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Ask Ian / Tracy - The Table of Contents

Postby Ian Flynn » Tue May 23, 2006 9:58 am

To save us all some time and effort, please check the table of contents before asking your question - it may already have been covered! I will become cranky if folks disregard this entire thing and keep asking the same questions.

Due to the massiveness of this list, it's recommended you use Crtl+F (Apple+F if you're on a Mac) and do a quick search for the topic. (i.e. you're looking for Sega's influence on the comic, search "Sega" and look at each topic listing)

2007 Update - Due to the sheer volume of material the Table of Contents has become too burdensome to maintain. The page-by-page references for the past seventy-five pages will remain. From here on out there will be quick-links to the topics past and present.

2011 Update - "Ask Ian" is done for the foreseeable future! It was cool while it lasted, but I can't keep up with it any more. Enjoy the archives!

Everyone will be expected to have at least kept somewhat abreast of the active topic, but all the previous threads are not required reading anymore.

Table of Contents - Updated 6/1/13
Quick Links wrote:

Welcome One and All! wrote:
    Page One
    Conditions at Archie
    Major Ideas - Pitched and Accepted
    Comics Code - Limitations?
    Sally vs. Mina
    StC in StH

    Page 2
    No questions / troll battle

    Page 3
    Status of the Editorial, Sonic Grams and Fan Art pages
    Status of "Classic Robotnik"
    Ken Penders on the rumored "Sonic Movie"

    Page 4
    J. Axer's status
    Sonic x Sally
    Karl Bollar's departure
    Karl's One Year Later plans
    Blaze the Cat in StH
    Maturity level of StH
    Black Arms/aliens in StH
    Zonic's status
    Tails' parents
    Bunnie's past
    Antoine's mother

    Page 5
    Geoffrey St. John's status
    M25YL status
    Evil Antoine's status
    StH's story format(s)

    Page 6
    Sally Acorn
    Sonic Rush/Sonic Rider adaptation
    Character death

    Page 7
    "Pimpin' Sonic"
    Mina Mongoose
    Sally Acorn - again
    General Rule - Do Not Post for Others
    King Elias Acorn
    Mina x Sonic
    Mina x Ash
    King Maximillian Acorn
    Hope Kintobor (and Shadow)
    Tails' parents - again
    The Brain Trust
    E.Antoine and D'Collette Sr.
    Knuckles, the Chaotix and Angel Island
    Bean & Bark
    Sonic Adventure characters
    Nack's prisoner status
    Dawn Best's status
    Yuji Naka - StH fan?
    S#150-151 fallout
    Sonic/Tails/Fiona issue

    Page 8
    Sally's hair
    StH - Games meet Comics
    Steve Butler's status
    James Fry's status
    Nack's prisoner status - again
    Mina x Ash - again
    Sally Acorn - again

    Page 9
    Hidden Palace mural/tapestry

    Page 10
    Honey the Cat & Other Long-Lost Characters
    Shadow & Dr. Eggman
    Scourge & Rouge
    The Egg Grapes
    Other Sega characters?
    Deroboticized Jules?
    SegaSonic locations in StH
    Nate Morgan
    Dead = Dead
    Original Freedom Fighters
    Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll
    King Max's claim to the crown
    Who started the Metal Sonic Troopers
    Who would write a new KtE

    Page 11
    Sonic & his parents
    Bernadice's colors
    The Darkest Storm
    Alexis Acorn's father
    Jack Rabbit and the Sand Blast City Freedom Fighters
    Amy Rose's parents
    The Wolf Pack
    Monkey Khan
    Rosie's orphans
    Sir Charles x Rosie?
    Sally & Aly
    Sonic Underground
    Ian Flynn and StC
    StC talent on StH?
    Sandford Green's status
    Dulcy the Dragon
    Patrick Spazinate's status
    Sally's hair - again
    Dr. Finitevus
    M25YL status - again
    Gen. Kage & Gen. von Stryker
    Jon Grey's status
    J. Axer's status - again
    Unused material special?
    Super Sonic

    Page 12
    Uncle Chuck's age
    Characters' voices?
    The Writing Process - Inspiration
    The Writing Process - Advance Preparation
    Sonic Grams
    Game adaptations
    Ian's input on the covers

