Solicits - STH#272, SU#75, Worlds Collide Complete

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Re: Solicits - STH#272, SU#75, Worlds Collide Complete

Postby Tango the Hedgehog » Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:43 pm

squeakyboots13 wrote:Okay. I clearly wasn't paying enough attention to the preview then. I didn't want Origins #6 and Sonic #272 anymore ruined for me than they already are.

And ditto on not getting Sonic #271 yet. Haven't gotten Mega Man #48 or any Boom issues either.

...Huh. I've received all of those issues, except SU#75, oddly enough. =P

That said, the preview is intriguing. The art looks fantastic, and it's nice to finally see Silver again. The release date is April 22nd, correct?
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