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Postby Spectre the Hechidnat » Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:19 pm

1. Is there any connection between Lightning Lynx and the Bride of Conquering Storm besides the fact that both of them are members of the Raiju Clan? Old friends, relatives...anything significant like that?

2. Are Ultra Sonic and his variations (Eco, Solar, Polar) likely to make any future appearances?

3. Would you say there's any connection between Bark and Augustus, or is it just a coincidence that they're both Polar Bears? The original Arctic Freedom Fighter story mentioned that they were caught down south visiting relatives, so could Bark be related to Augustus?
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Postby Illustrious Q » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:16 am

3.) We know that you hate Marine but find her a blast to write, so my question is what are your feelings about the skunk known as Geoffrey St. John?
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Postby Kaito90 » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:51 pm

1) How old would you say Dr. Finitevus is?

2) Why did you brought Ask Ian back?

3) Which is your favorite issue of all you've written so far?
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Postby Tonberry2k » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:52 pm

1. Any solid plans for the badnik trio, or are they just going to have passive roles from now on?

2. Are you still dodging Arlo? Any chance we'll see him again?

3. Any chance of a Bunnie origin in the next year?
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Postby Gigazubyte » Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:21 am

"Super Ray" reminded me of something. I'm a little confused about the whole Master Emerald Super transformation thing. I'm under the impression that it's supposed to be a one time deal. So, assuming I understood right, my questions are:

1: Can you tell us why that is? I mean, aside from the narrative reason that being able to go super whenever ruins the tension.

2: When Scourge attempted this and Locke interrupted him, did he "use up" his chance?

3: Does this count across zones, or would Moebius' Master Emerald (if it has one?) theoretically be able to power someone who had already used the Prime Zone's M.E.?
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Postby Bleeding Fingertips » Fri Nov 20, 2009 9:53 am

Your not planning on keeping Nicole bad are you?
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Postby Kintobor » Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:06 am

1. Will you bring back the "Ask the Characters" topic again? (I really really want to harass dear, sweet Robotnik again, though, at the state he's at now it wouldn't be fair to him. :(hearty laughter):)

2. Will we ever see the 06' stylized version of Eggman in an alternate storyline/universe/dimension story or arc in the future?

3. Anything on the line for Dr. Kintobor of Moebius in the near future?
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Postby Aurora_Redwinters » Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:30 am

1. In issue #200, Mike said that there was a "secret" message placed in Sonic #95. Will Mike tell us officially what that message was in the near future, or can you just say it right now?

2. Do you read Dan Drazen's reviews of your stories?
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Postby The King of Shadows » Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:42 pm

3. Is it possible for every character in the serires to have a Super form?
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Postby megabeatman » Sat Nov 21, 2009 5:49 pm

1. How did the Chaotix get more than one warp one? In the Knuckles Return arc, Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Mighty used one to get to the Dingos' camp and still have it with them. In the next issue Vector and Ray wanted to use one to find Knuckles. I thought Dr. Finitevus gave Locke one warp ring which in turn was given to the Chaotix?
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Postby Ian Flynn » Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:20 pm

Last week's Wall o' Text didn't scare you off, eh? FINE THEN. Let's have another go at it.

Question #1 wrote:So I remember reading that Eggman was supposed to be completely human now due to the Bem making him and Snively human forever somehow, yet he has a robotic arm in 205. Care to explain?

A random assortment of junk hastily thrown onto his arm. That, and wearing his straight-jacket like a cape, was him re-enacting his classic design.

Question #2 wrote:There's been some mention of a "Battlebird Armada" in the comics, but the armada thus far has been a no show. Is this something you plan to delve into later on after the Iron Dominion arc?

It's something I want to delve into at some point. We just have to hope that certain parties involved approve of it.

Question #3 wrote:Speaking of birds, any chance that the Babylon Rouges are returning (hopefully not, since I find Jet aggravating)?

Not too likely at this juncture. SEGA hasn't been keen with us using them beyond that one tie-in. That could change, however.

Question #4 wrote:Based on one of your answers from this last session (Question #13), would it be safe to assume that most of Mobius and the Sub-Bosses know of Eggman’s defeat and the Iron Dominion’s takeover of the Eggman Empire, or is it the opposite and only certain people and places are aware?

It's a toss-up. Given the swiftness of the coup, you could assume that information hasn't had time to circulate. On the other hand, given the egos involved here, it would also make sense that it was the first order of business as soon as the Iron Blimp landed.

