Sally’s Nightmare

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Sally’s Nightmare

Postby Lord Discord » Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:43 am

Sally’s Nightmare


Lord Discord

The following roughly takes place during STH issue 167, between the time the Freedom Fighters narrowly escaped Eggman’s trap and when Sonic was able to rendezvous with them, after training how to adapt to being a Werehog at night.


Inside a series of hallways on the Death Egg II, all was quiet, save for whirls coming from the number of robots walking through. Although quiet, they were deadly looking with their ghastly red and orange colors, spiked shoulder and legs. Some had laser guns or lances in their grips while the bigger ones carried giant hammers.
Suddenly out of nowhere, a bunch of bi-pedal creatures and attacked the robot horde. The robots tried to fight back, but even the best models were no match for creatures who took them down one by one. This was especially true, particularly for four of the individuals who eventually separated from the rest of the group as they went down different hallways.
One of them was a young yellowy orange fox who had two tails and the ability to use them to both fly and fight. Another was a pink hedgehog with a red dress, welding a yellow mallet that could take down a foe with one blow. A third was also a hedgehog that was white and had telekinetic powers and abilities. The forth (and leader of the pack) was a blue hedgehog who was insanely fast; often bashing robots like a bowling ball smashing through bowling pins.

BLUE HEDGEHOG: Hehe,…and another one bites the dust.
Alright, everyone good? How you’re doing Tails?

YELLOWY ORANGE FOX/TAILS: I’m A-okay; ready for what’s next.

SONIC: Sweet! How about you Amy?


With one last blow from her hammer, she dispatches the last robotic opponent.

AMY: Okay…now I’m good.

SONIC: Great.! And you Silver?; you’re keeping up?

WHITE HEDGEHOG/SILVER: ……Yeah, I’m okay…(pants)…just not used to doing so much so soon…even the worst moments from my time were never this hectic.

SONIC: Really? I thought things were rough for a couple hundred years in our future.

SILVER: True, but…

Sliver shrugs.

AMY: OH c’mon, Silver. If what you said about what’s to come was true and everything, wouldn’t you think that this rescue attempt is nothing compared to what you experienced?

SILVER: Okay, first of all, from my point of view, most of everything bad that’s going to happen has already happened before I was even born. And second, any rescue party is one thing; what we’re trying to do is something different. And by different, I mean we’re trying to alter the timeline by trying to save someone who’s been turned into a killer robot.

SONIC: True…but even if the time traveling stuff wasn’t an issue, it’s still a big issue. After all, it’s not just anyone we’re trying to get back; it’s Sally.

AMY: Yeah, you’re right. Besides we have to do this since she’s a princess and former leader of our old Freedom Fighter group; at least until she sacrificed herself to sabotage Eggman’s Superroboticizer.

TAILS: And to top it off, she’s not only roboticized, but also upgraded like never before. I don’t think even Metal Sonic would be a match.

SONIC: But we’re going to fixed that now, aren’t we guys?

TAILS: Yep, all we have to do is catch her, take her to a safehouse and figure out how to derobotize her.

AMY: Definitely not an easy job, but if we pull it off, it’ll be worth getting Princess Sally back…Even if it means Sonic gets her back and…I mean, we could rebuild the Freedom Fighter with her back, right?

SONIC: Yeah, that’s the spirit!

SILVER: Enough chitchat guys! We’re not rescuing anyone as long as were standing here. Lets go already.

SONIC:…Umm right, lets do it!

The Quadrate made there way to the next hall and the next, taking down each and every opposition along the way, as if they were an unstoppable force. However a few minutes later…Sonic gets suspicious about something.

SONIC: …Hmm, something’s not right; this almost seems too easy as if…
Wait! Hold up guys! Has anyone heard from the other group?

Everyone stops in their tracks; the other three shook their heads. Worried, Sonic activates his wristcom.

SONIC: Team Fighters to Team Arctic. Come in Team Arctic. Is anyone their? ANYONE?
…Not good, not good at all.

AMY:…Maybe they’re just preoccupied, being the ones creating a diversion.

SILVER: Or maybe something went wrong, maybe their dead…or at least down for the count.

Sonic: I hope not, but…

After pondering for a few seconds, Sonic sighs in resignation and mutters an inaudible word.

SONIC: …In any case, we all knew what the risk were. But right now we have to hope for the best and keep going before we lose our only chance to…..

TAILS: WATCH OUT!! More Eggbots coming!

SONIC: #$%&! Move it guys!

The group fights another group of robots. They’ve managed to hold their ground for a while. But then another robot flew in unnoticed and attacked.
Sonic sees Silver go down and right next to him was his assailant. A robot that resembled a brown Squirrel with blue eyed optical-sensors a red Chipmunk hairpiece and wearing a maroon jumpsuit. The look was no coincidence for this was the one robot (or rather the former Princess and friend of Sonic and company, before being roboticized) they were looking for: Sally or rather, Mecha Sally.

MECHA SALLY: Primary target located, Sonic Hedgehog, Priority #1! ENGAGING!

Right off the back, she renews her attack. Caught off guard, Sonic is reluctant to fight back and is soon pinned against the wall, but he then managed to catch the robot’s arms and flip her around and pin her to the wall in turn, if only for the moment; it was his hope to reason with the robot by reaching out to what (if anything) was left of the special person he once knew.

SONIC: Sal, Can you her me? I know you’re there Sal. Listen, you don’t have to do this. You don’t need…

Suddenly, Mecha Sally’s forehead opens up and out pops a large blaster cannon.