    Page 13
    Ian's favorite game(s)
    Ian on: Yuji Nake quiting
    Ari the Ram
    Grand BattleKuku the XIV and the Battle Bird Aramada
    The Darkest Storm - again
    Dr. Eggman Nega
    Bunnie's past - again
    Cream in StH
    Ian on: Karl's OYL plans
    Ian on: StCO
    Ian on: Working for StH
    Bean & GBK14/Battle Bird Armada

    Page 14
    Bean & GBK14/Battle Bird Armada (continued)
    Ian on: Favorite Characters
    Ian on: Least Favorite Characters
    Ian on: Other videogame character comics
    Classic Robotnik - again

    Page 15
    Topic closed
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Postby Ian Flynn » Thu Jun 22, 2006 9:04 am

Ask Ian Anything - Extended Addition wrote:
    Page 1
    Dr. Eggman - proficiency and accomplices
    Ian on: Favorite Freedom Fighter
    Antoine's fate
    Sonic Riders adaptation release date
    Other-M (answered by Kureejii Lea)
    Bean: Bin & Pin
    Adpatation: Tails' Sky Patrol
    Matt Herm's status

    Page 2
    Bark's Silence
    Main Story + Back-up - Pros/Cons
    Most Desired Question
    Resource recommendations
    TDS's structure - why?
    Ian on: gaming
    Antoine: "The Map"
    Bunnie - whole again?
    Max Acorn vs. Sonic
    M25YL - Antoine, Bunnie?
    Status of The Source of All
    Scourge the Hedgehog
    E-123 Omega
    Trades / reprints of old issues
    Ian on: other job offers?
    Sonic subscriptions abroad
    "Courdory Ninja"
    Bumblenewbie metamorphisis
    Dimitri's status
    Knuckles' status
    Fate of the Potto
    Ian on: favorite novels
    Ian on: time spent working
    Tails + Fiona
    TDS - injuries?
    TDS - Rouge?
    TDS - Chaotix?
    Ian on: story archs for direct-to-video?
    Ian on: Sonic // X-Men
    Importance of S#162-174
    Ian on: Sonic's longevity as a title
    Ian on: Ian's longevity as a fan
    Sega and Sonic's 15th Anniversary

    Page 3
    Fiona's status
    Next-Gen adaptation
    Ian on: book sales
    Ian on: Princess Sally mini-series
    Ian on: rewriting epic stories
    Ian on: cause of cancelation
    Ian on: hypothetical movie
    Other-M (read: don't ask about it)
    Ian/Tracy tangent - movies

    Page 4
    Ian on: Sonic X (anime)
    Ian on: SatAM presentation
    Ian on: Favorite Sally/Bunnie solo stories
    Dulcy the Dragon
    Ian on: Reaction to becoming head writer
    Ian on: X3
    Ben Hurst? (no)
    Ian on: Why Bean & Bark?
    Additional Characters: Why?
    Ian on: Status as a Gamer
    Darkness of theme in Sonic
    Ian on: SatAM
    Ian on: Sonic X - dub or original?
    Sally's turn - M's fault?
    Super Sonic's look

    Page 5
    SatAM - legality of online files (answered by the forum)
    Tails' roll in TDS
    Ian on: Sonic Underground
    Ian on: Next-Gen consoles / PSP
    Chaotix / Destructix - connection?
    Beginnings of the Love...Square?
    Story Creation - Time Taken

    Page 6
    Ian at E3?
    Mighty the Armadillo
    StH - SX crossover?
    Ian doing SX?
    Antoine x Bunnie
    Ian on: Past (Sonic related) influences
    Ian on: progression of the comic
    "Bah weep grahna Weep mini Bong"
    Locke's cancer (M25YL)
    Nanite infections
    Ian on: Sally's coloration
    Sally's pressence in '06
    Hypothetical end plans
    Sonic: concerning Fiona's past

    Page 7
    Status of Sally, Bunnie, Rouge, Antoine and Knuckles for the year
    Sonic x Mina = Sonic x Fiona?
    Plans for Tails
    Barby Koala
    Threat level for Sonic

    Page 8
    Blaze the Cat
    Sally on the Sonic x Fiona issue
    Scourge's evilness
    Scourge returning to Anti-Mobius?
    Bean and Bark - returning?
    Ian on: gaming magazine reading habits
    Ian on: writing other comics
    Ian on: pre-Sonic doings
    Ian on: Favorite games
    Scott Shaw!?
    Nicole's secrets
    SatAM in StH-continuity?
    Nicole's status
    StH-Charmy vs. SegaSonic-Charmy
    How Scourge knew to use the Master Emerald

    Page 9
    Flashback/Recap Issues
    Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al
    Geoffrey and Hershey St. John
    Minions of Robotnik
    Explosions? Big ones?!

