Lea's Unimportant Farewell to BK Q&A!

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Re: Lea's Unimportant Farewell to BK Q&A!

Postby Kureejii Lea » Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:43 pm

Daluna13 wrote:So an off topic question when are we going to hear you on Ian's podcast?

Possibly never, because I don't feel like embarrassing myself.

Biostar wrote:Do people under Eggman's command still have bombs hidden in them somewhere?

No, buuuuuut... well, you'll find out soon.

What are the current ages of Razor, Coral, Pearly and the fish princess?

I believe it goes fifteen, sixteen, seven and seventeen, respectively.

Where did Razor get Crusher?

Crusher was a crybaby brat of a chao who fell through the roof of the shrinegrounds and ended up in the garden.

Sparky wrote:When are we going to learn the current ages of the Freedom Fighters compared to the official ages for the game characters?

I went and checked regarding this... there are plans for some character profiles down the road but that's not set in absolute stone, so for the time being I'm just going to throw this out there. Please keep in mind that this is potentially subject to change.

Sally: 16
Rotor: 17
Nicole: "16"
Bunnie: 18
Antoine: 19

Betz! wrote:What would your ideal Boom episode be? (you should give a very detailed summary. Please?)

Aww... see, the thing is, I don't want to give things away on the super slim, unlikely and off-chance that I might actually get to use it somewhere down the line. I'm sorry!

I will say that, despite myself, Boom!Knuckles is actually a lot of fun.

Unknownshadow675 wrote:I asked Ian this for a friend so I might as well get your opinion for my friend as well.

Do you like the Wild Thornberries? Or however you spell it.

I've never seen it!

Yarcaz wrote:Did sonic and the freedom fighters (in either pre-reboot or post-reboot archie) ever play board games or card games like monopoly, uno, chess, etc? (This can include classic games such as hide-and go seek, etc.)

There's really no reason they wouldn't have, you know? I mean, some stuff might be less fair/balanced than other games (like playing tag against Sonic, or anything strategy-based against Nicole, or to a lesser extent, Tails or Sally). Stuck in Knothole as kids, or during a quiet night on Sky Patrol, they'd probably love to gather as a group for some snacks and games. I think Sonic would get super impatient with long, drawn-out games like Monopoly though (whereas Sally would be the one eager to see it through long after almost everyone else is tired). Tails and Rotor would put all their focus on doing things the "smartest"/most practical way; Rotor probably to the point of frustrating himself when it doesn't go right. Nicole would calculate the odds of any random factors and be rather delighted/bemused when they didn't turn out as projected. That includes instances of Big winning. I think Amy and Cream would prefer board games or things like hide-n-seek or jump rope stuff. Bunnie doesn't mind board games but she prefers cards and can read the others well. Sally would try so hard to avoid having a tell that she wouldn't notice having a tell. Antoine has a terrible poker face. He'd try his best to keep a serious "neutral" frown going on, but then the corners of his mouth would slooowly start turning upward into this smug smirk and he wouldn't even realize it when he started chuckling to himself...

Meliden wrote:Something crossed my mind just for sating curiosity - by what you know, is Clove the youngest Egg Boss, or have you seen character documents that project any one of the others as younger? You don't have to say who, if so.

Clove is tied with someone else for youngest.

Specs64z wrote:If her life was on the line, would Clove be able to hold her own in a fight? Or is she more of a strategist?

If it's necessary, she can fight. She's not eager for it like Cassia would be, but... well, you'll see soon. =P
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Re: Lea's Unimportant Farewell to BK Q&A!

Postby Biostar » Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:06 pm

Got more requests for you.

What characters did you design and how does the process usually go? Do you ask other artists for help or are different tasks assigned to people? How much say does the editor have?

Does Conquering Storm have a new name/title, or was her clan unaffected by the SGW?

Favorite/least favorite Sonic cartoon?

Can Nicole possess or control other robots/cyborgs?

What is Thunderbolt's height? Or atleast compared to Cream's?

Have Tails and Grand Battle Kukku/Witchcarters met before?

Ages of the Naugus twins, Relic, Breezie and current Egg Bosses (sans Clove)?
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Re: Lea's Unimportant Farewell to BK Q&A!

Postby Kureejii Lea » Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:11 am

Biostar wrote:Got more requests for you.

You know, I wondered... It's all good, though!

What characters did you design and how does the process usually go? Do you ask other artists for help or are different tasks assigned to people? How much say does the editor have?

Ooh, complicated. Okay, first, characters I was involved in designing (discounting stuff that never saw print/was discarded)...

The current looks for Mighty and Ray
Conquering Storm, Constant Vigil and Rich Nights (finals by Tracy), and the current look for Conquering Storm
Thorn the Lop (finals by Tracy)
Relic the Pika (finals by Tracy)
Cassia and Clove (finals by Evan)
Coral, Razor, Pearly, Echo and Undina
King Puff/Queen Angelica (initial concepts by Ian)
Dr. Ellidy (finals by Tracy)
Phage (initial concept by Ian, finals by Tracy)
"Classic Sally" (#277)
"Squid Girl" (initial concepts by Ian and Vin)
Spike, Sonar and Trevor (initial concepts by Ian, finals by Vin)
...and some characters we haven't seen yet.