MECHA SALLY: Ah, thank you sweetie, you just made yourself a perfect target for me.


SONIC: Oh crap, forgot about that.

Finishing up his opposition, Tails just happened to look in the right direction.

TAILS: What the? SONIC, WATCH OUT!!!!!

Reacting on instinct, Tails rushed over and barley manages to shove Sonic out of the way before the robot’s cannon gets its shot off. However the shockwave from the resulting blast was enough to knock both of them off there feet and at least stun them, if not render the two unconsciouses.


AMY: Hey guys? Oh no, what happened?

Amy wants to rush over to help her fallen comrades but is blocked by her two remaining opponents.


It didn’t take long for her hammer to make quick work of the robots.
Once clear, Amy made her way to her fallen friends.

AMY: Sonic? Tails? Can you hear me? What happened?

She checks for and found their pulse much to her relief. But then are whirling noise made her turn around, only to see Mecha Sally standing over them, with her fully charged cannon pointed right at her.

MECHA SALLY: Target locked; death to the enemies of the Eggman Empire!

AMY: Oh…!

CHOME! The blaster goes off. Tails, Amy, and Sonic had all three of their names one that one shot. In an instant, the hallway was a blaze with light, both from the resulting blast as well as from Mecha Sally’s protective force field that she activated.


By the time it goes out, Sonic, Tails and Amy were no more; what remained was not a pretty sight.
After stowing away her cannon, Mecha Sally performs a brief scan of the entire area.

MECHA SALLY: All enemy units neutralized, Death Egg II is now secure once more. Mission completed. The Master will be pleased.
Farewell rodent.


At this point some new robots have appeared, too late for the recent battle.

MECHA SALLY: Clean up this mess, and begin any and all repairs as soon as possible. I have to report back to the master.

She turns to leave.

EGG ROBOT: At once, your majesty.

MECHA SALLY: Majesty?….interesting.

Firing up her feet mounted rockets, she flew out of the hallway, made her way around to the upper levers of the Death Egg II until found her way to the base’s mobile command center (more commonly known as the Overbridge). There was her master, a bald, obeist human with a long thick mustache and an ugly red outfit. He was sitting on his favorite chair in the very center and in a very good mood. Mecha Sally walked up to him and bowed.

DR. EGGMAN: Ah, you back so fast; did you take care of our little rodent problem?

MECHA SALLY: Yes Master, you will be please to know that Sonic the Hedgehog is no more, along with Miles Tails Prower and Amy Rose; I have some units taking care of their remains. The same can be said for their support group, the so-called Arctic Freedom Fighters. I even took down what appears to be a new recruit; an unknown Hedgehog with unusual powers and abilities; not that it would’ve stopped me of course.
As for the negative aspects, damage to the base was minimal, easily repairable. However, numerous units were lost during the engagement. I apologize for that sir, but it was a necessary sacrifice so I could complete my mission.

DR. EGGMAN: Bah, think nothing of it Princess, those robots served their purpose by aiding you on your mission, even if they were nothing but pawns and folder. Besides, they can always be replaced, and broken equipment can be fixed. You, on the other hand, can’t. After all, you are far too important to me, being my best enforcer.
Wait, no, scratch that! From now on, you and I are partners.


MECHA SALLY:…Partners?

DR. EGGMAN: Yes, partners heheheheh…and to think, you were once one of my worst enemies, at least until your unexpected roboticization when you originally thwarted my plans at the time.
Ha! Who knew that such a fluke could make someone like that my greatest ally. So much the better Gahahahah…

MECHA SALLY: Excuse me, Sir? If I recall, my purpose was to….

DR. EGGMAN: Your purpose has now changed. I may have intended you to be my lackey. But you’ve gone beyond that, haven’t you.
I know you have made independent actions without my knowledge. Normally I would have a problem with such a robot. But in this case, it’s been beneficial.
Your first actions brought down half of the Freedom Fighters from New Mototropolis. You then helped with the little raid on Stations Square and then held your own against Snively and his forces during his rebellion. In addition, your enforcement policies allowed me to regain control of the Eggman Empire since it was on the verge of coming apart prior to. You’ve even come up with a divide and conquer strategy to fight against a new threat, composed of former Freedom Fighters. And now you have defeated my greatest foe for once and for all.
Aside from an occasional blemish, your performance has been stellar.

MECHA SALLY: Thank you master.

DR. EGGMAN: I’M NOT YOUR MASTER ANYMORE! NO ONE IS! See, you’ve been so beneficial, I can’t let your services go unrewarded, even though I rather do so. But in truth…well between you and me, I’ve come to realize that I need an heir to take over my empire, should something happen to me.

MECHA SALLY:…Didn’t you have someone in mind already? I’m sure that you already selected one of your Grandmasters.

DR. EGGMAN: They’re already too greedy and selfish to be trusted; besides, they’re already waiting for a chance to replace me or just break away and have their own little show, just like my nephew. They would fail of course, but still…

Dr. Eggman shrugs.

MECHA SALLY: And if I may be bold Master or rather Doctor, what makes you think that I won’t be the same.

DR. EGGMAN: I don’t, but you have some things they don’t: true loyalty, leadership and other special abilities, all rolled into one. No, it’s decided as I made the order already; from now on you are not only my partner in ruling the Eggman Empire, you are it’s successor and rightful heir. Your directives are now whatever you will, no strings attached.
Of course, you might want to think about changing your designation to reflect your new role, how about the Eggmaster or Eggprincess or Eggqueen.