Much like the United Federation/the world at large, I'd assume that the sub-bosses are doing what they did under Eggman: whatever they wanted, so long as it doesn't really garner the attention or wrath of their overlord(s).

Question #5 wrote:Before you finish up the Iron Dominion arc will we learn or get hints why Lightning Lynx was banished from the Raiju Clan?

Ohhhh yes.

Question #6 wrote:Will we be seeing what’s become of the Destructix and their reactions to Lightning Lynx’s departure from the team in or around 2010?

You betcha.

Question #7 wrote:What happened to Moebius after Scourge was arrested?

I'd love to get to that eventually.

Question #8 wrote:It was revealed on Sonic Channel that Marine is a neat-freak. Do you have any plans on exploring this if she appears again?

If it was relevant to the story, sure. "Neat freak" isn't too engaging of a character trait, though. It didn't exactly work for Tommy, now did it?

Question #9 wrote:Is Commander Tower an Overlander or Human?

Overlander. Yes, there's a whole story behind that. Yes, that means he was involved in the Great War. Yes, I'll be getting around to revealing most of it.

Question #10 wrote:When did you first know you wanted to write for the comics?

Right about the time I graduated from high school/enrolled in college. I started going after my English degree and figured that since I could write and that I love the book I should combine the two.

Question #11 wrote:Are there any sort of qualifications you need or does it ride on just talent alone?

All I had going for me was talent. I had no portfolio and only a handful of connections that weren't very strong. (No offense to those folks, but they know what I mean). Normally, though, you'd need all of those things to get in the door. I got lucky.

Question #12 wrote:If SEGA let you, would you do a Sonic/NiGHTS crossover?

I suppose? I never played NiGHTS, so I don't know much about it.

Question #13 wrote:Ever think about experamenting with the "Dream World" idea shown in Sonic Shuffle?

Not really, since I haven't played Sonic Shuffle and information about it online is tenuous at best. I'd rather have a full working knowledge of the plot (meager as it might have been) before jumping into it.

Question #14 wrote:If Sonic X is in an alternate reality to the Sonic Prime-verse (shown in SX #40) does that mean somewhere in the Prime-verse is a version of Cosmo and her race?

Conceivably. Alien races aren't a foreign concept to the book. But I sincerely doubt we'll see a Primeverse version of her people since SEGA would still count it as "Sonic X" material.

Question #15 wrote:The SA2 adaption started in #97-98 and Shadow didn't really appear again until #124 & he'd just been rescued by the Bem. So my question is what happened to him in the time between those issues? Did he somehow stop his descent into the atmosphere? And even if he did wouldn't he need to breathe? Or was Shadow in the Bem's care longer that it seems?

STH#124 opens with Super Shadow floating in space. The best I can come up with is, post-Biolizard fight, he lapsed into a kind of Chaos Control-induced suspended animation supported by his super-form. Remember, the super-forms don't seem to have the same time-limit in the book as they do in the games.

Question #16 wrote:Gamma helped reprogram Omega to find himself a new purpose, but what would happen if he encountered Sonic now?

On a personal level, Omega still yearns to prove himself the supreme badnik by turning Sonic into gooey remains. He also knows that Sonic is a good guy and he now has moral compunctions against murder. Those two ideals don't mesh too well, so if/when they do meet, it should be interesting.

Question #17 wrote:Since you rectonned a few things related to the DEL that fall in line with SEGA (i.e. Twilight Zone/Cage, Zoah mention), "if" you were ever to officially introduce the Nocturnus into the comic, would you be under SEGA mandate to include Lord Ix as well? The general feel here seems to be that he isn't too popular and wouldn't add anything to the villain roster other than a name.

SEGA would actually need to tell me to not/[i] to use Ix. If we get to the Nocturnus, I'm in for a penny, in for a pound. Not to blow my own horn, but c'mon - it'd be me writing Ix. Doesn't that count for something?

Question #18 wrote:You mentioned in question #108, you were thinking of tinkering with a few characters designs. Would this include the ridiculous amount of characters wearing Sonic's shoes? This being Bean, Sharps, Mach, Max and to some extent, Mighty(not sure if theirs others).

Nah, I mean redesigns that would be important or indicitive of something.

Question #19 wrote:What was the idea behind Ray's recent design? His design has changed several times throughout the comic. So will this one be sticking?

I don't know what Jon Gray was thinking when he put Ray in that jacket. Personally, I'm not fond of it, and we'll see if he'll go back to his SegaSonic design eventually.

