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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby Chauvel » Tue May 20, 2014 7:37 am

Toby wrote:The reboot was the absolute greatest thing to happen to the comic.

I don't really have a lot of what I would call unpopular opinions but the one above is certainly one of them.


- I never liked the idea of seeing ANY of the main characters relatives or parents, with the exception of Uncle Chuck. There were some I believed were really unnecessary, like Sonic's and Tails' parents. I'm not entirely against them though, I've just found them interesting in the comics.

- I don't like seeing characters "hook-up" officially. Sure I'm a fan of certain pairings, but I always prefer to see them a part, or just simply flirting with each other from time to time. But seeing them as bf/gf really is uninteresting to me. And with that said, I'll just say it, I would've preferred if Antoine and Bunnie wasn't married.


- I enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog the game. Don't get me wrong, everything about it was awful, but I just have a soft spot for it I guess.

- I miss the chao garden aspect of SA2, easily my favorite part of the game. I wish Sega would bring it back. :(
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby TrueBlueAlli » Tue May 20, 2014 8:18 am

LBD_Nytetrayn wrote:I think Sonic 2006 could have been pretty good with more time in the oven, as I think it had some strong ideas that didn't have the substance to back them up.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"


I love the story. I'm playing through it for the first time right now, actually. I love it. I actually find myself *wanting* to play it when I'm at school. (Heck, I installed steam to play Sonic Generations on my computer just so I could be playing something) I really *like* this game. Totally digging Silver's levels. Maybe I just enjoy throwing things at enemies. Haha.

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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby Sunwalker » Tue May 20, 2014 8:47 am

  • I preffer AoStH over SatAM.
  • My favorite writer from the pre-Ian era is Michael Gallagher (you could see this coming from the previous point ;)).
  • Adventure 2 had my favorite story on a Sonic game.
  • My all-time favorite story of the comic is Heart of the Hedgehog from STH#86.
  • I am currently more interested on the Sonic comics than on the games.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby lalalei2001 » Tue May 20, 2014 9:12 am

Sonic Shuffle was a lot of fun, and I really liked the story and chaarcters.
Raising Chao was my favorite part of the Sonic Adventure series and I am sad that the games don't have Chao anymore.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby TheFatPanda » Tue May 20, 2014 1:03 pm

-Honestly, I thought Julie-Su was overrated as a character. Ken introduced her more or less for the sole purpose of being Knuckles love interest, and I feel even Ian didn't get the chance to develope here enough to make me see her as anything more than that.
-I also found Ray extremely uninteresting until Chaotix Quest.
-While I like Mighty's new design in itself, I don't think it really suited the current Sega Sonic style. It's for that reason I'd actually rather his design was reworked a little for the new continuity.

-I actually wish Sega would do more storybook games. The gameplay in Secret Rings may have been frustrating, but I rather liked the concept, and in Black Knight I loved both. There's so much future storybook games could do too: the Greek Myths, Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, Alice in Wonderland...the Prince and the Pauper :P
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby The Bored » Tue May 20, 2014 1:23 pm

I think I'll post a few more since no one hates me yet.

-I actually like the character designs in Sonic Underground as well as the "alien" feel that was given to that cartoon's world
-While I like his design & the concept behind Scourge; thoughI do wish Ian had given him a different name.
-I prefer Shadow & Rouge as villains or at least anti-villains
-I think Shade is a much better character than Julie-Sue, and I would be completely fine with Shade becoming a main character if Chronicles is ever adapted
-I thought Chronicles had the best story of any Sonic game. I also thought it handled the character's personalities perfectly.
-The Iron Queen Arc was one of my favorite stories in the comic, & I hope the Iron Queen comes back in some way.
-I actually don't like the idea of Knuckles being the last echidna. I'd be fine with there being other echidnas just scattered across the globe, but no longer having the great civilization they once had with Knux as the last guardian.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby ShadowBat20 » Tue May 20, 2014 1:41 pm


-Sonic Chronicles is one of my favorite Sonic games. I thought the story and character interactions were fantastic.

-I prefer the majority of the 4Kids voices. While Roger Craig Smith is great, Jason Griffith will always be my Sonic.

-Silver is one of the best characters in the franchise.

-While he's not one of my favorite characters, I like Big.

-I'm not that big of a fan of Gamma.

-I like Boom!Sonic's brown scarf.


-Sonic X was the best show Sonic has had, despite its flaws.

-I liked Sonic Underground.

-SatAM is a decent cartoon. Terribly, terribly overrated, but it was decent.


-While his work on Sonic is great, I believe Mega Man is Ian's best work.

-Chaotix Quest is one of Ian's best Sonic stories.

-I liked the Iron Dominion Saga, despite some flaws.

-I like the SonicXSally ship and all, but I prefer Sally with Monkey Khan.

