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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby SurrealBrain » Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:50 pm

I've been away longer than I thought I would be, and things haven't slowed down as much as I'd hoped. Sorry, Spectre! I'll get it done, one way or another!
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby Spectre the Hechidnat » Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:35 am

SurrealBrain wrote:I've been away longer than I thought I would be, and things haven't slowed down as much as I'd hoped. Sorry, Spectre! I'll get it done, one way or another!

Don't sweat it, Surreal-I think quite a few of us are running late. Nearly done, Bill, I promise!
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby apprentice manta » Tue Jan 07, 2014 6:22 pm

Everyone who hasn't gotten a story yet, just send me a PM saying who your favorite Sonic chara is. I'll respond by drawing you a sketch of them.* Once all of the stories have been submitted, I'll put up a "participation prize" colored drawing on deviantart featuring many FF's.

*If you don't say who you like, I'll just draw you someone random. Eddie the Yeti's a popular dude, right?
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby Spectre the Hechidnat » Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:36 pm

Well, at long last, my story for Bill is complete. Enjoy!


As usual for Angel Island, the night was warm and humid, despite the fact that it was well into December. While the island’s curious path around Mobius carried it far north and far south at times, it was rare for the island to see much change in its weather. The only exceptions to this were the Days of Fury, which Mobius had thankfully been spared for over thirty years. Despite the heat, however, the heart of one of the island’s inhabitants was icy cold.

In the shadows of the jungle near the city of Portal, Mobius’ capitol, Shadow the Hedgehog sat brooding at the foot of a large palm tree. His tattered red cape hung over a nearby branch, while his crown remained firmly on his head. Despite the fact that he had been rejected as the planet’s king, the Ultimate Lifeform refused to give up the tokens of his royal rule. He was determined that one day the people of his world would recognize them again, and learn to accept his rule as the best course for the planet.

For now, though, he was forced to conceal himself, hiding from the Echidna Security Team and the so-called Freedom Fighters alike. The Dark Presence had deserted him, and few besides them knew of his return. Indeed, it would be difficult to find followers who would prefer his rule to the soft-hearted reign of that accursed blue Hedgehog and Shadow’s own former queen. It was true that they had never loved each other-their marriage had been one of convenience, and they had maintained separate chambers in the now ruined Castle Mobius-but the fact that she had annulled their alliance to marry Sonic was another source of disappointment and anger for the black and red Hedgehog.

As he mulled over the multiple betrayals he had faced since Sonic’s reemergence, he suddenly felt a strange surge of energy. It felt vaguely like the Chaos Emeralds he had wielded many times over the years, but at the same time…it was different. He had the sense that attempting to wield this power would be impossible for him. And in the same instant he reached that conclusion, he realized he had detected it before.

Right as the realization hit him, a blue flame erupted in midair a few feet from where he sat. Reflexes honed from years of training and battle brought him to his feet in an instant, ready to fight if necessary. He needn’t have bothered, for the being who stumbled from the flames was too busy blinking her eyes and regaining her balance to launch any sort of attack. And as he realized who she was, Shadow doubted she would have done so anyway.

The female in question was a Raccoon, orange-furred with brown stripes on her tail and one across her eyes as well. She appeared to be anywhere from her mid-thirties to early forties, though there was a certain childlike glint in her green eyes that made her seem younger. She wore a short-sleeved green shirt with an insignia Shadow didn’t recognize on her left shoulder, a pair of black shorts, and green and yellow shoes. Like most Mobians she wore gloves, though hers were a light brown rather than white. She also had hair that fell past her shoulders, tied in a ponytail rather than in pigtails as Shadow had seen them last-which, of course, had been almost thirty years ago.

Finally getting her bearings and adapting to the dim light, the Raccoon gave herself a quick once-over before clapping her hands triumphantly. “One dimensional barrier crossed, and still ship-shape! Blaze’ll be mighty humble when I tell her-if I ever decide to speak to her again!”

Noting the Raccoon’s miffed tone-and already calculating how he might take advantage of her unexpected appearance-Shadow addressed her. However, to his chagrin, he found that he couldn’t remember her exact name now any better than he had on their last “adventure” together. So, making his best guess, he spoke. “Marcy, is that you?”

“The name is Marine, you ruddy ‘lubber, and-croikey!” Marine staggered, as the realization that someone was standing mere feet away from her hit her. She nearly fell over as, like Shadow before her, she recognized her old acquaintance. “Shadow, is that you mate? Blimey, you scared me halfway to Davy Jones’ locker, so ye did!”

“My apologies, Marine; though to be fair, your unexpected appearance is a bit of a surprise to me as well. What, may I ask, brings you to Mobius? And how exactly did you get here?”

“Well, I got here thanks to the Jeweled Scepter-I don’t know if Blaze and I ever mentioned it to ya, but it’s quite the artifact! It sits at the center of our world, and helps keep up this crazy connection to yours! I managed to build a device that pulled some of its excess power and used it to send myself here! Of course, I didn’t really have any way of programming specific coordinates-lucky I didn’t end up locked in some sunken barkey, ain’t I?”

“…indeed. But you still haven’t answered my question: why you are here?”

Her expression turning sour, Marine turned away from him and looked out into the jungle darkness. When she spoke, it was with bitterness and sorrow evident in her words. “I left my world because Blaze won’t have anything to do with me. Oh, a kind word whenever I see her, sure, but she’s so busy being ‘queen’ nowadays that she’s got no time for an old friend!

“Speaking of royalty, mate-is that a crown I spy on your head?” Marine’s question was accompanied by her turning around to face Shadow. The black Hedgehog didn’t respond for a moment, as he was pondering exactly how he might be able to turn Marine’s appearance to his benefit. Finally, he decided that it was best to tell her the truth, and hope that old alliances wouldn’t blind her to reason.

Retrieving his cape from where it hung, Shadow fastened it around his shoulders. “Indeed you do, Marine-and this is the cape that comes with it. I am the rightful king of this world, having saved it from a host of despicable tyrants. But unfortunately, rebels have seized my throne from me, leaving me an exile in this jungle with no friends to speak of.”

“Crikey! That’s a horrible mess to be in, Shadow me ol’ bloke! But what about Sonic and Tails-aren’t they around to help ya? Or Amy and Cream-those gels were fair dinkum brawlers when they came to our world to help stop Cap’n Metal! And Blaze told me that you had a couple teammates o’ yer own back in the day, what happened to them all?”

“My teammates…fell while fighting at my side to free Mobius from its would-be conquerors. I am uncertain what has become of Amy and Cream; it has been almost six years since my throne was stolen from me, and I have had no contact with them. As for Sonic and Tails…they led the rebellion that overthrew me, and it is Sonic himself who now sits on my throne!”

As Shadow told Marine his tale of betrayal and hardship-neglecting to mention that he had replaced the tyranny of Robotnik and others with his own-he was unaware that one of the old friends she had mentioned was only a short distance away from them in the jungle. Cream the Rabbit was a grown woman now, clad in a purple robe that was plainer than the dress her mother Vanilla had favored. But for Cream, now a single mother herself, it was preferable to the filthy, ragged black cloak she had worn in the streets of Portal.

Cream had been out walking with her young daughter near their home in the jungle when she had overheard voices. Approaching as silently as she could, she was stunned to recognize not only the renegade tyrant Shadow, but her old friend Marine as well. Moving away as silently as she had crept up on the pair, the Rabbit set her course and that of her daughter for Portal. If Shadow was to be stopped, this strange meeting had to be brought to the attention of the royal family. And, perhaps more importantly, the Freedom Fighters.

