Glitches in Games

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Glitches in Games

Postby The Loose Cannon » Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:15 pm

From going through walls to weird looking characters to well, pretty much most of Sonic 06 and Rise of Lyric, glitches are no strangers in Sonic games. Some are frustrating to deal with and others are just fun to exploit. What are some of the most memorable glitches that you have encountered in any of the games? I'll start off with a few examples. When I played Sonic Heroes on the 360, everything seemed normal till I got to Egg Emperor as Team Chaotix! I don't know if it was a disc scratch or if that's just the way my 360 rendered the level but the background and floors were invisible. The only things that showed up on screen were the background, characters, breakable/interactive objects, the boss, and power ups. I encountered the same glitches in Bingo Highway and Rail Canyon as Team Sonic. During the Team Chatoix credits, when it plays the first clip, the audio plays from the cinematic instead of being mute and then the music skips. I didn't encounter the same thing as Team Sonic though it still played audio from the cinematics in the credits there too.

Next one I didn't catch right away in the video but in the 2D Planet Wisp Zone in Sonic Generations, I used the spike Wisp and somehow got stuck in an invisible wall. The final one I got online is from Sonic 06 fighting that wolf robot boss in the desert The first part, Sonic was on top where the robot jumps from and got stuck there. A minute or so into the video, when Sonic was grinding on the robot and had to grab the horn, both times, Sonic clipped thru the body and still managed to grab it and at one point lost rings doing so.

That's all I got online and if I find more that are interesting, I'll post them but in the meantime, I'm interesting in what glitches any of you have found while playing.
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