-I really liked Mina as a love interest for Sonic, possibly more than Sally or Amy.

-Sonic Genesis was great.

-I liked Ian's 30 Years Later arc in Sonic Universe.

-I like Thrash.

-Despite a whole lot of...oddities, I actually like the Knuckles the Echidna comic.

-I don't mind the reboot, but I still miss some things from the past continuity.

I think that's enough for now.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby NiTROACTiVE » Tue May 20, 2014 3:31 pm

Yeah I liked the Knuckles comic too despite what others have said about it. It also had some good action and concepts in it as well.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby StoryMaker » Tue May 20, 2014 9:47 pm

The Bored wrote:-I actually don't like the idea of Knuckles being the last echidna. I'd be fine with there being other echidnas just scattered across the globe, but no longer having the great civilization they once had with Knux as the last guardian.

I agree with this so much. One echidna just isn't enough ;-;

- I have a great deal of affection for Penders' "Knucklesverse". I love Knuckles, I love echidnas, and I find convoluted backstories and an overabundance of characters strangely appealing. I think just the fact that it's a huge mythos and it revolves around Knuckles is enough to draw me to it, really. That doesn't necessarily mean I think it's well-written (I haven't even read much of it...), and I know it has a lot of flaws...but on some deep level, I can't help but like it.

- Scourge is obnoxious and overrated. And the whole thing about the Master Emerald mutating him into be extra strong permanently really doesn't make much sense to me.

- Don't like Fiona either. Tails' crush on her is so unimaginably annoying and I don't see much merit in the character.

- The Sonic 2 Special Stages really aren't that good. Sonic 1's are much better.

- I dislike Dr. Finitevus, for some reason. idk exactly why. He's smug and overpowered or...something?

- Enerjak's design isn't really very good.

- I honestly don't think this is that unpopular of an opinion, but I like the reboot. It had to happen sometime, and the comic will be better for it. It's sad that so much old stuff is lost, never to return. But overall, I think the net effect is positive. Game-like zones? Game-like canon? Game-like designs? I dig it. I mean, the redesigns for the Freedom Fighters are fantastic.

- Ian Flynn isn't perfect :P

- I like the "underdeveloped", "flat" SegaSonic characters more than "deep", "developed" Freedom Fighters or ArchieSonic exclusives. Even if it is in fact true that the Sega characters are underdeveloped and flat, and it may very well be, I just find them more appealing :D

- I don't really like Sonic being a member of an organization like the Freedom Fighters. It'd be more fitting, I think, if he was an independent agent who often teams up/works with/helps out the Freedom Fighters.

- I do wish there was one Knuckles arc in Sonic Universe every year, as originally planned.

- I wouldn't mind if there were sometimes arcs in the Sonic comics where the Freedom Fighters didn't appear much, or at all. I definitely don't hate the FF's or anything, I just prefer good ol' Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & the gang.

- I like Shadow, but not nearly as much as Knuckles, Sonic or Tails.

- I didn't like NICOLE under Flynn's pen in the old continuity. Her personality as a holo-lynx seemed very disconnected from the personality she had before. NICOLE may have been "personalitiless" in SatAM, but she's always had a personality in ArchieSonic, and I didn't like how that was so utterly ignored. In the new continuity, it seems her old "snark" has returned, which is definitely an improvement in my mind. Personally, I'd enjoy it if she could act at least a little like a computer, lapse into technical jargon on occasion, etc. - like her SatAM counterpart, except more of a character.

- I really didn't like NICOLE's whole nanite thing in New Mobotropolis.

- I didn't like New Mobotropolis, either...I think the FF's flying around in the Sky Patrol is infinitely superior to them being based in one place.

- Jerry Gaylord's artwork was pretty bad, yes, but it did have a certain appeal to it. It was something different, anyway.

- I don't like it when the comics make references to something in the games that doesn't otherwise appear in the comics. Examples: Buns' Omega armor, Shard looking like Metal Sonic 3.0, the Sky Patrol being named after Tails' Skypatrol. I just think it sort of confuses things.

- Frozen is overrated and Archie's Christian Comics are the best things ever...oh wait, not about Sonic...

...Wow, I have a lot of unpopular opinions about the comics...not many about the games, tho xP Maybe I'll do some more soul-searching and come up with some, haha.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby NiTROACTiVE » Tue May 20, 2014 10:07 pm

The Bored wrote:-I actually don't like the idea of Knuckles being the last echidna. I'd be fine with there being other echidnas just scattered across the globe, but no longer having the great civilization they once had with Knux as the last guardian.