In Portal, Guardian Knuckles was watching while construction crews worked to rebuild Castle Mobius, which had been all but leveled by Tikhaos. He smiled as he saw the beginnings of a very different castle from the one that Shadow had built during his time as king. Sonic and Sally were eager to truly demonstrate that their kingdom was not going to be like Shadow’s, and the new castle was to be a visual symbol of that. Notably, the old catacombs had been cleared of their dangerous contents and sealed off, with E-107 Theta and the Anarchy Beryl Bomb on their way to secure facilities where it was hoped a way could be found to disassemble them. Tikhaos, on the other hand, had been entrusted to the care of the Neo Walkers.

The sound of nearby footsteps attracted Knuckles’ attention, and he smiled as he spotted Mobius’ newest heroes: the members of the new Freedom Fighters. Well, most of them; King Sonic was attending to various business with his wife, while their young twins-who were only honorary members-were in the care of the adult Prowers. Miles and Mina had gladly taken the royal family into their home in Portal while the castle was being rebuilt. Sonic was enjoying the experience so much that he had suggested more than once that they forego moving back into the castle at all.

“All quiet on the home front, Lara?”

“Nothing to report, Dad,” the younger Echidna replied. “Ever since we stopped Tikhaos and the Dark Presence surrendered, things have been pretty slow. I would have figured Shadow would have tried something, but I guess he’s still biding his time. How’s work on the castle coming?”

“Slow but steady; the construction crews have to clear out the old structure and build the new at the same time. From what they’ve reported, the new Royal Banquet Hall should be done in a couple of days-just in time for Christmas. All the old Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix will be coming in with their families, courtesy of King Sonic. Of course, I think he and Tails are planning a smaller affair for Christmas Eve-didn’t he invite you, Jacques and Belle?”

“Oui, Guardian Knuckles,” Jacques replied. “Our parents will be arriving on Christmas, but they have many duties to attend to in ze Southern Baronies. And so we will be enjoying Christmas Eve dinner with ze Prowers and Acorns. Which means zis will be my first Christmas with dear Melody.”

Melody Prower, who had taken to wearing a purple T-shirt, smiled warmly at this, casting a fond eye towards her boyfriend. The two had taken all of two months after Tikhaos’ defeat to start dating, something that her father had been somewhat skeptical about. However, even Miles had to admit that his daughter could hardly be in safer hands than with Antoine’s son, who was every bit the gentleman his father was. Of course, it didn’t hurt that his only male relative on his mother’s side of the family was the equally chivalrous Beauregard Rabbot.

“And we’re having our usual Christmas Eve get together with Espio and Vector’s families-the only members of the Chaotix still living on Angel Island besides Julie and me. I trust you’ll be there right on time, Argyle?” The young Crocodile nodded, prompting another smile from Knuckles. “Good; we need you to keep your old man on task. All right, all of you; back to work.”

The Freedom Fighters quickly returned to Guardian Tower, which had become their base of operations-for the time being, at least. King Sonic had expressed interest in a location somewhat more covert, but until something suitable could be found Guardian Tower served their purposes well. It was spacious, equipped with all sorts of state-of-the-art technology, and Lara-Su knew it like the back of her hand.

From a balcony overlooking the training area, Lara watched as the Prower and D’Coolette siblings engaged in drills, testing their various skills against each other. Melody was the only member of the quartet incapable of flight, but she made up for it with her great speed. Skye, meanwhile, had finally gained some mastery of his ability to fly, but lacked the combat skill of the D’Coolettes. As such, Lara had paired him with Jacques and Belle with Melody, trying to balance out the teams. Of course, it also helped Melody and Jacques’ concentration to be competing against each other.

Knuckles’ daughter whistled as Skye skillfully avoided a blast from Belle’s arm cannon. The Rabbit, who like Melody had adopted a full shirt-red in her case-and knee-length shorts, continued her pursuit, determined to bring her opponent down. However, she was forced to duck away as Jacques came after her, his sword swinging and forcing her back. The Coyote might have driven his sister into a corner had Melody not cut between them using her variation of King Sonic’s legendary Spin-Dash, allowing Belle to get some distance between them.

“Boy, the rest of the team sure is getting into form, aren’t they Argyle?” Getting no response, Lara-Su turned to regard the Crocodile, who was sharing the balcony space with her. As usual, Argyle had his attention focused on a mass of monitors, alternating between statistical breakdowns of the training session going on beneath them and scans of the rest of Angel Island. It was only when his eyes had scanned each row of screens for a full two minutes that he turned to regard her.

“Yeah, they really are getting good, Lara. Of course, they’ll need to if they want to catch Shadow-and compete with you.”

Smiling at the compliment, Lara started to turn back towards the mock combat below. However, she noticed something in Argyle’s eyes that made her hesitate, and she quickly moved to address it. “Is something bothering you, Argyle? You seem quiet-of course, you’ve always been quiet compared to your dad, but now you’re quiet for you.”

For a long moment Argyle was silent once again, obviously mulling her question and observation over in his mind. He turned his back to her, facing the monitors, but she knew him well enough to realize that he wasn’t paying them the slightest attention. It was an old trick of his-he usually did it to make people think he was absorbed in what he was looking at rather than what was on his mind. But given that they’d been friends almost from the day they’d hatched out of their respective eggs, it wasn’t going to work on her.

Finally, he turned around and responded to her question with one of his own. It was short, it was quick, and it was the last thing Lara had expected him to bring up.

“How long have we been pretending that we’re just best friends, Lara?”

“’Just best friends?’ Is there something wrong with being best friends?”

“No…and we are…but…I think we both know that there’s more to it than that. We’ve known each other since before either of us can remember; you and I grew up together, probably moreso than any of the other kids of the original Chaotix. Then we danced at your Unveiling almost six years ago. Personally, I think that’s about where our relationship started to leave the friend zone.

“We’ve been dating for five years, Lara. I was the first person you called when the Dark Presence took over the old Castle Mobius. That night, when Jacques kissed you on the hand, it made my blood boil. And I’m pretty sure I heard your knuckles popping when Belle cozied up to me. Can we honestly look at each other after something like that and still tell everyone that we’re not more than friends?”

“Argyle...where is all this going?”

Before the Crocodile could answer, an alarm sounded from his computer bank. Moving quickly, he took a seat at the monitors and began typing furiously. Lara-Su rushed up behind him, doing her best to comprehend the data that was coming into the computers. She understood just enough to recognize that Guardian Tower’s security system was informing them of a strange energy mass forming inside when the sound of crackling flames erupted behind her.

Whirling, Lara found herself facing the fire, which glowed brightly in seven different colors. The D’Coolettes and Prowers, hearing the alarm as well, flew up-Jacques carrying Melody-and landed around the flames, forming a rough circle with Lara. All of them tensed, wondering whether they were experiencing some kind of attack. Quite suddenly, however, the flames disappeared-and left a figure standing in their place.

The being in question appeared to be a Mobian Cat, her muzzle white and most of her fur a lavender color. She had purple-tipped hair held in topknot fashion by a red band, while a small red stone decorated her forehead. Her crooked tail was lavender with a purple tip that flared out, almost like the flames that had preceded her arrival. Imposing yellow eyes looked around at the assembled Freedom Fighters warily.

The strange Cat wore shoes that resembled King Sonic’s, albeit with high heels and shaggy lining that her white pants disappeared into. She wore a curious top: it appeared to be purple lined with magenta, but it was mostly hidden by what appeared to be a poncho of sorts. This was white, lined with the same color magenta and a gold color, and covered her arms and hands. Once she had registered all this, Lara-Su realized something else: this individual was about the same age as King Sonic.