    Page 10
    Ian on: Next-Gen Sonic
    Pre-SatAM concept characters
    Ian on: Wii
    Game adaptations - back-ups vs. main story
    Return to Sonic Underground?
    Origin of Scourge's shades
    M25YL: Tails x Mina

    Page 11
    M25YL (multiple Q/As)
    Hope Kintobor
    Ian on: FF: Advent Children
    Ian on: 8 Games
    Revisiting Patch/Bunnie?
    Fiona's impact on the comic
    Ian on: new Sonic X season?
    Ian on: ArchieSonic in SegaSonic
    Scourge the Hedgehog
    Tails' roll in TDS
    Scourge in TDS?
    S#152 - the real deal
    Ash's condition
    Ian on: What I'd like from you

    Page 12
    Dr. Quack and Patch
    Something bigger than Super?
    Ian on: what's in store (Sonic)
    Ian on: what's in store (BKC)
    TDS - Loose ends
    Updated map of Mobius?
    Discussion - NextGen-Sonic

    Page 13
    Handling all them-thar Hedgehogs
    Silver the Hedgehog
    Handling the post-E3 Sonic material rush
    "Sonic06" = New Designs in Comic?
    Source of All and Master Emerald
    Eggman - Shades of Britannia?

    Page 14
    Ian on: Sonic06
    Ian on: Sonic Wild Fire
    Ian on: Sonic Rivals
    Discussion: Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
    Shadow was going to ask Scourge...what?
    Shadow - reported as traitor?
    Fiona's past
    Nic reference in S#161?
    Posting NDS Friend Codes

    Page 15
    SegaSonic/EuroSonic talk is allowed!
    More Sonic Rush story elements?
    Anonymous - the thing on Page 1 of S#162?
    Continuity of "Ties that Bind"
    Snively's redesign
    More Egg Fleet?
    Intraforum ArchieSonic discussion
    More Shadow
    Sonic & Fiona - smooching in S#155?
    Longevity of Sonic x Fiona?
    Problems bringing in Bean & Bark?
    The return of SonSal?
    SegaSonic content vs. ArchieSonic/SatAM content
    Mature content in StH
    Anonymous (again)
    Thread Closed for Size
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Postby Ian Flynn » Thu Jun 22, 2006 9:04 am

Ian Inquiries - Additional Extension! wrote:
    Page 1
    Ian on: Sony/PS3
    Ian on: Marvel/DC aspirations
    Ian on: Concerns for the franchise?
    Archie doing MMX/any other videogame
    Ian on: After StH
    Robotnik's parents
    Robian Dragons
    Back-up stories vs. continuity?
    Sonic's "real name"
    Plans for the Egg Fleet
    Plans for Hope Kintobor

    Page 2
    New Characters
    Plans for Amy Rose
    Plans for Tommy Turtle
    Emerl in StH?
    Snively's "uncle"
    Would-Be fans-turned writers - pointers

    Page 3
    AoStH badniks
    Classic one-liners
    Ian on: "Brodie's Law"
    Robo-Robotnik's tale of future victory?
    Weaponry - clarified
    Ian on: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    Shadow - dating?
    Mammoth Mogul in the Morgue?
    Ian on: Silver the Hedgehog
    Issac = E-Series?
    Chao in StH?
    SX's claim on characters / SX (anime)'s ending impact
    Plans for Snively
    State of the Ancient Walkers post-S#162
    Mogul's awareness
    Sonic's age vs. timeline
    Lead story page count vs. back-up story page-count
    Comic writing process
    Reasons for certain events in S#162 (multiple Q/As)
    Where are the Xorda?
    If there's a Sonic/Mario game, would Archie adapt it?

