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Ask Ian for Jan'09 - New Year, Old Favorite

Postby Ian Flynn » Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:26 am

The Rules wrote:"Ask Ian" Rules

(1) I'll Post Answers Once a Week

I'll be taking questions from Sunday to Saturday each week. Saturday 11:59PM is the cut-off for new questions, and new answers will be posted the following Sunday. Sometimes I get busy and can't post answers exactly on Sunday. In those cases, just be patient - I'll answer soon!

(2) Five Questions Each

You get five questions per week. You don't have to ask five, and it doesn't have to be all at once. And none of that tricky "sub-question" stuff that's popped up. If you put some kind of variant on there, I'll count it as another question to be fair to everyone else. Play fair!

(3) Why Not Everything is Answered

I'll be picking the questions I think will benefit everyone reading, so don't be heart broken if I skip over yours. I'm not playing favorites. Also, there's some questions I simply can't answer for behind-the-scenes reasons. In rare occasions, I can't even say that I can't answer! If your question doesn't get answered, it's best to save it for later or move on to something else.

(4) Let Me Do the Answering

I want this feature to be all about official information, and there's a very select few folks here who count as official. Unless you have a link to a forum post of mine or the exact issue and page numbers, your answer isn't going to be "accurate." So save yourself the hassle and let me handle it.

(5) Where'd My Post Go?

As I said, I want this to be info-rich. There's a whole forum for discussion. So if I feel like your post is distracting from the thread's purpose, it's gone. So keep things neat and tidy for everyone else, okay?

A whole month without Q&A. How could you people stand it?

Seriously, thanks again for all the feedback last month/year.

Now let's get back to the ol' standard.

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Postby Promethean0416 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:43 am

First question of the New Year:

Will we see any super forms, old and/or new, this year?
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Postby Spin » Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:51 am

My list of five questions I want to ask. Sorry, if these are a little too much. XD

1. Can a female Echidnas only have Echidna children? As you know, Echidnas are monotremes, so they lay eggs. While it is easily noted that Rob O Hedge and Mari-An crossbred having an echidna child. Are female Echidnas in the comic capable of giving birth like normal mammals too? Else, I don't see them giving birth to any other animal species except their own.

2. Are crossbred children technically a hybrid between the two parent species or do they miraculously end up being completely whatever parent animal they end up looking like?

3. Would you say Warp Rings have the capability of making it to the Special Zone within their own power, or would they need to be supercharged via how Scourge used the Master Emerald to increase the power of one to get himself back to Anti-Mobius?

4. How many years do elected members of the Acorn Council serve for?

5. What did you personally think when Archie revealed Sonic's real name to be Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog in the comics? And if it was up to you to give him a full name, what would you have named him instead?

EDIT: Thanks for answering my questions in DEC lineup at the end.

I knew Bark and Bean were cameos as well as the other familiar faces in issue 50. Just a question I had before visiting this site, and was curious if any special origin could ever be planned. I rather go with your unofficial joking time stone suggestion over the lost forever to time parents. XD

Though I was referring to the unknown current Cobar of the present, not the one from the possible future of M25L. But I guess you can't really touch on that subject yet. Just wanted to know vaguely if he could still be alive or was a victim of the Egg Grapes, since a lot of stuff changed between the two dimensions. But I will go with the latter for now, since you said we won't be seeing him.
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Postby ReifuTD » Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:30 am

1. I’ve been wondering what role if any Mina would play in Sonic Universe?

2. How would characters like Erazor Djinn and Shahra fit in the comic world of Archie Sonic?

3. If Sonic used the Anarchy Beryl would he turn all dark and fur turn red and eye turn purple?

4. Did Rob’O have a heads up on the Echidna’s laying eggs or did he find that out on his own? (hearty laughter)

5. That song Rosy sings at the end of issue #193, Is that to the tune of “Pop Goes the Wesel” or something else?
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Postby Radz the Hedgehog » Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:45 am

1. Is there any chance of you integrating anything from Sonic Unleashed like locations or somehow the werehog...either as a transformation or somehow a completely different character from Sonic. "Ergo" was funny...

2. Will Silver have a longtime standing in the comic? (i.e. an overlying plot rather than a one night stand)

3. Will Finitevus take any action towards Sonic within...oh...the next year? (Specifically Sonic and not a general attack)

4. Will Snivley do the next year?

5. (I'll fill this one in if I get another question...)
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Postby GrandMasterGalvatron » Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:57 am

Compared to the Chaos Emeralds, what do the Anarchy Beryls look like?

What would happen if characters were to cross emerald types? Like say Sonic used the Sol Emeralds, or Blaze used the Anarchy Beryls, and so on.
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Postby FairFieldFinder » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:08 am

1 & 2. What were Fintevus' motives for creating Enerjak? He said something about Echidna families being effected by the war between the brotherhood and the Dark Legion. Was his family effected but he didn't act until he lost his mind?