For a moment no one moved, the newcomer and the Freedom Fighters obviously waiting to see who would act first. Finally, sensing that she wasn’t to be attacked, the stranger relaxed somewhat and addressed Lara, recognizing her as the leader. “My name is Blaze the Cat, Guardian of the Sol Emeralds and Queen of your planet’s twin world in another dimension. I have come here seeking my friend, Marine the Raccoon; have you seen her?”

“Blaze the Cat? THE Blaze the Cat!?” Argyle’s previously serious demeanor failed him as he joined the circle of Freedom Fighters, obviously ecstatic. “I’ve read all about you in the historical records! You worked together with Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit, and with Tails and King Sonic!”

“King-Sonic? Sonic is a king? My, the things that happen when you don’t meet for thirty years,” Blaze mused, obviously stunned by the revelation. “I fear you have the advantage; I am unfamiliar with any of you, though I can guess the father of at least two of you.”

Her eyes fell on Melody and Skye, who beamed at the realization that she was referring to their father. They and the others quickly introduced themselves, confident that their visitor was no threat. Eager to help her locate her friend Marine-whom Argyle was, unsurprisingly, also familiar with-the group gathered around Argyle’s computer hub. Argyle immediately set to work scanning for signs of the energy that had brought Blaze to their world, but quickly found it difficult due its alien nature.

“I suppose that is to be expected of the power of the Sol Emeralds,” Blaze remarked. “Though Sonic and Tails guessed that they were related to your Chaos Emeralds, there are definite differences-I know, having used them myself. Oh, if only Marine hadn’t felt compelled to take such an action!”

“Pardon me, yoh Highness,” Belle interjected, “but do you know why yoh little friend would have jumped ovah to Mobius? From what we’ve heard, y’all are closer than peas in a pod-why would she leave? Especially if it’s this close to Christmas in your world like it is in ours?”

“Indeed it is, Belle,” Blaze responded. “And I fear that the upcoming holiday may in fact be part of the reason Marine left. We remain friends, but my duties as queen are quite demanding-I don’t get to see Marine as much as I would like. I was hoping to make it up to her this year with a surprise Christmas party-but I fear that my efforts to keep it secret may have left her feeling even more distanced from me.”

“M-my d-dad always says that s-secrets c-cause n-nothing b-but p-problems,” Skye put in. Blaze nodded, and was joined by the D’Coolettes and Melody in acknowledging the young Fox’s wisdom. As such, neither of them noticed Lara-Su and Argyle looking uncomfortable. Recalling their conversation of mere moments ago, they found themselves contemplating their relationship, the deeper side of which they had essentially been keeping secret-even from themselves, it seemed.

Before the conversation could go any further, another alarm sounded-this time, indicating that there was someone seeking entry to Guardian Tower. Argyle’s eyes flew to the front door monitor, and his eyebrows lifted in surprise. The others were just as surprised when he hit a button, commanding the main door to open and admit their visitor. Less than a minute later, two figures arrived on the balcony-and one of them cried out in recognition.

“Is that really you Blaze?” Cream, her eyes wide with amazement, dropped her daughter’s hand and ran forward to embrace her old friend. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you! Wait-you’re here looking for Marine, aren’t you? I know where she is-and we need to get to her now!”

As the older Freedom Fighters gathered around the reunited members of Team Rose, Skye was the only one to notice Cream’s daughter remaining shyly off to the side. Sensing a kindred spirit, he walked up to her and introduced himself, and was pleased as she politely reciprocated. They felt a natural bond forming between them, and the Fox was rather disappointed when Melody put a hand on his shoulder to inform him that it was time to leave. Still, he managed a smile as he bid goodbye to the young Rabbit as she moved to stand by her mother and await their return.

“Well, Shadow mate, that’s a mighty sad tale-makes my troubles with Blaze sound like a day at the beach.” Marine’s words brought a sullen nod from Shadow, who had little desire for her sympathy. He had told her his history since their last meeting three decades previously to win her support, and now he was hoping he could build upon it. By herself, Marine might not be much help him reclaim Mobius-but she might be able to lead him to further resources.

“I need your help, Marine-I need a friend to stand in place of those whom I have lost, and those who have turned their back on me. My people-my planet-are suffering without my guiding hand, and I need allies by my side if I am to retake what’s mine. There is no one on this world that can help us unless we have a banner to which they can rally. We need an army to stand with us-do you know where we can find one?”

Marine thought for a moment before snapping her fingers in realization. “Blaze; we can get her to help! Even though she’s been…busy, I know she wouldn’t turn her back on something like this! I just know she’ll agree to help you!”

“No I won’t, Marine-at least not in the way that Shadow intends.”

The sound of Blaze’s voice surprised Marine almost as much as did the anger in Shadow’s eyes as they narrowed. Realizing that they were focused behind her, she turned to see Blaze standing a few meters away with three Freedom Fighters standing to either side of her. For a moment she was uncertain, especially as she, like Blaze before her, recognized the traits of Tails in his children. But, as she remembered Shadow’s history, she moved into a fighter’s crouch as Shadow moved up beside her.

Seeing the conviction in Marine’s eyes, Lara-Su knew that Cream had told them the unfortunate truth: Marine fully believed that Shadow was in the right. Sensing that a fight was imminent, she looked at Argyle, who was standing on the other side of Blaze with Melody and Skye. He nodded, instantly understanding her unspoken orders: he would lead the Prowers and try to keep Marine occupied while she joined the D’Coolettes and Blaze in handling Shadow.

Blaze saw the movement as well, and clearly recognized the intent. Turning to regard Marine, she remained apparently at ease-but the Freedom Fighters were experienced enough to realize that she was prepared to spring into action in an instant. Sadness was evident on her face as she regarded both her old friends-the one misguided, and the other consumed by his own darkness. Indeed, as she spoke, it was to Shadow, rather than Marine.

“I knew there was hardness in you, my old friend-I saw it the first time we met, all those years ago. At the time I admired it, for it was similar to what I myself had at the time. But I have since learned that hard does not mean powerful, and that if you let you heart become hard you will create a shell that no one can penetrate. For the sake of our old alliance, I beg you-do not force me to fight you.”

“I am not forcing you to do anything, Blaze-you simply have a choice to make. Do you plan to listen to these children, who have been fed the lies of their parents from the cradle? Or will you listen to one who stood alongside you in battle and helped you to defend your people, and who asks you to help him defend his? Help me, Blaze, and we will bring the order to Mobius that Marine tells me that your world has enjoyed under your rule.”

“Yeah, Blaze-if you really want to prove your point, come out of your own shell! Do you really think that Shadow would lie about something like this? Listen to him before you let these kids tell you what’s going on!” Accentuating her obvious determination, Marine conjured a ball of water in the air between her hands, which prompted a few raised eyebrows amongst the Freedom Fighters.

“And are you willing to do the same, Marine?”

Blaze’s question hung in the air, and Shadow saw the hesitation in her face as she mulled it over. Realizing that he wasn’t going to win Blaze over-and that if he didn’t act fast, he would lose Marine as well-he made his move first. Too quickly for anyone to register, he reached up and broke the clasp on his cape, letting it fall from his shoulders. At the same time, Chaos energy erupted into existence around his hands, and he leaped forward, aiming his first attack for Lara-Su.

