Bat Girl and Big Blue the history of Sonic and Rouge

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Bat Girl and Big Blue the history of Sonic and Rouge

Postby SonicBlueRanger » Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:49 pm

The Star Light Zone late at night. Stars covered the sky more than anywhere else on Mobius giving the Zone it's name. Running through the Zone Sonic The Hedgehog smashed robots left and right he was on a mission to save his adopted home of South Island from Dr. Robotnik's invasion. His focus clear he'd sped his way through several Zones fighting the Eggman at every turn but finding him always getting away.

As far as he was concerned nothing would stop his momentum. Until he heard an explosion. The Blue Blur stopped his forward progression and saw a silhouette fly into a nearby bank"Gotta be one of Buttnik's bots" He thought "Well if there's a Chaos Emerald in there I'm not letting him get it." Sonic ran toward the bank finding a few unconscious workers. "They're still breathing." He whispered to himself "Good Have'ta make sure that bot doesn't hurt anyone."

Running into the Vault Sonic stood behind the figure "Doing a little late night shopping?" He quipped The Figured smirked to itself and flung a powerful kick at the Blue Hero who dodged but saw the tip[ of the figures shoe dent the wall. "Whoa!" The Hedgehog Exclaimed "If the Doc could build bot's capable of that why bother with Motobugs?" The figure huffed in an annoyed tone "You think I'm a robot?" The Figure asked "You really know how to flatter a girl." Sonic took a better look and saw that this was no robot but a Bat girl in a catsuit with a little heart belt and iron tipped boots holding a bag with her loot.

"Heh, woops" The Hedgehog sheepishly chuckled "But Bot or not you're still a thief." Sonic got into a fighting pose but the Bat Girl was just trying to control her laughter "Oh, Honey" She snickered "you are way out of my league so don't even pretend here." Sonic Spindashed and smashed a stand "Blue Boy you don't listen too well do you?" The Girl shouted "Nah try not to it slows me down!" Sonic retorted and spun into her. The force of the strike caused her to drop the bag she was holding A Chaos Emerald flying out.

"I knew it!" He shouted "You're working for Robotnik aren't you?" The Bat shot Sonic a look that practically screamed is this guy for real. "No I'm not working for Robotnik." She responded "If you must know I heard that a rare gem stone was found in Star Light Zone and thought I could add it to my collection." Sonic looked at the Gem and back at the girl "So you weren't getting this for Egghead?" The Girl seemed offended by the question "listen Blue" She shouted "I might be a thief but I got two rules. Never work with Tyrants and never give up jewels."

Sonic thought for a moment "Alright." He said "If you let me take this to stop Robotnik I'll let you go." The girl snickered again "You heard the 'Never give up jewels' part, right?" Sonic looked sternly at her "Yes I did" He told her "and I also know that if you take this 'ol Buttnik will be after you like crazy." The girl thought about this "Oh, alright." She sighed "But when this is over I want that Gem and the other five." Sonic shrugged "Cool with me I only need 'em to stop Buttnik anyway." Coming to an agreement they shook hands but completely by surprise the Bat Girl gave Sonic a quick peck on the cheek. "What was that for?" He asked "Well you are kinda cute Big Blue." She told him with a wink.

Sonic wasn't falling for it "Yeah I bet you say that to all the guys miss..." The Girl smirked at him "Rouge." She said "Rouge the Bat." "Well Rouge the Bat I gotta get back on track and kick some Robuttnik." He told her. Rouge watched as he darted off "Bye Sonic" She thought "Hope we meet again."

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this. This story's based on my head canon that Sonic and Rouge knew each others a few years before SA2 and I just wanted to do a story about their first meeting. Maybe I'll do more, maybe this'll be a oneshot I don't know but tell me what you think, let me know of any mistakes I made and feel free to give tips on how to get better.
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