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Postby Tcat » Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:09 am

Antiyonder wrote:But do they have enough support that would allow for the series to go on overall and would be a substitute for supporting it monthly?

*shrug* Probably? People are still going to buy the comics. Some of the more vocal inhabitants of this board are so collectable based they buy everything from regular to variant to special edition cover issues, so I imagine many will pick up the paperbacks, too.

Then just make sure to get every issue then.

I'm not THAT OCD to care about collecting. I'll support the book by wanting to read it, not clamoring to catch 'em all. I have neither the money nor the space for that. If an X book gets made I'll probably just end up ordering the TPBs. I want something that'll last longer than my poor Sonic issues from days past and books are easier to store for me. Though I still wish they'd go for the standard six issues per book instead of four and do continuing stories rather than arcs (easier to keep up with). But... eh. *shrugs again* I shouldn't be picky I suppose. So long as I get to see Spider eventually join the fray I'll be content~ whee.
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