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Because Dub demanded it...

Postby SallyGirl » Sat Feb 28, 2009 6:42 pm

Marine: How did you get to be such an awesome captain?

Marine: How did you get to be so wise?

Ian: Will you forgive me for torturing you this way? :D
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All cool. All SONIC!

Postby BlueBlur » Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:17 pm

Sonic M:25YL: If you could tell one thing to your past self, what would it be?

Sonic: Okay. No misunderstanding, no interruptions… who would win in a fight between you and Shadow?

Sonic: Heh, heh. …And NO misunderstanding, NO interruptions, and NO mind-control, who would win, you or Monkey Khan?
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Postby Aurora_Redwinters » Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:13 pm

Bean: I'll ask you here. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

Tails: Any chance you might branch off and do some solo adventuring in the foreseeable future?

Eggman: How do you like your eggs done?
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Postby Aurelia le » Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:03 pm

Remington: Could you describe your time as leader of the Frost Legion? What sort of leader were you? What did you, and the Frost Legion, do exactly?
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Postby Mik9 » Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:46 pm

To Knuckles: You have certainly came a long way since you first appear in the comics and have went a lot of experiences both good and bad. As a whole (meaning you can't change any one individual experience, it an all or nothing deal) up to this point in time would you keep the experiences that you have or would you rather go back to how it was with you not knowing anything and believing that was last of your kind and staying that way forever?

To Bean: Since beans are the "musical" food. Are you very "musical"?
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Postby nz17 » Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:19 am

(Final Question, #3 of 3)
All: The reason that we seem to know so much about your personal lives and the reason that we ask such insightful questions is that Ian has installed a network of audio/video recording devices throughout the land, including your homes and businesses. Please discuss.
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Postby Ian Flynn » Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:15 am

I've got 200 or so to read, answer, proof read and debug the coding.

Topic locked until I've got the replies ready.
Ian Flynn
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Postby Ian Flynn » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:23 am

And here we are - the final week. It's been an interesting experiment and largely a huge success. I think I've got some good ideas on how to do the next round whenever that may be. Now - to the questions!

Question #1 wrote: What would you say have been your greatest accomplishments and failures thus far as a writer on Sonic and do you have any specific thoughts about where you feel you can improve and grow in reference to the book and your career as a writer as a whole?

I think the greatest accomplishment so far has been to tie a lot of the old ideas into my own new ones and keep the whole book running. We're enjoying some considerable success with the book and I'd like to think it's in some small part thanks to me. Most of the credit goes to the fantastic art team, of course.

And they, I think, are who I "failed" initially. In my inexperience I demanded a lot from them without fully appreciating the team. I still demand a lot of them now, but I think I do it much better nowadays. No more 30-something-character fight scenes, for instance.

I think I'm in a pretty comfortable spot with the Sonic books right now. I've got a good idea of what works, what doesn't, and how to tell a good story in their world. I feel I'm free to experiment with the world now that I'm solid on how to show it. As for myself, I really need to branch out more. I need to write other comics, other formats, and just generally do more. You can't grow by being comfortable in one spot.

Question #2 wrote:To Sonic: What do you fear? (IE what is the one thing in this world that keeps you awake at night and sits in the back of your mind like a festering wound)


Be honest.

. . . eh, failure, I guess. Being a split-second too late, or not thinking of the right plan at the right time. I can't be in two places at once - I'm workin' on that - and it's always a question of which place is "right." Mogul kinda figured that one out with the Tails-Mina-Mighty thing. But, hey, what's worrying going to get you? Besides an ulcer? I just keeping moving and do my best, and that's usually more than enough.

Question #3 wrote:Dr. Eggman, given that your ultimate plan appears to be the roboticization of everything but your illustrious self, I admit I(lacking your foresight) can't grasp your motives. In the most simplistic, fundamental sense, why do you want to be effectively the last sentient being in existence, with none other to appreciate your triumph?

That used to be the plan, until the blasted aliens made a mess of things. Bah! I suppose it would get a little . . . what's-the-word . . . lonesome being the last free mind. But that's what the universe and multiverse are for! And really, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for the betterment of all mobian-kind. Or whatever-kind. Depends on what I'm conquering.

Question #4 wrote:On another note, Doctor, what are your thoughts on your grandfather, the late Professor Gerald?

A brilliant man! I was a little disappointed to learn his hidden, philanthropic side, but still an incredible genius!

Question #5 wrote:Eggman(SX), could you describe what your ultimate vision for how the world will be once you've taken over, and how individual citizens like me would be treated under your rule? You talk about wanting to conquer a lot, but I'm curious as to what you desire to do with the planet and its people once you successfully take it over(As I'm sure you will).

I . . . erm . . .well . . . BOCOE! DECOE! Bring me my "Post-Total Conquest Plans!

Sorry, sir, but we don't have any such file on - er - file.

You've only planned on conquering the world. Since you've never gotten any further than that, you haven't planned beyond it.

NONSENSE! Bokkun must have eaten it or something. TAKE NOTE! As the Glorious and Handsome Emperor Eggman, all subjects would be required to dress in the same sharp fashion sense as me. They will enjoy endless amounts of ME! Eggman TV! Eggman-O's for breakfast, EggLunchable for that middle-meal, and fine evening dining at Egg-cargo's every night (Or McEggy's for those on a budget)! My brilliant visage - yes, even my appearance is brilliant! - would be broadcast over every city all over the world! My name - NO! FACE! - laser-etched on the moon! Everyone driving to work in an Egg Mobile! Robots delivering your newspaper! IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!

But what about disease?

Or education?

Or diminishing resources?

Or environmental health?

Meh, I'll figure that out later. The important stuff must come first!

Question #6 wrote:Bean, did you know Ian likes nothing better than a nice roast duck? If you're being kept in the oven, get out of there quick!

It's not an oven, dope! It's a sauna! Only fuzz-face stocked it with orange sauce instead of water. Ah well. YO FLYNNIGAN! When's my time up?

You'll be done in another couple of hours.

Question #7 wrote:Omega and NICOLE, who would win in a fight between you? I know Omega has lots of weaponry, but that wouldn't work on a hologram.


While I certainly wouldn't want to ever have to resort to violence - -


. . . I do have full control over the entire city's worth of nanites. Conceivably I could reconstitute all my resources and pull a direct feed of nuclear waste from Robotropolis to create a three-mile long cannon that would vaporize half of Mobius in one shot, not to mention knock Mars of its orbital plain.

. . .

In theory, of course.


You're not my type.

Quote #8 wrote:Rouge and Julie-Su, who would win in a fight between you.

...what? What's that look for?

I'm waiting for the inevitable hot-tempered and overly self-assured claim on your part.

Hmph. I figured you'd just undercut me with some smarmy, too-cool-for-you assurances that you'd win.

Ooooh, you've got me all figured out!

And I'm such an easy read, right?

Hmph. Alright, I'll give you some credit. It might be a closer fight than I'd anticipated.

I expect a good fight. Not a straight-forward one . . .

No, never. Sorry, kid, we don't have an answer for you.


Question #9 wrote:Eggman Nega: Going by your last answer, you seem rather bothered by your predecessor tarnishing the name "Eggman." Given that the name was intended as mockery to begin with, why are you so upset over its prestige? Wouldn't "Robotnik" or even "Kintobor" still hold a similar bloodline significance to you, without the ridicule?

No, no, no, you don't understand! That the name began in mockery only worsens the deal. The fact that it grew to prestige, only to fall into even deeper shame is unforgivable! What of those older anagrams? The name "Eggman" has endured and it has in ridicule!

Question #10 wrote:To Sonic/Uncle Chuck (or Ian, if he so desires): Just curious what exactly chili dogs are made from in that time. The hot dogs and meat in the chili, that is. I've seen some pigs serving them in the cartoon, and that just seems like a conflict of interest, so to speak.

Actually, I'm going to take this one. There are vegetarian hotdogs out there, and I'm will to bet that's primarily what Chuck makes/Sonic gorges on. At the same time, something I'd like to work in is that the "little animals" of old are the fauna of the world. So along with the flickies and pasha you've got plickies and cluckies. That's still to be approved, though.

Question #11 wrote:I was curious what your thoughts were on associating [Knuckles's] character with a familiar culture in that same way and if you do the same with him or any other character?

I really hesitate to make full-on culture associations since they end up as parody. Knuckles's culture would be a beastly chimera in and of itself, so I wouldn't know where to begin with it. And while I'll honor what's come before (Bunnie's southern heritage, Antoine's faux-French, the Downunda FF, etc.) I don't think I want to bring in any more. I'd rather build the cultures within the book. And if they have the trappings of a real-world culture, then it's more of a happy coincidence than a parody.

Question #12 wrote:To Bunnie: First off allow me to give my compliments to such a beautiful southern belle such as yourself. You ability to keep your looks so fresh while fighting in the middle of a war is testament to your upbringing. My question is, given how much has happened in your life up until now, ups and downs, how do you keep that optimistic outlook on life?

Flatterer! But thank ya, Ah appreciate the kind sentiments. Ah think mah outlooks is a lot like Sugah-Hog's earlier - that you just gotta keep movin'. Ah got in a bad place because Ah gave up hope and let Patch get to me. Ah shouldn't have ever gotten there. Ah've had it rough, rougher than most maybe, but worryin' over mah lot in life ain't gonna change nothin'. Ah've seen great things done by the Freedom Fighters, and it just goes to show you gotta make the best of what ya got. The alternative is a lot worse.

Question #13 wrote:To Bunnie: If you didn't realize by now, you're an inspiration to many who have had some form of life changing disability or change. Knowing that, how does it feel knowing that even with the changes you went through, it inspires hope to many?

Oh mah stars - Ah'd never thought of mahself as inspirational! Ah never thought of . . . gosh, really? Well . . . Ah'm happy to be of such service!

Question #14 wrote:To Jules: I know that many times during all this it's been hard to handle some of these questions so I hope this one is easier to handle for a great war hero such as yourself. Looking back on how things have went regarding your life, your family, the war and all, would you change anything at all, or do you consider yourself a better hedgehog for having survived and grown from them?