With amazing swiftness Blaze was between them, her own white mantle dropped to fully reveal the purple one that had been her attire since youth. Fire erupted around her arms as she raised them to block Shadow’s Chaos charged punch. The impact cancelled both energies out, and Shadow was thrown backwards. Blaze herself stumbled, and Lara was forced to catch her to prevent the Cat Queen from knocking her over.

His eyes ablaze at the attempt on Lara, Argyle leaped forward and spun, his tail catching Shadow across the face. The Hedgehog was knocked even further back, but Argyle had no chance to press his assault. This was because Marine, snapped out of her stupor by Shadow’s action, launched her water orb flying towards Argyle, sending him flying into a nearby tree. She conjured another, only to be forced back as Melody and Skye rushed her, the Mongoose running and the Fox flying at their top speeds.

Recovering from Shadow’s first blow, Blaze generated more fire around her hands and rushed forward with a roar. He had a split second to conjure up more Chaos energy before she began swiping at him, attacking with a mixture of punches and clawing motions. Shadow found himself being driven back as flaming hands and feet-Blaze was throwing kicks now as well-narrowly missed striking him, or else were barely blocked by his own energy-shrouded hands. Desperate to gain a reprieve, he timed a leap over her head-and found himself facing the true assault.

Jacques’ sword blade clanged off the Inhibitor ring on Shadow’s left hand, which was the only thing that saved the Hedgehog from a devastating sword cut. The impact knocked him to the side, and he landed hard on the ground. Rising, he looked up just in time to see Belle aiming her cannon at him, and barely avoided the energy blast that followed. His victory was short-lived, as Lara-Su halted him with a punch that he barely ducked back from, only to unleashed a bolt of Chaos energy from her other hand that caught him right in the chest.

Chaos, fire, and plasma blasts began riddling the air around Shadow, who had to employ all his speed to avoid the storm of energy. Lara, Blaze, and Belle were throwing everything they had at him, determined to bring him down before he could strike back. Jacques, unable to approach Shadow for an attack of his own without risking injury, contented himself with remaining in the air with his sister, determined to prevent Shadow from any sort of escape. He remained vigilant as well, fearing that Shadow might unleash Chaos bolts of his own, but quickly realized that it was all the deposed king could do to counter and dodge the attacks coming at him.

Marine’s battle with the other Freedom Fighters had carried her away from Shadow, and she was feeling almost as beleaguered as her ally. Skye and Melody were employing a strategy not too different from that of Lara’s team: rather than try engaging the Raccoon in hand-to-hand combat, they were keeping their distance. This forced Marine to try striking them with her water powers, as both the Prowers were too quick-and in Skye’s case, too high-for her to attack physically. Her only real consolation was that her water powers were quick enough to prevent either sibling from moving in to connect blows of her own, though she wasn’t sure how long it could last.

Unfortunately for Marine, a new problem soon appeared: Argyle, obviously very much recovered from her previous attack, was running to join the efforts against her. Marine noted with some bewilderment that his jaw was moving strangely, and she wondered if her previous blast had injured it seriously. Summoning another of her water orbs, she sent it flying at him, trying to aim for his torso to spare him any aggravation to the injury. It was only after the ball left her reach that she realized the Crocodile appeared to be chewing on something.

Lips puckering, Argyle blew, and a large purple gum bubble shot out to intercept Marine’s attack. Her water orb, moving at much greater speed, quickly shredded the sticky outer surface of Argyle’s projectile. However, it also released the barely contained fire blast inside, which instantly vaporized Marine’s torpedo. The cloud of steam faded quickly, leaving Marine gaping at a rather smug looking Argyle, who quickly answered the obvious question in her eyes.

“A little trick my old man taught me; breath a little fire, then blow a bubble to put it in. Of course, it’s even easier-and at times more fun-without the bubble.” With that, Argyle unleashed a stream of flame from his jaws, forcing Marine to counter with a continuous blast of water from her hands. She was so intent on preventing Argyle’s flames from reaching her that she didn’t notice Melody coming at her from the side.

The end came in a series of short moves: Argyle halted his fire stream just as Melody hit Marine. As a result, Marine’s water blast stopped, with its last jet meeting the last bit of Argyle’s flame, the two creating a cloud of steam. By the time it cleared, Melody and Skye had Marine held tight, her arms held so that she couldn’t conjure any more of her water blasts. Unable to attack, Marine was left once again with the memory of Blaze’s last words prior to the fight-and with the look of obvious regret on Argyle’s face at seeing her restrained.

Despite his harried situation, Shadow quickly became aware that Marine had been subdued. Knowing that the Crocodile would undoubtedly join Blaze, Lara-Su, and the D’Coolette twins in attacking him, and that he couldn’t stand up to such odds if he remained at bay, he took a calculated risk. Halting his defense for a brief instant-long enough that several of Blaze, Lara, and Belle’s blasts struck him-he slipped his Inhibitor rings off his wrists. A cold smile appeared on his muzzle as he saw the fear in Lara-Su’s eyes as she realized what he had done.

By the time the rings hit the ground, Shadow was enveloped in fiery red Chaos energy, so powerful that the attacks his enemies were launching at him fizzled out against it. The female trio stepped up their efforts, and Argyle-as expected-came rushing up, adding his own stream of fire to the onslaught. But if anything, their efforts served only to feed Shadow’s mass of power, which grew in both size and intensity until it was a blinding mass of red light. Then, with his power at its peak, Shadow unleashed one of his signature attacks.


The energy, barely contained before, shot out in all directions from the black Hedgehog. Each of the Freedom Fighters acted to protect themselves as best they could, barely getting their defenses up in time. Jacques and Belle employed energy shields built into their arms, while Lara-Su and Blaze conjured their respective powers to block the attacks. The Prowers and Marine dove for cover behind a nearby tree; Argyle alone was hit full force by the attack, which sent him flying into a nearby tree so hard that it snapped in half.

As soon as the wave of destructive force dissipated, the Freedom Fighters were in motion. Jacques, doubting that he would be of much help now that Shadow had thrown off his limits, shot off to make sure that Melody was okay. Lara, as badly as she wanted to check on Argyle, remained facing the cloud of smoke that marked the epicenter of Shadow’s Chaos Blast. A tense smile curved her lips as she saw Skye flying away from where Melody and Jacques had Marine under watch, his course following Argyle’s flight path.

Belle suddenly screamed, and as Lara refocused on the cloud she understood why. A shape was becoming visible through the fading smoke, but it was not that of a Hedgehog. Instead, what appeared to be a massive humanoid torso was floating several feet above the ground, clad in a black robe decorated with a number of silver medallions. Massive, three-fingered black hands emerged from the sleeves of the robe, and the head possessed no mouth and a glowing red eye in its forehead.

Despite the clearly alien form, it was soon clear to the Freedom Fighters who they faced. Two more eyes sat below the forehead eye, and they appeared utterly Mobian apart from glowing red irises. And while five black horns were rising from the creature’s head, their formation, red streaks, and the Mobian ears sticking up between them were clearly recognizable. It was Shadow who floated before them, a Hedgehog no longer.

Adding to his obvious transformation into an alien being, when Shadow “spoke,” his voice echoed in the minds of his enemies. “You are doubtless surprised by my new appearance-I expected as much. Your parents would recognize what I have become, and perhaps even your friend the Crocodile would-were he not awaiting the merciful end he will suffer at my hands. But as the rest of you are obviously uninformed, allow me to enlighten you.

