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Re: Sonic 2006: Time Travel Explained

Postby MetalSkulkBane » Sun May 24, 2015 3:28 am

Actually I have my own theory about Blaze (not as well though as my 06 theory, but still): there are two of them.
Sol Dimensions is said to be parallel to Chaos Dimensions, so maybe there is a counterpart to every person, it's just they are reborn in different moments in time and space, so Blaze is the only one we happened to meet.
So what happened to 06 Blaze? I have a theory that she found herself in new universe, but Iblis was still inside her. She spend her whole life trying to destroy him, but ultimately failed. Maybe she died of old age or maybe she wasn't as strong as Elise and cried. The point is that this universe was destroyed by Iblis. Only few people escaped to other dimension and wrote stories about fire monster that doomed their world. However they made a little mistake, and instead of calling him Iblis, they named him Ifrit.

But that's just my insane theory. I'm not even sure how Nega fits into it, overall it's kinda crazy :P.
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