I wouldn't say a "great war hero." I served my king and country. Nothing glamorous about it. Looking back . . . nnnnnno. I don't think so. If I could go back, I might leave Julian to drown in the mud . . . but then the war might've lasted longer. We might not have won. Or I might not have survived, or lost Bernie or Chuck. No, everything happens for a reason. I have no idea what that reason may be, and the "everything" sucks more often than not, but that's life. I have a loving family and a life I can be proud of - maybe a few, small regrets. And I'm a heck of a lot smarter than the naive young man I was on the front-lines in the beginning of it all, I can tell you that.

Question #15 wrote:To the Original Metal Sonic who was burned to nothing in the fires of Mt. Mobius(you let Locke answer so let him): If you could come back to "life" (pardon my wording) what would you do with your "life"?

Yeah, but Locke's a Guardian. He can be with the Guardians in the Chaos - -

Quiet, squishy slow-one! They wish me to speak, and I'm too awesome to let a little melting into slag stop me.

Suit yourself. Then it's right back to being canonically "dead."

Sure-sure, whatever. "Life" is a big concept. I don't think I had approached the cusp up understanding "life." I had just learned "friendship." On its edges are "love," "compassion," and "selflessness." I had barely grasped a concept of "self," let alone "selflessness." I don't know what would have become of me, fleshy one. Perhaps I would've grown. Perhaps I would've slipped back into the comfort of familiar programming. I'm gone now, so I guess we'll never know.

Question #16 wrote:To Dr. Finitevus: I have nothing against your enlightenment. In fact I would support it if you just stopped smiling so evily. Why would someone who claims to not be a bad guy have a grin more sinister than the bad guys?

Sinister? My physical mutations are a result of Knuckles. Which do you find more welcoming - a man who presents himself for who he is, or someone who hides all his anger and power behind a bright, cheery red exterior?

Question #17 wrote:To Oh Keeper of the Spare Tire Dr. Robotnik: You are rather skilled with creating deadly Metal Sonics and a Metal Scourge. I think you should make one based on TAILS. You should also create something not just intimidating but just plain scary and creepy. Like a strange DOLL like thing. Idea Ever consider making a TAILS DOLL?!

Tails? Why Tails? If I wanted to replicate an occasionally hazardous tag-along I would tether an orange mine with a faulty detonator to Metal Sonic. And I refuse to make a doll! I only build figures of action.

Question #18 wrote:Silver, you've mentioned that you have a master in several of your answers already. So I was just wondering, who is your master?

. . . oh. Well, see, he's - um - a very private person. He'd probably be aggravated if he found out I was talking about him. All I'll say he's a great man, very wise, and helped train me in my powers.

Question #19 wrote:Elias, when are you going to give Sonic back his knighthood? He's saved everyone's life more times than anyone can count.

I offered, but he passed. That was . . . Sonic the Hedgehog #162 I believe. Man it's weird referring to events like that.

Question #20 wrote:Bean, give Elias a noggie.

Hi. My name is Bean. The Dynamite Duck. I used to be confused. Now. Thanks to this new twelve step program. I know what a "noogie" really is. Here, your highness. Have a nice big noogie. From me. To you.

That's . . . a bouquet of flow- -

Noogie of flowers, Elias. (Don't question it. Run with it. Trust me.)

Question #21 wrote:(Dr. Eggman) Did Lucasfilm ever give you any legal hassle when you built the Death Egg?

No, and George knows better than that. I was the one who came up with the Death Egg! He ripped me off first! And the flannel! Even Yoda is based off my rantings about the rodent when we'd meet on Thursday afternoons for a mocha latte.

Question #22 wrote:(Dr. Eggman) When you finally get to conquering Mobius and crushing your enemies under your heel, do you have plans for retirement?

Retirement is for the addle-minded and uninspired! There are weapons to build (and fire) and worlds to find (and fire at)!

Question #23 wrote:(Dr. Eggman) Do you have any advice for aspiring world-conquerers? (I once asked Dr. Wily, but he flew into a rant about a certain blue bomber before curling up into the fetal position.)

Trust no one! Be sure your minions fear you, even if you have to program that fear into them! And never give up in the face of adversity! Especially when it's that smug face of the rodent. Always jeering, always mocking. Everywhere you turn, he's RIGHT THERE! Wagging his finger, wiping his nose, whatever he chooses to mock you with at the time - but ALWAYS MOCKING! Always defying all logic and reason! You can calculate his every move, program for every variable, and HE DEFIES YOU! It's maddening! It's insufferable! I can't take much more of it! I HATE that hedgehog! HATE! HATE! HATE!!!

. . . and he hits the floor, curled in a fetal position.

Question #24 wrote:if sonic x did not have the restrictions, what would you have done differently?

I don't know, really. The most fun I had on the book was El Gran Gordo, and you'd be hard-pressed to argue anything would express more freedom. I suppose it'd have been nice to re-invent some of the SegaSonic cast and see how they'd work in the SX-World. But I can't really think of anything that I wanted to do that would've been barred. Then again, it's been about a year since I've had to think of anything SX-related.

Question #25 wrote:Nicole: Have you ever considered using your "body" simulation from 151 again?

That is precisely what I create within the confines of New Mobotropolis. When there are no demands beyond the city's basic needs, I can maintain my form indefinitely.

Question #26 wrote:Bunnie: how did you feel when you found out that Antoine never broke up with you?

It was . . .a whole mess of feelins. Ah was angry with Patch - nah, Ah was furious with him. Ah was ashamed at mahself for fallin' for his tricks and for gettin' so bad-off. Ah was relieved of course to have mah Sugah-Twan back, but that came with all sorts of emotional baggage too. But . . .hee . . .then Antoine just held me close and told me it was alright. And just the way he said it . . . Ah believed him. It made rebuildin' everything so much easier because he was just so supportive and forgivin' and lovin' about the whole deal. Durn it all, Ah should've proposed to him right then and there!

Question #27 wrote:Doctor Finitevus, What do you think of Silver’s time travel antics? Is It a little discerning knowing that even if your ideal future comes to fluidization, That small minded people think they can just go to the past and wreck things.

I am not entirely familiar with this "Silver's" future or efforts. I've heard tell he makes claims of dystopia. Is that a world in the pangs of rebirth from my efforts? Is it a world that is in ruin because I failed? I cannot be sure. For now I am content to continue my endeavors and see how things play out. Perhaps the, aheh, future will bring further enlightenment.

Question #28 wrote:Amy, if you could be any other species of mobain other than a hedgehog, What would it be?

. . . why would I be another species? Do you guys talk about swapping skin tones?

Can we try not to get me fired, please?

What? I'm a hedgehog. I like being a hedgehog. What does being a hedgehog, or a fox, or a squirrel, or a . . .a . . .a . . . I dunno, muntjak have to do with anything?

She'd like to be a pretty pony. Let's move on.


Question #29 wrote:Scourge and Rosy, Why does Rosy want to kill you Scourgie?

Argh . . . because she's messed up in the head.

I am I am! I don't really remember why before I used the ring. Maybe because my Scourgey was meanies to me? Maybe because he was such the bad-man I wanted to save the world by making him smashied? Or maybe I was just bored. All I know now is that all I need to know is I need to SMASH HIM!

See? I was right, and I took a whole lot less time.

Question #29 wrote:Dimitri: When I read the Knuckels series way back when, one thing always perplexed me regarding the Legion's goals and intentions: they are essentially technology fanatics. Their entire reason for splitting up with the rest of the echidna populace seemed to do with giving up what they perceived to be their way of life; technology and their Aurora given right to use it. However, throughout the history we have seen after, all the way to the present day, the echidnas seemed to still embrace the SAME technology, yet they still considered themselves at odds. Why did the Legion continue to remain at odds with Echidnapolis despite the fact that they could both still use technology?

Hypocracy. The society that developed after my initial imprisonment ignored Edmund's mission within a generation - or that is according to the records I have had access to. They saw high technology as a necessary evil; enjoying its benefits while slapping themselves on the wrists and laughing at their own indiscretion. The Legion's devotion to a more intensely integrated technological society embraces high technology in a fashion that you can't easily explain away. It is direct, it is personal, and admitably a bit fanatical. But that fanaticism has allowed me to live when, by all reasoning, I should be dead. The Legion is an all-encompassing, all-equalizing presence. It is the comforting darkness to hide from the glitter of the false society. Or . . . it was at one time . . .

Question #30 wrote:Shadow: I don't mean to pry, but I noticed that when you went inside Professor Gerald's diary and saw Maria again, you seemed to be quite emotional. What was it like for you to get to see someone you loved after being without them for so long?

It was . . . hard. And you are prying.

Question #31 wrote:Monkey Khan, I have to say, I was surprised that you were answering questions from us for this month, I thought you had a personal hatred for Overlanders considering all Dr. Robotnik/Eggman did to you and how you took it out on the Overlanders. You do realize that we ancient humans are pretty much the same in retrospect? There would be someone among us evil enough to do the same things that Dr. Robotnik did. I mean Ivan Kintobor captured and dissected a peaceful Xorda only to cost humanity's destruction, just to give you a bit of insight.

Yeah, well . . . you don't paint a really rosy picture for your kind, but I didn't really give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Something I'm trying to come to grips with is I've got a short fuse. As in - no fuse. And I guess it's possible I flew off the handle at the wrong time with those Overlanders. So as a gesture of good faith, I'm keeping my cool now. See? I can be a nice guy. And it's a good thing too, 'cause - HA HA - if I got mad, you'd all be smoked!

Question #32 wrote:Scourge: Since you've been shown to find a certain element of appeal in just about every female figure you encountered, if you ran into Lien-da would you.... you know, go through your routine?

Some of it is "the routine" - I like that, has a ring to it - and part of it is raw animal magnetism, man. I'm not sure who this Lien-Da chick is, but I'm sure she'd be all over me in a minute. Yo, author-type-guy, who's Lien-Da?

A power-hungry woman in tight leather with a whip and a superiority complex.

WOO! Man, maybe after I get out of the klink, I'll take a detour before findin' Fiona again.

Question #33 wrote:Zonic: So if I understand this right, if Eggman or Sonic Prime were to kick the bucket, you'd just let another close match enter Mobius Prime to continue the fight and perpetuate the futility and pointlessness of the rest of the population's bid for freedom from Robotnik's tyranny? If possible I'd like the answer in a sideways format.

