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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby SurrealBrain » Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:11 pm

Thanks. I like the fanart a lot.

Whichever prompt you pick, I wish you the best of luck.
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby apprentice manta » Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:43 am

EDIT: uploaded on deviantart too

New World Order
an Archie Sonic Fanfic
by SaveFearow

Author's Note: Requested by Surreal Brain for Bumbleking forums.

Bean grinned as he addressed the group. "Yes indeed it is a red letter day! Henceforth and forthwith let it be known that a great and glorious new leader has assumed the position." Bean announced.
"Hoo-whee! I reckon you'se meant ter do that sittin' down." Cubot opined.
"No wonder they call him 'Bean'." added Orbot.
"Quiet peasants, or I'll throw you in a dungeon." Bean threatened.
"Dungeon? It looks more like a stack of cardboard boxes and stryofoam cups." Orbot argued.
"Those are land mines." Bean insisted.
"Ooh, I'm shaking in my boots." joked Nack.
"Easy ol' hoss. City boy's just blowin' smoke from both ends." Cubot judged.
Bean scowled. "That is -precisely- the kind of behavior we don't tolerate under the Mean Bean Regime. Bark, take this ruffian away." Bean demanded.
The polar bear nodded wordlessly and picked up the yellow robot.
"Let go a'me, ya no good varmint critter! I ain't a-goin' to the pokey!" Cubot protested.
"Don't worry. That cardboard prison is about as sharp as he is. The worst it can do is give someone a papercut." Orbot sneered.
"Ye-owch!" Cubot shrieked.
"I meant, someone -non metallic- could get one." Orbot hissed.
Cubot rubbed his sore 'hand'. "Shoulda spoke up sooner, pard'nuh." he drawled.
Nack rolled his eyes. "You'd think I'd be USED to working with idiots by now." Nack groused.
"Especially since you all have so much in common." Orbot muttered.
"Them's fightin' words, bolt bucket." Nack snarled as he reached for his pistol.
"Wow. That might REALLY be intimidating. Y'know if I was alive, or if you could shoot straight." Orbot jeered.
"And if wishes or buts were candy and nuts, we'd -all- have a Merry Christmas!" Bean added cheerfully.
Orbot and Nack stared at him.
"I just wanted to be included." Bean mumbled.
"Riiight. That's why you declared yourself King of the Egg Dome." Orbot recalled.
"It's Beanland now. I renamed it." Bean stubbornly maintained.
"I thought it was the Mean Bean Regime." Orbot reminded him.
Bean waved his hand dismissively. "Nah, that's too old school. I need something next gen." Bean decided.
"You like all them di-nee-mite splosions. Mebbe yer runnin' some kinda Boom world." Cubot suggested.
"...Now you're just being ridiculous." Bean pouted.
"This whole thing is ridiculous!" Nack snapped. "When's the -real- boss man returning?"
Orbot looked at the clock. "It shouldn't be too long. He went for pizza almost a half hour ago. Assuming he didn't stop to EAT everything along the way, he'll be here within the next 2 minutes." Orbot calculated.
There was a loud clang as the door opened. "I'm baaaack!" Eggman called.
"Finally! Did you get the pepperoni?" asked Nack.
Eggman burped. "Of course. I had to have something to keep my strength up." Eggman maintained.
"And your weight up... and your blood pressure..." muttered Orbot.
Eggman glared at him. "I -did- bring some motor oil for my 2 least favorite mechanical minions, but now I'm not so certain you'll get any." Eggman snapped.
"Whut about me? Ain't I still yer least fav-o-reet?" Cubot wheedled.
"Sure." replied Eggman. "Knock yourself out."
Obligingly, Cubot punched himself in his face and went off-line.
"Hey, two can play that game! I always wanted to be part of a greatest hits collection!" Bean shouted. He ran smack dab into Bark's fist, then fell to the floor with a thud.
Orbot eyed the listless lackeys. "I wish you'd told them that long ago." he remarked.
"Frankly, so do I." Eggman admitted.

~~~The End

Author's Note: I am not 100% sure the Egg Dome still functions as headquarters in the Nu252 continuity. If you would like to consider this story a throwback to the pre Super Genesis Wave timeline, go ahead.
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Re: The BKC Secret Santa Fic Exchange!

Postby SurrealBrain » Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:10 pm

That was fun! Thanks for the fic!
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