Question #20 wrote: Cream has been hinted several times by yourself on the board, and in the comic's offpanel section. If she is to appear, is her mother set to appear with her, or will we just have to wait and see?

As with the Nocturnus - in for a penny, in for a pound.

Question #21 wrote:If you could cross Sonic over with anything Non-Sega, what universe would you use? Disney? Marvel? Star Wars?

Mario, first and foremost. That's a given. Next would be StarFox, since they both involve a healthy dose of sci-fi and talking animal people.

Question #22 wrote:Any chance of your unused Other M scripts being released to the public?

Actually, I'm 99.9% sure those got lost in a harddrive crash a few years back, and I don't remember all the details of what happened. Something about a Mecha Madness-esque resurrection of Knuckles, Bean and Bunnie retiring to raise the orphaned Lara-Su, Fiona dying, Super Sonic fighting Super Miles, and Zonic ultimately helping to mind-wipe/reintergrate Sonic into the main continuity.

Question #23 wrote:What do you think of Shade from Chronicles? Personality wise and character wise I mean.

Not too terribly engaging, but not a bad entrance. She felt like how I might've done Julie-Su if we were to introduce the Dark Legion today. Should the series continue, I sincerely hope the budding respect between her and Knuckles remains a working relationship.

Question #24 wrote:Can we ever hope to see an explanation as to how Hope managed to find a place within G.U.N.. especially considering her last name?


Question #25 wrote:Ever think of telling the origins of Feist?

I hem and haw over it. Part of the fun of Feist is his completeley "WHAT?!" nature.

Question #26 wrote: My question is what do you think a world where Eggman would actually win would look like?

Horrible. Anything that remained functioning would be for his amusement. There would be a smattering of free people kept around for him to "do battle with" since he seems to get his kicks out of direct confrontation. The world would be used up to fulfill his desires. If he focused enough, he'd eventually build a space fleet and repeat his efforts on other worlds, leaving Mobius a broken, polluted junkyard.

Question #27 wrote:Would we have to have Scourge appear if we were to revisit Moebius or could we have a Moebius-centric arc/story without him or even the SS for that matter?

As fun as Moebius is on its own merits, I'd think we'd need someone with star power to carry us through the world. Scourge has defined himself enough to be more than just a Moebian.

Question #28 wrote:In the incident that you, or any creative for that matter, were too accidentally divulge too much info where you were to go over the NDA even by a little, God forbid it, would said person automatically be fired or is there a three strikes rule or something that would give them some grace yet place them on very thin ice?

Depends on what the slip-up was and who held the NDA. If it was something minor with Archie, I might be able to apologize my way out of it. Maybe. If it was pretty much anything with SEGA, that'd be it. And I do mean "it" in the most final of terms.

Question #29 wrote:What is the current (Archie) canon on whether or not Sonic can swim? Can he or can't he?

It's varied from writer to writer. I remember one issue Karl Bollers did where Sally panicked when Sonic was dunked in the water, but the next scene had him safely on the shore. Go figure. I plan on keeping him with his game counterpart in being woefully ill prepared for the water.

Question #30 wrote:And that question begs the question, do you have plans for Sally chara-devel in the future?

Yup. They're rolling along right now.

Question #31 wrote:Any ideas yet on how your going to handle the milestone issues for Sonic Universe? Like #25? I only ask because a comic with such a broad scope can go anywhere for its anniversary issues and I was wondering if you been thinking about it.

SU#25 is going to fall fairly close to STH#225. I'm hoping we can do something with that.

Question #32 wrote:how would you say Team Dark and Sigma Alpha 2's relationship would be like if they ever worked together

I don't think SA2 would like being upstaged by a smaller team made of mobians, Robotnik robots, and little kids. And Team Dark doesn't seem to give a flip about what anyone else thinks of them. I'd say there'd be friction.

Question #33 wrote:Are chaos powers considered more mystical/magic or scientific/metahuman(MetaMOBIAN?)?

Depends on their application. They're definitely magical, but they also readily work with mechanical operations. And in Shadow's case, you get biomechanical, which seems - at least in this universe - to almost straddle the magic/science line.

Question #34 wrote:Where is NICOLE's CPU/processor/whatever-makes-up-a-supercomputer's-brain? Is it in the handheld, or is she just spread throughout the entire city?