“I have never been truly Mobian-my Hedgehog form was created artificially, and my biology included an additional element. To be precise, my creator, Gerald Robotnik, used the DNA of an alien conqueror named Black Doom to complete my design. He and his race are long extinct-destroyed at my hand-but their power has remained alive in me. Now, as Mobius rejected me as King Shadow the Hedgehog-one of their own kind-they shall fear the wrath of Shadow Doom.”

“So basically, you’ve just become in form the monster you always were in spirit when you were king,” Lara-Su retorted.

“Insult me as you will, child; I am beyond you now. Thanks to my unshackled Chaos power, I have effected a transformation that cannot be undone, and reached a level you cannot hope to compete with. And given that you have wrought more damage upon my world than anyone else, you shall be the first to fall.” Shadow Doom’s words were accompanied by a buildup of red Chaos energy in his hands, and his concluding syllable coincided with his arms lifting to send streams of power rushing towards Lara-Su.

Recognizing that her usual Chaos shield wouldn’t hold out long against Shadow Doom’s heightened powers, Lara dove out of the way. Shadow attempted to follow her with his beams, but was forced to cut them off to dodge a fireball that Blaze hurled at him. Belle began peppering him with plasma fire as well, but she was forced to stop after he hurled an energy boomerang at her that barely missed removing her cannon arm. He aimed a similar attack at Blaze, but she countered it by firing off two fire bolts that cancelled it out.

Lara-Su conjured a Chaos-based attack of her own, sending what appeared to be lightning crackling from her hands into Shadow Doom’s body. As the monster thrashed, Jacques suddenly came flying in, his nonconductive blade slicing at the alien form. For a moment, Lara considered yelling at him to retreat. Almost immediately, however, she realized what he was doing: distracting Shadow so that the others could come up with a way of stopping him.

Realizing the same thing, Blaze ran to join Lara-Su while Belle joined her brother in harassing Shadow Doom. Looking over at them, she turned to regard her Echidna counterpart with a grim expression. “Much as I hate to admit it, what Shadow has done has tipped things in his favor. The only way I might be able to defeat him in battle is to summon the Sol Emeralds from my world and transform into Burning Blaze-but I fear the consequences to this island if I do.”

“Totally-I’m afraid of the same thing happening if I were to try going Hyper…which I’ve never done before, so who knows the damage I could do? I just wish I could use Chaos Control on him like before-but with how powerful he is I don’t know if it would hold him. Even if it did, who’s to say that someone won’t free him? Too many people know how to deal with Chaos energy on our world to make it a surefire means of keeping him contained.”

“Then perhaps what we need is another power-one that is less familiar to residents of your world. The energies of the Sol Emeralds and the Jeweled Scepter are virtually unknown on Mobius-we could use those to hold him. And Chaos need not be excluded-two methods of restraint are better than one. Follow my lead-I think I have the pattern and the place for his imprisonment in mind.”

Nodding her agreement, Lara-Su listened as Blaze outlined her plan before moving to get around to Shadow Doom’s other side so that he was between them. As she did so, she noticed-to her relief-that Argyle was up and running, adding his fire breath to the D’Coolettes’ efforts. Skye was flying around as well, not attacking but obviously trying to distract Shadow Doom as well. Satisfied that the monstrous alien was well occupied, Lara-Su drew upon her Chaos powers and raised her hands.

Across the battlefield, Blaze raised her own hands, flames erupting around them as Lara’s began to glow with green light. A large ring, composed entirely of fire, appeared in the air around Shadow Doom, looping diagonally over the top of right shoulder and beneath the level of his left arm. Then another ring, this time composed of glowing green Chaos energy, materialized on the other side, leaving Shadow Doom at the center. Another ring of each then appeared, and Shadow Doom noticed the encroaching energies.

Enraged, Shadow Doom turned his attention to Blaze, his eyes glowing with building energies. His obvious intent to vaporize her, however, was cut off as a ball of water struck him in his forehead eye. Blinded, he howled in the minds of his enemies, but Blaze hardly noticed the pain as her eyes followed the path of the attack. Sure enough, Marine was rushing towards the battle, following a racing Melody and summoning another orb to launch at Shadow. The look of resolve on her face made it clear that Shadow Doom’s murderous intent has destroyed whatever trust she may have had in him.

Taking advantage of Shadow Doom’s distraction, Jacques and Skye fell back while Belle and Argyle kept up their barrage. Additional circles of fire and Chaos continued to appear around Shadow Doom until seven of each-the colors of each Chaos and Sol Emerald-formed an orb around him. Trapped inside, Shadow Doom unleashed various attacks, but the two energies forming his prison were too great for him to break through. Powerful as those restraints were, they were a mere prelude to what was to come.

Lara-Su’s pupils disappeared, and it was as if her irises had become windows to the Master Emerald Shrine. Similarly, Blaze’s eyes showed a staff resembling a shepherd’s crook adorned with various gemstones: the Jeweled Scepter. Drawing upon the massive energies of the two artifacts, the Guardians enacted their final stratagem against Shadow Doom. The tyrant had time for one last scream of rage-and then he and his prison were gone.

For a long moment, complete silence fell over the area, as if Mobius itself sensed that a great evil had vanished and was holding its breath. Then Blaze and Lara fell to their knees, each badly drained by their efforts. Marine was quickly at her best friend’s side, with the Prowers joining her in checking on the Cat Queen. However, Argyle was even faster, kneeling at Lara’s side and throwing a supporting arm around her as Jacques and Belle looked on.

The next night-Christmas Eve-found Knuckles, his family, and several of their friends seated around the dinner table. Espio and Vector were there with their families, and Blaze and Marine had gratefully accepted an invitation to join them. Knuckles smiled as he watched the two friends talking, noting that Marine’s constant chatter didn’t seem to bother Blaze much. The Guardian of the Sol Emeralds had apologized profusely to her friend for the distance that had come between them of late, and even spoiled the surprise of a Christmas party waiting for them back in their home reality.

Espio’s daughter Salma was seated between her sister Juanita and her boyfriend, Rutan, who was smiling for the first time in a while. Her father had made no secret to Knuckles that while he had been reluctant to allow Salma to continue dating Rutan given their previous dishonesty, he could tell that their affection had become genuine and pure. It was only slightly strange to see Dimitri floating on Rutan’s other side; the reformed Grandmaster was his distant grandson’s constant support. It was much appreciated, as Rutan’s mother Lien-Da had gone missing after Shadow’s escape and never returned.

Thinking of the deposed king made Knuckles pause for a moment to reflect on things. Blaze and Lara-Su had combined the powers of the Jeweled Scepter and the Master Emerald to imprison Shadow Doom between Mobius Prime and the Sol Zone, in a pocket dimension even the Cosmic Interstate didn’t touch. As such, the only way the Hedgehog turned Black Arm could escape was if both artifacts were used together to release him. Given the nobility of the Guardians from each world, it was presumed that Shadow Doom would remain forever trapped, perhaps even succumbing to the effects of time and perishing in his new prison long after his captors had been laid to rest.

A touch on his arm brought him back to the present, and with a smile he looked over at Julie-Su, his wife. Due to events in the timeline that Sonic’s tampering had created, the two had gotten married not long after Robotnik’s downfall. It still amazed Knuckles how she could read him; clearly she had noticed him becoming lost in thought. Reminding himself that it was a time for celebration, he focused himself on his guests just as Vector started laughing at one of his own jokes.

Looking around, however, brought a frown to Knuckles’ face as he realized that there were a couple of faces missing from the table. Specifically, he could see no sign of Lara-Su and Argyle, who had been helping bring dishes to the table earlier. Before he could ask anyone about it, however, the pair appeared in the doorway. Knuckles couldn’t help but notice that they were arm-in-arm, and that both appeared nervous.

