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Your favorite milestone (Pick 2: one before Flynn and one during his run)

Issue 25: Sonic CD adaptations
Issue 50: Endgame finally
Issue 75: Robotnik's return
Issue 100: Nate's death
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Issue 125: Sonic Adventure 2.5
Issue 175: Eggman beats Sonic
Issue 200: Sonic beats Eggman
Issue 225: Death Egg returns
Issue 250: Heroes Vs Robot Masters
Issue 275: Heroes Vs Sigma
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Re: Your Favorite Milestone

Postby QuantamEdge » Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:46 am

My favourite would have to be 250, since its simple concept was put to such effective use: all the still relevant Sonic characters going up against nearly all the Robot Masters. The art was stunning, the humour kept the tone nice and light, it just worked really well.

Runner up would be 200, since seeing Sonic beat Eggman into insanity was the kind of dark humour I (sadistically?) enjoy.

I guess I'll just sum up the rest as well.

25: Fun little story, nothing too amazing but one of my favourite 'punny' era issues.

50: A highly flawed ending to a ridiculously flawed saga. I admit the final duel of Sonic and Robotnik was cool, but the artwork didn't really do it complete justice.

75: Better than a lot of the crud that hovered around this period. The story was good enough, but the artwork wasn't really my taste.

100: One of the worst. Made during one of worst times in the comic's history. Add this with Ron Lim and the fact that it doesn't so much feel like a Sonic comic and more some other comic that just happens to have Sonic characters in it and you've got a pretty bad recipe.

125: I know it's cheesy and it uses every blockbuster film cliché in the book and the villains are some ugly Doctor Who knock offs, but it brought a pretty epic scale, not to mention it finally saw an end to that terrible Chaos Knuckles saga. Weirdly, I find it kind of likeable.

150: Ugh... And here I once thought Shadow the Hedgehog (video game) was the most disturbing and stupid thing ever to come out of this franchise...

175: Definitely one of the best. I'd make it runner up if 200 didn't just edge it. Making Eggman a winner for once sure made things interesting. I'd like to see this sort of thing again, but I haven't got much hope.

225: I feel like I should've liked this one more, but I don't really see it as a particular favourite of mine. It's really good, sure, it's just not the best. That said, I absolutely love Eggman's "I'm a Goofy Goober!" victory pose.

275: Not the worst, but not at all the greatest. There's too little dialogue, there's too many characters to keep track of, the logic's pretty off since Sonic and Mega Man could've just gone super much earlier and saved all these video game characters some pain from Sigma. Here's hoping 300's more a winner than this one.
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