3. Apparently, NICOLE was supposed to fall in love with A.D.A.M. before he was killed off. Is she still capable of love?

4. How do you think Omega would effect the comics when/if he appeared? I think he'd burn the comic to a cinder when he used his flamethrower, personally.

5. Did you name Rob's son after the Robin Hood character Little John or Jon Gray (aka: Dub)?

Oh, and I just realized something. With #196 coming up, you must have been working for the comic for at least three years now. Happy anniversary.
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Postby Mr Saxon » Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:24 am

1. What were your personal feelings towards A.D.A.M. and Mecha, considering they were removed quite early on in your run?

2. Any future plans for Fiona now she's been rumbled by the SS and cut off from Scourge?

3. Is Nack a villain that can only remain 'small time' as opposed to becoming a major threat?

4. How difficult was it tying up the lose ends of the comic early in your run whilst still keeping a smooth continuity? Any hurdles along the way?

5. Would you ever kill off Drago?
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Postby Penguin God » Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:41 am

1. Are the Babylon Rouge members of the Battlebird Armada, or deserters like Bean?

2. Can we expect to see more of the world besides New Mobotropolis within the next year?

3. Two years, and we only just now see Silver. Do you plan on incorporating any aspects from Unleashed or Chronicles into the comic in 2009?

4. How confident do you usually feel about a story before it comes to print? That is to say, how much do you worry people may dislike it?

5. What exactly ARE Zonic's job and capabilities?
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Postby DelectaBit » Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:39 am

Since the prime Fiona has gone rogue and is now teaming with Scourge, would the Anti-Fiona have become a good guy at that time? o.O
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Postby WinkingSamurai » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:48 pm

1.) Does Sally still write "Dear Aly"?

2.) I just went on and found this for May 2009:
Archie Comics- Sonic the Hedgehog: Evolution of a Hero
Can you tell us anything? Or is it all under lock and key until May?
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Postby kryptyk » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:17 am

Kind of random, non-related questons this time...

1)I'm confused over the whole "no roboticization" thing since the Bem deroboticized all the robians. Is it that Robotnik can't do it to anyone ever again, everyone is "immune" to it by Robotnik, or only previous robians are affected by it?

2)What's become of the 2 overlander girls that were adopted by Lupe's pack?

3)When Knuckles was Enerjak, why didn't he use Jules as an example to everyone instead of Julie-su? He could have healed all of Jules' fatal wounds and restored him to health besides just flesh and blood, plus he would be helping his best friend's father which would have supported his good, if not misguided, intentions.
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Postby Sir Bert Leaman » Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:43 am

1. When anti-Sonic became Scourge, did his mingling with the Master Emerald strengthen his connection to the chaos force at all or is he still just as limited as Sonic is in that area?

2. While Super Sonic battled against Knucklejak, he removed Knucklejak's helmet and is then teleported underground and it was never seen again- I assume it fell but did it disappear when Knuckles was restored or is it just sitting on the ground somewhere?

3. Assuming Bean were to go super, would his bombs change color or increase in size or even change at all?

4. Again, assuming Bean has and was in a super form, would he actually be dangerous or just totally hilarious?

5. Finally, if a tree falls in the Bumble Forums and no one is online to hear it, does the server still crash?
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Postby linebyline » Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:24 am

kryptyk wrote:3)When Knuckles was Enerjak, why didn't he use Jules as an example to everyone instead of Julie-su? He could have healed all of Jules' fatal wounds and restored him to health besides just flesh and blood, plus he would be helping his best friend's father which would have supported his good, if not misguided, intentions.

1. In a similar vein, why'd Sally think it was smart to tell all the citizens to pick a fight with the wanna-be god instead of just telling Knux, "Great! Start with Robotropolis and New Megaopolis, and we'll discuss the rest over tea!" I imagine it would have been too anticlimactic to work in the story, but I'm curious about her motivation.

2 (or so). Thanks for getting to my question about the Zone of Silence last month. If all the zone's previous inhabitants are gone save Feist (do I have that right?), is it safe to ask what your original plans were for Col. Stripe and co? I recall you mentioned in Script Bits you wanted to have them in "The Darkest Storm" but didn't get to it and wanted to save it for later.

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Postby The King of Shadows » Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:14 pm

1. do the Anarchy Beryl have more Negative energy then Positive energy?

2.Does Enerjaknuckles have a differant voice when he has his mask on and off? or when he takes it off does he sound like Knuckles? come Bark never talks? is he mute or something or he just doesnt like talking?

4.will we b seeing Merlin this year?

5.(thinking about question here)
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