Well . . . they're . . . *sigh* Look, it's more complex than that. If Sonic had managed to kill Robotnik on his own, it'd be different. As it is Sonic almost had no hand in the affair and Robotnik didn't just die - he was erased. He left a hole in the grand scheme of things. The Ultimate Annihilator caused so many blasted problems . . . look. I really don't like letting the current Eggman do his thing. It makes me sick to my stomach. But there really isn't any other way.

Question #34 wrote:@Tails - In "Sonic Chronicles" when Eggman went "good" for awhile, you seemed to admire him a bit. Even when he stayed behind you were saying things like "I wish Eggman could have seen this" when you solved a complex tech problem. You seem to love technology and building machines almost as much as him. The only difference between you two seems to be your morality. Question being, do you ever fear you could slip into becoming someone evil like Eggman?

No way. I try to see the good in everyone, but that doesn't mean I sympathize or agree with their bad decisions. I guess I could maybe see myself appreciating Dr. Eggman's technical genius, but he only loves himself and his machines. I care too much about too many other people to ever get like him.

Question #35 wrote:@Blaze - If Marine annoys you so much, how come you're still hanging out with her after Sonic and Tails left?

She doesn't annoy me. Well . . . rather, she doesn't annoy me that much.

. . .

All right, she drives me up the wall sometimes. But she's a good girl, really remarkably heroic for someone so young, and she needs looking after.

Question #36 wrote:@Cream - You're known as the most polite character in Sonicdom. What is the most impolite thing you have ever done?

Oh dear . . . there was one day a few months ago where I forgot all my manners. I didn't put my napkin in my lap, I had my elbows on the table, I interrupted both Mother AND Cheese, and I . . . burped. I was so embarrassed!

Question #37 wrote:Bean: Did you steal those bombs from Tails?


Question #38 wrote:Gerald: Was your specialty mechanics or bioengineering? Emerl and Shadow seem to be completely different schools of science.

I'm afraid all these varying fonts don't suit me, so I'm afraid I have to insist on using the host's for this one occasion. Bioengineering was my area of expertise, and many of Emerl's functions were remarkable similar. It allowed me to make many large leaps in development of Shadow before I had to rely on the Black Arms. That said, while I could understand much about Emerl, much more was beyond my scope.

Question #39 wrote:Eggman: Do you think you could make your own Shadow, or instill Chaos Powers in a robot?

Who says I haven't already? Hahaha! MWA-HA-HA-HA! BWA-HA-HA-HA!!! But no, I'm busy constructing a means of burning the rodent alive in his own shoes.

Question #40 wrote:Kureejii Lea: Is Ian always this "interesting"?

Why am I getting dragged into this? Should I say "you don't know the half of it" while cackling madly?

Question #41 wrote:Lara-su: What kind of impression did your parents leave on you during your trip to the past?

The . . . past? I never went to the past.

I'm poking my head in here - the Lara-Su that went back in time was from another alternate future. This was confirmed by Ken Penders himself. The Lara-Su of that story returned to her future to find out the villain ruling Mobius was Knuckles. The Lara-Su of "Mobius: 25 Years Later" was different seeing that the Knuckles of that timeline had already lost control and been neutralized by Sonic.

There's . . . multiple mes?

Believe it or not. So I'm shuffling "famous" Lara-Su off and bringing in "alternate" Lara-Su.

Hi! So . . . um . . . no, sorry, I can't answer your question either. I saw my dad speak a bit, and he seemed cool enough, but he was green. And I think I saw my mom run by at one point. So I never had time to get much of an impression. Sorry!

Question #42 wrote:Sally and Julie: What's with the Half-naked look? I mean you two seem to be the only present-day mobian girls that don't wear any pants. Have you no shame!

Bunnie doesn't wear pants.

Amy doesn't either, and it's not like that skirt is much of an alternative.

It does seem like mobian women are wearing pants more often, though.

Ugh, why? Clothing is optional. It's what you feel comfortable in; it's what's functional.

Some of it is related to station, too.

Right. I think you're rather tastefully dressed.

Thank you, and to you too. I'm sorry, but I think this falls under something that your kind just doesn't get about ours.

Question #43 wrote:For Dr. Robotnik: You mentioned "Albert" being at the annual Villains Ball. While your inventions are always very large, grandiose and require you to pilot them, how does it make you feel that Dr. Wily will eventually go on to create a fully sentient robot with a deadly computer virus built inside of him and power enough to crush the world?

Pffft, and look where it got him. A couple of vague cameo-mentions in the sequel series and the spin-offs. And that fish-named robot - the one with the fins on its head? - he put it best: that "killer robot" looks like a girl. Seems to have a nasty habit of dying, too. My Metal Sonic could destroy his zero-ranked re-plow, or whatever it's called, with no trouble.

Question #44 wrote:For Dr. Finitevus: Through your very insightful interviews here, you've made your goal painfully clear: To return the world back to a natural state and destroy the world's so-called "corrupted, technology-dependent population". My question is, do you realize that even if the world is rendered unpopulated and returned to nature, some form of sentient life will always endure? Much like the pre-Gene Bomb humans, the Mobosaurs and most recently the Overlanders and Mobians, Mobius' cycle of life, decay and rebirth will continue indefinitely and your work will be in vain.

Sentient life is a given. Whether it endures from the present filth or is born anew is irrelevant. It is with my guiding hand that the new cilivilazations grow up correctly. Instead of random evolution I will see to it that a technorganic utopia develops. Stable and perfect, it will self-perpetuate.

Question #45 wrote:To M:25YL Kneecapeon Mace: Even with your step-brother as the serving Guardian, what was it like to grow up with the nickname "Kneecaps"? (Not to mention your brother's name is Knuckles.)

Oh man . . . when I was little, like really little, I loved that name. It was a body-part, just like Knux. It sounded similar to "Knuckles." It started with a "k." I was a dorky little kid. I insisted to be called "Kneecaps" and had some stupid battle-cry built around it and . . . argh. And, y'know, I think I'm getting tired of "Mace." It sounded cool in university - and a heckuvalot more threatening than "Kneecaps" - but it also sounds kinda . . . brutish? I'm thinking of switching back to "Kneecapeon." It sounds kind of dignified, y'know? Like an cool old-word name.

Question #46 wrote:To Lara-Le: How are you holding up with everything that has happened to you, especially with recent events?

Oh my . . . I'm hanging in there. My baby is safe and healthy, and I have Wyn with me to help raise our baby in this . . . city. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit shaken. I thought that awful Enerjak person was gone for good, but I suppose it could be worse. Between rebuilding and tending to my little Kneecaps, I'm often too busy in the day to think about all that's happened and too tired at night to dwell on it. I just hope Knuckles is okay. I haven't heard from him since we came to Albion. I worry . . . but then I have faith that Aurora will look over him.

Question #47 wrote:To Luger (if possible): I'd ask what happened to you but I have a feeling Ian has plans for that. So... what were your relationships with you wives and children like and were you close to any of them?

Let's see . . . Merin-Da was the love of my life. She was truly my better half. So beautiful, so thoughtful - she had a poet's way of speaking. She bore me beautiful children. I was . . . well, devastated when she was taken from me. Mari-Su did what I thought was impossible and made me feel whole again. I can't say I loved her as I did Merin-Da, but she did help me smile again. She knew what I needed as a Grandmaster and supported me when I needed it and let me work otherwise. Her death was . . . it hurt. Not as deeply as Merin-Da's, and that sounds heartless of me, but I knew she would want me to pick up and move on quickly for the Legion.

My children . . . my children. I never really understood my firstborns. They were so cold, so driven . . . so much like my father before me. Julie-Su, though, was so sweet. It's almost like the wrong wives bore the wrong children. Mari-Su was supportive to my cause, but she bore me the sweetness and beauty of Merin-Da. Merin-Da was art given life, and she gave me competent heirs. So I entrusted Julie-Su to Simon and Floren-Ca. I knew they could raise her right, cultivate her beauty, while I commanded my other children to the glory of the Legion.

Question #48 wrote:To Locke: Looking back on your life, from your own training to Knuckles' time as Enerjak, how do you feel about it?

I'm still . . . evaluating that. Being with my kinsmen and looking back in this state provides an . . . objectiveness I lacked in life. I loved my son. I did what I thought was best for him.

Question #49 wrote:Rouge: What´s with the little hearts things on your suit? Isn´t it unpractical on stealth missions?

Honey, when you're as good as me, I could be lit with LEDs and get in and out before you knew l was there. And besides, they're cute. Are you trying to tell me a girl can't have something cute?

Question #50 wrote:Sonic: Do you consider yourself more worldwide popular than Mario Bros, and why?

Dude, I beat out Mickey Mouse. The Mouse! I figure I'm way ahead of the game.

Question #51 wrote:Sally: Just between us.... don´t you find Amy really obnoxious sometimes?

Amy can be . . . trying sometimes. She's got the same kind of tenacity as Sonic, and sometimes half the patience. When they're together, it's like stereo. But she's just learning how to channel her passion for the good fight.

Question #52 wrote:Nicole: Since you and Robo-Robotnik (now Dr. Eggman) share the same universe of origin, do you feel any special enmity towards him for destroying your birthplace and killing your creators?

I am not so sure we hail from the same timeline. I cannot be sure, however, as I was destroyed during the final confrontation. If we are indeed from the same future then I was sent back before his resurgance. It is not something I have devoted much thought to it. I . . . do not wish to consider it.

Question #53 wrote:Antoine: What was your best memory of your father?

Oh my my . . . I am thinking eet was during ze Great War. I was ze very small, the squeaking-pip, and I was very scared. Maman would rock me, but I would not be still. Papa came in, so very tired, but he sat and he rock'ed with me. He told me eet would be all right and zat he was looking after me. He sounded so sure it put my mind to rest and I was not as skeet-eesh after that.

Question #54 wrote:(To Antoine) If you have a son (perhaps not now but in the future), what would you tell [your child] about his grandfather?

