sega has truly forgotten and if so, who they are?

Oh, I don't "know" anything for certain in that regard. I have a pretty good feeling that any SegaSonic character beyond Nack has been long forgotten, but then again I never would've guessed they'd bring back the Chaotix.

Question #16 wrote:We've seen Zonecops of Sonic, Vector, and Espio. Is it safe to assume that the zone that the ZoneCops come from is just one big zone with every character from the Prime Zone, just Lawful Neutral instead of the mix of Lawful/Chaotic Good/Evil we see in the Prime Zone?

Pretty much. Zack and Zeggman might be a bit shady, but they're still cops on the force.

Question #17 wrote:Do you plan on actually going further in-depth on the Super Forms, or just keeping it as sort of a "Well some can, some can't, that's all"?

There's a time and place for everything. (I hope)

Question #18 wrote:In your opinion what would you say Nic's professional/personal relationship would be like with her brother Nack, Mighty, and one time partner Bark?

With Nack - antagonistic at best; they keep each other at arm's length whenever possible.
With Mighty - a passing patsy, nothing more
With Bark - we haven't seen them work together, we just know they've crossed paths at some point

Question #19 wrote:We "know" that Mobius is supposed to be a future Earth, but then we found out in the 160s that Isaac's data was corrupt. Is this significant, or am I just theorizing to my heart's content?

Yeah, that is a bit of a can of worms, isn't it? I'm treating Mobius as post-Earth and don't plan to change it. We've already got too much in the United Federation to retcon now.

Question #20 wrote:Will there be any focus on the Shinobi clan?

Oh, you're definitely going to see some Shinobi Clan.

Question #21 wrote:are we gonna see more storys about scourges past?

I don't know. The more you know about a character, the more humanized they become, and I really don't want Scourge to become another watered-down villain. (Shadow, I'm looking at you)

Question #22 wrote:Are you suprised how popular Finitivus has become as a villain, and do you have a specific direction you want to take him in, or is it more of "Okay, this time it would be fun if he..." etc

Not too surprised. His design is nifty and people tend to flock to the echidna characters more. I do have a few ideas on what I want to do with him and his reasoning behind those moves, but I don't have a set point I'm working him towards.

Question #23 wrote:In your mind, is Mighty's real name Mighty? Or did he adopt the name after he was given his strength. Are his parents prophetic name givers?

His name is Mighty for sure. Anything else concerning that I have no idea at this point.

Question #24 wrote:How does Knuckles feel about Ray as a junior Chaotix member?

I don't think Knuckles looks at the Chaotix in the same way Sally would look at the Freedom Fighters. To Knuckles, Ray is another good heart fighting the good fight and he's friends with Mighty. That's enough for him.

Question #25 wrote:Since your aim seems to be world building now (Dragon Kingdom, Downunda) will we being seeing Mobius' North Pole sometime in the future (things like Walrus Island, the Walrus Herd, Arctic FF, Holoska, etc)?

Hold that thought.

Question #26 wrote:Another G.U.N.-related question, but if Sigma-Alpha 2 reappears will Hugo Brass appear too (with a different position under Abe, of course)?

That's the plan. Fingers crossed!

Question #27 wrote:I really enjoy what your doing with Mighty and Ray in the current Universe arc. Will we be seeing more of this duo, perhaps a starring role where they work together like Sonic and Tails?

There's definitely a very Mighty/Ray-centric plot point set for early next year.

Question #28 wrote:Robotnik really needs some new robots, is there any chance of seeing the robots from Sonic OVA or the Guard Robos from Sonic Battle popping up once Eggy's brain has stopped short-circuiting?

Guard-Robos maybe, but everything from the OVA is off-limits.

Question #29 wrote:How would you describe Vector and Julie-Su's relationship? Does it change whether Knuckles is present or not?

They're... better than they were. "Were" being "murderously antagonistic." I don't think they like each other, but there's a level of trust and respect there now. They've come to terms with their dislike for each other, their devotion to Knuckles, and are willing to work together for his benefit rather than fight each other to his detriment. And it's not like they won't be sympathetic or helpful if the other needs it. It's just that they would really rather not spend time with each other.

Question #30 wrote: Regarding your future plans for King Max, why did you bring him back in #170? Wouldn't it have been better to let him go then if you were always going to have him 'degenerate'?