Nicole can exist throughout the city's nanite matrix or within her handheld form. Whether she has to fully upload her conciousness from one to the other hasn't been defined yet. Her actual CPU will be somewhat addressed this year.

Question #35 wrote:How effective was GUN before Shadow and Omega joined?

Considering the United Federation seems to stand largely without fear of the Eggman Empire? I'd say fairly capable at defending and maintaining the status quo. Anything more proactive seems out fo the question, though.

Question #36 wrote:I heard you killed off the Arachne because spider ninjas were stale or something and now you're bringing spider ninjas as the fourth clan. Can you explain the develop of the spider ninja concept during your run?

Looks like I put the horse before the cart there, eh? At the time the Spider Kids were stale. There was nothing else going for them - six featureless, characterless spiders that also happened to be ninjas. They were Uma Arachnis knock-offs, and she didn't have much going for her at her peak either. But years passed and we began constructing the world of the Dragon Kingdom. Espio being a ninja and his rivalry with Lightning set up two clans, the Yagyu made good crony fodder for a third, and Uma had demonstrated there were spider ninjas out there. So now we're back to having spider ninjas, although - as I pointed out last week - we'll be keeping them managable by using only the one figurehead in their bride.

Question #37 wrote:Is Monkey Khan a permanent character, or will he leave when the Iron Dominion arc is over?

Depending on how well "Iron Dominion" is received, he'll become a semi-regular guest character. I'd add him to the regular cast, but he's [i]so
over-the-top and so powerful he'd outshine most of the cast and rival Sonic for the position of lead protagonist. So off he goes!

Question #38 wrote:Does the Kingdom of Acorn's justice system have the Death Penalty for serious criminals like Eggman?

I don't know, and I'm never going to touch that one.

Question #39 wrote:How well known is Hope around Mobius, I would think being the neice of the most infamous man on the planet would kind of be a big deal?

Yeah, but how would news like that spread? It doesn't seem like Eggman is preoccupied with it, and Snively isn't one to go broadcasting much of his life. The Freedom Fighters aren't the gossipy kind, so that would leave word-of-mouth from the handful of mobians or overlanders who just so happened to know the connection. Hope is probably at most an urban myth to the general populace.

Question #40 wrote:Is their any particular reason Rutan wasn't talking to Salma in that story?

Overtly? No. It does seem like he's being preoccupied with the thoughts of his mother, however, and Dimitri was concerned the old cycle of family strife would start up anew...

Question #41 wrote:Why did Lien-Da still allow Rutan to have a normal childhood instead of preparing her son for what she would most likely plan as his future career?

There's a solid character analysis/debate to be had here if we just had more to go off of in M25YLB/M30YL. We really haven't seen much of Rutan's life after the shift. Lien-Da was in a position of nearly absolute power, so it comes as no surprise as she would live in luxery. One could assume she presented a fairly normal home life to prove how far she had come. Rutan may have been expected to be formally trained when older, and then Lien-Da was forced to go into hiding. And, as we've seen in the present day, Lien-Da is viciously attached to having power. She probably wouldn't have wanted to get Rutan too eager to take her place.

Question #42 wrote:Hayo~ I have a question regarding Finitevus. What is that golden thing on his forehead supposed to be? I've always thought of it as some sort of tiara, but a friend thinks it might be runic and part of his markings. On top that it seems frequently drawn looking as though it's sunken into his skull... or perhaps a bald patch? I'm just sorta boggled.

Y'know, I don't think we've officially nailed down what that thing is. Perhaps it's an implant that allows for greater Warp Ring control? Maybe it's something unexplored? Maybe it's just a really persistant, weirdo zit?

Question #43 wrote:If and or when your finally allowed to use him in the comic, what would Eggman Nega bring to the fold?

I'm not quite sure yet. As of right now he just seems to be a more eccentric, ruthless version of Eggman. I figure making him more of a multiverse threat would keep him fresh, but I'm not sure right now.

Question #44 wrote:Have you found it difficult to incorporate some characters into the plot and find something for them to do, e.g. Geoffrey?

"Guest stars," a la Geoffrey, are easy. They're a fresh face to re-introduce and play around with. The hard part is finding a legitmate reason not to throw the full Freedom Fighters and Chaotix at every threat. They're all right there, why aren't they doing anything, y'know?

Question #45 wrote:Is Conquering Storm going to have a big role to play in the upcoming stories either in the main comic or SU? I ask because she doesn't seem to have done much since she was introduced, and there was a lot of fanfare when she was first revealed in #200.