MECHA SALLY: How about Egg Empress?

DR. EGGMAN:…Yes, that will do just find Princess, or do you prefer, your Majesty?

MECHA SALLY/EGG EMPRESS: Always a pleasure to work with you, your Highness.

The two shook hands, sealing the pact….



With a frighten shriek, a female creature best described as an Squirrel/Chipmunk hybrid woke up, out of couch suddenly; her blue shirt, dark blue pants and even her black socks and sports bra were filled with sweat.

SQUIRLMUNK: WAH!!, oh my gosh!...

She panted for a couple of seconds before managing to calm herself down, with a few deep breaths.

SQUIRLMUNK:...Okay, relax Sally. It was just a bad dream; just a bad dream.

Sally took a moment to get a look at her surroundings. She was in some sort of lounge area, filled with chairs, tables and other furniture here and there as well as some board games, books workout equipment, Television sets, videogame counsels. There was even a pantry filled with snacks and drinks in one corner. It may not be her bedroom, but at least she was assured of being in a safe and familiar place.
After all, she wasn’t in any house, nor was she in some apartment, or even in a castle and what not. Instead she was aboard a floating fortress, high above the sky: the Sky Patrol. Know one couldn’t ask for a safer place to be, especially when the world was shattered into several continents as a result of some unknown, energy based monster known as Dark Gaia.
Even so and despite all the comforting amenities in the lounge, she felt frighten. Not from any outside threat for she was safe and sound, along with just about every one else. It wasn’t about the current crisis. While it’s bad that the planet was in pieces, practically everyone was still alive and well. Furthermore, not only was everyone adapting, but she and here friends and colleges were already working on how put the world back together.
No, it was something else; something related to her recent nightmare.
Suddenly, a loudspeaker blared to life.

FEMALE VOICE ON THE LOUDSPEAKER: Nicole to Princess Sally, come in Sally?

SALLY: Groan…what now?
Wait a minute, that’s Nicole.

Nicole was an A.I. program with the ability to infiltrate and possible control any computer or electronic device. Well actually, she was originally a new experimental handheld computer, given to Sally as a child for educational purposes, like a learning tool or tutor. Since then, she has evolved into something more. Today, many regard her, as a person with her own vessel/body (although it’s just a hologram), a companion, an ally, Sally’s closest friend.

SALLY: Sally here, what’s wrong?

NICOLE: Oh, thank goodness.
I couldn’t help but over hear noises at your location. What happened? Is everything all right?

SALLY: What? Oh.
Yes Nicole, I’m fine; I was just a bad dream, that’s all.

NICOLE: Really? In the middle of the lounge area? I thought you would’ve been in bed by now.

SALLY: Must’ve dosed off on the way there.
She has a point, thought. Walking through the hallway near the com antennas was the last place I remember before…

Sally groans in disgust.

SALLY: Great…now I’m starting to sleep walk.

She couldn’t help but sigh in resignation.

NICOLE: You really should go and check yourself in to Sickbay, given what has…

SALLY: I said I was fine!
I just need to rest and recuperate, that’s all.
How is everyone else doing?

NICOLE: Roughed up, just like you. But they will fully recover…and be all to eager for a little payback; I’m keeping them all into Sickbay for the night just to be sure. After all, you guys barley made it out of there alive, right?

SALLY: Sigh…Tell me something I don’t know.

Nicole was referring to a recently botched mission that Sally and a few of her colleges had just come back. It should have been an easy raid on one of Dr. Eggman’s outpost; infiltrate and sabotage, grab a chaos emerald being held within the facility and get out. No muss, no fuss as intelligence (stolen directly from the Death Egg II’s mainframe) showed a weak defense.
Instead, it was a disaster. Not only did they fail to get the emerald before Eggman’s forces were able to get it away, it turned out to a trap as three E-series heavy combat robots, along with support, ambushed the raiding party out of nowhere. They barley escaped from the place and that was only when the Sky Patrol was able to get within range to provide support; even then, it was a risky endeavor as there could’ve been airborne threats waiting for their chance.
And all because of poor planning, or so Sally had convince herself by the time they escaped and why not: she was the leader of the Freedom Fighters after all.

SALLY: D%& it! That twice I messed up; two supposedly easy mission that I underestimated what we were getting into. And people almost died because of that. I could’ve died, especially when that one E-series robot had me in its sights. The only reason it didn’t kill me then and there was because I played dead for a few second; it wouldn’t fool the robot of course, but it saw me as less of a threat. That, along with activity from my friends created enough of a distraction, allowed me to scramble out of harm’s way and eventually return the favor. Even then, we all got banged up; until help arrived, it seemed hopeless. $%#.

After retreating to safe haven, with everyone on board their floating base, Sally sent everyone to Sickbay, having noted the condition everyone was in. Despite insistences and objections from her teammates, she declined to go herself, believing to be in better shape, considering. She also thought it could be a moral booster to be the leader who could “tough it out”. But of course, that would sound lame and everyone would know it was just an excuse.
In truth, she needed some alone time, which she sought, only to apparently sleepwalk her way here, to the lounge for some reason.

NICOLE: I still think that you should get yourself checked. According to my bios-cans, well…you are definitely in no better shaper than everyone else.

SALLY: Hahaha…Nicole relax, I’m going to be just fine.
Besides, I’m more worried about wounds on the inside; you know, the ones that hurt more than any physical wounds.