    Page 4
    Super Emeralds
    Chaos Emeralds
    Sonic & Shadow
    Fiona & Sonic
    Sally - in the battlefield
    Plans for Bean & Bark
    Ian on: kicking everyone's butt in SSBB
    Point to listening to input?
    Ian on: Spider-Man/Civil War
    Elemental Super Forms
    Appearances of SHtH characters?
    Names of Paladin Team members?
    J.J. Moto
    Amy's tarot cards

    Page 5
    Ian on: Art style preference
    Egg Fleet - can we take it seriously?
    Ian on: Sonic06 rumors
    Sega giving inside info?
    The Void (S#163)

    Page 6
    Release date for S#164 (July)
    Mobian Nicole
    Other Sonic writers?
    Sonic vs. Ash
    Plans for Mina
    Ian on: home team(s)
    Ian on: truthful opinions
    Metal Destructix
    Dan Drazen - a connection?
    Fate of Nack's "buddies"
    Ian on: Favorite Sonic tunes
    Ian on: preference in animation styles

    Page 7
    Cover material in the story? (TDS)
    Continuity of "Sonic Riders"

    Page 8
    Sonic Trades
    The "Armada"
    Plural of "Ixis"
    Introduction format
    Nuclear inconsistency
    Status of the Void
    Mobie & Mogul
    Naugus's "voice"
    Shadow post-"Birthday Bash"
    Anonymous revealed in...
    "Ending" to Sonic06
    Metal Sonic
    Metal Snively
    Ian on: college-level writing courses
    Nack's henchmen (henchweaseles)
    The Destructix (Sleuth and Drago)
    Numbered Pages
    Anonymous's range of control

    Page 9
    Spaz / Art Style for the covers
    Archie-made Sonic products
    Naugus's power level (TDS)
    "Super" Naugus?
    Importance of the fallen in TDS
    Ian on: sports in general
    Ian on: Videogame/pop media references ("Shine Get!")
    ArchieSonic stuff in SegaSonic games?
    Fate of Nack's gang

    Page 10
    Ian on: StH/personal longevity speculation
    Bunnie - fully roboticized (speculation)
    Revisited: Voices of the Comic
    Weasel Gang - Post-mortem details
    Ixis vs. Eggman - SatAM x ArchieSonic?
    The Babylon Rogues
    Sally vs. Fiona?
    Ian - penciller?
    Ray's jacket
    Prope & its impact on Sonic
    Shadow the Tenrec

    Page 11
    Ian on: Letter Ranking
    Mobian French
    Lost SegaSonic material in the comic?
    Rouge x Locke? (NO)
    Death Egg
    Snively / "Ties that Bind" / TDS
    Rotor & the SatAM Cast
    Doomsday Project - ArchieSonic continuity?

    Page 12
    Archie & DiC
    Snively & Shadow
    Bean & Bark - Great War veterans?

    Page 13
    Scans - what's allowed
    Ian on: NextGen Sonic anticipation
    Ian on: UK Cons

    Page 14
    Ian on: Online multiplaying
    Ian on: His age
    Pitches by the Potto

    Page 15
    Ian on: Personal Credentials
    Sir Connery's mustache
    Ian on: subsisting on Sonic
    Corbin the Human
    Aurora's appearance, form and power range

    Page 16
    Ian on: meeting fellow Sonic-creatives
    Ian on: Ian/Tracy in Off-Panel?
    Topic Closed

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Postby Ian Flynn » Fri Jul 21, 2006 7:43 am

Daily Dose of Ian - For Inquisitive Minds! wrote:
    Page One
    Sonic Heroes adaptation?
    Outcome of "Sonic Riders" part two?
    The Babylon Rogues
    Anonymous = A.D.A.M. - explain, clarified and verified
    New Rule - No barrages of spoilered questions
    Metal Sonic Troops - Anonymous link?
    Action vs. Drama
    Knuckles returning to Angel Island?