Maybe it would've been simpler to let him pass then, but we had just let Armand D'Coolette go, Tommy was just blown up, and "The Darkest Storm" wasn't that far behind us. I was feeling a bit too Grim Reapery. That, and I thought King Max's subplot would've seen a lot more movement and that the civil "war" of "House of Cards" would be more involved. We're both victims of plans going astray.

Question #31 wrote:In the last M30YL arc there was mention of 'E-107 Theta' and the 'Anarchy Beryl Bomb'. If you ever decide to go back the future again will these be cropping up as possible plot elements?

Maybe, unless I decide to use them in the present day so folks can say "Hey! Look! There it is!" or, y'know, flare up the whole true future debate again. That's always fun.

Question #32 wrote:Will the Destructix has to start scouting for a new name now that they're down to just 5 members?

Nah, although there will some shifts in the roster.

Question #33 wrote:If you had been able to keep both mecha and ADAM in the comic would you have made them more of a threat then they were?

I would've liked to do more with M, but I think I got my fill of ADAM. He came on strong, did some big stuff, and is done.

Question #34 wrote:What are your thoughts on the Power Gems and their origins, abilities, limits, etc.? the MobiusWiki says they're magical objects that are connected to the Chaos Force, but I haven't read anything in-comic to support that.

I'm going to touch on that in the encyclopedia. Hold that thought.

Question #35 wrote:Since it appears that Sonic will be present in "Journey to the East" and not in #110-113(114?) that corresponds with it, by that standpoint alone, wouldn't it make more sense to have switched the stories with the comic titles?

Given that only STH#209 has been solicited, that's a pretty big assumption. Besides, SU was meant for the greater Mobius and lore, which the Dragon Kingdom falls under. You'll see how it all works out.

Question #36 wrote:Where did you get the idea for the new Knuckles arc in Sonic Universe?

I'll get more into that once the arc is done. Too many reveals to be had yet.

Question #37 wrote:Do you plan on coming to the San Deago Comic Con?

Sadly, no. No time, no money, wah wah wah.

Question #38 wrote:You said that you were able to do issue 200 because you reassured Sega that the status quo would be re-established and basically return everything to the way it was. Do you ever plan on changing the status quo or is that something you aren't allowed to do?

Well, that depends on how you want to define "the status quo." Knothole is gone and everyone lives in a stable constitutional monarchy in a high-tech city. That's a far cry from pretty much everything pre-me, Knothole City notwithstanding. I hesitate to really mess with the Freedom Fighters because they're such a solid group - and because the fanbase would probably lynch me. But if you mean the "Sonic vs. Eggman" dynamic, yeah, at some level that will always be there.

Question #39 wrote:Did you happen to catch "Turtles Forever" last weekend? If so, has their way of playing with the multiverse given you any sort of ideas for the comic?

I did, an I was delighted. It was a perfect balance of reverance and lampooning. I'm still not eager to dive into the multiverse beyond Blaze's World/Moebius.

Question #40 wrote:In #194, Fiona mentioned her parents. I thought they were killed during Robotnik’s takeover. Are we’re going to find out more about her family and past in the future?

Maybe. I'm definitely not done with Fiona's character, but I don't want to make any promises.

Question #41 wrote:How would you react if another writer gets involved with the comics as well?

Hey, I'm game for it. The only thing I want in that scenario is to have a writer I can work with, not against - as has happened to the book in the past. Even if it's a matter of trading story arcs, I'd hope we could build off each other's work rather than undermine.

Question #42 wrote: Forgive me if I am jumping the gun on this one (what with it being a recent issue, in an ongoing arc no less), but after Finitevus finished playing Portal with Mighty in SU 10, he says to him "Not that I have to answer to you of all people" Is he simply referring to what he would consider his inferiors, or is that directed at Mighty particularly?

No, that was a general snub.

Question #43 wrote:In last weeks answering session you went you described the kind of world Mobius would be should Eggman have emerged victorious...same question, only with Mogul triumphant.

That one . . . I keep waffling on. On the one hand, I see something very similar - a world ruined with only pockets of civilization hiding away from their mad tyrant. Only in this scenario Mogul would be perpetually reinventing the world and unable to realize/accept that all the problems stem from his selfishness. On the other hand, I see an idyllic, pristine world - but with no freedom. Those who aren't out-right mindless acolytes live in perpetual fear of "thought crimes" and such. I dunno, I'm still playing with my plans for the big guy.