Swallowing hard to steel himself, Argyle cleared his throat to get the attention of everyone in the room. Vector, noticing his son, was clearly about to say something to him when he noticed how he and Lara-Su had their arms linked. The rest of the guests were left similarly silent, obviously wondering what was about to happen. Argyle paled as their eyes came to rest on him, but Knuckles saw Lara give his arm a reassuring squeeze.

“H-hey, guys; sorry we’re a little late. You see, Lara and I were having a rather important conversation, one that we felt was best held in private. But we came to a decision as a result of that conversation, and it’s one that we felt we needed to share with all of you. It won’t hold up the festivities long, but we don’t think this is something that can wait.

“Lara and I have been close for a long time-ever since we were kids, in fact. What with the Five Years of Peace and working together as Freedom Fighters, well, we’ve just grown closer. So close, in fact, that tonight I felt the need to ask Lara a question, and she was willing to give me an answer. And, well…to make a long story short, Lara-Su and I are engaged.”

Silence fell as Argyle finished his announcement-for all of five seconds. Then Marine gave an excited whoop, in which she was soon joined as others at the table expressed their surprise and happiness for the couple. Knuckles felt a tear trickling from his organic eye, and he look over to see Julie sobbing with joy. However, his attention was soon drawn away by Vector, who looked at the pair of Echidnas with an incredulous look on his face.

“Do you mean to tell me that the dark dame and I are going to be in-laws?!”

Everybody in the room laughed at that, even as Lara and Argyle took their seats next to each other at the table. Knuckles waited until they had all calmed down before getting to his feet, glass in hand. Looking around at his friends and family, he lifted the glass into the air to propose a toast. In response, every glass in the room-including Vector’s-was raised as well.

Smiling warmly as he regarded his daughter and son-in-law-to-be, the Guardian addressed his fellow diners. “Thank you everyone for being here tonight, when we have so much to celebrate. Thanks to Blaze, Marine, and the Freedom Fighters, we can rest easy knowing that a menace to Mobius has been put to rest. Blaze in particular has demonstrated great character: in coming to our world in search of a friend, and in helping to stop another who had taken a dark path.

“Lara-Su and Argyle, all I can say is: congratulations. Truth be told, I’ve been expecting this for some time, but I didn’t want to pry. The two of you have struck me time and again with wisdom beyond your years-and I think that this decision is among the wisest you will ever make. And so I’d like to propose a toast to the happy couple: may this Christmas-and the rest of your lives together-be filled with joy.

“And to answer your question from before, Vector, I think you and my wife were pretty much family anyway-now it’s just going to be official. Don’t worry-I’m sure Lara and Argyle will plan the wedding out a few months so you can adjust to the idea.” With a final laugh from everyone, Knuckles raised his glass to his lips, and the others did likewise.

As festive and exciting as the Christmas Eve dinner at Knuckles’ house was, the royal banquet for the former Freedom Fighters, Chaotix, and their families the following day was even more so. It took place in the finished dining hall of the still incomplete Castle Mobius, with the attendees all sitting at one incredibly long table. The table was stacked high with so many delicious dishes that it seemed ready to collapse at any moment. However, the strain was being rapidly diminished as several generations of happy Mobians moved food to their plates and ate with gusto.

Blaze and Marine sat with the honorary brothers Mighty and Ray, with Mighty’s sister Matilda sitting beside them. On Blaze’s other side were Amy and Cream, her former teammates, who had come with family of their own. Notably, Cream’s daughter was seated next to Skye Prower, who chatted amiably with her to his parent’s right. On Miles and Mina’s left, Melody was happily engrossed in conversation with Jacques, with Belle rolling her eyes at her brother’s constant compliments to his girlfriend.

The D’Coolettes-including Bunnie, who had been restored to a fully organic form years before-were seated next to their old friend Rotor. The Walrus, recovered from his ordeals at King Shadow’s hands, had arrived arm-in-arm with Sealia of the former Arctic Freedom Fighters. Beside them, at one of the table’s ends, sat the entire royal family, with Sally trying her best to keep Sonia and Manik from overloading themselves on sugar. King Sonic looked entirely happy, in spite of the fact that the table was utterly devoid of chili dogs.

On the other side of Sonic’s family sat Sally’s brother Elias with his wife Meg and their children, Elias looking much happier as a royal ambassador than he had as king. With them sat Sally’s mother Alicia, happy despite the absence of her late husband Max. Next in line were the Hedgehog family, with Bernie and her sister-in-law Rosie Woodchuck playfully scolding their husbands Jules and Charles as the pair slipped food from the table to their shared dog, Muttski III. On their other side sat Charmy Bee and his wife Saffron, happily married and settled in the rebuilt Golden Hive Colony, with their own children.

Espio’s family came next, and between them and Knuckles-whose immediate family occupied the other head of the table-sat Knuckles and Julie’s relatives, with the exception of Lara. This group included Spectre and Sojourner, Sabre having passed away during the Five Years of Peace, as well as Lara-Le and Wynmacher. Rutan sat next to Salma, while Knuckles’ brother Mace joked with his brother while his latest girlfriend stared around in awe. Between the surviving Brotherhood members and Wyn’s family were Dimitri and another small group of his descendants: retired EST Constable Remington, his wife Komi-Ko, and their children.

To Knuckles and Julie-Su’s other side sat Lara and Argyle, the two constantly beaming since announcing their engagement. Argyle’s relatives sat to his other side, which left Matilda sitting between them and Ray. Looking around at all the faces, Knuckles couldn’t help but marvel. Rarely had so many of his friends and family-both honorary and by blood-come together in one place, and even more seldom had the occasion been an event of such happiness.

As he reflected on other occasions that had brought them together-most often battles or disasters of one kind or another-he grew pensive as he took stock of those who were not with them. True, most of the other Freedom Fighters-Arctic, Downunda, Mercia, Wolf Pack, Dragon Kingdom, and so on-had their own celebrations to attend. But it was still sobering to realize how many were absent because they could not be there. It was especially sorrowful to consider one former friend who was absent because of his villainous actions, and the responses he had forced from some who sat at this very table.

However, the sorrow soon faded as Knuckles regarded the happy faces smiling around him. And none of those faces pleased him more than the pair of Lara-Su and Argyle, looking as happy as though they were already married. How much more would that joy grow, he wondered, as the years passed and their bond grew stronger? Would Lara and Argyle’s descendants one day be sitting where he sat, looking around fondly at their own ancestry and posterity?

Before his mind could go far along that path, however, the words of an old proverb came to his mind: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery-but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. And as the words made him smile, another thought came:

Could that proverb be any more appropriate than on Christmas?

The End

Well, I hope you like this, Bill. I decided to combine all three of your prompts into one story.

NOTE: Blaze's outfit-specifically the white poncho-comes from a concept design for her.
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

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I'm crying with tears of joy... :cry: It's wonderful!

:D Merry Belated Christmas!
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

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That was really great, Spectre. Thanks to everyone for participating. I believe we are only short one fic now.
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

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Yup. Still doing it, but I don't consider it to be on the top of my priorities list. Sorry.
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

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Hi. Still not done with mine! Although, being for SurrealBrain...we have a pretty enclosed issue here.
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

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I finally got done with it! It might not be the best thing in the world though, and I'm not the most satisfied with it, so Spectre, if you don't like it, hey, I don't think I'll do another Secret Santa fic exchange anyways.
Knuckles: Last of his Kind

I am Knuckles the Echidna, the guardian of the Master Emerald. I’ve been through a lot in the past few days. Let’s start from the beginning.