    Page Two
    Mina Mongoose - no plans for execution (?!)
    Super Specials
    How to get old issues (trade paperbacks)
    SatAM - Revived? (No)

    Page Three
    Ian on: Gaming
    Ian on: Personal Comic Collection
    ArchieSonic Staff
    Locke, Shadow and the Brotherhood
    Fate of the Egg Grape prisoners
    Resolving "The Slap"?
    NEW RULE - 5 Qs per session, max
    SonSal - NO, not destined to be
    The One Survivor - Finitevus? (No)
    "See Ya Later, Chao!"
    Mina's closer friends
    Ian on: General plans for the series

    Page Four
    The First Year (behind the scenes work)
    Plans for StH#200+ ?
    Ian on: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
    Sonic's attitude/actions

    Page Five
    Merlin Prower's power level
    The Prophecy
    Scourge's tendency to plan ahead
    Heavy & Bomb
    Rob o'the Hedge
    Villains vs. Villains?
    Scourge's potential impact on Anti-Mobius
    Mogul vs. the Egg Grapes
    Chaos Emeralds
    Ian on: Antoine besting Sonic in the Antiverse
    Clarifying - Scourge's power level and transformation
    Anonymous's other considered IDs
    A.D.A.M.'s origin?
    "Victory" for Anonymous in TDS?
    Anonymous's Classic Robotnik form/actions - clarified
    New moves for Sonic?
    Blaze the Cat
    Dr. Finitevus and TDS
    Sir Connery's death
    Anonymous's plans - timetable

    Page Six
    Metal Destructix = Infiltrators
    A.D.A.M.'s range of influence
    Shadow & Rouge
    Why the Destructix appeared in TDS
    Heavy & Bomb - known traitors / mourned?
    The Prophecy - in all Zones?
    NO - Classic-Robotnik is not coming back
    The moon
    Super forms - plans?
    King Max Acorn's World Tour - any effect?
    Where are Meg and Alexis Acorn?

    Page Seven
    99 Moons
    E-123 Omega
    Value of the Powerless
    Heavy & Bomb - revisited
    Nack & Nic - rivalry or hatred?
    Julie-Su vs. Lien-Da
    Dr. Finitevus's bandages
    Spectre - Red or Dark?
    Source of Dr. Eggman's chaos shards (RtAI, TDS)
    Mighty's shell
    Sir Connery - going out on a joke?
    "And they chastise me for my vebosity."

    Page Eight
    Sonic & Mighty's Totally Bogus Adventure
    Eggman's Badnik Arsenal - Egg Pawns, SWAT-Bots, SHADOW-Bots . . .?
    "Sunshine" the Anti-Shadow
    Character make-overs
    Ian on: Multiverse in the games?
    (follow-up) A SegaSonic multiverse's effect on ArchieSonic

    Page Nine
    Sonic06 badniks in the comic?
    Shadow Androids?
    Chocola Chao
    (follow-up) G-Mel
    What foiled Anonymous's plans
    Why Mecha was scrapped

    Page Ten
    Ian on: ArchieSonic in SegaSonic
    Super forms
    Filling in back-issues with trades

    Page Eleven
    Ian on: The 4th Hedgehog
    Vector's slip in StH#165
    Ian on: Choreography of the fights
    Ivan Kintobor's design
    "Silver" Issac
    Shadow and Omega
    Nack the Treasure/Bounty-Hunting Sniper
    Nack's age
    Rouge and Nack
    GBU follow-up revisited

    Page Twelve
    Sally and Elias in the field (TDS)
    Occupied Egg Grapes post-TDS?
    Mogul's current status / "abandonment" of the Destructix
    Power Rings
    Spider Ninjas' fates

    Page Thirteen
    Mighty's family
    Remington's secret
    Ian on: impact on the process after the script

    Page Fourteen
    Sonic's questionable past
    Naugus's current status
    Dr. Finitevus's plans for Issac
    To retcon or Not to retcon - StH#165

    Page Fifteen
    Why Issac attacked
    Nack/Nic's history
    Merlin's transforming of Tails
    Vector and Julie-Su - Common ground on Rouge
    Chaos Emerald = beryl = No
    Tails' color(s)
    Julie-Su's language (StH#165)
    Diverging in-jokes
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Postby Ian Flynn » Wed Sep 27, 2006 8:47 am

Ask Ian #5 - The Return wrote:
    Page 1
    Any planned original characters?
    "The Chaotix Connection"
    SH-styled Rouge in "TCC"
    Focus of said Specials/mini-series?
    Tails' color(s)
    Alexis' relationship to Elias
    Contacting Archie -
    Green-eyed other Sonics
    King Acorn's mood swings
    King Sonic's efforts (spoilered)

    Page 2
    Alexis/Elias - further clarified
    Hershey's tail
    The Writing Process - time spent
    Ian on: Influence over other artists' contributions
    Sonic x Fiona - Why, Sonic, why?
    Ian on: Preview page art
    Ian on: Ever had stuff turned down?