Hmm . . . zat he was a good man. A fair man. Zat he showed his love in ze measured way, but there was no doubt about how he felt. Zat he was brave. Amazinkly brave! He faced ze Great War, his roboticization, ze badnik hordes, and his own . . . death . . . without ze quivering of fear. There is no one, and will be no one, as brave as he was.

Question #55 wrote: (To Antoine) Finally, would you like to visit Paris with me sometime, we can visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the arc d triumph, and take in the matinee at the Moulin Rouge. Champagne, fine food, and of course... chic coutor? **wink wink**

Zut alores! Are you making the passings at me?

Question #56 wrote:Why should Sonic and Sally fans continue to support the comic?

I really ought to ignore troll-bait like this. But let's humor it for once. Firstly, given who asked this, let's clarify the meaning of the question. They're not asking about fans of the comic or the characters; they mean specifically readers who support the Sonic-and-Sally romantic pairing. Not the plot, not the characterizations, just the pairing. I just want it to be clear how precise, just how exclusive, the scope of the question is.

The first and most obvious answer is that to not support the book would mean wish it to fail. And if Archie's Sonic goes, that's it for Sally. She and the rest of the ArchieSonic cast aren't on Sega's radar in the slightest. So if you want the characters to live on, you support their livelihood. Secondly, there's no reason to think the pairing won't come up again at some point. Before I get labeled for pandering, let me explain:

Yes, they're friends. No, I don't plan on hooking them back up any time soon. Yes, I've said I might explore other partners for either of them. That does not rule out them finding their way back together. It doesn't rule out editorial edict overruling me and making me pair them up. It doesn't rule out a new writer coming in and pairing them back up. And - I would think this the most obvious - it could all be smoke-screen to keep the most avid, prolific, and insistent readers from finding out what I've got planned.

It's your choice to drop out because the book isn't immediately going in the one direction that you desire. I can only cater to so many tastes and demands and still tell an interesting story. Personally, I've stuck with the book for so long because - regardless of direction - I've wanted to see what happened to the characters. And sometimes it led to exactly what I was hoping, or something I hadn't anticipated that I greatly enjoyed. Enjoy the whole cookie - not just the chocolate chips.

Question #57 wrote:Considering that the Cosmic Interstate connects the various Sonic Universes, is it safe to assume that even though we have zero chance of seeing them, that the fan universes are connected as well?

Sure, I don't see the harm in thinking that.

Question #58 wrote:Sally: Do you ever wish you had a game counter part, well aside from Sonic Spinball.

I almost did, y'know. The game never made it past the planning stage, but it might have been fun. I've enjoyed some "official" exposure outside of the comic, so I'm content. If they did ever call upon me, though, I'd be happy to have an outing in one of the games.

Question #59 wrote:Bunnie, want some hot chocolate? I like relaxing with it so maybe you do too.

Sho'nuff! Ah think Antoine could use some too. And he makes the best hot chocolate. Ah . . . whew, mah stars, he makes good hot chocolate!

Question #60 wrote:Nicole, Computer/hologram of the moment! What do you do in your spare time?

I do not believe I have "spare time" as you would conventionally view it. I have multiple processes running at any given time to keep the city running smoothly. When they are not too taxing to my system and there is no one to interact with - what I would equate to "spare time" - I devote to investigating a more permanent solution to my personal form.

Question #61 wrote:Hedgehog, (you know whom I am talking to! Yes YOU!) What do you think is the extent of your abilities?

. . . they're kidding, right? Do you know how many of us with abilities there are?!

Didn't we just do a story about this?

Yeah, and it sucked.

Hold thy tongue, varlet!

Watch where you point that!

I think my powers are pretty - -


Question #62 wrote:Rotor: I worded my last question incorrectly. What I meant to ask was, what were your feelings toward Hamlin after he tried to arrest Sally? I can tell you two were friends at some point.

Oh! Um . . . well . . . confusion mostly, I guess. I thought we all were on the same side here. As as a Freedom Fighter, I thought he understood how we did things. What he said made a certain amount of sense, but . . .well, it made sense, but not coming from him.

Question #63 wrote:Rosey & Amy: Who do you think has the better hammer?

Mine is big, shiny and pretty! It's better!

Mine is big and pointy and SMASHIES!!!!

And I'm ending it right here before they knock the entire forum down!

Question #64 wrote:Scourge: How would you plan to get your revenge on Sonic for dethroning and humiliating you?

Why should I tell you? So you can go crawling up to your hero? "Oh! Oh! Mr. Sonic! Let me tell you what big bad Scourge said!" Peh. I'm going to chill out here in the clink for a bit and rest up. I'll think of something.

Questions #65 wrote:Dr. Eggman: We've seen that the planet Mobius is largely in fear and awe of the Eggman Empire and its capabilities. But you're not getting living fodder for robot slaves from them anymore. Do they pay you some sort of tribute or something in exchange for your not wiping them out? What does being in control of those regions outside of the Acorn Kingdom DO for you, exactly?

Eh, they still work. Not nearly as efficiently, but they work. They're set to mining materials for me, to sustaining their pitiful little lives for themselves, et cetera et cetera. I don't bother myself with the day-to-day drivel. That's for the sub-bosses. My chief concern is the rodent. OH how I hate that hedgehog!

Question #66 wrote:Dr. Eggman: So you've appropriated the name Eggman for yourself and it's not really a taunt anymore. What's the one name Sonic calls you that gets your goat (whatever that means) more than any other?

Nothing. He can't call me anything anymore. He . . . ARGH, who am I kidding? It doesn't matter WHAT, it's HOW! The impertinence! The mocking! THE MOCKING! I'll wring ever last smug word from his nonexistent little neck!

Question #67 wrote:Doctor Eggman: You mentioned that your plans for after conquering Mobius Prime are to conquer the rest of the Prime universe. Why then, in your own universe, were you just content in conquering 'your' Mobius? Why not the rest of 'your' universe?

What's the point? There's billions of derivatives out there. Anyone can conquer one of those! I'm after the REAL Mobius! The real hedgehog! My victory back home was practice, that's all.

Question #68 wrote:Scourge: Bragging aside, just how much of Moebius did you actually conquer? No fibbing now.

Oh here we go. Kick the man while he's down. I stomped on every world leader and told them to call me king. And they did, and so I conquered the world. How hard is that to understand?

Question #69 wrote:How difficult was it to take Dr Finitevus, a one off character during Penders run, and seamlessly merge him into the Enerjak arc and Echidna backstory?

Actually, Finitevus was introduced by Karl Bollers. I don't think Ken Penders had gotten to him just yet. It wasn't very hard, honestly. There was so very little revealed about him I could reveal what I wanted and it would fit. That, and all the loose continuity of old provided lots of lovely openings to plug in little bits of story.

Question #70 wrote:@Zonic: Have you ever been to one of the two Sonic X Zones?

No, I haven't personally policed that area. It's usually pretty quiet, thankfully.

Question #71 wrote:Ray: How's thing's between you and Mighty? We haven't seen much interaction between you both lately.

Th-they're g-going great! W-We're hanging out w-with the Chaotix and helping to g-guard the M-Master Emerald. S-Same old, same old.

Question #72 wrote:Mighty: What's it like living with the Chaotix? I can't imagine it being easy..

Haha, no harder than living with Sonic. Yeah, the Chatoix can be a rowdy crew, but that's what makes them fun.

Question #73 wrote:Sonic: If it meant saving the world, would you be willing to kill someone?

No. Because it'd never come down to that. I'd find a way. There's always a way. Those who don't find it are lazy.

Question #74 wrote:Silver: in any gel required to maintain that awesome hairdo of yours?

No way! It's all mind-over-matter!

Question #75 wrote:Sonia: Starting a while back, most people in the multiverse underwent a notable change in appearance. Sonic Prime, in particular grew longer quills and his eyes turned green. has a similar "makeover" happened to your zone?

No, not that I've noticed. I mean, there was one day where Sonic couldn't play to save his life for some reason, but we chalked that up to some plot by Robotnik.

Question #76 wrote:Dr. Robotnik: Have you effectively scrapped any plans to rebuild Heavy and Bomb since they have living counterparts now (Bark and Bean)?

Bah, the polar bear and duck failed me! And the robots have failed me. Everyone has failed me! EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!

Question #77 wrote:Carl Condor: Are you there/alive? I'm dying to ask you about the Airborne Freedom Fighters and also their connections with the Armada.

I know we've been speaking for the dead a lot, but Carl barely had any voice. And, no, he was pretty much done in by the debris from the Death Egg.

Question #78 wrote:Fly Fly Freddy: Did anyone ever rebuild your poor self? Charmy needs insect buddies.

Nope - never repaired due to invasion of Knothole, the subsequent warring, and then Knothole's annihilation.

Question #79 wrote:Rosemary Prower: As you probably know by now, we didn't get to see much of your political career before the council was installed, so from our perspective (and admittedly in my own opinion) the whole revolution appeared to pop out of nowhere. Could you give us some insights into what went on leading up to that--perhaps an excerpt from that speech that got your husband arrested?

Most of it stemmed from our learning of all that we missed while away. The litany of poor choices by the monarchs and the recent shuffling of the crown simply could not be tolerated. And after the near-disaster when we were all captured Amadeus and I decided it was time to act. The Eggman Empire was too much of a threat to entrust our safety to King Elias alone. We found that there were many who shared the same sentiment but couldn't bring themselves to organize or act - so set were they in the "way it had always been."

I will admit that things moved much faster and fiery than we had intended. I believe we both underestimated the unrest we were uncovering. The entire situation could have gone better, but I also believe it could have come out worse. I am satisfied with what we have achieved, especially in so short a time.

Question #80 wrote:Week 1, when I asked you for a writer's perspective on my questions for Mr. and Mrs. Prower, what I meant was...pretty much exactly how you interpreted it. What I should have asked was, is there a particular real-world reason for changing the government, or for making the Prowers the agents of change (other than the obvious ramifications for Sonic and Tails' relationship, of course).

The Prowers were the best agents of change since they were fairly untapped characters and free to mold as we needed. Also, bringing them back made them fresh in the minds of the reader and thus easily introduced to the larger story. As for the change in government, I felt like it was time for a change. I couldn't see the monarchy lasting much longer under Elias. He's a good guy, but a king he ain't and the entire situation was set up to fail. By reconstructing the government as a backdrop to Sonic and Tails's feud we gave Elias a bit of a break, strengthened the governing body of the society, and gave some long-forgotten characters some purpose again.