NICOLE: What are you…oh…of course you are, especially the…never mind, that’s not my place to discuss without your consent.
Well, okay I’ll leave you alone then. If ever you need to talk or whatever, I’m right here, along with anyone else. I would also think it wouldn’t hurt to talk with Sonic, once he returns from his…shall we say Sabbatical; I’m sure he would be willing to pitch in, given your history and all.

When Nicole mentioned Sabbatical, she was referring to Sonic’s current training with Mighty and his mentor, so he could control his new so-called Werehog form. A few weeks ago or so, he accidently absorbed some Dark Gaia energy seeping from the planet’s surface, while helping his uncle and fellow teammate, Antoine, collect samples for scientific research; that energy eventually made him Werewolf-like; although he was able to get a handle on the mental aspects, with the help of both Sally and Amy, he still needed to harness the physical aspect (at least until he could be cured).
In any case, such possible outlet/s (if nothing more or ever used) was no doubt appreciated and Sally couldn’t help but smile at the notion.

SALLY: Thanks Nicole, I’d appreciate that.

NICOLE: Goodnight, sweet dreams.

As the intercom went silent, Sally began to make her way out of the lounge, towards her bedroom hoping for such dreams instead of more nightmares (or even night terrors) awaiting her.


For the longest time, Sally tried again and again to get some shuteye, hoping the bed would be more comfortable; she didn’t even bother to change into a nightgown. But each time, the thought of a bad omen kept her awake. She wanted to blame it on the fact that she blew it in their last mission. After all, such a catastrophic mistake would be enough to keep anyone sleepless and depress for quite some time and they’ll need the support of loved ones to get through it; no doubt that it should be the same for her. Even so, she knew that it was only the tip of the iceberg. What was still bothering her had to do with what transpired during her supposed sleep walk or rather her recent night terror.

SALLY: Sigh…Yeah, just a bad dream……yeah.
One of the same ones I’ve been having for the last two weeks or so. Nothing to it, I hope.

Yet, Sally knew, deep down, that it was more than just a dream; it was more like a bad memory, from what could be best described as a past life.
You see, during her youth (over a generation ago), she was a Princess and heir to the throne of the Acorn Kingdom. But one day, Dr. Robotnik (A.K.A Dr. Eggman) suddenly rose to power, betrayed her father and took over the kingdom (along with virtually all of other nations around the world) seemingly overnight. While the majority of the world’s population were captured and roboticized, she along with a few others, including Sonic, one of her closets friends and potential…interest, were able to escape into exile. From there, she helped found a resistance movement (the Freedom Fighters) which eventually liberated the Acorn Kingdom and severally other nations as well as rescue and de-roboticized the majority of the population; even restored the crown, when her father was found alive and rescued.

SALLY:…It should’ve ended there.

But no, Dr. Eggman remained along with his so-called Eggman Empire and has been a constant threat ever since. In one of his latest attacks, he threatened to unleash a Superroboticizer from his new floating fortress, the Death Egg II. With the help of Sonic, who provide a distraction for her, Sally managed to sabotage Eggman’s plans by reversing the roboticizing beam, destroying the weapon in the process; but as a sacrificial consequence, she, in turn, was roboticized. And to top it off, the mad doctor used every opportunity to modify, weaponize and utilize her, without her knowledge, nor consent. Through her, he had more success than ever before, even as far as being so close to killing off her friends, especially her closest friends during the last confrontation.
Her latest nightmare was of based on that moment, the failed rescue attempt; the only difference was how it ended. What happened within her dream was one thing that Sally was thankful it didn’t come to past. In reality (or rather, a past reality), the mysterious time traveling hedgehog known as Silver survived Mecha Sally’s initial attack; then when he recuperated, he was able to temporary immobilize Sally, right before she would commit the ultimate treachery via blowing away Sonic, Tails and Amy.

SALLY:…That was way too close, even for a deity of some kind.

Even then, there was no guarantee of success for the rescue party. First there was the high possibility of Silvers physic field around Mecha Sally failing; without it, she would’ve come back with her full furry; Sally had no doubt that someone would’ve been killed by her own, unwilling hand.
Second, was how could any keep Mecha Sally neutralized until she could’ve been deroboticized. A confinement cell would’ve normally sufficed, but she was comparable to one of those Hyper Metal series robots. Those were the strongest, fastest, smartest and most deadly adversaries Dr Eggman has at his disposal; each one has the ability to take down an entire army on it’s own. Sally didn’t want to imagine what would happen if Mecha Sally got out; it would’ve been bad.
And finally, most important of all, was deroboticization even possible. If it wasn’t, would’ it even been possible for Sally to at least get her free will back? It would’ve been a hard life being a liberated robot person (or a Robian) but at least she would’ve had the chance to atone for all she done. Then again, deroboticized or not, the Counsel of the Acorn Kingdom could’ve felt otherwise (despite support from friends, family and other allies) and had her permanently imprisoned or even executed.
But that was only if Deroboticization or even regaining freewill was even possible. Otherwise, the rescue mission would’ve been in vain as Mecha Sally would’ve been unleashed upon innocents. Should that have happened, tragedy would be an understatement as Mecha Sally would’ve been relentless. The only way to end the horror was for Sonic. Tails, Amy and/or anyone else involve (Even Knuckles the Echidna Guardian of the small floating continent Angel Island) to kill her before she would kill them. And that would’ve been if it were even possible to destroy such a deadly thing.

