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Postby CamranChaos » Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:51 pm

Any plans for St. John or Hershey any time soon?
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Postby Aurora_Redwinters » Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:32 pm

1. Are you the one that proposes how the cover should look or is that more of an editor/artist decision?

2. This is more of a silly question, but have you ever been recognized by your name only outside of comic book con conventions? (i.e. You have to show ID to a clerk and he/she goes, "Hey, are you the same Ian that writes the Sonic comics?")

3. Would you ever team up with another writer to create a Sonic story? (sort of like how Ken and Mike did in the early years)
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Postby Kintobor » Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:03 pm

1. We all know the story behind the El Gran Gordo arc, but what is the story behind Sonic X issue #35, where Robotnik has more costumes than Elton John? I like to know what spurred that thought.

2. Why did you choose Ella to be Robotnik's love interest in Sonic X other than Topaz or someone else?

3. Since Dr. Kintobor of Moebus has a drive to go between multiverses/dimensions in order to find a cure for Buns' N.I.D.S., will we ever run into him in Sonic Universe, perhaps on a different zone?
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Postby dragoonanime » Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:44 pm

1. are sonic's sibblings manic and sonia ever appearing again?

2. will sonic become king in the main series like he is in the future series?

3. will ceneca and her sister ever appear again?
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Postby LBD_Nytetrayn » Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:10 pm

Hope this makes the cut...

I can't remember if I ever asked this before, it's more in my wife's interest. But with Sonic Universe #2 revisiting Sonic Adventure #2, I was wondering if that detective-type guy from the Archie version back in the day might resurface in some capacity. I know my wife would love that, as she was fond of the character for some reason or another... or, at least, what little she got to see of him.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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Postby Sir Bert Leaman » Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:29 pm

1. Having written for the comic from 160 to at least 201 now, how does it feel?

2. Has Espio had any formal ninja training?

3. Might we see more quick "mech of the month" style stories in line with 198 more often or are you sticking to longer mutli-issue stories?
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Postby FairFieldFinder » Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:46 am

#1: Are Gala-Na and Gae-Na related?

#2: Would you like to bring in any characters from Sonic X like Topaz, the Metarex and Cosmo?

#3: Could you tell us how you think the characters I've just suggested would affect the comic?
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Postby bsonic10 » Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:15 am

Are you introducing any original characters of your creation into the comic soon?
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Postby Captain Yoyo » Sun Mar 22, 2009 10:55 am

1) Why didn't you include Cosmo in Sonic X?
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Postby Ian Flynn » Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:19 pm

Heads up folks: next week will be the last Ask Ian session for a bit. I think we all need a break from it. I'm getting really busy, and it's getting apparent y'all are running out of things to ask. I've had to skip over stuff because it's either: A) been answered already, B) is super-nit-picky-border-line-trolling or C) asking stuff I obviously can't answer yet. So I'm taking time off to work and you all are given time off to re-stock your mysteries.


Question #1 wrote:Was the Egg Phoenix supposed to be a robot? In the end 197 its head look very different then the cockpit we get 198. It gives me the feeling like Eggman couldn’t get the AI working right or something so he went Big Guy on it a stuck in a cockpit in side to drive it.

It was always meant to be a variation on the Egg Hawk.

Question #2 wrote:Just how much time passed between 197 and 198?

A couple days, maybe.

Question #3 wrote:Have you ever had any good ideas but wasn't around pencil and paper to write them down, and then when you tried to remember them later on, you forgot all about them?

All the bloody time. I've also lost files full of old notes because I reinvent the way I organize things every other month it seems. There's probably a year's worth of material out of all the stuff that slipped away. And that's just Sonic! I've got a fourteen page document somewhere with BumbleKing plans.

Question #4 wrote:So, my recent understanding is that during all the M25YL stuff, King Sonic went back in time and fixed something-or-other to stabilize the timeline. But when he came back, things were as they were in #166-167, with Shadow running the show.

Prior to that, I had thought King Sonic had somehow erased himself out of time or something (I'd have to dig up the issues, but I remember being a bit unclear on how the first run of M25YL ended). In any case, can you say what exactly Sonic did or fixed when he went through time? Or is that planned fodder for a future story (if so, I can wait)?

That's an excellent summation. The reason the future was different was that King Sonic had effectively erased himself from time at a certain point. We'll be going over that in SU#5.