The basic process usually goes:

The writer comes up with the basic concept (descriptions, notes, ideas and/or sketches), the amount of detail depending on how important the new feature is -- i.e. an important/recurring character (or location/item/whatever) gets more info and consideration put into its development since it'll be seen more often and should have more impact or be somewhat memorable/unique (compared to, say, incidental background people, even if they have dialogue).

An artist takes a pass at the visual design based on the writer's input -- though sometimes this step is skipped if the editor is satisfied with the concept right out the gate. Sometimes the editor will assign specific artists, or sometimes it just becomes a matter of multiple people putting in their suggestions. The editor will usually give at least some input in terms of direction or just toss out ideas (make x more in theme, avoid the use of y in this design, etc..) and sometimes you end up with like twenty different concepts floating around and everyone disagreeing on what they like best or continually messing with them until it works out. For me, if I don't have a single colour scheme I'm attached to, I'll do several and let someone else pick what they like (though sometimes it just gets tossed and something else is picked anyway).

Ultimately the editor gets final say.

For a general example (with something more recent) we can look at the Shamar FFs. Ian had the basic concepts put together (specifying things like species, colours and general direction) and some rough sketches.

From there I took a pass at them and added some details at my own discretion without changing the core elements. I thought it would be cool if all three had a unifying theme and settled on the black bandannas and eye-wear because a) I figured they would be practical in a desert environment and b) with them on/pulled up it could be a fun way to change how the characters were perceived if needed (since they were going to be double agents). With Spike I focused on black and red details and gave him grey eyes; his spines were kind of long, thin and messy, sort of half-tied back with a red band and the black marks were a bit more erratic. Sonar's hair was sort of curled under, she had white tips on the ears and I focused on a sort of girly athletic look -- a pink tennis dress with black details and black 3/4 leggings, running shoes, etc.. Trevor was pretty different -- he was stocky and a bit taller than the others but not as HUGE, and had a simple vest. I had him in more monochromatic purple tones with a larger nose, since he's a mole, and added the little ponytail/bun detail. Also, because of his species, he actually has no eyes at all -- so they were covered in big tufts, kind of like overgrown eyebrows. So he looked much more... unassuming, I guess.

Vincent Lovallo did the final designs. Sonar's dress became a pink top and black bottoms, and the leggings basically got flipped into high socks. The white on the ears got dropped because it was thought it might look weird if the inner ears were also white. Spike got simplified a bit overall, his eyes became yellow and the boots and gloves were tweaked (the red details I had on the boots were kept and repeated on his glove cuffs). Trevor became much bigger, darker and more sleek/cool, with the shades replacing the tufts to hide his nonexistent eyes. There were some last minute suggestions and tweaks and that was that. So that's a rough idea of how things tend to go.

Does Conquering Storm have a new name/title, or was her clan unaffected by the SGW?

It's no longer "Bride of..." or anything; she's just known as Conquering Storm. We'll be seeing her clan soon.

Favorite/least favorite Sonic cartoon?

Oh boy... I guess ultimately least favourite would have to go to Underground, because I can still remember my disappointment at Knuckles' portrayal (especially since I was excited for it). Favourite... does the Sonic CD intro count? No? Well, Sonic X and Boom have some good moments. I ended up watching a lot of the former in French and I really liked a lot of the voices -- it was really nice to have Cream sound like a little girl and not a dog whistle, but on the other hand, Espio sounded like he was speaking through a bike horn. Well, I may be exaggerating a tad...

Can Nicole possess or control other robots/cyborgs?

While there may be a situational exception, generally speaking, no, she can't.

What is Thunderbolt's height? Or atleast compared to Cream's?

Thunderbolt is around 55-60 cm I believe. Shorter than Cream. She's a tiny rage lump.

Have Tails and Grand Battle Kukku/Witchcarters met before?


Ages of the Naugus twins, Relic, Breezie and current Egg Bosses (sans Clove)?

Heh... sorry, but I'm going to have to skip over some of these for reasons. We gotta leave some stuff for the future. With that in mind, once again, such details are subject to change until they actually see print.

Tundra: 52
Thunderbolt: 23
Hood: 25
Nephthys: 42
Conquering Storm: 21
Axel: 30
Akhlut: 46
???: 28
???: 19

annnnnnd Relic is 18.


Welp, that's it!

Thank you all for your questions, comments and insights over the years. If I ever failed you as a moderator or just failed to respond to something, I apologize and hope you know it wasn't personal. I'm a little sad that the end of Hidden Costs was delayed beyond this forum's closing, so I hope you've enjoyed my work so far and will enjoy the stuff that's coming down the line. It's been a bit scary for me, getting into this business, so I want you all to know your feedback's been appreciated. Thank you!
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