I don't know about "fanfare" - she was pointed out, but nothing really built up about her until she left for the Dragon Kingdom with a conniving smirk. And now we're having a whole story arc set in the Dragon Kingdom. Hmm. It's almost like I'm setting something up there...

Question #46 wrote:are we gonna see Dr nega with zonic

If SEGA allows it.

Question #47 wrote:What's your day job?

Tedius and stressful in equal measure. Suffice to say I'm job hunting now.

Question #48 wrote:In Sonic Universe #2 Sonic and Rouge showed some respected for each other will we see them team up more or become a possible couple?

Work together again? Possibly. Become a couple? Ew no kill it with fire do not want argh etc.

Question #49 wrote:What I meant by “soon” is, is Mogul, Naugus, and Fiona Fox (maybe Scourge) returning early/spring next year or the summer? Just a rough estimate.

Not to be mean, but I'm highlighting this as an example of what NOT to ask me. I can't/won't/don't want to give specific details on when events will happen or when certain characters might show up. Spoils too much.

Question #50 wrote:I'm just wondering what the nature of Bunnie's power source after #203. The wording IQ made to Bunnie being powered by her "life force" makes it sound like her power supply is finite; is that the case or does Bunnie "recharge" between missions?

It's infinite in the sense that she can eat and sleep and recharge that way, but she can't go around blasting stuff willy-nilly. Imagine sprinting a mile. Now equate the exersion to firing a laser out of your arm; similar idea. You can't keep it up indefinately. Note that Bunnie has always been very conservative with her weapon use during my run. She only shot Eggman's mech once in STH#177, she was tired after the Suppression Squad broke her shield in... whatever issue that was... 'and when the Iron Queen pushed her too far she passed out/nearly died.

Energizer Bunnie she ain't.

Question #51 wrote:What is the nature of relationship between the Iron Queen and the Iron King, is it power sharing agreement or something else entirely?

Ask me again if STH#207 doesn't answer that for you.

Question #52 wrote:In the Japanese Sonic Drift 2 manual it mentions Nack/Fang originates from an alternate dimension, have you ever considered to incorporate this into the comic?

It's crossed my mind (Nack is really Anti-Nic rotflolbbq), but I hesitate to do anything until I'm 100% sure SEGA has totally forgotten about him. Which I'm not.

Interlude wrote:First off, Penders wanted Rotor to be WHAT! NO! You do not do that to a Comic book that draw's in kids. If Penders had gone through with this, I would have left the comic for good.

Second off, comments like that don't belong in this thread. Third off, take your hate off my forum. I've got nothing against there being a gay/lesbian character in the book, but this really isn't the book for championing such rights. If this wasn't someone else's property, maybe - that's a whole other debate - but this is the wrong book to do it in. Sexual orientation should be a character trait, not a defining element.

Question #53 wrote:What did he think this would do to not only the comic, but to SatAM and Sonic Spinball? quote]

...what? Let's break this down:

1) I'm not Mr. Penders. I am not, nor have I ever really been, in contact with Mr. Penders. How would I know his motivations short of what he's put out publically?

2) Mr. Penders wasn't involved in SatAM, a program that died off before any chance of investigating the characters in such a way was even conceivable.

3) The SatAM character cameos in Spinball were so trivial they . . . no. Wait. I think I just fell for a troll. There's no way these can be legit questions. Let's move on.

Question #54 wrote:What is closer to a Mobium in U.S. money: is it like a dollar, or a cent? Or... somewhere in between, maybe?

In terms of physical form? I think we've actually seen bills floating around. In terms of exchange? There is no solid canon on that.

Question #55 wrote:You said before that there were plans for a Merlin Prower backstory, but SEGA axed them. Can we pleeease hear more about those plans? I'm kinda disappointed...

You and me both. I can't reveal them yet since I still plan on getting to the same plot point, it'll just have to be by a different route.

Question #56 wrote:Why do you personally think this title (StH) has lasted as long as it has?

Hard to say for sure, but I would think that it being so widely appealing and accessable has given its longevity. Anyone can pick it up and enjoy on some level, which sets it up for a huge potential readership.

Question #57 wrote:In regards to the site itself, you have this BumbleKastle, where the creatives talk about "stuff". It is inaccessible to most everybody else. My question is for such a secretive location, why is it so out in the open?