As for exactly what King Sonic did and how, no, I don't plan on revisiting that. The problem itself wasn't made crystal clear in the original arc, nor was the plan on how to fix it. I think we have more interesting stories to tell by moving forward than trying to make sense out of what is, essentially, next to nothing.

Question #5 wrote:If King Sonic went 25 years back in time, why isn't he 25 years older than everybody else, ie in his 60's?

Who's to say he went through time in the conventional sense? I always thought it was akin to H.G. Well's time machine where the traveller is removed from time.

Going by your reasoning, he should be much older. He was about 43 when he left, traveled back at least 25 years, then would’ve gone back 25 to return to his “present,” making him 94.

I like the “teleport through time” option better.

Question #6 wrote:Where do all the Mobian mercenaries (Bean and Bark, Destructix, Nack) live, since they seem to belong to no nation?

Any inn or village they can pay their rent / bully / sneak their way into. Otherwise they’re camping out.

Question #7 wrote:If Eggman wishes to be a robot, and is capable of advanced cybernetics, why hasn't he cybernetically enhanced himself?

The same reason he didn’t roboticize himself from the get-go. What that reason is, I don’t know yet.

Question #8 wrote:will we see any stories centering around Albion in SU in the future

There's certainly that possibility. I honestly don't know yet.

Question #9 wrote:who's more annoying Cream or Marine?

Cream's voice may be pitched like a dog whistle, but she's sweet and unassuming. She's very dedicated for such a little girl.

Marine . . . she means well, but she's often more caught up in her own megalomania to think about the greater good.

Cream is sweet. Marine needs to be hit with a rock.

Question #10 wrote:I take it that it is Sharps and Mach behind Mina in #201, you don't have to spoil much, but will they be in the comic at anytime or is that just an artistic cover with Easter eggs similar to the one Spaz made.

No, their inclusion was a very concious decision. You'll see.

And I might as well cofirm this since it only makes sense - Max is among them, just not featured on the cover.

Question #11 wrote:Was permission required for use of the characters?


Question #12 wrote:My first question is about Hope's creation and eventual semblance to Maria. Both blond, blue eyed human girls who were related to Robotnik and the introduced in the same year, it seems suspect. I know that technically Hope was introduced first but was she created with Maria in mind from the get go or did the writers just notice the similarities after Sonic Adventure 2 and decide to run with it?

I'm willing to bank on the latter, but I wouldn't know.

Question #13 wrote:In the second M25yl you hinted at some stuff at events in the upcoming Enerjack Reborn story. Will this new future installments contain any future hints?

There might be the occasional correlation or link to make you wonder just how close this future could be. There will be at least one pretty obvious link to events in Prime-Present, but it'll be in a very different fashion. You'll see.

Question #14 wrote:What do Sonic and the freedom fighters think of G.U.N. a hinderance or a help. The fact that when calling for help against Enerjack G.U.N. was the last channel they called was pretty telling like a last resort or soemthing?

They were only very recently aware of G.U.N. and it's comprised of Overlanders and humans. There's some trust to be built, but I don't think there's any outright animositiy felt towards them.

Question #15 wrote:Aside from New York City (Old Megaopolis), could any other ancient human cities still exist in a ruined from? (Ex: Washington DC, London, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, Rome, etc)

Perhaps, but their either the foundation for the present-day city-states of the United Federation or they aren't showing up in the book. I'm really not keen on playing up on the "Mobius was Earth" angle.

Question #16 wrote:What inspired you to give Bean and Bark the background and personality's they have today considering they had nether in their SEGA game appearances?

I've always loved the "odd couple" concept in characterization. I like my large, strong characters to be the quiet, unassuming type, and Bean is directly inspired by the zany cartoon ducks from Warner Bros. and Disney. There's also a little bit of Jay and Silent Bob in them. <Sonic the Fighters

Question #17 wrote:Will there ever be any back story to Fiest any time soon?

Nope, and I don't know if there ever will be. Giant Chaos Panda God-Thing is kinda neat with that air of mystery surrounding it.

Question #18 wrote:What exactly are the Babylon Rogues up to now?

Probably zipping around the world, taking stuff that isn't theirs.

Question #19 wrote:Why did you decide to pool all the echidnas together in Albion? Why not leave them on the island, where they already had homes?

A few reasons. From a structural stand point it helped move the story along. We saw them transported to Albion and then the next bit of reveals occured on Albion itself.

Secondly, it's symbolic. Albion was the birthplace of the echidna race and it is where the race has now returned to. They've come full circle.