SALLY: Thank goodness no ever had to find out what would’ve happened if things stayed the course…even if it was the result of yet another of those schemes that Dr. Eggman has no objection of committing no matter how bad it could be; and perhaps impeccable timing as well.
But even that had consequences of it’s own.

She was referring to the moment, a minute after Silver immobilized her (and in doing so, possibly changing his supposedly future into a much better one) that the so-called World’s Collide incident (or so Sonic was calling it) happened. That was started when the mad doctor set off what may have been his most diabolical superweapon yet, the Genesis device; a Chaos Emerald powered contraption that could alter reality, as if the user was playing god.
Dr. Eggman tried to use it once before to reshape the world into his image, but was ultimately defeated by Sonic who set things right. In that second attempt, however, the Doctor tried to merge this reality with another dimension to achieve his dream; at least that was the account from Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles, who were in a position to repair the damage done at that time. As usual, Dr. Eggman was again thwarted by Sonic and company, as well as allies from the other dimension, but when Sonic went to set things right, the doctor tried to interfere.
This was the result; what was once their old reality was gone, replaced by a new one. It was like someone went back in time and altered history at some point in the time-space continuum. Events that have happened in the old reality and places that might have existed may have never come to past. For some people, changes in their lives were very minor and insignificant. For most people however, including Sally’s, changes were major. For example, in the old reality, Sonic was all but interested in her and vice versa when it came to such things; in the new reality, at least some of that interest was now directed more towards Amy, but Sally may still has have a shot, if she chooses so.
Yet, there were some people from the old reality who are not around anymore. Well actually, they’re not gone; in fact they’re alive and hopefully well. Yet they are now completely different people or even races from different backgrounds and living completely different lives compared to the old reality. A few examples of the latter would be Sally’s brother Elias, his wife Megan and daughter, Alexis; while it sadden her that she may never see them again, she felt confident that they were still around living somewhere else as completely different people.
Strangely enough, the only reason she and a few of her fellow Freedom Fighters knew about any of this was the fact that they were able to retain their memories from their past lives, thanks to some leftover chaos emerald energy that Nicole somehow obtained and later used to help the group regain their memories. Even so, much of their memories may have all but faded, even for Sonic, which was surprising since he was the one who all but set things right; plus he along with Tails and Knuckles had experiences with the Chaos Force (energy from the chaos emeralds), having the ability to bond with it.

SALLY: Perhaps it was for the best. After all things around the world are far better than they were before reality was changed; even if the planet had been separated into several floating continents due to some evil spirit. At the very least we have just about everything we need to fix this mess, along with any other. Where as before, all we were riding on was a hope and a prayer ever since my downfall and what followed.
One thing that bothers me, though. Why is it that my memories of the old reality exist along with those of my current life? It should’ve all but faded into nothing but dreams, just like everyone else’s’. Yet there it is; both the good and the bad, even what should’ve been stuck with the memory banks of Mecha Sally. It feels like I lived two lives at once. It’s no wonder why I’ve been having all these nightmares lately. But why haven’t I been getting pleasant dreams from those same memories? And how am I ever going to get a good night’s sleep again? This has gone on for too long.

She laid on her bed for several minutes, waiting for the counting sheep to go by, but to no avail. Frustrated and residing herself to yet another virtually sleepless night, Sally got out of her bed and walked over to a nightstand, where a sink and mirror were installed. Thinking that perhaps a splash of cold water might help, she turned on the facet and splashed water all over her face. Afterwards, she grabbed a towel from an overhang and wiped her face.
And was startled by the image she saw on the mirror as she removed the towel from her face. It was not her face, but rather that of her evil robotic self: Mecha Sally. Alarmed, she turned to look at herself and was assured of everything about her was the way it should be; no cybernetic limbs or parts anywhere, she looked again at the mirror, then herself and back at the mirror. Mecha Sally was still there in all its metallic menace; it’s cold blue optics starring right back. And then it smiled, showing razor sharp teeth with fangs.


With that shriek, Sally took a step back from the nightstand. Surprisingly Mecha Sally was gone; in its place was just the ordinary mirror image. As Sally breathed a sigh of relief, she looked down; then back up again, only to discover her entire body was robotic.


Sally initial instinct was to run away, but her shock and confusion caused her to trip and fall as she turned. She tried to get up right away, only to stop and find her arms looked normal instead of robotic. Confused, she looked at her legs as well; they looked normal. Then she got up and looked back at the mirror as well as herself, over and over again; everything was the way it should be, nothing robotic. She starred into the mirror one last time; no Mecha Sally, just herself. Finally, she breathed another sigh of relief.

SALLY: …Must‘ve been my imagination or something, or was it yet another nightmare…or night terror?
Still, twice in one night that is unheard of, even for me.
Perhaps it’s just me reacting to all the stress from those botched missions. They were in a way, my fault for leading us so blindly. Yet, that’s another thing; how could I be messing up so badly. True, it’s in our nature that everyone makes mistakes every now and then, especially Sonic, but even he was never this bad.
Sometimes I wonder if somehow, this was the work of Mecha Sally; that somehow she’s still around and manipulating events to it’s likening and that of….
Oh, don’t be so silly Sally. You know that it doesn’t exist at least not anymore thanks to the Sonic, and maybe Dr. Eggman as well. It’s not like that thing is somehow living inside me; that is preposterous and I would know, right?
Then again it would explain all the…

Oh, Forget it!