Question #81 wrote:Anti-Sally: When Scourge showed up with his "everyone gets a new name" policy, did you choose "Alicia" just because it's your middle name or does it have something to do with your mother?

Psssht, right, my mom. Ugh. No, it was the least-stupid thing I could choose from.

Question #82 wrote:Dr. Eggman Nega: What do you think about the Eggman of Mobius?

A snappy dresser and he has the appropriate drive, but he’s also the source of my current predicament. He’ll need molding. Fixing. Replacing.

Question #83 wrote:Snively: Can you tell how much difficult is to rebel against Eggman?

Well, currently it’s impossible. But he’s slipping. Ever so slowly he’s losing his grip. All I have to be is patient.

Question #84 wrote:Eggman: Is the Egg-Phoenix stronger than your last battle-armor?

No, but it is faster. And more fiery!

Question #85 wrote:With Sonic Universe nearly released I've had one question, Are most of the main characters from the sth comic to appear? i.e. Sally,Tails,Bunnie. or is it strictly characters that need backstories or aren't highlighted frequently?

I don’t know! The book is open to a lot of possibilities. The first year will focus on Shadow, Knuckles, and a currently-unrevealed-arc. The second year is still in the very, very, very early planning stage.

Question #86 wrote:For Fiona: What was with the outfit change after you left the Freedom Fighters with Scourge?

Right, because a sunshine-yellow body suit really screams “I’m the chick with the dude with the scars.” I needed a change in more ways than one.

Question #87 wrote:To Amy : What do you think of your Moebius counterpart Rosey after finally meeting her?

She’s freaky! She’s like you took every cute thing about me and twisted it and blew it out of proportion and made me into some kind clingy stalker!

Question #88 wrote:Here's a scarry thought, what would happen if Bean, Big, Marine, Charmy, Bokkun, and Rosey the rascal were all in a room together?

I would have a blast writing it, but it would burst into flames in your hands.

Question #89 wrote:will sally and sonic ever continue their relationship?

Sure! They’re continuing the relationship as friends right now. They’re continuing their relationship as Freedom Fighters.

Question #90 wrote:will mecha ever come back to life?

Which “Mecha?”

Mecha “M” Robotnik? She’s gone forever. Self-destructed with all her back-up data erased.

Mecha Sonic? That generally refers to Roboticized Sonic and the robots based off him - Silver Sonic and Silver Sonic II. They’re all pretty much gone for good. The other, sleeker model is generally called “Metal Sonic,” and we’ll see more of it in Sonic Universe #1.

Question #91 wrote:will mogul ever be permentaly defeated?

He’s pretty tenacious. We might “retire” the character in some fashion some day, but no time soon.

Question #92 wrote:To Werehog Sonic: What's up with the cleats? Is it a fashion statement for werehogs? Laughing (Not that they're a problem for me...)

Makes for good stomping!

Question #93 wrote:To Knuckles and Werehog Sonic: Who do you guys feel will win in a battle between you two?

Well, seeing how I actually exist at the end of the game, I win by default!

What a cop-out. Chip could take you.

Really? You seem to be the one with a Chip on his shoulder.

I . . . ow. Argh.

Question #94 wrote:To Werehog Sonic: Just how LONG do you think your arms can stretch?

I dunno . . . ten feet? Pretty far.

Question #95 wrote:Psst Sonic, could you ever see yourself with Amy?

Sure. And then I see myself running away.

You’re cruel!

Question #96 wrote:(To Sonic) And about Sally, would you say you have any leftover feelings for her? Looks like you guys almost shared a smooch a few issues back.

I . . . well . . . yeah, I guess. I never really got much of a say in the whole thing. It was just over and I was left in the dust for once. It’s hard letting go of something like that, but hey, we’re cool now and that’s enough for me.

Question #97 wrote:Rouge, what do you like least about Julie-Sue?

That she's in my way, I suppose. But then again, it wouldn't be fun otherwise, so I guess I can't really fault her for that. Nope, I've got no issue with her.

Question #98 wrote:Mina, what kind of music and/or bands do you listen to?

There isn't a whole lot to choose from now-a-days, and that's part of why Ash and I push the band so hard. The world needs music, and we'll provide it! Out of what's left, I really like some of the older classical stuff. The way some of those songs are put together is really brilliant, and I try to work some of that complexity into my own stuff. I also like a lot of those really fuzzy, lovey-dovey crooning love songs from mom's era. They make Ash cringe - haha! - but I think they're sweet in an innocent kind of way.

Question #99 wrote:Shadow, if you could go back in time, would you have sacrificed yourself for Maria like she did for you?

Of course.

Question #100 wrote:Mammoth Mogul and Shadow, I've always wondered who would win in a fight between you two?

I too am curious as to the limitations of this self-stylized "ultimate lifeform." Can your "Chaos Control" competently compete with my own copious control over the Chaos Energies?

I would use my speed to the advantage and beat his face in.

. . . hmph. I will profess I much prefer the whimsical banter with Sonic.

Question #101 wrote:Ian: Are you glad this is almost over?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. The sudden drop in work-load will be nice. But this has been fun, so I'll do it again sometime.

(Next 100 or so coming up)
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Question #102 wrote:Amadeus: What do you think of Sonic?

He's a remarkable boy. He's saved the world, reunited my family, helped raise my son, and he does it with humility. Granted, it's a humility obscured by a layer of bravado and showmanship, but I can see it. I'm proud to say my son learned from the best, and I rest easier knowing he's protecting Mobius.

Question #103 wrote:Merlin, it's obvious that your studies of the mystic arts have been a large part of your life, but have you ever had time to get in a close enough romance to someone where you almost got married and maybe gave Tails a cousin? I mean surely there had to me some cute sorceresses in your years that you could have studied magic and developed a romance with.

Heh heh . . . there was a time when I was a bit more . . . adventurous, much to Amadeus's chagrin. But my time has been mostly devoted to higher learning. I did take a brief bit of time off to help out the Kingdom of Acorn during the Great War, but mostly I've been pursuing the mysteries of the Chaos Force.

Question #104 wrote:Sonic, we've seen that when push comes to shove you are actually quite intelligent. Is there any intellectual pursuits you have that you keep secret from the others? I mean I bet you understand somethings that Sally, Nicole, Tails, etc. say and just act dumb to try to make yourself look "cool."

Buh? I don't mind chilling out with a book every now and again, but I'm not really the brainy type. I just think fast. I might beat Sally to a realization on occasion, but that's probably because I went through six more ideas while she only had to nail the one right one. I don't play dumb, I just prefer to do what comes naturally and let the thinkers do the thinking.

Question #105 wrote:Shadow, do you like chili dogs like Sonic? Now, I'm not asking if you're obsessive like Sonic over them, but if you found them to taste good like Sonc does?


Question #106 wrote:Remington: A lot of crazy stuff has happened to the echidnas lately, you in particular. Are you and the echidnas finally claiming some semblance of normalcy in Albion?

Yeah, I think we are. Well, the society more than me. We're rebuilding Albion and the systems and groups needed for a functioning society. Personally . . . I don't know. I've been too busy to self-analyze. I think I prefer it that way right now.

Question #107 wrote: I think this has been asked before somewhere else, but I'll ask again: Who has a better chance of coming back into the comic first, Horizant-Al & Verti-Cal or the Nerbs?

Neither, really. I've got too many stories I want to do as-is, and bringing them back from death-by-obscurity isn't on my agenda. I might get around to them (just to get Dubs to SHUT UP) but it won't be for a long while.

Question #108 wrote: What kind of forces do Eggman's sub-bosses use? Obviously they don't use the same as him anymore (since he uses the DEL), but do they use what he used to have (the Egg Pawns), or does it vary between Sub-boss?

It varies from sub-boss to sub-boss. I think most of them were supported by robians, but that obviously isn't the case anymore. I've got a very distinct idea on how the sub-bosses and global forces are organized now, and I don't want to spoil the surprise. You'll see what I'm thinking by the end of the year.

Question #109 wrote:Eggman: What motivates you into working harder? aside from killin Sonic.

Are you saying I'm resting on my laurels? That I'm being lax? I'm working at full-tilt! AND THERE IS NOTHING ELSE BEYOND THE RODENT!

Question #110 wrote:Where do you get your ideas for Eggman vehicles?

I try to think of something that would be cumbersome and then make it threatening, or at least viable. Take the Egg Nautilus of STH#180. A shelled creature that shouldn't be able to more than lay on the sand suddenly has deadly tentacles that can double as helicopter rotorblades. The Egg Lobster was really rather formidable - multiple laser cannons, massive crushing claws. I want something that's both fun and functional.

In the case of the Egg Beater, though, I wanted something like the classic end bosses - a massive Eggman-shaped mech. Most of the credit for the design on that goes to Tracy who managed to blend some classic imagery with his modern style to create that sleek-yet-tubby killer armor.

Question #111 wrote:Dulcy: Do you know any dragons that like to burninate the countryside and if not, do you have any amusing anecdotes about the countryside burning?

I know who you're talking about, and I won't speak his name! You can't make me! He's like the boogeyman for the rest of you. Great, now I'm going to have the jibblies all night!

Question #112 wrote:Prower Parents: Considering that you are both social scientists, you seem to be the ones best for answering my line of inquiry. Mr. Prower, Bunnie, Lara-Su, Princess Sally Alicia Acorn, Mina Mongoose, Nack, Julie-Su, Sonic, Scourge, Amy Rose, Tails, and others have a particular affinity for two pieces of speech: I would like to know how large the percentage of the population is which uses the terms 'dunno' and 'moot point', especially in close proximity to each other, and what accords this unusual colloquialism among the populous which sounds more like a vernacular?

Am I blue again for this, Rosemary?

Yes dear.

Very well. To answer your question simply: hack writer.

Mm-hmm. Most certainly.

Question #113 wrote:Sonic and Shadow: Each one of you seems to think that the other hedgehog is "inferior" or "fake", and this month we have seen some conflict between you guys over that. What GOOD traits do you see in each other?

