And here's the pitch... Your Archie StH comic ideas!

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Re: And here's the pitch... Your Archie StH comic ideas!

Postby NxtWaltDisney » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:22 pm

I present to you, the final act of The Chaos Wars! :D

Sonic The Hedgehog #371-375
The Chaos Wars-Final Act: Breakthrough

#371: Knights of The Round & Chaos Abound With Excalibur Sonic & the knights of the round by his side, our heroes make their move against Ixis Gaia & his remaining forces! Can our heroes finally end this fight?

#372: Water and Fire The Ixis Army proves to be a challenge for our heroes, and it seems that their only hope now, is for Burning Blaze & Chaos to combine their powers & finish them off in one massive attack? Meanwhile, Silver informs Sonic that the only way to beat Nagus is to separate him from Dark Gaia! Can Our heroes pull off these difficult feats? or Has the battle already been won?

#373: Separation With the Ixis Army destroyed, our heroes focus all their efforts into separating Nagus & Dark Gaia. Chip has a plan to do so & return the world to order, but unfortunately, Caliburn will be destroyed(along with his power) & Chip must sacrifice himself once more. Once Nagus is alone, Sonic & Nagus prepare for their final showdown!

#374: The Final Charge It's Sonic & all the other heroes against Nagus! With every bit of strength they have left, our heroes hit Nagus with everything they've got in the final showdown! As the chaos wars comes to a close, the question on everyone's mind is: who will emerge victorious?

#375: Just Another Day One day after their battle with Nagus, Sonic and the others contemplate on the events that transpired, with Gold & Silver blaming themselves for everything. Meanwhile, Team Dark & the Chaotix help repair the damages & lock up Nagus with G.U.N's help, The Rogues return to their treasure hunting/stealing ways, Mighty & his gang return home, & Silver and Gold destroy the chaos-cosmosis gaunlet. Sonic thinks that, even after everything that happened, for him and the freedom fighters, it was just another day. 8)
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Re: And here's the pitch... Your Archie StH comic ideas!

Postby DrakStarr » Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:52 pm

Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic Universe (12 issues)
The Metallix Project

For the past few months, several factions of Eggman's Egg Army are reported to have been under attack. Contrary to suspicions of GUN or other familiar Freedom Fighter groups being responsible for these attacks, all evidence reports that is not the case. While all of the soldiers and minions have been spared, each base has been utterly decimated and numerous Badnik Hordes are either abducted or destroyed. Sonic and his friends investigate to find a hidden city, defended by what is known as the TerraByte Organization. They, in turn, have their own band of young Freedom Fighters with a shocking yet familiar ability: the power of Roboticization! Who exactly is this new group? How can they change from organic to metal and back again at will? Are they truly friend or foe? And where does Uncle Chuck, the original creator of the Roboticizor, fit into all this? The biggest Sonic event to date is about to commence this summer, one that will truly impact our blue hero's world and the war against the Eggman Empire.

Sonic Boom (8 Issues total)
The Metallix Project: Turbo Ultra Overdrive (Part 1; 4 Issues)

Heavy metal madness has made its way to Sonic's island home.
Sticks is pursued by two men in black (no, not those men in black). According to them, a mysterious device known as the Metallix Ring has been stolen. It is likely used for nefarious purposes and apparently Sticks, whom the agents call Professor Twig, knows how to get it back.
Is this a case of mistaken identity, or is Sticks hiding something? Either way, they'll need all the help they can get if they hope to get the Metallix Ring back, especially when it's in the hands of their most dangerous villain ever: DAVE THE INTERN. Wait... Dave? Not Dr. Eggman?

The Metallix Project : Turbo Ultra Overdrive MAX (+) (Part 2; 4 Issues)
Dave has been defeated, but now an even bigger menace "rises" again, the notorious Lyric! You know... from the Sonic Boom games, RISE OF LYRIC and SHATTERED CRYSTAL. He has taken the Metallix ring from Dave and has now used it on Sonic for his quest for revenge. If the roboticized blue hedgehog's friends have any hope of saving him and stopping the Last Aincient (again), they'll need the help of their lifelong nemesis, Dr. Eggman!
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