Thirdly, I was in agreement with the sentiment that Angel Island was meant to be home to one echidna, and that being Knuckles. We'll make an exception for Julie-Su. I didn't want to go so far as to wipe out all the good that had come from the over-abundance of echidnas, however, so I kept the best parts - namely Knuckles's family and Remington - and moved them.

Angel Island is now very much like we found it in the beginning and how we find it in the games - hosting very little life and being a nearly pristine ecological marvel.

Question #20 wrote:Is it difficult to kill-off a character when/if SEGA asks you to?

I dunno, they haven't asked us to do anything like that yet. I think it would largely depend on who had to be offed.

Question #21 wrote:does the hand-held computer (the NICOLE?) still have it's capabilities without Nicole in it?

Nope. Without Nicole in there, it's just a lump of metal and circuits.

Question #22 wrote:was Charmy's personality change your choice or Sega's?

Mine, pre-emptively moving on what I assumed would be SEGA's directive.

Question #23 wrote:In past issues we've seen Egg Ships and Egg Pawns sporting the 'Heroes' style designs. Can we expect any future design styles appearing in the comic from Unleashed, Chronicles etc?

I dunno. I'm surprised we were allowed to use so much of the Egg Fleet and Egg Pawns. SEGA typically prefers we use our own designs.

Question #24 wrote:If Whiskers were to appear again, would he only be active in Blaze's world or could he possibly show up in the Prime universe?

It all depends on the nature of his return. I wouldn't want to make him a staple of Sonic's world, though. He's part of Blaze's slowly growing supporting cast, and I don't want to rob her of that.

Question #25 wrote:Whilst Nega is still absentia pending SEGA's approval, will you continue to build him up as a threat or is that it for the subtle appearances for now?

There might be a name-drop the next time we deal with the multiverse, but no, we're not going to see anything of him for the foreseeable future.

Question #26 wrote:Does the Sonic Rush Adventure adaptation take place chronologically inbetween issues 186 and 187? It would make the most sense, since that would explain why Sonic and Tails have the green Chaos Emerald (instead of the gray one Mogul took in 186) and it would give Mogul time to build up the Casino Night Zone for 187.

That works well enough for me.

Question #27 wrote:How exactly did Sonic and Tails get back to Mobius on a boat as explained in Universe 1? Did Rotor or Chuck bring them back with the Star Posts...?

The same way they got back in the game - which wasn't terribly clear. Be it Chaos Emerald power or Jeweled Scepter power, it really doesn't matter.

Question #28 wrote:Since you'll be developing Espio a little more in StH 201 is there any development plans for any other Chaotix members this year?


Question #29 wrote:Is there anyone other than Snively whose noticed that Eggman is insane? It appears he's the only one whose mentioned it or cares...

I'm pretty sure Dimitri has noticed. Otherwise he wouldn't have been so brazen in his threats to Snively in #198.

Question #30 wrote:Between last month's Q&A and SU#1, has your opinion of Marine changed?

Nope. She's a hoot to write, and she's an incredible foil character. I still want to launch her into the sun.

Question #31 wrote:Why in SU#1 would you have Shadow bring back that green Chaos Emerald when it would seem to undo your efforts in "Order from Chaos?" (I'm assuming that's a regular Chaos Emerald and not the conglomerate green one that Feist made.)

No, the Green Chaos Emerald Blaze gave to Shadow is the Green Chaos Emerald. There are no others (barring the Master Emerald).

Question #32 wrote:OK, I'll try phrasing the question differently this time. Was the meeting shown in StH #181's back-up with Finitevus, Lien-Da, and Remington before or after Finitevus' meeting with Fiona and Scourge in StH #180?

As already clearly stated: before. Because it was a flashback.

Question #33 wrote:Is Knuckles still blaming himself for Locke's death?

I think he's at war with himself on that. He acknowledges it's not technically his fault, but he still feels responsible for it. It's not something that's going to go away easily.

Question #34 wrote:Have you ever thought of a Story that takes place in the past, or when a younger Sonic appears in the current timeline?

I've kicked around a few story ideas that take place in the past, sure.

Question #35 wrote:Aside from Bokkun, are there any other characters from Sonic X that you would, SEGA permitting, like to use in StH?

I think Topaz and "Cowboy"/Westwood could be fun additions to the G.U.N. roster, albiet we'd run the risk over over-saturating the sub-character strata with more humans. But that's it.

