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Re: After "Worlds Unite"

Postby Kureejii Lea » Wed May 20, 2015 12:06 pm

MarioandSonic999 wrote:
Zanoss wrote:That's excatly what i've say so why you quote me XD

Well, either I'm not just double posting. Double posting is when you copy stuff from what people have posted in a topic on so far. And I sometimes "quote" stuff, reviewing about what you just posted from your post.

1. Double posting is when one posts twice in a row in a single thread. If something needs to be added, it's preferred that you edit the previous message instead of making a second post.

2. You don't need to directly quote/reply to every post in a thread -- all these messages aren't necessarily directed towards you personally.

3. There's already another thread discussing these previews. Please move discussion there.
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