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Re: Settle it in Smash! Pitch Your Super Smash Bros Comic Id

Postby Azul » Fri Sep 04, 2015 6:09 pm

The Revenge of Giga Bowser
Bowser's Kooplings hear a rumor that their father wrecked havoc in the conjoined worlds of Smash over a decade ago via an anonymous YouTube link. Skeptical about the entire thing, Ludwig and Bowser Jr. propose that they prank Bowser in his sleep by reenactmenting the process that caused his horrendous transformation in his sleep. To their surprise, it works! Now, fueled by his subconscious resentment for still being a low tier, Giga Bowser is out for blood --er, stock-- to prove that he is number one! But wait! If regular fighting won't stop this behemoth, what will?!

Our Boy Roy
After a long break from Smash, Roy makes a triumphant return! However, a kind stranger tips him off that there's a nasty rumor that he's a glorified clone of Marth even though they debuted in the same game. Out to prove that he isn't a clone and that he's superior, Roy challenges Marth to the ultimate showdown. No items. Coliseum. Loser walks from Smash for good. Marth, being a man of integrity regretfully accepts the strange challenge from his trusted aly. Can anyone knock some sense into them before the bromance of the century is permanently broken?! ((hearty laughter). See what I did there? "Bro-" ken? That's funny. I'm funny)

Mad Mods
An alternate color of Lucas with an entirely different move set pops up after he wins a match, claiming to be Clause. He warns his brother that there's a coming storm of modified versions of other characters are coming to take over the world of Smash and replace their predecessors. Now, the residents of Smash must band together to preserve the integrity and order of Smash... or 0 stock trying!

A band of four assassins are interupting Smash fights. Every character they defeat is removed from the game! Its a battle of wits as the remaining combatants fight for their lives and the future of Smash!

Little Mac Can't Jump
Everyone knows Little Mac has the worst air game in all of Smash. All you'd have to do to beat is knock him far enough from the stage. Piece of cake... or so you'd think. He more than makes up for it with his nasty ground game. Wario, an air master in more ways than one, takes note of this and approaches Little Mac. With their combination of ground and air, they'll be unstoppable! And they're willing to prove it in a local tag-team tournament! Do they have what it takes to crush the competition or will they be utterly dominated?!

A Challenger Appears!!
A mysterious nihilist with an over powered move set based on energy appears and is absolutely destroying the competition! Maybe Mario's got something up his sleeve to deal with those energy attacks...
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Re: Settle it in Smash! Pitch Your Super Smash Bros Comic Id

Postby NxtWaltDisney » Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:25 pm

All I Need is Speed

After losing a brutal fight against Sonic, Fox McCloud & Falco Lombardi focus on fixing their one flaw: Their Speed. So who do they call to train them? Captain Falcon of course! But will his training be enough to help them boost their speed & agility? Or will Sonic blast right past them & obtain victory once more?
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