Question #44 wrote:Are there any characters you would have liked writing for, but were removed from the storyline or rendered unwritable for some reason, before you took over?

Universalamander. Seriously.

Question #45 wrote:Would we ever get a small insight into what happened on Robotnik's dimension before he came to Mobius Prime?

Eh . . . unlikely. There are new SEGA mandated guidelines that would make some aspects of that time period hard to display, and it dredges up the multi-Robotnik business again. If I could find a way that was both easily accessible and pertinent to a current story element, then maybe.

Question #46 wrote:Was Croctobot's destruction something permanent, or will he pull the old Crocbot trick of coming back just when you think he's gone for good?

It was meant to be permanent, but folks seemed to love him (them?) so much I've considered bringing him (them?) back. Write in the Sonic Grams and let us know.

Question #47 wrote:While I understand Tommy Turtle was a much hated character, would you have kept A.D.A.M. around/bring him back if he could keep the mechanical turtle look without Tommy being involved? I personally quite enjoyed that look.

That's another instance of something that turned out cooler and with more potential lasting appeal than I intended. I think the power of the mecha-turtle-ADAM thing was that he was attached to Tommy, though. The design was cool, but the reason it meant anything was that it had Sonic's friend in there.

Question #48 wrote:Would Omega be affected by Magitek, or did Eggman make sure that all of his robots were protected from the Iron Queen's powers just in case she got any ideas about usurping power?

I'm pretty sure Omega would be completely prone. Now there's a scary thought.

Question #49 wrote:Comparing Regina and Snively, who would you say is more technologically inclined? Regina of course has Magitek, however Snively has been seen building and programming technology and robots for most of his life, with some tutelage from Dr. Robotnik.

Snively is definitely the superior mechanic and inventor. Regina can "cheat" with her magic, but if a device is destroyed she's only going to be able to repair so much by hand. It's a limitation that helps keep her becoming just a "Magic Robotnik" or a "Mechanic Naugus."

Question #50 wrote:What are the names of Mighty's parents and his younger sibling? Being a Mighty fanatic, I must know everything about him and his family. D;

All unrevealed for now.

Question #51 wrote:Could you please explain what it is that Catweazel actually does for Gen. Von Stryker, it seems odd for a man like him to keep someone as annoying as that parrot around unless he served a purpose?

For one thing, Catweazel has easier access to Angel Island than just about anyone else. Also, being so small and animal-like, he can be rather unobtrusive, making him an excellent scout and spy. He can deliver messages throughout the Oasis Camp without having to spare valuable Dingo labor. And while he's annoying and brash, he's also blunt and observant - something Helmut appreciates. So while he may want to turn Catweazle into a feather-duster on occasion, he values his advice and abilities more.

Question #52 wrote:The House of Ivo was said to be the most prestigious family in Overlander society, and Hopes grandmother had the name of Lady Agnes. Given from what we've seen from both sides of her family does that mean Hope is technically nobility even if she doesn't have any authority?

I'll have to double-check where "prestigious" was used. If it came from someone in the Kintobor/Robotnik line, I'd take the line with a grain of salt. But for the sake of argument, no, I would read line as that they were part of high society. So if she were returned to the Overland of old, people might make room for her on the street, but that's about it.

Question #53 wrote:In your opinion how would you describe the relationship between Salma and Rutan. They had apparently continued seeing each other for five years in the recent story?

....let me get back to you on that one. Keep your fingers crossed.

Question #54 wrote: Is Bark mute?

I've got a couple of ideas about what's going on with Bark. We'll see what I go with. Until then, like Bark, I ain't sayin'.

Question #55 wrote:What became of the Egg Tortoise?

Possibly recovered by the Iron Dominion, or perhaps left to rust on the outskirts of the Great Forest.

Question #56 wrote:Does Elias still have Sir Connery's "Sword of Light"?

Yup. It's the current "Sword of Acorns."

Question #57 wrote:What's your opinion of Chip from Sonic Unleashed?

He wasn't nearly as grating on my nerves as I thought he would be. That said, I'm glad he's gone.