Well . . . um . . .he's . . . fast?


Sweet! That was easy.

Question #114 wrote:To Eggman: Sonic?


Question #115 wrote:To Sonic: Since I know I wouldn't get an honest answer from either, who'd win in a fight between Knux and Scourge? (Of course we both know you could beat either...)

Heh, good call. I'm honestly not sure. Scourge has got the huge speed advantage, but Knux has been able to fight me to a stand-still. It just might be an even fight.

Question #116 wrote:To Mammoth Mogul: So.... Mammoth Mogul.... Care to share the story of your life?

Indubitably! However, you will have to wait until it is published in the encyclopedia.

Question #117 wrote:Shadow: While you were in Blaze's world, what was going through you mind while giving Marine the angry face after she revealed that she did not build her boat?

Maria. She would have frowned upon me if I had acted out as I wanted. So I thought of Maria. Calming, benevolent, non-violent Maria.

Question #118 wrote:Shadow - You have described yourself as the “ultimate life form.” Yet, as a human creation, how can you justify this? If a human created you; if a human could re-create you; if a human could even improve on you, is it not the human being that is closer to being a true ‘ultimate life form?’

I do not wish to speak ill of Professor Gerald. However, he required food for energy, air for respiration, and would have fallen prey to age if not for his execution. I would have.

Question #119 wrote:Nicole - Recently, you have restricted your activities to the area of New Mobotropolis, and committed yourself to only taking defensive measures on behalf of the population there. Is this because you fear the perception of an omniscient AI that you may foster if you take a more active role in the war effort, or do you not trust yourself with that level of power? Put another way: how do you justify acting as a shield and not a spear, when you can be both? Is this your own decision, made with free will, or a consequence (safety protocols and the like) intrinsic to your programming?

I cannot abide the idea of myself as a weapon. I was initially an advisor and analyst. Then I was a friend. Then I was a Freedom Fighter. Never have I been used for destruction. Well . . . never directly. I restrict myself now out of integrity.

Question #120 wrote:From a writer’s standpoint, which three characters have the most potential for generating new story lines, and why? You can feel free to be as vague or detailed as you prefer.

I . . . wow. I ran through our usual cast of characters and their own little supporting casts and blanked. My mind overloaded on potential! I honestly can't pick any three. I think if Mike were to tell me I had to move the focus of the book onto any of them I could get some decent mileage regardless of who he chose. I know it sounds like a cop-out, and there's definitely some who would be easier to work with than others, but I don't think I can pick just three.

Question #121 wrote:Are we going to find out what happened to Commander Brass and why Commander Abraham Tower is now in charge of G.U.N. ?

I'm still on the fence on what I want to do with ol' Hugo. I know he was credited with being the head of G.U.N. in his first appearance, but then again a lot of the initial old-world-human concepts don't work too well at this juncture. He'll either be retconed as top field-leader of G.U.N. with Cmd. Tower as chief commander of the entire organization, or Cmd. Brass died in service during the Year in Space. I'm still chewing on that one.

Question #122 wrote:To Spectre: How does it feel being forced share your exile with Moritori Rex?

Nothing could be more tortuous as our lot is now.

Question #123 wrote:To Harlan: Does brother Athair ever speak with any of you, or have you not seen him since his evolution to be with Aurora?

We remain as we always have - patiently waiting for a sign from Aurora.

Question #124 wrote:Robotnik: would you ever try robo-duplicates of the freedom fighters in the same class as Metal Sonic??

I don't have time for that! KILL SONIC! Then I'll worry about the other pests.

Question #125 wrote:Your rationale for Locke's death got me thinking about how you've handled him and other parents in StH. To recap: You've killed off Locke and Armand, given character development to Tails' parents and, most recently, Jules, and more or less have ignored/haven't gotten to the others yet. (Would you say this is a fair assessment?) So my question is this: What role would you say the core cast's parents play in StH? Do you think their inclusion was a good idea, for example? What do they contribute, or detract?

I'd say that's fair, although I'd prefer "haven't gotten to yet" over "ignored." One of the comic's enduring stumbling blocks is the sheer size of the cast, and I don't want to add to that unless I've got something that will really add to the mix.

I don't think I've found a good, general role for the parents in the series yet. I don't think anyone has, save maybe Ken's early set-up of Lara-Le and Wynmacher. Each of the parents (or parental figures) has their own role to play, but not in a way I could sum them up - like how the Freedom Fighters are all "friends" or "surrogate family."

On the one hand, part of me does wish they never got introduced. Sonic's bond with Uncle Chuck was plenty, and Sally's search for Max was all she really needed. The additional family made the relationships more cumbersome to manage, and it adds a nagging voice in the back of my head whenever we do a family scene. "Oh, you showed a little bit of "X," great. Now what about "Y" and "Z?"

On the other hand there's been some great stuff to come from all the parents. I think Jules has proven to be a remarkably low-key heroic figure. General D'Coolette's death provided a marvelous bookend to part of Antoine and Bunnie's stories. The Prowers are just beginning to show how interesting they can be. So while the parents/parental figures can be a stumbling block sometimes, they're also a well of possibilities.

So in the end, I can't really rule in favor or against bringing them in. There's no point really in judging them that way. I've got my cast, and I'll work with them as best I can.

Question #126 wrote:Locke: Were you and Remington ever friends? I ask because:
A) Whenever he called Haven, he almost always talked to you,
B) he asked how you'd fared with Lara-Le in KtE22 (a rather personal question to put to one's superior, but you didn't seem to mind) and looked disappointed for you when you implied it hadn't worked out, and
C) when you told him (before leaving Albion) that he was a good man, your praise seemed to mean a lot to him.
So ... were you?

I think we had a friendly working relationship. He was a good man, and given his lineage we felt it best that we remain on especially friendly terms with him. I don't know if we could be called "friends" in the conventional sense, but we were certainly more than simple associates.

Question #127 wrote:Eggman: How do you feel about your fangirls? Do you enjoy that there is a group of woman mad for the mad genius?

Not now! I'm busy!

Question #128 wrote:Shadow: I've noticed that the ladies love you(check deviantart) they make up characters to be with you. How do you feel about that?

I'm not interested.

Question #129 wrote:Eggman: If you wanted to ask a girl on a date you would...
A. kidnap her
B. Use mind control
C. Ask her out
(You have to pick one)

NOT. NOW. I'M. BU - - wait, was that a demand?! SNIVELY! Launch the missiles!

Question #130 wrote:To Hope now that you are working for G.U.N. what are your thoughts/opinions on shadow and Rouge?

Can I be just normal text, please? Yes? Yay!

I like Shadow. Sure, he's gruff and huffy most of the time, but he's really sweet deep down. . . . deep, deep down. He really does care about everyone a whole lot. He just needs to realize others care about him too.

Rouge . . .well . . .I guess she's okay. She says stuff that I think goes over my head, and I think she does that on purpose. But she looks out for Shadow, so she can't be all bad.

Question #131 wrote:To G.U.N. Commander what was it about Hope that made you chance employing a little girl, please use as much detail as possible?

I'm afraid the details are classified. Suffice to say a blood-relation of Dr. Robotnik who willing came into our ranks and works studiously towards his defeat is a commodity we are not going to let pass.

Question #132 wrote:To Hope how would you say your piloting skills compare to Tails?

I'm good, but not that good! . . . I bet I could build a better plane, though. (hee!)

Question #133 wrote:(To Sonic) So how about all the interest in Eggman and some of the questions he's been getting, huh? Jealous? You're supposed to be the star, after all!

Eh, it's cool. I get a book a month all about me. The poor guy's probably starved for attention.

Question #134 wrote:(To Jules) Tell me about your best memory. C'mon, something really happy and non-angsty! I wanna see you cheer up a bit! C'mon! Please? Just a little?

Have I really sounded so bitter? Sorry about that. Best memory . . . best memory . . .

I suppose it was when Bernie said she'd marry me. We'd been navigating the trenches between Mobotropolis and the Overland for about a week. Shells blowing over our heads, picking through bodies of friends and enemies . . . all of this horror, and what got my heart racing was the idea of finally proposing to her. We were about a mile or two from the nearest base when an Overlander battalion rolled by. Bernie was about to go blow up the central tank when I stopped her and blurted out my proposal.

Heh-heh . . . she looked at me like I was crazy, then snuck over to the battalion. A few minutes later the whole ground shakes and their fire and machine bits flying. She slips back into the trench next to me and we're hurrying back to base. I ask her if she got them all. She says "yes." Then she gives me this little playful smirk and says "And I got them all, too." It took me a minute to catch up, but when I finally got it . . . y'know, I think I floated all the way back to base.

Question #134 wrote:(To Sonic) Do you consider yourself to be a superhero? Why or why not?

Nah. Superheroes are folks with all these powers that go out of their way to . . . help . . . people. Huh. I never thought about it it like that. I just did what seemed right, y'know? I guess I am a superhero. Sweet!

Question #135 wrote:To both Eggmen (Sonic X and STH): Behold! Your image was so honored that you have been transformed into a small plush doll that hot college girls and boys can cuddle with in their sleep! (image of Eggman plush) What is your say on this?

(SX) It's about time!


Question #136 wrote:To the new gentleman on the block, Dr. Nega: * kneels to one knee and kisses his hand in honor* I am elated to meet you. There has been one small detail that has been left out though and that is the design on the back of your jacket! The fans have been left in the dark on the pattern on the back of your glorious coat and have been forced to make our own artistic interpretation ( some I have seen are stripes, Art Deco shapes, mine is a yellow hourglass with chevrons on the tails.) on the garment. Can you please clear this up for future reference so we can draw your image with accuracy?

Now this is more like it! Sadly, you've revealed that the mystery causes torment to many, and I can't go around relieving such torment and maintain my villainous credentials, now can I?

Question #137 wrote:Sonic Boom or Sonic- You Can Do Anything?

It's "Sonic Boom" all the way. "You Can Do Anything" is if I need a good laugh.

Question #138 wrote:Shadow: Congrats and kudos on Sonic Universe! How does it feel to finally have a book that, more or less, will be devoted to you and your back story for the next few months, without having a certain blue Hedgehog taking up the spotlight?

He'll be butting in next issue, but it's refreshing to star rather than guest-star.