She turned back towards her bed, knowing that there were better things to do than to dwell on self-pity and excuses. Enough was enough and Sally was determined to try to put such things out of her mind; perhaps tomorrow will be a better day and all.
As she was about to hop onto the bed, a note of caution came to her mind. Almost immediately, she went back to the nightstand and look in the mirror as well as herself one last time, just to make sure. Seeing nothing amiss, she took a few steps back, looked back down and breathed, trying to relax.

SALLY: …It's over now…I know inside.

As she looked back up, a thought came to her mind; a very sincere thought, centered around the events related to Mecha Sally that supposedly never happened, at least in this reality.

SALLY: And yet hardly anyone will ever know...The tragic tale of how I became Dr. Eggman’s #1 henchman…against my own will…and those who nearly died because of me.
Nor would they ever know how only a lucky fluke undid it all, when reality was changed.
Perhaps it’s for the best.
Yes…no one will ever know, no one must ever know.
If they did, they only see the tragedy.
They will never again see my good intentions…the shadow of that robotic evil…will forever kill…the good that I have meant.

Again, she tried to put it all out of her mind, but to no avail. All of the things that have happened within the last few weeks, possible months, she couldn’t help but question herself, her actions and motives.

SALLY: Am I good person? Am I a mad person?
It's such a fine line between a good person and a-*gasp*

There it was, on the mirror again; Mecha Sally. But this time, it didn’t look so robotic; instead it looked more genuine, organic and full of life. It was as if it were an evil incarnation of Sally for real; with red eyes (instead of blue) and a maroon jumpsuit as oppose to her own relatively blue outfit. It was chuckling in amusement, as if it was alive and a separate entity.
It then soon vanished from the mirror to Sally’s relief, but it didn’t last. A slight sound of menacing giggles followed by footsteps caused Sally to turn around and saw shocked to see her evil self, materializing and walking up right behind her, like a ghost.
And then it spoke.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: ...Do you really think, that I would ever let you go? Do you think you’d be set free? If you do, then I'm sorry my dear; I sadly have to say it simply cannot be.

SALLY: What, how? That is impossible; you shouldn’t exist!

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: Shouldn’t I? Hehehe…Sonic was the only one who played a hand in the fallout of the World’s Collide incident.

SALLY:…True, but still…

Sally turned away wondering what was going on and was this yet another nightmare.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: Anything’s possible, by dear; might as well get used to it. Hehehe…

Sally felt even more uncomfortable as the vile creature it’s hand on Sally’s shoulder for a moment.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: You known, at my highest point (or should I say yours hehehe…) I was the Dr’s #1. asset. Perhaps I could still be that, through you dear; or maybe I’ll obtain by on unique vessel one day. Yes, maybe one day, I will be able to surpass the role of servant and become his equal.
Hahahaha…Imagine that, just him and me (the Egg Empress if you will) ruling the Eggman Empire together.
Yes, while it is true that I may now only exist in you, but resurgences are more frequent than you think; just take a look at your own past...hehehe.

SALLY: No, don’t listen to her Sally. It’s not real. She’s not real. It’s just your imagination and woes getting the better of you again. Just ignore her and it’ll go away.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: You’re sure about that. You can hide from me whatever your thinking of. After all, I am a part of you, like it or not. Reality may have changed in favor of your glee. Yet, I’m still here, now and forever.
Hehehehehe….you, my dear will never get away from me!

Sally still was in panic mode for a second but only for a second as a possible realization struck her.

SALLY: Just ignore her, and get a hold of yourself. Don’t let her get to you; that’s how she gets her strength, by feeding it off of you. Don’t let her. Resist the bad feeling inside and….fight back with all of your freewill.

With her resolve renewed, she stares back at the abomination.

SALLY: Yes, that’s it. You got this Sally. Don’t give in. Fight back; you don’t have to put up with this anymore.
You hear me you stupid fragment of my imagination?! All that you are is a face in the mirror. All I have to do is close my eyes and you’ll disappear.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: Ha!! Maybe so, but I'm what you’ll face whenever you face in the mirror; as long as you live I will still be here.

SALLY: All that you are is just an illusion, the end of a nightmare. All that you are is a dying scream. From now on I shall dedicate myself to ending these demonic dreams!

With a wave of monster’s hand, the bedroom disappeared; replaced by dark swirling clouds that surrounded Sally while the creature stood to one side. The view was occasionally obstructed by swirling images (usually bad ones) related to Sally’s past, as if it were part of a dream.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: Hahahah…this is not a dream my dear as I shall never end!

Then the creature charged suddenly and grabbed Sally’s throat as if it intended to kill.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: This one is the nightmare that goes on!
I am here to stay no matter what you may pretend!
And I'll flourish long after your gone!

By now it thrown Sally to the invisible floor where she was seemingly down for the count, the fiend gleefully approached as if to finish her, but was surprised when Sally quickly got up and with one roundhouse kick, nailed it right in the stomach, sending it to the floor, itself.
Sally found it curious to as how she counterattacked as she prefers to let her ring-powered wrist-blades to do the work. Perhaps such footwork was one of her signature moves from the old reality, but in any case, by gosh, that felt good to fight back; it gave her a thought.

SALLY: Your forgetting that these dreams and memories are all that’s left of the old reality and even those could fade away. Eventually you will die and my silence will forever hide you. H#$%, even at your highest moment as I recall, you couldn’t help but not be in control.