Question #58 wrote:Was Crocbot a roboticized Mobian or just a Badnik resembling a Crocodile?

A Grade-A badnik, like Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts.

Question #59 wrote:Can we expect chaos to show up any time down the road?

If I can think of a good reason for it to show back up.

Question #60 wrote:Is the Iron King nigh invulnerable even without the armor?

I don't want to confirm or deny that yet. Not for a while, actually. If you want the answer, write in and say you adore the "Iron Dominion Saga" and you want oodles of more Monkey Khan goodness.

Question #61 wrote:Where does Bean get all of his bombs from? He seemingly pulls them out of thin air while he's fighting.

That, like Bark's muteness, are things I am in no hurry to answer, but have a few ideas on how to answer.

Question #62 wrote:All the Anti characters that were introduced, you have renamed them and reformulated them. Except for Anti Knuckles. Could you tell us what's his new name?

Sure. Once we return to Moebius.

Question #63 wrote:Someone else asked about Chaos, but what about Tikal? Any chance of seeing where she is or how she's been? Or if she's alive?

She's chilling out in her own zone with Chaos and the Seven Server Chao. As for her return, I dunno. I figure if Chaos comes back, she'll come back.

Question #64 wrote:Will the Chao that occupied the original Lake of Rings be seen again sometime soon?

Hopefully next year. Fingers crossed!

Question #65 wrote:So far in Sonic Universe's run, the characters that have been featured predominantly have been the SegaSonic franchise characters. (Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles) Will any non-SegaSonic franchise character have their own personal arc in Sonic Universe in 2010? (Like Bunnie, Sally, Snively, etc.)

Maybe. The problem is that the ArchieSonic characters don't have the same immediate draw as the SegaSonic characters do. Just about any random kid will recognize Sonic or Shadow, but not so much the Knothole crew; at least, not for a whole four issue arc. Sally might be the strongest contender in that catagory, though. We'll see. As for smaller stories . . .

Question #66 wrote:Where exactly is the entryway to Cosmic Interstate located? It's never been really clear how close the entrance is located by Knothole/Robotropolis or New Mobotrpolis/New Megaopolis.

It's anywhere and everywhere. So long as you can breach the boundries between dimensions, you could conceivably access it from any point. The real trick is how to open the way, and that seems to reside exclusively in the hands of the Zone Cops. (Interdimensional fugitives and the Moebian invasions notwithstanding)

Question #67 wrote:Plan on updating Bumbleking anytime soon?

When I have content, yes.

Question #68 wrote:What does "SZ" on the front of Fort Acorn stand for?

It's not an "SZ." It's cross-beams to reinforce the doors.
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Postby JakeDaReaver » Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:40 pm

Sorry 'bout that 3rd question last week. Anyway...

1. Who would win in an all out fight: Perfect Chaos, Solaris, Master Mogul, or Feist?
2. What's the worst video game you've ever played?
3. Since you mentioned that the ARK was still floating in space last week, do you have any plans to revisit the ARK at some point?
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Postby kryptyk » Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:25 am

I see you avoided my final question from last week... ah well, it probably was a bit unreasonable. Thanks for all your hard work so far though! Now onto this week:

1. If a person can't transform with the Master Emerald/ Chaos Emeralds, then what outcome is there from it/them "reacting" to contact with that individual?

2. Hypothetical situation: Sonic is holding in his hands 3 Chaos Emeralds, 2 Anarchy Beryls, and 2 Sol Emeralds- Can he transform?

3. When Knuckles was Enerjak, he displayed a much more benevolent (albiet twisted) nature than the previous incarnation. Was that part of Finitevus's hex, or was Knuckles's repressed personality interfering with it?
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Postby Mustachio » Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:07 am

1. Will we ever find out what happened to Lord Yagyu? I assume he isn't the Bride but then again...?

2. Would you consider Mogul to be the "boss" of the criminal underworld, not in the sense of an authority figure because I know they are just mercenaries, but someone the lower crooks (Destructix, Nack, Bean & Bark) respect and would follow if they were caught in a bigger situation?
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Postby Vampfox » Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:02 am

1. What happened to Lien-Da's right-hand woman Gae-Na? She seems to have vinished from the book after the Green Knuckles Saga.
2. Did Ken Penders tell anyone who Rutan's father is?
3. Are we ever going to find out who Rutan's father is?
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