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Re: What Happened to the Aliens and Time Travel

PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:55 pm
by Mega Man Monthly
Sunwalker wrote:
Mega Man Monthly wrote:
Ian Flynn wrote:Obviously, I've been allowed to use some of this. (e.g. Ra Moon, Mayor L. Derado) Some stuff I've specifically been told not to use (Rockman & Forte 2). But when trying to rationalize the time travel and alien elements, or lack thereof, you should consider that most of the alien encounters and time travel didn't happen as far as the main series is concerned.

Huh. Have to say I'm a bit confused by this, because that page in #20 seemed to be a very clear reference to the game.

The green robot on that page was never said to be Rockman Shadow. Or named, for that matter.

In my opinion R-Shadow was drawn in a way that he can ambiguously looks like Quint. So if any trouble arises, it can just be said that he is Quint again and let it be.

No, he was never stated to be R-Shadow, but there's much more to that scene than the presence of maybe-Quint/maybe-Shadow.

Mega Man was skipping through time in order of the games. This scene came after MM&B, and Bass was tagging along with him. Also, they see him standing atop a skyscraper, staring down at them, not unlike the intro to R&FWS... ... 0A90F8846C

Also, Quint and R-Shadow have identical designs, so there's no way to NOT draw R-Shadow to look like Quint...

Re: What Happened to the Aliens and Time Travel

PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:09 pm
by The KKM
Again, they can just have a story happen after MM and Bass where Quint, now looking a bit different, enacts his revenge. The placement et all indicate it's a nod to a game we fans know, but events occur differently in comic