It started as just another day. I was protecting the Master Emerald, alone, with no one to help me and all. I quickly noticed, however, that everything was quieter than usual. At first, I thought nothing of it, but I quickly realized that something was up. I chose to see what the problem was.

I searched around the Island, and what I found was this big purple creature. For some reason, I was angry at the mere sight of him, even though he didn’t seem to be doing much. He then looked into my direction.

“Been a while, Knuckles! How’s it been?” He said in a cold tone. You could say he had heard my name somewhere after all the adventures I had, but he spoke like he knew me personally. But I never met him before!

“Who are you?” I said. “What are you doing?!”

He looked disappointed.

“What, you don’t remember your old pal, Thrash? This world’s been on the fritz since I left, though, so I can’t say I’m too surprised. Heck, even my own memories are gettin' kinda fuzzy..."

“What are you talking about?!”

“Oh well, I guess I’ll just get this over with…”

He suddenly started attacking me. He started with the traditional punching, but I blocked him. I continued to attack, but I just kept avoiding everything he threw at me. He even let out a powerful roar, but I somehow avoided that too.

As we were duking it out, he was saying weird things like “Should’a finished you off first chance I got” and “I hate you and your species!”

The battle stopped, and he started running away.

“You’re better than last time, I’ll give ya that! But I guess I should have prepared for this.”

I kept chasing him, but he threw something at me. It blinded me, and I tried to get it off. By the time I succeeded, however, he was already gone.

I went back to the Master Emerald shrine, and strangely enough, the emerarld was still there. So what was this job he was talking about? He already said something about finishing me off…

As I stood there guarding, I suddenly started feeling weird and getting strange visions. Things were totally different. I was a member of the Chaotix, Charmy had a girlfriend…so did I, strangely enough, and they too were members. Mighty and some squirrel named Ray was in our group, too. We were all friends. Furthermore, there were other members of myspecies going around…and they weren’t the Noctournus. However, Thrash was there…took most of the echidnas someplace…and I demanded that he bring them back…then there was a big fight…

…what were the girls’ names again…?

…that’s right. Julie-Su and Saffron…

It was all too much. I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to take a rest for the day and see if I could make anything out of it…

The next day, I didn’t feel any better. The visions continued to get to me. Then, Sonic came all of a sudden, with his usual speed and attitude.

“Yo, Rad Red! How have you been? Hey, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost!”


I was not okay.

“You sure?” he said. “Maybe you can talk about it or something..."

"I'm fine!"

"Okay...but if you need to talk about something, I'll be in Green Hill Zone..."

Then, he ran off.

As hours went by, the visions only got stronger and stronger. I couldn't take it anymore. I got infuriated. What are these visions about? Why am I getting them?

Sonic and Tails arrived just in time to see me barely keeping it together.

"This is what I'm telling you, Tails! I knew something was wrong."

They came up to me, and started talking.

"We need to talk, Knuckles" said the blue hedgehog.

I couldn't hide it any longer, so I started talking.

"Another world, different people..."

"Calm down! Let's start from the beginning," Tails said.

Eventually, I told them everything.

"Truth be told, you're not the only one who had that." Said Tails.


"Yeah. We remember that world too! Unfortunately, we don't know if your people still even exist given all the damage Eggman's done to the multiverse and all." Sonic said

"...I should find them..."

"Whoa, there, Red! I know you miss them, but we don't know what's out there!" Sonic said. "If you go, there may be no coming back!"

"I know! And it's a risk I'm willing to take!"

They just stood there, worried, but...

"We understand...alright," Tails stated, "but you should be prepared before you go."

I decided to get some supplies, while Tails got a giant ring to help out.

When we finally got ready, I told them I wanted to go alone.

" sure you don't need our help?" Sonic said said. "They were our friends, too!"

"I'll be fine. Besides, you remember how hard I fought to help stop Eggman, right?"

"Yeah, and how many times you were tricked by him!"


"It's alright, Knux! Just come back in one piece, alright?!"


I proceeded to use the ring, and went into it, not knowing where I was going...

It was a very strange world, with weird looking creatures, all of which were just walking around, passing by. They didn’t seem hostile or anything, I tried asking them if they saw anyone that looked like me, but unfortunately, they didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. They just looked at me, then carried on.

I carried on, too, and started looking around what looked like shops, windows of houses, everything. But I found nothing, and I was infuriated at the apparent lack of people. But then…

“Seems you haven’t changed a bit, Knuckles!”

I turned around, and I couldn’t believe what I saw…

“Wynmacher, is that you?!”

“Indeed it is, son! How have you been, lately?”

He took me to where he was living.

“It ain’t much, but yer always welcome here. What brings you here, anyway?”

I explained everything that happened since he and the rest of them were exiled.

“I see…so this…Thrash, threw us into the Twilight Cage…and then Dr. Eggman said a guy called Dr. Wily worked with him, didn’t you?


“And altered reality and even the multiverse itself?!”

“Uh huh.”

“And you decided to come to this world to see if you could find us.”

“Yes! Do you know where the rest of them are?”

“…Afraid not, son…though Dr. Wily and Eggman’s shenanigans do explain why I was thrown here so soon after bein in the Twilight Cage…and I haven’t seen anyone else around other than these…guys…I should join you.”

“You sure?”

“My wife and other son are missing! I have to find them, wherever they are!”

He was right. I couldn’t say no.

“…alright. But stay close! This could get bumpy!”

I grabbed the ring, and proceeded to go to our next destination.

“Where are we going?!”

“I don’t know! We just have to hope we live through this!”


We traveled to yet another world. However, we immediately found another familiar face…


“What is i…huh?! Wynmacher?! Knuckles?!”

She was just as surprised to see us as we were. I didn’t know what to say…

“…Oh, you probably have had a rough day! Come with me!”

She lead us to her place in this world. We saw my baby brother Knecapeon Mace…

“Hey, little guy! Long time, no see!”

“Googagoo!” The little guy was clearly happy to see me again.

Mom started asking questions, starting with where we’ve been, and and how things have been in the world. We explained everything to her.

“Huh, so that explains it…how is that idiot Locke holding up? Or…does he no longer exsist?”


“…Knuckles? Are you okay?”

“..yeah, I’m fine…”

No, I wasn’t. I remembered that time I was turned into that Demi-God, Enerjak, and…my father sacrificed himself to save me…

“…Knuckles? Come on, tell me what’s wrong!”

“…Do you know where the rest of the echidnas and Saffron are?”

“Oh, yes! They’re just this way!”

We followed her to a city full of people.

“Hey, everyone! Look who decided to show up!”

“Oh, what’s going on now…Knuckles?! Is that you?!

“Yes it is, Julie!”

“Hey, it’s Knuckles! Come on, everyone! Say hello!”

It was funny…reuniting with everyone. It was so great to see them for the first time in a long while.

“Come on, Knux! We have a lot of chatching up to do!”

When we went to her place, we saw Saffron there as well She was delighted to see us.

“Hey, it’s Knuckles! How have you and the Chaotix been doing?! Are Mighty and Ray back in the group?! How’s Charmy…? Is he doing okay?”

Once again, I explained to both of them what happened.

“ not too long after you got them back, Eggman and…Dr. Wily?…altered our world, and now they’re no longer members?

