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Re: The C&W and TT Thread of Memories

Postby FritzyBeat » Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:40 pm

pakopako wrote:
CaleTheCat wrote:Now if you'll excuse me... I need to go and find my brain... Or what's left of it anyway.

Funny... misspuar only just mentioned LNR...

-=Pako "No-I-Will-Not-Post-It" Pako=-

(hearty laughter)

I'm actually glad you revived this thread, because I have some exciting news. :D
It took a LOT of searching, but I have recently been able to recover much of Dub's old Chip and Walter and Time Trouble websites (both the keenspot one and the other one), and with them, I was also able to recover a great deal of old C&W and TT comics, mostly ranging up to about page 100 for both comics, and a few between 100 and 150 (including page 150 for both comics as well).

Now, I know how hard Dub has worked to try and let this stuff stay dead, so as such I won't be posting links to the websites, nor will I be posting any of the pages I was able to recover. (sorry guys, but I don't want Dub to throw me to the Nerbs :P ).

However, If he comes on and says its ok (I also might PM him about it), I might post some of the Sonic drawings he had on his website that I recovered, and perhaps some of the original designs, sketches, and character drawings for the C&W and TT characters. But again, it all depends on what Dub would rather have kept under locked key XP

So yeah, until then, enjoy my brand new signature taken off of Dub's old website :mrgreen:
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