Selling points to bring up when recommending Mega Man.

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Re: Selling points to bring up when recommending Mega Man.

Postby SonicSoul » Sat May 02, 2015 5:16 am

Oh don't get me wrong, Xander is ruthless. He's a well-intentioned extremist who will reach his goal by any means necessary, like the aforementioned 'willing to risk human lives.' I just think he lacks the character layering Wily has shown to have despite his petty motivation for his villainy and feel he's still pointing his finger at the wrong person for why he is the way he is. However his relationship with his brother Theo could be interesting to develop. Theo possibly to eventually choose between sticking with his brother and his crazy crusade because he's the only family he has or his new-found love for Simone and settling down with her.
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