I also agree with this one too, and I actually liked all of the echidna characters as well.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby SonicBlueRanger » Wed May 21, 2014 10:10 am

I think Lost Worlds story was perfect for Sonic.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby Vampfox » Wed May 21, 2014 1:37 pm

The reboot wasn't necessarily but unfortunately Archie decided to chicken out and settled with Penders instead of doing the right thing and fighting for the stories and characters that Penders took.

Knuckles being the last of his kind is stupid and makes no sense since if he's the last of his kind then how does he know to guard the Master Emerald?

Fiona and Shadow make a good couple.

I ship Tails and Nicole.

I like the characters having parents since it gives the characters something worth fighting for.

Satam is the best Sonic cartoon that's ever been made.
Satam has the only version of Sonic that I care about as a character.
AOSTH is extremely overrated.
Sonic X Robotnik is extremely out of character and is the worst version of Dr Robotnik.

Shadow the Hedgehog is the last really great game in the video game series.
Sonic CD is overrated.
The games are my least favorite Sonic canon.
Mike Pollock is overrated.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby TheFatPanda » Wed May 21, 2014 4:12 pm

I think Ian was really hasty in making it so that every game up to Generations has happened in the new timeline (save for Unleashed). I would've loved to see certain games get properly adapted into the comic, but now we can't.
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby Meliden » Wed May 21, 2014 5:38 pm

Huh, I have quite a few ones to hand;


-I find Shadow far more interesting than Knuckles (this applies to the comics as well).
-Sonic Spinball is my least favourite game, I think the controls are dire and the game is unplayable for me.
-I quite like Sonic Drift 2.
-I prefer the game characterisations of the game characters to their comic counterparts.
-I really like Mighty and Ray. Not so much controversial as often unseen. I also put more stock in the SSA interpretation of Mighty than the most often seen KC one.
-I like Silver.
-I don't like Blaze. Not out of active dislike mind, I just find her boring.
-Maybe not so relevant to this forum, but I don't think the plots of the storybook games are all that deep, nor is Sonic's characterisation in them.
-The Chaotix can drive me to buy whole consoles. :<


-I do not like Bean the Dynamite. His humour is not my cup of tea.
-M:XYL should not have existed. The concept was rotten to the core.
-I don't like House of Cards or Secret Freedom, either.
-The issue with the infamous slap was actually really good up until that moment at the end.
-Mogul's involvement with his marked four wasn't something I was fond of.
-Thrash is neat. So are the vast majority of Ian's original characters (and the ones that aren't are simply average at worst).
-Soultouch is the worst thing that ever appeared in the Sonic comic, and Julie-Su is (was?) my least favourite character in the Sonic franchise. I'd take a dozen issues of SatAM Sally bossing Sonic around over her contrived existence.
-We need more Dulcy, especially now that there's a clean slate with no abusive dragon boyfriends.
-More reptile characters in the new continuity would make me happy (happier? I mean, I'm already enjoying it a lot so...)
-The reboot has done wonders for the comic. Sally especially has really benefitted from the clean-up.


-I really could not stand watching SatAM for long. Far too boring.
-AoStH was the best cartoon done so far. Entertainment value goes a long way.
-I have some reservations over Sonic Boom.


-Anton's one of the best Sonic characters, even though we don't know much about the Manga. Ah well. :P
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Re: Unpopular Sonic Opinions

Postby ChaosJam » Wed May 21, 2014 10:27 pm

- Never liked Sonic Colors. Interesting story but the Wisps power-ups didn't do it for me and I just couldn't get through it.
- Lost World was also a no-go for me and I'm upset if the Wisps stay in play in future games.
- I consider Sonic Generations the best Sonic game since Sonic Adventure.
- I loved Tails Adventure.
- I hate that Shadow is more popular than Knuckles, I feel Knuckles is way underused in the games.

- I find SatAM to be the best show because it's what really got me into the fandom and it's just great story and action.
- I can't stand Sonic X. I think it's more the choice of voice actors and how 4Kids handled the show. I can't keep it on for 5 minutes.
- Sonic Underground was okay. Catchy opening song.
- AoStH was a lot of fun but some of the episodes now I can't stand.

- I'm more upset over the loss of Geoffrey and Elias than everything else because I was really enjoying where their stories were going.
- I'm kinda glad Knuckles lost the baggage of his race. I was happy they were trimmed down by Ian but finally Knuckles can go on adventures without them centering on his high tech family/race.
- That said, I do still wish Julie-Su was around to adventure with Knux.
- The reboot was much needed but I feel Ian and company didn't handle it so well; though conditions surrounding it caused it so.
- I hate how much more vocal Sega is being with the book. I understand they were shaken by the whole Penders thing but I feel Ian and company have proven they are much more respectful of the source material.
- M:XYL was a misguided venture, half of it didn't make sense with the pairings and how out of character a lot of the characters acted.
- I love Mogul, I feel he is a better villain than Eggman half the time.
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