Question #36 wrote:Since we're getting a full Sonic encyclopedia possibly by the end of the year, is the FCBD one more of a sampler?

No . . . well, if you want to look at it that way. FCBD 2009 was actually written before the ecyclopedia was approved or I even knew about it. FCBD09 will be more like a "Sonic sampler" - an easy introduction point for folks unfamiliar with the book. I'll be devoting a lot more research and information to the encyclopedia's entries, so the FCBD issue won't be redundant. And even if it was, it's free.

Question #37 wrote:Any plans for St. John or Hershey any time soon?

Eh . . . soon-ish. It's too early to say.

Question #38 wrote:Are you the one that proposes how the cover should look or is that more of an editor/artist decision?

That's entirely up to Mike and Spaz/Tracy. I've suggested cover art from time to time - I pushed hard for the tryptic covers for "The Darkest Storm" - and I sometimes get to toss in my vote if we have a few options. Mostly I leave it to them talented folks.

Question #40 wrote:Would you ever team up with another writer to create a Sonic story?

Sure. I'm open to there being more than one brain on the book.

Question #41 wrote:We all know the story behind the El Gran Gordo arc, but what is the story behind Sonic X issue #35, where Robotnik has more costumes than Elton John? I like to know what spurred that thought.

I think that was the result of a mental jam session with Mike, but it's been a while. We were nearing the end of the series and starting to run dry on ideas - at the time. It's funny, we actually had a sudden creativity burst right at the end, but that's a different story. Anyway, we noted that Eggman had a kind of running theme of disguising himself. Since this was the last stretch of the book, we figured revisiting that theme in one big grand hoorah was both appropriate and funny.

Question #42 wrote:Why did you choose Ella to be Robotnik's love interest in Sonic X other than Topaz or someone else?

Topaz was already paired off with Tanaka in the anime. That, and Ella x Eggman is funnier.

Question #43 wrote:are sonic's sibblings manic and sonia ever appearing again?

Probably not. I doubt we'll ever see the Sonic Underground universe again.

Question #44 wrote: But with Sonic Universe #2 revisiting Sonic Adventure #2, I was wondering if that detective-type guy from the Archie version back in the day might resurface in some capacity.

Being the continuity junkie that I am, I'd love to find a way to use J. J. Moto again. "Random human detective" is kind of a hard angle to work with, though, given he isn't directly tied to G.U.N.

Question #45 wrote: Has Espio had any formal ninja training?

I plan on investigating that eventually - whether he's just fronting or if he's serious.

Question #50 wrote:Might we see more quick "mech of the month" style stories in line with 198 more often or are you sticking to longer mutli-issue stories?

The problem with "Mech of the Month" done-in-one stories is it's hard to provide both a sense of finality and need of continuation. Each comic has to grab the new reader and make them want to see what happens a month from now. Multi-issue stories give that sense of continuation, but at the same time can be daunting for the casual reader.

Short answer: maybe a little of both.
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Postby Guest » Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:31 pm

Why does Shadow love that darn green emerald so much? It's obvious he's playing favorites.

Postby Zero Hour » Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:33 pm

1. Are you a final fantasy fan, since the way the egg pheonix was taken down was basically from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?
2. Is there a villain that hasn't appeared yet that you're dying to use?
3. Are Snively and Hope half-sibilings or step-sibilings?
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Postby Matthew Woodley » Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:01 pm

1) Does Zonic have his own version of Robotnik? Or is that Nega?

2) Is there some remnant of the Dark Legion in Silvers time?

3) Are any other characters other than Shadow and Knuckles getting there own arc in Universe?
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Postby Sockie » Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:02 pm

1. We know that the M:25YL version of Shadow was not affected by King Sonic changing the past thanks to his Chaos Control powers. But seeing as how you're pretending the events of StH 2006 already happened, wouldn't Shadow's powers also let him remember the events of the game? Or is Sonic and Elise blowing out Solaris' flame somehow different from whatever King Sonic did?
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Postby Tails #1 Fan » Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:27 pm

1)Do you ever compare characters to historical figures or other fictional characters or is Sonic THAT original?

2(follow-up to 1)) If so which ones?

3) I have a question idea for the next character Q&A whenever it is that I'm saving but so that I don't waste my time and memory doing this I need to know. Can we ask Salem questions? (seeing as you are writing/wrote the Young Salem arc)
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