Question #139 wrote:Sonic: I know it may be a.. silly question, but.. Do you or any of the other Freedom Fighters play tabletop (pencil, paper, and dice) roleplaying games?

Um . . . no. *ahem* Never.


Sally! SHH!

You totally did.

I have nothing to hide!

What were you exact words? "I cast magic missile?"

Lady, unless you want that magic missile with +5 accuracy and a 40% chance of both burn and confusion, you better cut it out.

HAHAHA! Okay, okay . . .

Question #140 wrote:To Fiona: Has Scourge's recent failure changed your opinion of him in any way?

Failure? He got ganged up on by two teams. The Squad might not be the baddest group in the world, but they're competent. Toss Sonic into the mix and, honestly, I'm impressed my boy lasted as long as he did. Failure? Way to kick a guy while he's down.

Question #141 wrote:To Mina: What is your favorite musical instrument(if you wanted to learn to play one, which would you choose)?

You're going to laugh . . . but the flute. I think it's really pretty! It's got this gentle, but complicated sound to it. And it looks pretty too! I think it's a really elegant instrument.

Question #142 wrote:To Sally: Are you and Mina close friends or do you simply respect each other?

I suppose we're friends. I really don't know her very well. But there's no animosity or hard feelings between us.

Question #143 wrote:Sonic: So how good are you on the guitar? Ever think of starting/joining a band?

I'm awesome on the guitar. I can pump out licks other guitarists can only dream of. Being in a band might be cool, but I'm kinda busy with the whole world-saving thing. I'd ask Mina about joining hers, but they just got a whole new group, and I don't want to make waves, y'know?

Question #144 wrote: Shadow: Where do you think you would be now in your life had Maria not passed away when she did? By that, I mean did you have any plans on where you would've liked to have been if Maria had escaped the ARK with you?

No. I did not know anything outside of Maria and the ARK. That was my life, and I was content with that.

Question #145 wrote:Shadow: How do your inhibitor rings work? If they're suppressing power you naturally have, why do you choose to do so?

I am not certain how they work. When I wear them I can only channel so much Chaos energy. There is a great deal of potential power there, and I know my limits.

Question #146 wrote:Vector: Yo my home Croc' what up? My question is what did you do to get so buff in such a short time?

You remember when the Xorda tried to kill us all? Yeah, that opened my eyes. I was quick, but not much else. So I got my man Mighty as my personal trainer. By the time Sonic was back I was ripped!

By the way - don't let that "quiet, smiling, zen-like" show Mighty puts out there fool you. The man is brutal. It wasn't sweat but tears I was sheddin'. My muscles were weeping.

Question #147 wrote:Bean & Bark: How did you two meet?

Oh such a tale! I had just escaped from the Keep of the Exalted Ancient Ones. I'd stopped their plans for world domination through enchanted tofu. It broke their princess's heart, but the world and the mission come before love, baby! Anyway, I just just finished sledding down an avalanche on the back of a sabertooth yak when this forty-foot mecha-condor with acid-shooting eyes attacked out of nowhere! In retrospect, it was probably because I'd just finished off a mighty fine pipping hot bowl of evergreen chowder, and we all know how much mecha-condors love evergreens and chowder.

So, anyway, there's acid and avalanche and yak everywhere and I happened to fall into this massive portal through space-time. I spent a few lifetimes fighting off the Zombie Dragonfly Valkyries of Xantax and returned to this world as if nothing happened. Obviously I wanted to see what I'd missed, but it turns out I'd arrived before I had left! One of those paradox things. So after imploding Creation by meeting myself I went on this mystical journey to recreate all the Zones ever and get the electrical bill in on time. And on my way home I had a severe case of the munchies.

So I went to the Mobian Alps. No particular reason, just felt like it. Then I went food-huntin'! My search led to the bottom of the vast Great Sea (which is between the Great Continent and Greater Continenter) in this ancient submarine left to me by my Great Uncle Marty's second cousin's roommate's pen pal - named Frank - but the pressure and the old nuclear core didn't get along. I was blown to shore - and that's where I met Bark, who had a meatball sandwich. He shared some with me.

True story!

. . .

Question #148 wrote:Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Vector: Who is really in charge of the Chaotix? I ask this because while Knuckles is usually referred to as the leader, Julie-Su seams more than able to take command, and in the end Vector seems to always end up taking true command of the team. So it really seems like Vectors show!

Julie-Su doesn't lead, she's just bossy

And Vector doesn't lead, he just talks loud and walks in the general direction we all happen to be heading.

I never really felt like the "leader." The others just seemed to look to me usually. So I guess Vector is the leader.

So support your leader and tell your woman to shut her trap.

No, I don't think so.

Wise man.

Question #149 wrote:It's pretty clear that the preadaptations for Sonic Rush and Sonic Riders take place in the continuity, but in the adaptations for Sonic Chronicles, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic and the Black Knight, a subtitle says that these stories take place in "another time, another place." Does that mean just a different time in the Prime Zone or an alternate zone altogether?

Chronicles, Unleashed and Black Knight are all elseworld stories. They have zero bearing on the main continuity.

Question #150 wrote: In the infamous Sonic 71, Sonic uses the power of the Super Emerald to turn into Super Sonic, than Ultra Sonic (the comics name for Hyper Sonic from S3&K), then Solar, Polar, and Eco Sonic, depending on what geographic location he was on Mobius. I had a thought. Couldn't these 3 alternate super forms just be considered a take on Ultra/Hyper Sonic since in S3&K Sonic goes all multi-colored as well. It seems easier to explain and comprehend that way.

If that's the way you want to interperate that, you're welcome to. I have no plans whatsoever to return to any of the alternate forms.

The only point I'd argue is Ultra = Hyper. Ultra Sonic was the result from absorbing an untold number of rings and really didn't exhibit any of the powers of Hyper Sonic (i.e. the elemental magic out of nowhere). I've got my own ideas on how Hyper Sonic would appear in the book, but I don't know if we'll ever get to see those.

Question #151 wrote: Omega, are you good friends with HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic?


Question #152 wrote: Bean, has anyone ever mistook you for an actual bean?

Only one man. And he regretted it for the rest of his short life.

Seriously, he was pretty old and it embarrassed him.

Question #153 wrote:Elias: We've been saying some tension between councilors and the Freedom Fighters and it doesn't look like it's going away any time soon. My question is are you starting to regret dissolving the monarchy and creating the council?

No. I know things are going to be rocky at first, but I really do think this is the best. . . . to be perfectly honest, I'm relieved I'm not in full power anymore. I came back to save Sally, that's all. I'm no king. I do think I can be a decent leader among the the Council, though.

Question #154 wrote:The current GUN commander: How do the rest of the members of GUN feel about GUN's enlisting the aid of Mobians?

It is an uncouth approach, but it's being accepted on an experimental level. More mobians are joining the human population, and they've proven to be capable against the Eggman Empire's forces. It only makes sense to incorporate them into our infrastructure.

Question #155 wrote:Hope: Hi, how's life?

It's good! I've got lots of interesting work and everyone within G.U.N. is really nice. I kind of wish I could get out more, but the Commander says it's safer in here. And right now, I think he's right. Hopefully we can take care of my . . . of Dr. Robotnik and then I can have some leave time to explore more of the federation.

Question #156 wrote: I have read Sonic Universe #1, but it still doesn't explain how the green chaos emerald got to Blaze's zone. Should we just assume Turbo Tails made a mistake and sent the green emerald there by mistake?

Nope. How the Green Chaos Emerald got there is still unanswered.

Question #157 wrote:To Sonic: Come on man, why don't you go for Sally again? Your friendship has returned and you were making the moves on her (with her reciprocating) before Bean and Bark showed up. You know you want her again, so why not go get her?

Okay, this is starting to get creepy. I don't know what was happening back then. Maybe we were hitting it off again, maybe not. I'm cool with things as they are now.

Question #158 wrote:To Mighty: If you could arm wrestle any fictional character, who would you want to go up against?

That El Gran Gordo guy from "Sonic X!" Did you see him against Sonic and Andes the Ginormous? Now there was a contender!

Question #159 wrote:Ray: How do you fly wearing your jacket? Don't you need to catch wind your patagium?

I w-wear my j-j-jacket open s-so it can work w-with the p-p-patagium.

Question #160 wrote: Will Cream's mother Vanilla be joining the comic with her daughter?

No immediately plans on bringing in the Rabbit Family, but I figure it's just a matter of time.

Question #161 wrote:Have you ever thought of writing Off-Panel?

I am! We've restarted it as of SU#1. We'll be continuing it in Sonic Universe, and we'll eventually bring it back to regular Sonic.

Question #162 wrote:To the Downunda Freedom Fighters (whoever can field this question): how have things been in the Downunda recently, and what have you guys been up to lately?

G'day, Walt here. I'll answer for the team. Things haven't been too good, true be told. Had a lot of hard luck, lately. We're doin' our best against the empire's forces here. You'll see what I mean soon enough.

Question #163 wrote:To Sonic X Sonic: So if your from an alternate dimension, that split apart from Earth in the distant past, then how does everyone in your universe know perfect English?

Isn't it more like: "how do the people of Earth speak our language?" How's that for a twist?

Question #164 wrote:Sonic: [devil horns]Since you have a guitar, do you, by any chance, like to play some METAL!!?[/devil horns]

What's with the horns?

I dunno. I guess they think they're up to some kind of deviltry.

Sure . . .? Anyway, yeah, I'm into metal. Speed metal's fun to thrash out. I'm just as likely to mellow out with some BLUES, though.

Question #165 wrote:Bunnie: What inspired you to go with that whole "Indiana Jones" look?

After Patch made things difficult, Ah started doin' more adventurin' on mah own. Ah remember Sonic tellin' me of wearin' a similar get-up when he was travelin' Mobius, and I thought it might be a nice way to remember him.

Question #166 wrote:Sonic, when fighting tag team matches in Brawl, who did you like getting paired up with the most?

That little pink guy, Kirby. Sure, everyone else has all these powers and weapons and whatever, but that puff-buff is scary. Whatever you've got, he'll throw it right back at you and call you delicious. Always prefer to have him on my side.