“Sadly, no. Neither am I, for that matter. In fact, it’s only Vector, Espio and Charmy in the Chaotix now. The world itself has changed, so…”

“Huh…well, as long as they’re fine, I guess…”

She seemed disappointed, but at the same time, given all that’s happened, she wasn’t too surprised by it all.

My mother popped in to say hi, and she decided to talk to me about my reaction earlier.


“Yes, mother?

“You seemed upset when you mentioned Locke. Did something happen?”

“Well…*sigh*, no point holding back anymore…depending on how things turn out, I may never get another chance to say this…he died…”

“What?! Tell me what happened!”

“You remember when Enerjak returned, right?”

“Yes. Didn’t Locke and Sabre make that Anti-Enerjak weapon to stop him?”

“Uh uh. But Sonic destroyed it.”


“Because…Because I was that new Enerjak…and he wanted to do what he could to help me…dad ended up sacrificing himself to save me, and…and…”

“…It’s okay Knuckles. You weren’t in control. Come on, we can…”
But before she could finish, someone came up to us, looking worried.

“What is it now?” She said.

“The Dark Legion! They’re attacking!”

Right. How could I have neglected them?

“I’ll go!”

“But we just saw each other again for the first time in months! You can’t just…”

I just looked at her. I was determined to protect my people, even if I had to die doing so.

“..I understand…just stay safe, okay?”
I nodded and ran off to face them. However, Julie-Su and Saffron decided to come with me.

“You didn’t think you could leave without us, did you?” Said Julie.

“Yeah! Let us help you!” Said Saffron.

There was no point arguing. They’d go even if I told them not to. “…Okay. Just don’t fall too far behind!”

So we went off to face the Dark Legion, where we immediately met Lien-Da and her Legionarres.

“Long time, no see, Knuckles! And how is my half sister doing?”

“Stop this attack now, Lien-Da! You have nothing to gain here!”

“Oh, really? Not even seeing you weep as we rule over you?! Hah!”

It was futile to reason with her. Should have known that at this point. The fight started. I swing mmy fists, jumped and glided when surrounded, and kept fighting, while Julie was blasting them away and punching out anyone who got close. Saffron used her stinger on some of them, which caused them to be unable to fight due to pain from the sting.

Eventually, they all fell unconscious, with only Lien-Da standing. She was clearly infuriated at what happened.

“Grr…well, this isn’t over yet!” She started using her whip on us. We dodged it, but she kept attacking. Then she electrified it, and tried to use it to shock us. Julie eventually shot it out of her hand, leaving Lien-Da to use her beams of electricity at us. We dodged those as well, and one lucky punch from me left her unconscious.

“Welp, another day, a bunch of Leigionarres knocked out!”

We handed them to Remingtom, who had put them in prison, where they wouldn’t escape for a while. Lien-Da was even given something to keep her electrical powers in check!

We later returned to the city, where everyone was living relatively peacefully. I asked if they could come with me back to my world. Sadly, they couldn’t, due the fact that one ring might not be enough to bring them all back, and in the new world, only two individuals had been known to go in and out.

“You willing to come along, Julie?”

“I don’t know…with all that’s happened, I think it might be best if I stayed here…”

“…I understand. How about you, Saffron?”

“Well, I would like to see Charmy again…I’ll come along! He may not remember me, but I should at least see what he’s been up to!”

“Okay. We’ll see you later!”

“Bye! Come back soon!” They all said.

We came back onto Angel Island. No one was there. Not surprising, since that Sonic is always looking for action, so he probably got bored of waiting.

“Well, where are the Chaotix, now?”

“Wherever they need to go for their next jobs. Come one, we’ll look for them! Besides, I need to let Sonic and Tails know I found the echidnas! They’re probably there!”


We went to Station Square, where Sonic and Tails were hanging around.

“Hey, Rad Red! How are you! I see you came back with Saffron!” said the blue hedgehog.

“Yup! I found the echidnas as well!”

“Sweet! Uh, where are they?”

“They’re in another world. They couldn’t come due to the ring’s limits. But I can assure you, they’re safe!”

“Well, at least we know they’re alive. Too bad they couldn’t come along, though. You gonna visit them again?”

“Maybe someday-hey, Saffron, where are you going?!”

“Hey, Charmy!”

She saw the Chaotix. She ran to see her old friends, whether they remember her or not.

Vector was talking “We gotta keep looking for…hey, who’s that coming?!

She stopped. “Uh, hi! Uh…I’m Saffron. Nice to meet you!”

Charmy was the first to introduce himself “Hi, Saffron! My name’s Charmy! Wanna play?”

Vector responded in is usual attitude. “Not now, Charmy! Now, uh, Saffron, why don’t you go off and play elsewhere?”

Saffron responded. “Oh, no, that’s not what I’m here for. I just wanted to see if I could join.”

“Oh, so that’s what it’s about!” He seemed like he was gonna say no, but he couldn’t say it. Eventually he just sighed.” …Okay. But if you cause too much trouble, you’re fired!”

“Yay! What’s my first mission?”

“ We were looking for this fellow” Vector as he held out a piece of paper. “Apparently, he went missing in all the chaos we’ve been dealing with lately. You think you’re up for it?”


They went off to find this missing person. Me and the guys saw them off, wishing them good luck.

“You think she’ll fit in the new world?”


And that was that. From what she told me, they found the missing person soon after she joined, and she seems to be fitting in. As for the echidnas, they seem to be doing fine. I'll just end it here, since we could go on forever. What did you think?
If, for some reason, you wanted this preserved, I posted it on another website...hope you like deviantArt if that's the case.

This fic's your property now. Do what you want with it.

Now, only one fic remaining from this thing before it's done...
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby Spectre the Hechidnat » Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:42 pm

Thanks Surreal; it was good to finally get this. Interesting ideas, I must say-Thrash still remembering the old world, and all the Echidnas apparently being left unchanged by the effects of the Genesis Wave. I must say, I thought the missing poster was going to end up being Mighty and/or Ray or something, kind of like that Easter egg from Sonic Generations.
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby SurrealBrain » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:59 pm

So...I guess I'm the one who didn't get my Secret Santa fic, then?
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby SurrealBrain » Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:23 pm

Sorry for the double post, it Christmas in July?
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby apprentice manta » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:47 pm

My scanner is working now (got new ink cartridge so colors show up properly), so I can upload consolatory fanart for you SurrealBrain. If I don't post it before midnight today, it'll be up tomorrow before I head to work. I was unable to contact your Secret Santa despite leaving PMs.

Nobody should ever have to wait this long for a Secret Santa. I'm truly sorry you were left out. If you want to make another Sonic theme fanfic request, I'll try to get that for you sometime this week.
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby SurrealBrain » Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:20 am

Thanks, Misspuar, I truly appreciate it.

As for another fanfic, since it needs to be Sonic related...are crossovers fine? How about a story where, somehow, Roll (from Mega Man) and Bean the Dynamite Duck wind up having to work together. How it comes to be is up to you.

If crossovers aren't allowed, then I'd like to see a story set in a future where Bean somehow took over the world (whether it be MXYL or an original future is up to you). How you decide to handle this, I shall leave your imagination.

I'm sorry for any trouble I may have caused.
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby apprentice manta » Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:04 pm


Not a problem. You did nothing wrong, it was your Secret Santa who just bailed on the project. So here's apology art based on the current Sonic story line, Cream meets Pearly. I thought about adding Amy, Rotor, Coral, Razor, etc. observing the scene but I kind of like it as is. ^^;

Your fanfic should be posted by Saturday or Sunday. I've never written for MegaMan charas, but I've got some good ideas for the King Bean prompt & am starting the outline.
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