By now the monster had gotten back up, determined not to be outdone.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: HA!! Aren’t you forgetting? The change in reality already happened a while back; old memories of everyone else may be all but dreams, yet here I am, still scheming!
Foolish little girl, you can't control me for I live deep inside you. Each day you feel me devour your soul!

SALLY: I don't need you to survive like you need me. I'll become whole and purified as you dance with death. And I'll rejoice once you breathed your final breath!

That’s when the vile ghost charged again at Sally, only to seeming pass through here. Then to her horror, Sally could feel and hear the all to familiar presence within her head.


SALLY: What? No!


SALLY: Noooo!

Hahaha….Ahhahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHA…

Despite her panic and through sheer will power, Sally had focused and focused one on thing, pushing that thing out of her with all her strength. At first it seemed like she wouldn’t be capable, at least until a plan came to mind.

SALLY: Didn’t that already happen?

MECHA/EVIL SALLY; Yes….I…wait, what....


Using the momentary laps on it’s part, Sally mentally focused on shoving out the abomination out of her body; it took effort but it paid off as the Sally wannabe was seen flying through the air like she was flung.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: ...What? How? #$%&!

SALLY: There, see, I can fight back, whatever you’re goal is, I’ll never let it happen. Not as long as I have free will!

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: You little…grrrr.

The two opponents charged and fought physically trading blow for blow, sometime dodging, sometimes using verbal lash-outs.

SALLY: This it pointless, you maybe having some influence, but I can adapt; you don’t even have a vessel of your own anymore!
Can't you see? It's over now? It's time for you to die!

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: No, not I; if anyone, only you!

SALLY: We share the vessel; if I die, you'll die too!

The ghost pointed at Sally, smiling.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: Only if were both out in the open…I may die with you out there and that’s that, but if you die with me out there, I'll become you!

SALLY: Augh! D#mn it you! Just let me be!

The ghost assumed a true image of Sally for a second, as if to make a point.

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: There, Can't you see? You are me!

SALLY: No! Deep inside...

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: I am you! I am Your Queen!

SALLY: No, Never!!!

MECHA/EVIL SALLY: Yes Forever!!!

It was at this moment that Sally might have fallen into despair and hopelessness. Instead, that the potential feeling of despair was not present; instead it was replaced by pure anger and content towards the spectacle as she went up to it, intent to do away with it for once and for all. It was this attitude that allowed her to finally prevail, as she would stand all but triumphant, yet still feel angry with her all but defeated opponent who was barely standing.

SALLY: G#@ D%MN YOU, YOU F@#&$N MONSTER!! Take all of your evil deeds and go to @#$%, may you stay there FOR ALL ETERNITY!!

The creature smiled.



And with one last blow to the face, Sally shattered the monster into shards, which in turn spread across the dreamlike surrounding, shattering that as well. Before she knew it, Sally found herself back in her bedroom. Only this time around, the mirror overhanging the sink next to her was smashed; probably done so be Sally herself.
After taking a moment to get her bearings, Sally breathed a sigh of relief; possible felt some satisfaction as well (even though she was feeling pain on her right hand, down to her forearm). That was yet another night terror she had; but this time, she fought back and possibly won.

SALLY: I did it…I did it! I beat that monster…in it’s own game too. Not how I figured it would go, but any victory I could go for right about now.

Of course she knew that it wasn’t over yet as prevailing within this so-called dream was just one battle, so to speak. Sally was sure that there would be more such struggles ahead before it was all and done with; but at least the end was in sight.

SALLY: At least the worst part is over, I think; what else could go wrong?
Wait, is that Nicole coming?


Apparently alerted to some disturbance, Nicole had materialized into the bedroom, (using one of the holo-emitters installed throughout the flying fortress) taking the appearance of a Lynx wearing a purple dress. Upon seeing her, she came running towards Sally.

NICOLE: Oh thank goodness. When I heard strange noises coming from here, I thought there was an intruder attacking you or something. Are you all right?
What happened to the mirror? Oh…my…

SALLY: …No, but I think I will be.
I just had yet another bad dream. But this time, I was able to do something about it.

Sally was on the verge of smiling.

SALLY: Nicole, it think I’m beginning to come out of it; the nightmares I mean, and not a moment to soon, given the circumstances.

NICOLE: Errr, that’s great and all Sally but, what did you do to your hand?

SALLY: What?...Oh.

As she looked down, SALLY saw blood all over her hand; had lots of cuts on it as well. She knew that it must’ve been the result of smashing the mirror beforehand.

SALLY: Well, could be worse. I mean it not something that can’t be healed or life threatening, right?

NICOLE: No, but it could become that if not treated now.
C’mon, you need to go to Sickbay and get that looked at now, along with anything else. Commander’s orders!

SALLY: Commander orders? Who’s in charge?

NICOLE: Me! Since I’m the only able body onboard this place, I’m taking charge; at least until the rest of you get a clean bill of health and are able to return to duty. You can file a complaint later, if you must.

SALLY: Alight already, I get it. Lead the way.
By the way, I’m sorry if I’m being out of line with you, I’m just not feeling right, with all that’s been happening.

NICOLE: Think nothing of it, Sally. We’re all going though a lot; especially you.

SALLY: Tell me about it.
I mean, first there was Mecha Sally, then the whole World’s Collide incident, followed by this current crisis we’re in, and now, me blowing it on our latest mission.
Sigh…what’s next, Dr. Eggman makes a super/hyper power robotic duplicate of me to complement his Metal Sonic and what else? We’ve had to deal with enough of his Hyper Metal series robots as it is; just one of those is a lot more dangerous than a whole squadron of E-series robots.

