BumbleKast Episode #002 Discussion

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BumbleKast Episode #002 Discussion

Postby KyleJCrb » Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:16 am

As threatened, we continue the brand new podcast series! This week, Ian and Kyle talk Canadian Thanksgiving, the upcoming Back to the Future Day, more amiibo and general gaming news, and answer your Q&A.

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Re: BumbleKast Episode #002 Discussion

Postby Meliden » Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:33 am

Cliffnotes time for the questions!

"Meliden asks--"

Aaaaaand you might have to wait a bit until I get the steel nerve to hear my own question.

Edit: An hour and some chores later, actual cliffnotes.

How involved SEGA were with Chaotix during reboot - Haven't gotten involved insofar as he hasn't given them reason to. Pretty clear that Iizuka-san doesn't consider Knuckles Chaotix part of the game canon, but Ian working under assumption it happened in comic universe, "fun little tap-dance of what can Ian not say but still imply and get it past all the people looking at it." As far as he's concerned, Mighty already knows Chaotix, went on adventures together, Mighty does his thing, Chaotix do their thing. Doesn't know when they'll get to put that in print.
Kyle forgot Mighty appeared after reboot already. Tut tut.
Hesse doing an original book called Diesel.
"Eggman going around with jewels spilling out of his bellybutton" - I thought he was gonna say something else.
Fave TMNT - I think I heard this convo on Twitter, Michaelangelo Ian's favourite, Donatello for Kyle. Newspaper publisehed new figure shipment, missing Mikey for complete collection, clerk carries box out, mosh pit of people around, clerk pointing around at kids asking which one, scared at time, got him.
I still don't particularly like TMNT just as a side note so this is going over my head.
Old design returns - New designs are there for a reason, make them look like Sonic characters and not generic furry character, no basically.
Storyline coming up, Ian wanted four part [triptych? I thought it was connecting but it sounds off???] cover with Rafa's renders, editor thought it'd be amazing but impossible as she would have to have started it last year,
Who is the purple guy? Discussion about Grimace as a villain, FNAF purple guy, not a fan of FNAF as he's not a horror game person, reading wiki on FNAF4 and just reading about the gameplay elements scared him.
East Side Island for a hip-hip battle - Something he'll be getting to in the comic, not be editor approved yet (but unlikely to be rejected); Kingdom of Acorn and Mobotropolis on West Side Island, but dominion of Kingdom on a series of islands known as the Acorn Archipelago [inc. South Island, North Island, East Watch Islands, whole smattering of tiny but clustered together islands], West Side Island biggest, South Island place of Sonic 1, nothing's happened on North Island, East Watch not been addressed yet either.
Treating Sonic's place of origin a mystery.
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Re: BumbleKast Episode #002 Discussion

Postby DudestofGuys » Tue Oct 20, 2015 12:48 pm

Doesn't the material for Sonic 1 in Japanese say that South Island isn't stationary and drifts about? Kinda hard to have an Archipelago when one of the islands just wanders off occasionally.
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Re: BumbleKast Episode #002 Discussion

Postby QuantamEdge » Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:20 pm

DudestofGuys wrote:Doesn't the material for Sonic 1 in Japanese say that South Island isn't stationary and drifts about? Kinda hard to have an Archipelago when one of the islands just wanders off occasionally.

Maybe they chained it up to one of the larger islands :(hearty laughter):
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Re: BumbleKast Episode #002 Discussion

Postby DabigRG » Fri Nov 13, 2015 3:25 pm

This Acorn Archipelago sounds interesting, can't wait to see it in print one day!
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