    Page 3
    Ruined King Sonic - with material from Tracy Yardley
    Patch vs. Antoine - Memories of Titania
    SegaSonic Shadow's powers in the comic?
    King Shadow - explanation
    King Sonic's affect on the future

    Page 4
    M25YL - King Shadow and no children
    M25YL - Rutan's forbidden love
    Antoine in the Antiverse
    M25YL - Tails's time-device vs. Lien-Da's time-device
    SatAM box set's possible impact
    Ian on: Revising and Hindisight
    SatAM box set = Return of Classic Robotnik in the comic? (NO!)
    Ian on: Favorite Sonic artists
    Ian on: Inherited plot points
    Colored Chaos Emeralds
    Ian on: Least favorite story lines
    Any chance of Ivan Kintobor/Issac returning?
    The Chosen One - Not finished yet
    Ian on: Use of feedback on the forum
    Limitations of Bunnie's bionics
    Sega (of America / of Japan)'s influence on the comic
    M25YL - Rotor's injuries

    Page 5
    Fate of Simon
    Knuckles's take on the love triangle
    Loose ends - SSS#11 Julie-Su & Simon
    M25YL - How King Shadow knows of the past
    Dimitri/Finitevus connection? (M25YL related)
    Knuckles plot points (as of StH#165)
    Rouge x Knuckles x Julie-Su love triangle
    Ian on: Other projects / other Sonic projects
    Ian on: Life experiences in the comic?
    Ian on: Favorite secondaries
    Ian on: Proper title of address
    Full issues?

    Page 6
    Ian on: The inside track & collaborators

    Page 7
    M25YL: Brevity of Story
    M25YL: More?
    Tails knows something about Fiona?
    The "original" Destructix
    Locke's redesign
    Metal Snively
    Snively's absence (pre-#160)
    Metal Destructix - To Be Explained
    Ian on: Anything you would change from the past?
    Ian on: Who hands out art duties?

    Page 8
    Ian on: The Writing Process - Rough to Refined
    Ian on: Revision & Hindsight - Again
    M25YL: Brevity - Again
    Ian on: Collaboration with creatives on other material?
    Ian on: The Hiring Process
    Ian on: Long-distance work

    Page 9
    Ian on: Spaz's interaction with the fandom
    Chao in Space - the mini-series?
    Other writers?

    Page 10
    Sonic vs. Eggman
    M's death
    Ian on: Personal application process
    Ian on: Available original projects
    Ian and Sonic X
    #171's title - based on the game/theme?
    Plot points - new ones leading up to/through #175?

    Page 11
    Ian on: Characterization - A How-To
    Sonic x Fiona - easy due to past experience?
    Mogul's "protection" of his forces
    Character ages
    Ian on: The Editorial and Writing Process
    Ian on: All-Ages Writing / Restrictions
    How far are things planned in advance?
    Lead vs. Back-up Story material
    Plans for Spectre

    Page 12
    Plans for the Brotherhood
    M25YL - Lien-Da's family
    Hope Kintobor
    Rouge - traveling around in StH#165-166
    Locke - Greatest Guardian?
    Super Smash Brows. Brawl adaptation?
    Ian on: Coarse language
    Ian on: Favorite story arc
    Ian on: They Might Be Giants
    Humans / Overlanders
    Robotnik - A man among mobians
    Tech Level in Knothole
    Robotnik's resources

    Page 13
    (Only Questions and Discussion)

    Page 14
    Ian on: Narrative Potential in Characters
    M25YL Knuckles
    Knuckles' knuckle-claws
    Character Creation Process
    M25YL - King Shadow based on Angel Island?
    Chaos Emerald - Connections across the Cosmos?
    Concerning Fingers
    Ian's Submissions in his Application
    Forum: Usergroup button

    Page 15
    Death in the Comic
    Podcasting Script Bits!?
    M25YL - Lara-Su's knuckle-claws
    M25YL - M30YL Manik and Sonia?
    Mogul's powers post-StH#168
    A.D.A.M.'s inaction over Dr. Finitevus
    Ian's contribution to Anonymous
    References to outside material in the comic

    Page 16
    (Questions - Thread Closed)
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