It serves as a reminder that there is a mod staff and we do work together to decide on policy and action. It's like having the police station on the street - you can't really go into it, but you know they're there.

Question #58 wrote:I would imagine, and if I recall correctly, you yourself said that these long arcs (Moebius at 8, Iron Dominion for 14 confirmed and counting) are rather taxing on you. So the question is... Do you intend for Iron Dominion to be your grandaddy of long arcs?

For a bit, yes. We'll be tackling things a little differently next year. More on that later, though.

Question #59 wrote:Given the opportunity, and assuming Sega's restrictions are more *ahem* lax (if that would even pertain), which character's origin would you be most keen to delve into to the fullest extent?

I dunno. The main SegaSonic core has been pretty well explored. I guess Amy Rose, since she still needs to be built up some.

Question #60 wrote:You've done a great job at giving each member of the Chaotix a personality. What would you say Mighty's is?

I see Mighty as relatively soft-spoken, laid back, and just a generally nice guy. He likes to show off with his strength from time to time, but it isn't with the same kind of self-important swagger Sonic does with his speed. Instead of "Did you see me? Huh? Huh?" It's more of a "Wasn't that nifty!" Because Mighty is so tough all around, though, he doesn't handle feeling weak well. The minute it looks like he's come up short or failed someone, he starts to lose control. For someone so seemingly nigh-invulnerable, I like him to have that emotional vulnerability.

Question #61 wrote:I have my own theories, but would you say (unless it's spoilery) that Iron Queen is just using Snively, or cares about him, but simply cares about victory more?

That's something I want to explore for a long, long time. We'll get hints of it during "Iron Dominion," and I definitely want to follow up on it years down the line. So I don't want to out-right confirm her emotions right here, right now.

Question #62 wrote:On average what is the page length of a main story, back story, and full book story, for a comic book script?

The manuscript can vary wildly, but usually is something like 45% longer than the actual comic. (so roughly 30+ pages)

Question #63 wrote:Why does Von Stryker want Knuckles dead? Knuckles has pretty much given him the ok to live on Angel Island as the Guardian.

Because Helmut doesn't want to just live on the island; he wants to rule it and possibly more. He's not out for peaceful co-existance but all-out domination. He certainly sees Knuckles as someone he can deal with rationally and is perhaps the only echidna he'd actually think to talk to first and take at their word. There is a definite show of respect there. But Knuckles is in his way, and respect or not, he's just going to have to be moved.

Question #64 wrote:Have you ever had to check a thesaurus whilst writing Mogul's dialogue in the past?

I have two at my desk and sometimes have to go online. I'm not kidding.

Question #65 wrote:Will you ever "retire" King Max at all or at least make him less of a cruel person and not a irritance who seemed to only exist to spite the Freedom Fighters?

I think it's pretty obvious Max is on a downward spiral. I just haven't decided what the end will be, how to get there, or when I'll have time to do so. Before we reach that nebulous point, though, I want to make it clear what a tragic character he is and how sad his story is. He has been through so much and suffered so greatly it's understandable that he's not the sunniest of people.

Question #66 wrote:What made you create the Awesomeness that is SUPER RAY??

You mean "super" Ray. Take one part me wanting to explore the rules and limits of chaos power / super forms, and take one part me having written myself into a bit of a corner. The result? A fun sight gag that does more than just get a laugh.

Question #67 wrote:How did Espio get on Angel Island in 203? / How did Espio and Conquering Storm return to the Dragon Kingdom?

They are ninja. Yes, that is the official answer. (or, for one thing, the blimp at the end of #200)

Question #68 wrote:How did you come up with Iron King's real name? Is there a story behind it?

I hope to get more into my thinking way down the line, but for Jun Kun: his name translates (extremely roughly) into "Supreme Earth" or "Leader of Earth" in Chinese. I'm willing to bet a native speaker would find my efforts laughable, but anyway - I see Iron King as something of an earth elemental ("Iron" notwithstanding) and he's a very large, dominating presence. So - Jun Kun.

Question #69 wrote:If you could create any new Mobian character what species would you chose?

Wait until the year is out. You'll see.

Question #70 wrote:How did you get SEGA to let you make a cover without sonic on it?

Keep a few things in mind:
- this is a temporary thing. STH#210's cover is more of a fluke than the norm
- the title still reads "Sonic the Hedgehog"
- Amy Rose, a SegaSonic character, is the most prevenlant image on the cover
- you haven't seen the 100% finished cover. There may be a Sonic icon somewhere later

It's not like we haven't had Sonic-free covers before...