Question #167 wrote:Scourge, when you were still considered the Anti-Sonic. You had a love of chilidogs equal to all the other Sonics in universe. Now that you have differentiated yourself from them, becoming your own individual. Has your favorite food changed?

Just 'cause I changed color doesn't mean I gotta start hatin' on the 'dogs. That's universal, man.

Question #168 wrote:Does the control collar that Zonic put on Scourge work similarly to Shadow's inhibitor rings?

Nope. The inhibitor rings limit the amount of Chaos energy Shadow can tap from the Chaos Force. The control collar from Zonic limits Scourge's physical abilities.

Question #169 wrote:Omega: If it really ever came down to it, do you think that you could trash Shadow in a fight?


Question #170 wrote:Jules: Have your perspectives changed on Eggman's robot lackeys? What I mean is that, being a "Robian" yourself, is there any new outlook on the Eggpawns, Swat-Bots, or E-xxx series?

The - heh - what series?

They mean the E-100 Series and the extensions there of. C'mon, be classy.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But no, all the badniks are a different breed of robot. The personalities he programs them with are just pale shadows of a real soul. He seems to get a kick out of terrorizing people, so he builds his robots to be easily intimidated. I suppose you could get all deep and philosophical about how he suppresses real personalities and can only bully fake ones he's built to submit, but I'm no philosopher, and I'm sure not his shrink.

Question #171 wrote: Do you think we'll be able to send in questions like this to be answered one-a-month in Off-Panel? I don't mean one from each, but just the same method as the Sonic-Grams, where some are chosen to be answered.

I don't know - I don't think so. You'd have to sign over any rights to the idea you came up with, and I don't know if we could get that idea across in the Sonic Grams without there being confusion and hurt feelings. That and I'm trying to gear the Off-Panels to be in-theme with the story they show up with. So unless you can predict the plot of the story six months in advance . . .

Question #172 wrote:Prime Sonic: If possible, would you race you Sonic X counterpart to see who is faster?

In a heartbeat. I'm always up for a race!

Question #173 wrote:Nicole: Since your arrival from the future til now, do you feel like a member of family with the other freedom fighters?

I . . . am not sure I would go that far. I feel welcomed and I am treated as a friend, but I do not know if I would count as their family.

Of course you do.

But . . . for the longest time I was just . . .

You're over-analyzing. We've always treated you like one of us. You're family, Nicole. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

I . . . thank you, Sonic.

Question #174 wrote:Is Captain Whiskers still alive?

I don't recall it being implied he was destroyed at the end of Sonic Rush Adventure, so I'm assuming he's still active.

Question #175 wrote:How did you figure out the name for the Commander?

It was the name of an old fan-character I'd made up for a fan-comic that never went anywhere. I didn't want to be trapped by calling him "Commander" or "sir" every stinkin' time, so I dusted off the old name and attached it to him. Mike liked it, SEGA hasn't rejected it, so we're running with it for now. Heaven help me if they do end up naming him.

The name was supposed to evoke an idea of authoritative power. "Abraham," whether biblical or U.S. historical, lends itself to the notion of an influential leader. "Tower" is simply enough - tall, rigid, standing over all others. That's the only name/character I plan on bringing back from the old project, though. I don't see any reason to pad out the G.U.N. side of things with extra humans.

Question #176 wrote:Former King Maximillian: What it with kids leading the front lines? Back during the great war you had plenty of good soldiers who where older leadign the war effort. Why not now?

I have never been fond of having the Freedom Fighters as our primary defense. They would not be dissuaded and they earned their right to battle, though. There are plenty of adult forces serving in the Royal Military, both here in the city and at Fort Acorn.

Question #177 wrote:Snively: Robotnik has been through plenty of stuff before. The original's city was destroyed twice, and his successor has his body and city completely nuked. What's so different about things now that are causing him to loose his mind? Can't help but feel bad for you dude, but thats what you get for patnering with a known murderous psychotic.

Who knows? Who cares? Maybe it's not such much what was lost as it's been such a steady record of losing. Especially after that turn-around from burning down Knothole. How do you lose when you've got the advantage like that? But - again - who cares? He's slipping, and that just sets things up for me and my - hee-hee - lovey-kins.

Question #178 wrote:Finitevus: Since there are so many things in common... You vs. Sonic the Comic's Dr.Zachary. how would it go down?

I am not familiar with the doctor's abilities or tactics. I suppose it would be simple enough to open a Warp Ring under him and close it before he could fall through entirely. Anti-climatic, I'm sure, but no less effective.

Question #179 wrote:This one is lenghty, so feel free to link me to my answer. Basically, I'm Portuguese and live in Portugal. How's Archie's policy on overseas shipping? How can I recieve Sonic the hedgehog and Sonic Universe here?

According to their online catalog they only ship annual collections internationally. That said, I'd still contact them at and see if you can't arrange something for a subscription (additional international S&H included, of course). If that doesn't work, see if your local comic retailer or store will import them.

Question #180 wrote:Marine: How did you get to be such an awesome captain?

Well now part of it comes from all my years of experience at the helm! *ahem* Too right, I've sailed enough to know my way around a ship. But part of it can't be learned - you gotta be born with it. The wisdom, the courage, the good looks, the sense of direction, the noble modesty - it all comes naturally to me.

Question #181 wrote:Marine: How did you get to be so wise?

Well now part of it comes from all my years of experience at the helm! *ahem* Too right, I've sailed enough to know my way around . . . I mean, to know lots of . . . stuff. But part of it can't be learned - you gotta be born with it. I mean . . . well . . . you still have to learn, but there's a lot of common sense in wisdom, and it all comes naturally to me!

Question #182 wrote:Sonic M:25YL: If you could tell one thing to your past self, what would it be?

Slow down. HAHAHA! Sorry, I couldn't resist. No, I'd tell him to savor the moment. There's a lot of adventures and moments in life I just rolled through and didn't really appreciate. When the world is a blur around you most of the time you forget to enjoy the little things. So I'd tell myself to enjoy those little things. Don't get hung up on them, but to enjoy everything - not just the speed.

Question #183 wrote:Sonic: Okay. No misunderstanding, no interruptions… who would win in a fight between you and Shadow?

Okay, to be completely honest, I think - -


Holy Abalone! That's the biggest robo-whatsit I've ever seen!

Tremble in terror of the Egg Laser-Sharkosaurs Rexplodicon! I shall lay waste to this entire continent, and you along with it!

Too bad for you I wasn't doing anything just now! You've got my undivided attention, doc!

Question #184 wrote:Sonic: Heh, heh. …And NO misunderstanding, NO interruptions, and NO mind-control, who would win, you or Monkey Khan?

Kind of fighting a sharky-explodey-something-or-other here!


Question #185 wrote:Bean: I'll ask you here. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

I never made it without exploding. Let's ask the polar bear. Hey Mister Polar Bear! How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

. . .

He says he got punked by an owl and never found out.

Question #189 wrote:Tails: Any chance you might branch off and do some solo adventuring in the foreseeable future?

I don't know about this year, but maybe soon after! It would sure work out, now that there's a spin-off book for that kind of thing. Right? Right?

I'll see what I can do.

And don't let me get over-shadowed by new Freedom Fighters this time!

Pushy little kid, ain'tcha?

Question #190 wrote:Eggman: How do you like your eggs done?

What kind of sick, twisted dementia do you suffer from?

Yo Tubby! Are we fighting or what?

Coming! Coming!

Question #191 wrote:Remington: Could you describe your time as leader of the Frost Legion? What sort of leader were you? What did you, and the Frost Legion, do exactly?

That part of my life is a bit of a haze, honestly. When Enerjak restored me, he restored me, not the puppet Finitevus created. I do remember being rescued and being . . . well, I guess "transformed" is the right word for it. From there my time as the Frost Grandmaster is snippets - leading raids, fighting Lien-Da, making rallying speeches - but not much else. I can't remember eating or sleeping much. I wonder if I was truly alive at all at that point, or just some husk Finitevus had playing a part. Again, I prefer to keep my mind on my present duties than the past.

Question #192 wrote:Tails: Do you miss living with Sonic and his family?

. . . a little bit, yeah. I still sleep over with Sonic a lot, and he'll come over and stay with us sometimes, so it's okay.

Question #193 wrote:To Knuckles: You have certainly came a long way since you first appear in the comics and have went a lot of experiences both good and bad. As a whole (meaning you can't change any one individual experience, it an all or nothing deal) up to this point in time would you keep the experiences that you have or would you rather go back to how it was with you not knowing anything and believing that was last of your kind and staying that way forever?

. . . I don't know. I didn't like being alone and I didn't like being so in the dark about everything. But so many people have suffered because of me or around me . . . maybe things would have been better if it was just me? I don't know.

Question #194 wrote:To Bean: Since beans are the "musical" food. Are you very "musical"?

10-10 you can go again
9-9 don't fall behind
8-8 say, don't be late
7-7 destination heaven
6-5 so, stay alive
4-3 now it's you and me
2-1 we're gonna have fun say, blast off! hey!
Excalibur - it's not that far
What do you make? hey! give and take!
Goin' home - time zone - check out egg, he's never alone
Leather'n lace - getting in place
What to you get? say, fast jet!
Doom room - cosmic zoom - heads up jake

TOOT TOOTsonic warrior
Your hour is never at hand
TOOT TOOT sonic warrior
You've got the power to save the land

Take a little chance - slip on through,
You gotta survive no matter what you do!

TOOT TOOT sonic warrior
The power is in your mind
TOOT TOOT sonic warrior
To shake the planets and conquer time

TOOT TOOT sonic warrior
Deep in space and time
TOOT TOOT sonic warrior
Forever in your mind
Nothing can survive, the will to stay alive
Cause if you try, you can do anytheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeng!
TOOT TOOT sonic warrior
Always takes a chance
TOOT TOOT sonic warrior
Never says he can't
Nothing can survive, the will to stay alive
Cause if you try, you can do anytheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeng!

Question #195 wrote:All: The reason that we seem to know so much about your personal lives and the reason that we ask such insightful questions is that Ian has installed a network of audio/video recording devices throughout the land, including your homes and businesses. Please discuss.

Oh look! We're all out of time! See ya next time!
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