NICOLE: At least were all still here, especially Sonic. After what he has gone through, well I’m glad we have someone like him around.

SALLY: Yeah, me too.

NICOLE: Oh and speaking of Sonic, I almost forgot: I just got off the com with him; he’s finished with his Sabbatical. Tails is going to pick him up in the morning…once given the A-okay of course.

SALLY: Oh good. We need him right away. Could you have him report to me right away, as soon as he arrives? I need to have a word with him…and with you to, at your convenience.

NICOLE: Sure, I’ll pass that along.
And if I may say so, I glad you’re finally opening up to someone about your woes, as opposed to keeping it bottled up; it never hurts to let it out once in a while.

SALLY: …You right, I’ve have to swallow my pride
Thanks Nicole, I don’t know what I do without you.

NICOLE: You still have everyone else. You still have Sonic, even if you have to get around Amy. Hehehe…

SALLY: Hahaha…Nicole!

Nicole shrugs, sort of, at Sally’s response.

NICOLE: …Couldn’t resist.
But seriously, we will be fine, as long as we have each other.

As the two made their way towards Sickbay, Sally wonders what she wanted to talk about. She dismissed the subject about her confrontation with what was once Mecha Sally as she felt it wasn’t the right time for such a crazy subject; beside, she felt it could’ve been triggered by the stress of her recent failures. Since it had to do with the now and immediate future, she decided to dwell on what happened with her latest mission. What went wrong would’ve been enough to put her back in a depressing mood by the time Sonic would return.

SALLY: Well, at least I’m on step one on the road to recovery; I mean it can get any worse than this.


Meanwhile, on board the Death Egg, somewhere over the shattered world, a couple of small robots (one whose body resembles an opened sphere with arms, the other an open box with limbs) were passing by Dr Eggman’s private Sanctum where the two could hear a lot of noise.

ORBOT: Hmmm…I wonder what the boss is up to now?

CUBEBOT: Beats me.
Look the door is open, want to go in and find out for yourself?

The boxy robot started to head in when the more spherical robot stepped in the way.

ORBOT: Cubebot, wait! That’s a private area; no one but the boss can go in there. If we do, were in big trouble.

CUBEBOT: Humph, what’s he goanna do, threaten to dismantle us again or something? Sheese Orbot, I’m surprised that you haven’t got used to that yet.

ORBOT: Well, when you put it that way….

CUBEBOT: C’mon, lets go already.

The two make their way inside. They spotted their master, sitting behind his desk where he’s been busy going over something on his datapad, while laughing and smiling.

DR. EGGMAN: What else is there? Let’s see…..Oooohoohoohoo, this is absolutely brilliant, hahaha BRILLIANT I say!!

CUBEBOT: What’s brilliant, boss?

DR. EGGMAN: QUIET YOU!! Can’t you see that I’m busy?!
stupid robots, always interfering in my highest moments. Don’t you have something to do anyway?

ORBOT: Actually sir, we’re done for the night; we were heading for a recharging station when….

DR. EGGMAN: Yeah, yeah, whatever, I’m busy at the moment.

CUBEBOT: Busy with wha….

ORBOT: Cubebot, my metallic friend, I don’t think it would be a good idea to disturb the boss at this moment. He’s currently shifting though the latest intelligence reports I suppose, especially one in particular.

CUBEBOT: Oh, you mean the Tails Doll has come up with some stuff already.

ORBOT: No, that device hasn’t been reactivated yet, I think. This is something different, something new.

CUBEBOT: Oh, so we have a new spy on our side, right? Wow, that is totally awesome!

ORBOT: ….Not quite.

CUBEBOT: Oh? How come?

ORBOT: For one thing, we really don’t know whom it is or if the reports are legitimate. For all we know, this could be one of the ploys the Freedom Fighters have to get us to do something dumb.

CUBEBOT: But what if they are legitimate? Don’t you think Dr. Eggman would have looked into that? He’s seems to think it’s fine.

ORBOT:…Yeah, you’re right. I think he took care of that already.

DR. EGGMAN: Grrrrrrr…Would you two pipe down already?! I can’t concentrate on this important stuff. These reports have been the secrets to our success as of late so I don’t want to miss something important; be disastrous otherwise.

ORBOT: …Wait, wasn’t that supposed to be the result of us taking advantage the planet being torn into several pieces?

CUBEBOT: Or the fact that you’ve been feeding your enemies false information after figuring out how they hacked into our databanks?

DR. EGGMAN: And none of that would’ve been possible without the help of my little spy, whoever she is; very useful indeed. guess I’ll have to give her something in return.


ORBOT:…Excuse me, Dr. Eggman. You mentioned this spy was a she. Does this mean you know who it is then?

DR. EGGMAN: No, of course not, you idiot; I’m still haven’t figured that out, nor do I care.
I’m just going by the codename she using, The Egg Empress. Not a bad nickname if you ask me. Got a nice ring to it and all…..even though it sounds like stepping on boundaries and what not. What do you guys think?…

to be continued…


Author’s Note: this was inspired by a Broadway style Musical #, Confrontation; it was part of a Broadway style adaptation of the Jekyll & Hyde story.
And yes, while it may seem crude, this playwriting style works best for me given the time crunch I had while composing this, so bear with me.
Comments, critique, editorial suggestions, etc are welcomed.

Oh and…..
:twisted: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :twisted:
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