Question #71 wrote:Are characters that speak differently harder to write than others e.g. Mammoth Mogul and Rob O' the Hedge?

It can be a tricky balancing act of keeping them coherent, keeping their forms of speech consistent, and not cluttering up the page with their particular turns of phrase.

Question #72 wrote:Was the previous cover for STH #210, featuring Regina, Jun, Snivley, Sonic and NICOLE just a prototype cover??

You could call it that, sure.

Question #73 wrote:All three of my questions concern Sonic's power ring induced, inherent, mystical barrier.

1) How much physical abuse does this shield Sonic from? How much would he have to be hurt before biting the bullet so to speak?

2) Approximately how fast is Sonic's regeneration due to the power ring energy?

3) About how advanced are Sonic's regen capabilities? Are we talking limb regenration advanced, or much more minor injuries?

I couldn't think of a clean way to break these up, so let's just tackle them as one: I don't know. We know that Sonic can withstand inconceivable levels of punishment with all the magic ring energy he's absorbed, but it's not clear how much is ring energy and how much is him being exceptionally versitile. Maybe one day we can sit down and suss out the finer points. As for regenerating limbs - I leave that to the fan-fic writers since nobody's losing a limb in this book.

Question #74 wrote:So....your coming up on fifty issues. Feel old yet?

Just a little. Seriously - fifty issues of just Sonic? Somebody do a tally including SX and SU.

Question #75 wrote:I remember you saying when you first came on the book. that long arcs where generally going to be a no no. While the sagas are technically divided up into smaller arcs, they all lead into one another as one continuous story, rather then self contained narratives. And of course, we have Sonic Universe, which are ALL 4 issue arcs, something you once said you would only rarely do on StH. All that said brings me to my have the sales been fairing through these sagas and 4 parters?

I don't have access to the numbers, but seeing as this is the direction I've been told to go, I guess it's working. There's a specific reason we're doing SU in this particular format, but I can't get into that right now. And while the sagas do flow pretty tightly from one part to the next, the two-part nuggets seem to make the whole thing digestable.

Question #76 wrote:what lead you to decide these extended arcs where neccessary, from a sales and from a narrative stand point? The current saga is going to be the longest in the comics history. Why the change in format?

I wanted to do something different. I've wanted to do longer arcs, and this was the first time I was allowed to go all-out. That, and with "Iron Dominion," we're establishing a new threat that I hope to call upon over the years. We needed to make the Iron King and Queen legitimate additions to the top-level rogues gallery, and you can't do that in a measely four parts.

Question #77 wrote:Is there any connection between Lightning Lynx and the Bride of Conquering Storm besides the fact that both of them are members of the Raiju Clan? Old friends, relatives...anything significant like that?

I don't think we'll have time to address that in STH. Now, if I could find time elsewhere, like a Dragon Kingdom-centric storline in SU or something, I might be able to answer that. *cough*hint-hint*cough*

Question #78 wrote:Are Ultra Sonic and his variations (Eco, Solar, Polar) likely to make any future appearances?

Never again. Unless it's in some kind of bizarre multiverse fashion.

Question #79 wrote:Would you say there's any connection between Bark and Augustus, or is it just a coincidence that they're both Polar Bears? The original Arctic Freedom Fighter story mentioned that they were caught down south visiting relatives, so could Bark be related to Augustus?

It's not really a coincidence, unless Gala-Na and Lara-Le both being echidnas is a coincidence. I'd rather not link SegaSonic characters to ArchieSonic characters more than already has been done. That, and Augustus and Bark look nothing alike.

Question #80 wrote:We know that you hate Marine but find her a blast to write, so my question is what are your feelings about the skunk known as Geoffrey St. John?

I'm actually excited to write him - and no, his cameo in the Mogul story doesn't count. He was the ArchieSonic rival to Sonic and such a prominent member outside of the core-FF and then he just . . . faded away. I want to remind folks why he was such a show-stopper - such a memorable character. Like how I revamped the Iron Queen from virtually nothing? Well - let's see what I can do with a character with real meat on their bones.

Question #81 wrote:How old would you say Dr. Finitevus is?

I've not set that in stone. I'd say in his prime - probably early thirties, late twenties at the youngest. We might tweak that down the road, though.

Question #82 wrote:Why did you brought Ask Ian back?

I missed it, honestly. That, and folks were PMing me some decent questions that I thought everyone should hear the answers to.

