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Re: Mega Man #45 - Spoilers & Discussion

PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:29 am
by FeroMcPigletron
I only just got my issue 45. Also 46 and I read them together so the lines between might be blurred.

I was going to get the regular cover of 45 cuz crying drama Mega Man is pretty cool BUT the CGI variant had TOP MAN so I had to get it instead, hehe.

Is it really Wood Man who was the most concerned in Doc? 'we are NOT shooting a child!'. He's so awesome! But I wouldn't have taken Bubble Man to be the most vicious. It was his green color and bubble lead that shot out but, I dunno, seemed weird. He felt like a coward in his segment, as I recall. But he did have sadistic plans for Mega Man until Rock surprised him.

I kinda like Doc Robot so I HOPE he develops his own singular personality... and survives! Don't kill him off!

That panel with slight suddenly grabbing Wily was freaky scary. Just seeming him like that, yikes!

Fool... Fool... Fool... Works better in a movie or anime, hehe. Light breaking down is too much.

Break Man gave Rock a flash drive? I think I mini cd would fit better with the games like Rockman and Forte, when collecting them. But who uses CDs for info storage now when drives hold more info? Hehe

Aka I win again!!!

Auto being fixed too fast makes his temp murder less significant.

Yay game 2 bots being around!!!

I kinda hits me whenever Rock and Roll call Light their dad. Auto wouldn't do that. Hehe, how Roll gets her Marvel vs Capcom fighting skills.

I kinda missed the game references, after seeing all the 8 stages in the last four issues but it's ok so far.