Question #83 wrote:Any solid plans for the badnik trio, or are they just going to have passive roles from now on?

I've got an idea or two, but those are way back on the "Need to Get To" list. Might be fun after a super-serious mega-event or something, though.

Question #84 wrote:Are you still dodging Arlo? Any chance we'll see him again?

Dodging like a bad date on prom night.

Question #85 wrote:Any chance of a Bunnie origin in the next year?

Lemme get back to you on that one.

Question #86 wrote:"Super Ray" reminded me of something. I'm a little confused about the whole Master Emerald Super transformation thing. I'm under the impression that it's supposed to be a one time deal. So, assuming I understood right, my questions are: Can you tell us why that is? I mean, aside from the narrative reason that being able to go super whenever ruins the tension.

The "One Time Thing" with the Master Emerald is definitely an idea I've had, but it's not canon. So until it becomes a proven fact, it shouldn't be taken as such. As for why that would be, should it ever be set in stone, I'd get around to revealing the reasons.

Question #87 wrote: Will you bring back the "Ask the Characters" topic again?

That was fun, but also triple the work load of a usual Ask Ian thread. I won't say never again, but don't look for it for a while.

Question #88 wrote:Will we ever see the 06' stylized version of Eggman in an alternate storyline/universe/dimension story or arc in the future?

Unlikely on the side of "never."

Question #89 wrote:Anything on the line for Dr. Kintobor of Moebius in the near future?

I've got too many Mobius-Prime stories to tell right now. But I didn't do all that tinkering with Moebius for nothing. We'll go back one day.

Question #90 wrote:Do you read Dan Drazen's reviews of your stories?

I read every review I can get my hands on.

Question #91 wrote:Is it possible for every character in the serires to have a Super form?

Like the "One Time Thing," take this with a huge grain of salt: no. I'd like to think that only a very elite few can transform. The details of who can, why, why not others, what would happen if they tried, etc. is something I want to get around to one day.

Question #92 wrote:How did the Chaotix get more than one warp one? In the Knuckles Return arc, Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Mighty used one to get to the Dingos' camp and still have it with them. In the next issue Vector and Ray wanted to use one to find Knuckles. I thought Dr. Finitevus gave Locke one warp ring which in turn was given to the Chaotix?

Well, looking back at the end of "Enerjak Reborn" I see that something I had intended didn't come to be: that when Knuckles got his one hit on Finitevus, he was supposed to have dropped some of his Warp Rings. Maybe I forgot to mention it in the script. Maybe it got lost somewhere along the lines in production. I dunno, but it's not there. Consider it a pending retcon.
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Postby Gigazubyte » Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:26 am

1:Does Moebius have a Master Emerald? I feel like this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it. Given that it was created in a rather unique chain of events in the primeverse I would expect no, but Moebius is a strange place.

2: How do warp rings work, in terms of setting a destination? Do they just go wherever the holder feels like going, or does setting a destination require chaos powers/magic/whatever? What I mean is, Finitevus seems to be able to open them to wherever he wants, whenever he wants. Is this something that anybody could do, or does someone like Ray have to rely on preset destinations?
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Postby Super Rayzor » Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:52 am

1. You said that the Ask the characters was quite taxing, but have you ever considered just one character-based question among the other regular two questions once every so often, per year, etc.?

2. Has Sega ever explained a mandate; Nega, Sonic X, Cream, etc.; at all; or is every mandate a "Because we said so!!" and nothing more?

3. What licensed comic would you like to write for, assuming Archie got the rights of course? I would love to see you tackle a Metroid comic; I love me some Samus!
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Postby Duuz Diz Din » Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:39 am

1. Is Monkey Khan immortal along the same lines as Shadow? I ask cuz' it doesn't seem like time had to much of an effect on him considering he was locked away for ten or so years.

2. If Shadow and Khan had to work together would they make a good team, or wold they end up rearranging the surrounding area with each others faces?

3. As a man who obviously likes some good old fashion face hitting, I'm curious to know what characters you would use if you could just have them engage in one massive, no holds bard brawl, an "Ultimate Showdown" if you would?
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Postby Vampfox » Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:03 am

1. Did Anti-Locke do experiments on Anti-Knuckles when he was still in his egg like Locke-Prime did?
2. Who do you think is stronger, Sonic or Shadow?
3. At the end of "Return to Angel Island" Knuckles said that he got his Chaos powers back, how come he never uses them?
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